Eviction Vigilante + Expense Account Queens = L.A. Government


Shouldn't we be feeding committed public servants like HACLA President Beatriz Stotzer. really?

Jessica Garrison reports on a government official who spent taxpayer money on a $30,000 home improvement, tried to evict tenants who protested his policies, and yet may not be the worst person in the story.

L.A. Housing Authority Chief Executive Rudolf Montiel was fired by the Authority board yesterday:

The move comes less than six months after Montiel faced the wrath of city leaders when his agency tried to evict nine tenants who had protested housing authority policies at Montiel's Rancho Cucamonga home. At the time, City Council members called Montiel "childlike" and accused him of acting like "Big Brother." The eviction notices were later rescinded.

Montiel has headed the agency — and its $1-billion-a-year budget — since 2004.

The termination also follows Montiel's request this month that board members return thousands of dollars in "double-dipped" costs or travel expenses submitted without authorization or receipts.

Commissioners took per diems for travel expenses but also charged meals, sometimes extravagant ones including disallowed alcoholic drinks, to their agency credit cards, according to a CBS-TV Channel 2 report in February. The commissioners reported spending more than $150,000 over the last two years on travel and food, the station reported.

Full story. The L.A. Times still uses Decade Zero-era autolinking, in which phrases like "Big Brother" and "CBS-TV Channel 2" take readers hungry for more information to archival coverage of respectively, the TV show Big Brother and CBS Corp. So you'll have to use your Farnsworth Machine to watch Alvivon Hurd's original CBS coverage of the double-dipping scandal.

Last week we saw how CalPERS CEO Federico Buenrostro blew a placement agent's dollars on gambling and overseas junkets. In this case, food appears to have been the weakness of the Housing Authority board members, whose $158,000 expense-account binge included four-figure meals with fancy Brazilian cocktails. For his part, the fired Montiel spent $30,000 of the people of California's money on a home security system.

For my money Montiel's retaliatory evictions are more troubling than the board members' fairly standard featherbedding. You could make the case that since there is no "right" to public housing, tenancy on the taxpayer dime could require you to surrender certain rights, including the right to protest outside officials' homes. But there's nothing in the law or court precedent to back that up, and Montiel's attempt to evict tenant protesters is a pretty clear abuse of authority. It also happened five months ago, yet the board didn't bother firing him until he went after them.

That may or may not be another retaliatory gesture. In any event, rotten people like these are the kind of bacteria that thrive in the sewer of L.A. politics.

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  1. “In any event, rotten people like these are the kind of bacteria that thrive in the sewer of *CITY* politics.”

    Sorry, same sort of sleaze-bags in SF, and seemingly most city governments.

  2. We’re the same all over. I did nothing wrong.

  3. Thank you Tim for reminding me again why I’m moving to Ventura County in two weeks.

    1. Good move Sudden.

      Rancho Cucamonga would be in LA county, not the City of LA, just to be clear.

      Ventura County has lower sales and property taxes than LA county. My pedestrian theory of corruption is that corruption is a monotonic function of taxation.

      1. RC is actually in San Bernardino County.

        Full agreement on Ventura Cty vs LA Cty, though

    2. Good luck in Ventura. Orange County is a dozen Bells.

    3. My wife and I are headed to Lincoln, NE tomorrow. If we like it, we’ll be moving there in a couple months. Fuck L.A. and fuck these per-diemocrats.

  4. Housing authorities do the same shit in every city. They are taxpayer funded slush funds that are used to create high paying political patronage jobs and to allow multi-generation families to continue to suck on the welfare tit.

    I’d love to see a politician with the balls to stop funding public housing. Just because you have a pilse and you can convert oxygen to carbon dioxide doesn’t mean that I am obligated to subsidize your housing.

  5. Protesting at a private residence should not be protected by the First Amendment, as it depends on a captive audience.

    1. Oops, that was me.

    2. How much taxpayer money must be spent on a residence before it ceases to be “private?”

  6. The Cali fuckfest continues. Same shit, different day.

    Also, fuck California.

  7. “Also, fuck California.”

    CA’s placid, deep-water ports (San Diego, Long Beach, LA, Port Hueneme, SF), might be the only things left to fuck in CA. But I think of fucking as a positive activity.

