Atlas Frugged? Producer of Atlas Shrugged Hints Part 3 Could be a Musical…


Former Reason intern and Daily Caller staffer Amanda Carey interviews one of the producers of the forthcoming Atlas Shrugged movie, who hints that the final installment in the planned trilogy could be a musical:

John Aglialoro, the producer of the movie adaptation of the classic Ayn Rand novel "Atlas Shrugged," hinted that part three of the movie trilogy might be made as a musical.

"But you know, part three could be a musical…like a Les Miserables kind of a musical," said Aglialoro. "That's part of the impact and I guess I haven't said this publicly yet, but I'm looking at it completely different if part three is a musical with quality music that's done in a certain way that people will like.

More here.

Carey will post the full interview tomorrow. went behind the scenes of Atlas Shrugged. Check it out.

Go here for's Ayn Rand playlist, which includes our series about the novelist's cultural legacy and enduring relevance.

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  1. I am unable to imagine the scenario in which Atlas Shrugged the musical would be a good idea.

    1. i'm unable to imagine one in which it wouldn't be a good idea.

      1. It also has the potential to drive one to madness, which is always a plus.

        1. so many years ago when the brangelina adoption juggernaut was said to be making atlas shrugged, i was excited because that much narcissism meeting that much artless polemic can only end up being great (see busey, gary), but a lifetime movie adaptation? that's just sad.

          how couldn't turning it into a musical be great? there's no way it fails to be anything but HIGH ART in every sense (including a dude named art who is high)

          1. No, dude, you're not thinking far enough: make it a Broadway musical. Then have Glee do a special two-part episode on it, with the second episode just being the speech! Genius!

            1. shit...that has the added insidiousness of making glee clips worth bringing up on youtube.

              you're crafty, bro.

      2. Better than The Producers!

    2. What if we changed the name to "Randt" and added the premise that everyone has AIDS?

    3. Think the greatest musical in history: The Blues Brothers.

  2. Maybe this interview wasn't supposed to be published until April 1.

  3. I had a loose movement in Ohio once.

  4. And all the songs will be composed with only the purest Randian aesthetics in mind

  5. I can't wait to see Galt's Speech rendered as a rousing forty minute dance number.

    Talk about a showstopper.

    1. i almost spit out my beer over that one. cheers to you hugh

    2. To the tune of "Springtime for Hitler".

  6. Honestly, if people go see this film in droves, it will be because they're so unaccustomed to seeing a pro-capitalism perspective delivered with a straight face.

    It's like superhero movies. The campy days of Batman are over. People want to see their superheros as real live, everyday people--they want their superhero stories told with a straight face.

    That's the fascinating aspect of this film--that someone would make a pro-capitalism movie with a straight face. Like they really mean it!

    Don't give that away. Don't make a musical.

    P.S. I think he's just saying this to create buzz in libertarian circles anyway.

  7. This cannot be true, who would produce such it?

    1. The Producers, of course.

  8. It would be like Cop Rock.

  9. It would rival "The Planet of the Apes - a musical": "Oh, who is John Galt, John Galt, John Galt?"


  11. Please no

  12. This is some sweet trolling by Mr. Aglialoro.

    [exaggeratedly slow clapping]

  13. Do?
    what I get in trade for what I produce
    half a raaaaaaaape
    I'm John Galt
    (I knew it!)
    and La equals Aaaaaaaaaaaa!


    1. That was nice.

  14. Starring Jane Lynch as Dagny and Matthew Morrison as Hank.

  15. I assume the musical thing is a joke, but I expect a train wreck, and not just in the plot.

  16. With the Sounds of Richard Halley.....

  17. If music and lyrics are by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, I'm there.

    1. Now you're a man!

  18. Forget the musical, the real bucks are in the merchandise; Atlas Shrugged action figures would make millions!

    1. "Atlas Shrugged, the Flame Thrower!"
      (The kids love it)

  19. There are a lot of things that rhyme with Galt... like fault salt malt... the opportunities are endless... Maybe legendary playwright David Mamet could do an adaptation. Mamet... I am no longer a brain dead liberal. a little side note on the Obama adminstration... how liberal do you have to be when Broadway producers are refusing to be associated with you...

