Mitt Romney Prevents Travelling Businessmen from Abusing Themselves


As if you needed another reason to hate Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, currently leading the pack of 2012 GOP hopefuls, is now depriving Marriott hotel customers of overpriced pay-per-view porn, according to Politico's Ben Smith. Back in 2008, Romney, who until recently served on Marriott's board, took a significant amount of flack from killjoy social conservatives for being tenuously associated with the blue movie business:

The hotel chain Marriott, whose board Romney recently left and whose owners are longtime Romney supporters, released this statement over the weekend to USA Today's hotel's blog

The hotel chain's lucrative porn sideline was an irritant to Romney during the 2008 campaign, when one social conservative referred to him as a "major pornographer." Now, he has a better story to tell. (I emailed his spokesman to ask whether he participate in the decision to end the service, and will update if I hear.)

And the reader who pointed this decision out notes that Marriott seems to be doing Romney a costly favor: The in-room porn business is in decline, but was still making them some $175 per room annually, according to the most recent figures available.

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