Civil Liberties

The U.S.: Promoting Democratic Values Around the Globe


From the Washington Post:

Afghan justice and security officials want to adopt the U.S. practice of detaining suspected insurgents indefinitely without trial, according to senior U.S. and Afghan officials involved in efforts to have the government in Kabul take control of detention operations in the country….

An Afghan-run system of detention without trial has yet to be approved by President Hamid Karzai, who has complained repeatedly about the U.S. policy of holding his citizens for years without civilian legal review. But senior officials of his government have voiced support for the move to achieve what they regard as an even more important goal: taking charge of detentions from the U.S.-led NATO coalition.

The U.S. government had been reluctant to transfer more authority over detained insurgents to the Afghan government because of concern that many would be released if they were tried in criminal courts…..

Although U.S. officials had hoped that the Afghan changes would be spelled out in a presidential decree and promulgated before parliament convened—under Afghan law, the president can make laws by fiat when the legislature is in recess—a draft decree has yet to reach Karzai.

Keep that light unto the nations burning, U.S.A.! We're like that shining city on the hill, surrounded by detention camps. Hat tip: Sheldon Richman.