Mayor Orders Code Inspectors to Home of Blogger Critic


North Miami Beach Mayor Myron Rosner makes a strong case for asshole of the week.

Last month, North Miami Beach blogger Stephanie Kienzle ripped her town's mayor, Myron Rosner, after finding that he'd spent more than $500 on hotels in nearby Hollywood and Miami. Days later, a code compliance inspector came knocking at her front door. "I had no doubt the mayor was trying to get revenge," she says…

Two days later, Rosner wrote an email to Philip Azan, head of the city's Building Department, to complain about Kienzle's house. "There appear to be several violations at the above property," he wrote in the email.

Rosner admits he sent the email but says there's no conflict. "I complained as a resident, not as mayor," he says.

An inspector later found nothing worth a citation, Kienzle says.

Rosner's opponent in the last election claims the mayor pulled something similar with him.