    1. Wow, can't believe Mamet wrote that. is he still allowed to write plays, and attend theater parties.

  20. It makes perfect sense to me. Seriously. One of Rand's recurring themes (in Shrugged and other writings) was celebration of creativity; acting, musical, and dance talent; and elegance.

  21. Score MUST be composed by RUSH.

    1. Yikes! That's an even worse possibility than the aforementioned Andrew Lloyd Weber.

      Now, of they could get Joss Whedon...

    2. Are you commanding mandatory issuing of butyl nitrate dispensers?

      If so yes sir.

  22. Never mind the musical theory here. One serious problem with the first movie is the fact that the nominal subject matter wasn't updated. That is, it's about passenger trains. Of course, all passenger trains these days are run by the government (due to a lack of profitability there), which is pretty damned ironic.

    1. (due to a lack of profitability there)

      You buy into the government lie that it's impossible to run trains with a profit.

      I don't think it's impossible to run trains with a profit. Many European countries have private train companies.

      It's the same with the post office.

      1. Yeah, but then you'd have to run your train line to places people actually want to go. And watch your costs. And have good service. And other hard stuff like dealing with investors.

  23. A classic example of farts imitating art.

  24. I'm pretty sure the audience for libertarian musicals is one person. That person is me. I, however, do not like Ayn Rand too much.

    But now I want a libertarian musical. :

    1. I'd totally watch a musical version of Atlas Shrugged with the caveat that it would have to be done with a dash of restrained wit and there's no way that they should quote direct lines from the novel in the lyrics. It would be really, really hard to pull it off properly, but would be awesome if someone did.

  25. Atlas shrugged and nobody gives a FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. And with his freeze-ray he will stop... the world...

  27. THE OBJECTIVISM TANGO by Kate Gladstone
    (tune: THE MASOCHISM TANGO by Tom Lehrer --
    can also be sung to
    the very similar tune TANGO CHOCLO,
    which is the phone-on-hold music of
    the Ayn Rand Institute)

    As the nation's economy slips, dear,
    I ache for the touch of your lips, dear --
    I burn and I sigh
    For your value is high:
    Let us dance the Objectivism Tango.

    Yes, I'll be the Slug to your Frisco --
    Play Rachmaninoff, NOT pop or disco --
    Respond to my worth:
    We shall conquer the Earth;
    Then we'll dance the Objectivism Tango.

    Our lives are grand,
    Now that we understand:
    We've memorized Ayn Rand,
    And quote her through the day:
    Old friends we spurn --
    Their calls we don't return --
    Those morons ought to learn
    That A must equal A!

    Your heart's harder than Rearden Metal,
    So I find that your mind's in fine fettle:
    You know not the stain
    Of guilt, fear, or pain --
    The conclusion is plain: We must tango.

    You slapped me down,
    Demonstrating you own me --
    By this you have shown me
    Where values reside --
    Why should I frown
    At whatever you choose, love?
    I will cherish the bruise, love,
    As the proof of our pride!

    Other men are such fools altruistic:
    At best, they are Hunnish or mystic --
    Mind and selfhood they spurn,
    Let the beasts crash and burn!
    Let us dance the Objectivism Tango.

    The banks default --
    Folks ask "Who is John Galt?",
    But never blame their palt-
    -Ry use of intellect
    For all the sad,
    Illogical, and mad
    Decisions that they had:
    They're not of the elect ...

    With Promethean fire we shall smolder,
    When your cigarette enters my holder:
    Swear you are mine,
    In the name of Saint Ayn,
    As we dance the Objectivism Tango.

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