Are You Ready For Some Live Blogging of SOTU? Check Us Out Come 9pm ET!


Various Reason staffers and regular contributors—Matt Welch, Katherine Mangu-Ward, Damon Root, Michael Moynihan, Radley Balko, Veronique de Rugy, yours truly, and others to be named later—will be piping in with all the insta-commentary you could ever want regarding Barack Obama's State of the Union Address.

The fun starts right here at the Hit & Run blog at 9 p.m.

Check out last year's liveblogaganza here.

And check out Reason.tv's "Obama's Doublethink Doubletalk (State of the Union Remix) based on last year's address:

NEXT: Reason.tv: School Choice and the Middle Class

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  1. We can win, but we have to invest wisely in a bipartisan manner.

    1. Drink!

    2. Damn, how did you do that?

      I just now received my leaked copy.

      1. Civility blah, blah, Gabbi blah, blah, challenge blah blah, investing blah blah, opportunities, challenges, bi-partisan, partnering, children, Thank you and good night.

        1. He’s got a gun!

  2. i’m reposting here cause I think I am clever:

    Why always the abbreviations? The computer does all the work…hell copy and paste if you have to. What about COTUS (Congress) or HOROTUS or SOTUS…sounds like a damn greek after party.


    what about the Federal Union of Congressional Kindergarteners Of The United States or FUCKTUS!

    Publius Of The United States

    1. What about COTUS (Congress)

      Why, Bandit, I’m old enough to be your mother!

  3. Nicely done video, but …

    1. Your sabotage campaign began with threaded comments you arboreal rodent fuck.

  4. CNN and MSNBC have started their countdown clocks. 3:51 to go! Sick fucks!

    1. Now, now. I’m sure they’re counting down to the Blogfest.

      1. I hear they’re going to have Round Table? discussions with their “experts.” Why are there not more pundit suicides? The self-loathing must be unbearable.

  5. It’s a good day to tye dye.

  6. Tonight’s the night I finally lose it.

  7. Anybody want to wager how long into the speech he mentions Gabby (she opened her eyes) Giffords? I’m going with less than 5 minutes into the speech.

  8. Today is the day I think “your jobs suck, Reason writers”.

  9. I think I’m missing something

    SOTUS = meaningless political theatre of no actual importance > ergo, we need to *liveblog it* like its the freaking Superbowl-meets-Academy Awards-meets-Nuremberg Trials?

    Seriously, I can’t bear to ever watch the thing, much less *read about it in real time*

    I could be convinced to watch it if it were done in Rap Video format… like, they gave the script to the Wu Tang, and had each of the 8 guys do a section, while there were interspersed clips of kung fu fights and scantily-clad women washing a Bentley. Something like that.

    1. Seriously, I can’t bear to ever watch the thing, much less *read about it in real time*

      The odd thing is these are professional journalists…ie they take two days or a day or half a day to research and write a piece then edit it and get input then publish it. If the piece is investigative it could take weeks or even months to write and publish.

      Why the fuck in their daily work makes them think they would be good at improv?

      They would be better served hiring commentors here to do the live blogging.

      1. Aw, be fair.

        Wait. Actually, maybe you’re right. I wouldn’t know really. I find liveblogging (next to twitter) to be one of the stupidest forms of human communication yet enabled by technology.

        I would be interested in running commentary by Smoove B and Jim Anchower however.

        Smoove in particular

        e.g. http://www.theonion.com/articl…..ove,18470/

        He is my personal guru.

        1. You’re all stars!

  10. and others to be named later

    You guys should get Weigel.

  11. On to more important things…Oh noes! Four Loko keeps killing our youth!

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