Atlas Frugged? Producer of Atlas Shrugged Hints Part 3 Could be a Musical…


Former Reason intern and Daily Caller staffer Amanda Carey interviews one of the producers of the forthcoming Atlas Shrugged movie, who hints that the final installment in the planned trilogy could be a musical:

John Aglialoro, the producer of the movie adaptation of the classic Ayn Rand novel "Atlas Shrugged," hinted that part three of the movie trilogy might be made as a musical.

"But you know, part three could be a musical…like a Les Miserables kind of a musical," said Aglialoro. "That's part of the impact and I guess I haven't said this publicly yet, but I'm looking at it completely different if part three is a musical with quality music that's done in a certain way that people will like.

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Carey will post the full interview tomorrow. went behind the scenes of Atlas Shrugged. Check it out.

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