  8. I’d love to see a politician with the balls to stop funding public housing. Just because you have a pilse and you can convert oxygen to carbon dioxide doesn’t mean that I am obligated to subsidize your housing.and Ray Ban sunglasses are among the most in-demand brands in regards to celebrities selecting a pair to adjust to their style.

  9. I’d love to see a politician with the balls to stop funding public housing. Just because you have a pilse and you can convert oxygen to carbon dioxide doesn’t mean that I am obligated to subsidize your Ray Ban.

  10. Funny, they will protect law-breaking illegal aliens but evict law-abiding residents. Following California’s logic, in 50 years they will be executing people who eat meat while giving pedophiles probation.

    Hopeless Drama over 10% Cut in HOPE Scholarships.…..-hope.html

  11. How to Get Reimbursement of Home Expenses and Personal Expenses that can gives rid from Tax Pay!

  12. There is a lot more to this story. Look at KCETs report from last night.
    4 fired whistleblowers working allegations of fraud between HACLA and Mayors office were burned by LA Times and Garrision. They only wrote stories Montiel and Mayor told them to do. The news industry knows this.
    HACLA staff need to come forward with the truth while US Senator is investigating.

  13. There is an INVESTMENT COMPANY previously known as L.O.M.O.D. who purchased the H.A.C.L.A. property that I live in.

    THEN came Rudy with his section 8 HUD millions and lied to the tenants about how being Sec. 8 would bring us much needed repairs and upgrades to our bldg and that LOMOD would be in charge of things. (We were previously part of a low cost city housing program known as Conventional Housing). We had all the HACLA Maintenance people using this bldg as a hub and things were wonderful… then along came Montiel.

    This all came to pass even knowing of his similar scandal in Texas where he also stole millions in HUD money.

    He somehow fanagled things so that LOMOD became a subsidiary of HACLA, and with Mayor Villaraigosa they got LOMOD a non-profit status. AN INVESTMENT COMPANY FOR PROFIT and they now don’t have to pay taxes!!! Nobody seems to care!

    Even though Montiel was FINALLY busted, why isn’t he being forced to pay all the money back. It was over a year before I started sending letters and making phone calls to let him and his ‘staff’ know that I knew what they were doing, and they had not spent a penny of that HUD money on us or our bldg. for over a year. To ‘make a showing’ they arranged with me to have a tour of our bldg so I could point out the countless things that had deteriorated due to neglect from THEM and had turned this building into a filthy slum.

    I stressed the importance of air conditioning and climate control in general. This is a senior/handicapped building. On the top floors the heat gets so stifling in the summer that many frail and ill people have died from the heat. So he kissed my butt and put an A/C in my unit, and I said that ALL the apts needed A/C AND heating would be nice as well.

    Right before he was exposed, the top 5 floors had A/C in all units, it remains to be seen if the bottom 2 floors will get theirs. Most of the first floor has been taken over by the new property mgmt’s main offices and it makes us sick to see all the money they are spending on themselves as they turn our living accomdations into an office building and they have everything fresh and new, while we beg for them to unplug a sink. The entire HACLA system is corrupt.

    Montiel is getting away with his crimes. Just being exposed means nothing. He is not having to repay what he stole, nor are the other 8 people involved having to return what they stole either. Nobody is going to court for the felonies committed, and this was FEDERAL HUD money, obtained by taxes paid by the working people of America. Nobody is going to prison.

    Montiel is going to recieve his severance pay of $450,000 of THE PEOPLE’S money.

    Too bad whoever wrote this article doesn’t have the facts straight.

    These people belong in prison for their many felonious crimes against the people of this country and the people in HACLA residences for letting them (US) live in squalor while he and his cronies spent the HUD money on themselves.

    It makes me sick to see that they are getting away with these crimes.

    Imagine being caught stealing a million or so dollars from the federal government, and then being given nearly a half million dollars to just go away.

    I’m not going to mention the names of others that worked with him, as they are all so corrupt with the city and county supporting them right now, that I would be the one ending up in prison, because they can say and do whatever they want and will get away with it.

    HACLA with Rudy’s mob got away with their crimes. Now THAT’S corruption kids. BIG TIME GOV’T CORRUPTION, that continues, even in the face of exposure.

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