New York Times to Financial Regulator: How Do You Do it?


The New York Times business section today interviews the "gung ho regulator" in charge of overseeing financial derivatives. So what are the tough questions we have for former Goldman Sachs partner (obviously)-turned Commodity Futures Trading Commission Chairman Gary Gensler? I'll list every one of them:

You've been in the job since 2009. What's the most challenging aspect?

The C.F.T.C. has taken up much of the implementation of Dodd-Frank. How challenging has it been?

What's the most absurd complaint you've received about the new regulations?

How would you describe the response you've received from industry lobbyists?

Can your staff handle the load?

Republicans have said that the C.F.T.C. is moving too fast in developing regulations. Are they right?

Does it ever get overwhelming?

Which is tougher, life on Wall Street or life in Washington?

Would you ever go back to Goldman?

Why leave a profitable career to come to Washington?

Will you run for public office?

How are you coping as a single father?