Branding the Uprising


And Anonymous! Don't forget Anonymous!

I noted yesterday that some pundits have been calling the Tunisian revolt a "WikiLeaks revolution." The phrase "Twitter revolution," last spotted wandering around Tehran in a daze, has made a comeback as well. So now we're in for a big boring debate about whether these boosterish labels fit, an argument that threatens to overshadow some much more interesting questions. The Internet is a series of tools. Some of those tools were used in Tunisia. I'd love to see some detailed investigations of how they were used, how they affected the use of older tools and tactics, how they advanced and/or held back the struggle, and how the regime responded to them. Debating whether their presence makes this a "[fill-in-the-blank] revolution," by contrast, seems pointless.

Yes, "Twitter revolution" is a silly simplification—like calling the truck blockades of the '70s a "Citizens Band revolution." Social media were a part of the uprising, but social media did not cause the uprising, social media were not the only tools used in the uprising, and social media were not the only important media in the uprising. And Twitter was hardly the only significant social media platform at work. As for WikiLeaks—well, indications right now are that it played at best a minor role in what went down, though the possibility that it played any role at all seems worthy of our attention. Not because that will help us understand the big picture with regard to Tunisia, but because it may help us understand the big picture with regard to WikiLeaks.

But saying "this wasn't a Twitter revolution" is a simplification too, because it makes it sound like Twitter wasn't part of the picture. As Juan Cole points out, "Revolutions are always multiple revolutions happening simultaneously." I'm far more interested in how those insurrections fit together than in how they'll be branded.

Update: Marc Lynch has some sharp thoughts on the subject:

it would be more productive to focus more broadly on the evolution of the Arab media over the last decade, in which new media such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, forums and blogs work together with satellite television stations such as al-Jazeera to collectively transform the Arab information environment and shatter the ability of authoritarian regimes to control the flow of information, images, ideas and opinions. That feels like a sentence which I've written a hundred times over the last decade….and one which has never felt more true than the last month in Tunisia.

Calling Tunisia a "Twitter Revolution" is simplistic, but even skeptics have to recognize that the new media environment mattered. I would suggest that analysts not think about the effects of the new media as an either/or proposition ("Twitter vs. al-Jazeera"), but instead think about new media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, SMS, etc) and satellite television as collectively transforming an complex and potent evolving media space. Without the new social media, the amazing images of Tunisian protestors might never have escaped the blanket repression of the Ben Ali regime—but it was the airing of these videos on al-Jazeera, even after its office had been shuttered, which brought those images to the mass Arab public and even to many Tunisians who might otherwise not have realized what was happening around their country. This is similar to how the new media empowered Egyptian "Kefaya" protestors in the early 2000s and Lebanese protestors in 2005, but in a significantly changed media space.

Al-Jazeera may be so 2005, but it is still by far the most watched and most influential single media outlet in the Arab world. It has also embraced the new media environment, creatively and rapidly adopting user generated content to overcome official crackdowns on its coverage of various countries—a practice perfected in Iraq, where it had to rely on locally-generated content after its office was closed down in 2004. Other satellite television stations have followed suit, leading to genuine and highly significant integration among new and slightly-less-new Arab media. All of these media platforms and individual contributors layer together to collectively challenge the ability of states to control the flow of information, images, and opinion. This is the latest stage in the new media revolution in the Arab world about which I've been writing since the early 2000s, and it's profoundly exciting to watch.

NEXT: Political Discourse and the Tucson Shootings

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  1. One of the most fascinating (to me) uses of Twitter so far was in this case where an anarchist was listening to a scanner and tweeting the positions of the police. This guy was being made an example of after that.

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    1. No one cares what you like, turdnugget.

      So now we’re in for a big boring debate about whether these boosterish labels fit

      Such is the nature of the media, Jesse. It’s how they operate; how they think. It provides the ability to have many 5-10 minute discussions about it to fill the time on the talking head shows, with a nice “keyword” such as Twitter or Wikileaks with which to try and snare the attention of viewers. It provides the ability for people to write their 500 word article for their online magazine, and be able to stretch their word count because they’ve connected something they couldn’t care less about (Tunisia) with something they do care about; social media and the fight over Wikileaks.

      Revolution has always used “social media”, whether it was pamphlets and taverns or Twitter and Facebook. The faces may have changed, but the song remains the same.

      1. The song remains the same, but everyone’s learning the words a lot faster now. Cocknut.

        1. Are they, though, douchenozzle? I suppose I agree that “it’s go time” can be spread much faster, but the fomenting of revolution takes time; such time that it gets done over months or years, and go time is then done using lanterns and Paul Revere’s horse, or merely by word of mouth, or through Twitter feeds.

          1. Yeah, there’s a breaking point. I’m thinking that many people are getting more angry each day. Was I right back when I used to say “prepare, folks. The revolution cometh.”?

            1. Ah, I think there is a lot more anger that has to build for anything to happen. I think a pivotal factor for revolution is the feeling that there is nothing to lose; that anything is better than the status quo.

              1. Our leaders are working on that. Fuck them, btw.

                1. Anonopussy is late, so I’ll say it. Fuck the politician.

              2. “I think a pivotal factor for revolution is the feeling that there is nothing to lose; that anything is better than the status quo.”

                Another pivotal factor is conviction that rule of law no longer controls.

          2. The American Revolution would never have happened if Ben Franklin hadn’t invented the printing press that could only print 140 characters.

            1. Ben Franklin: the first twit.

      2. Who cares Plushiearch. “The Internet is a series of tools. ” No it is a series of tubes. I have one.

    2. He argues that the so-called anarchist gear the feds seized, including handheld radios, a pick axe, knee pads…

      Knee pads are now anarchist contraband?

      You Reasonoid liberturds have been duly warned.

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          1. Epifag, no you are being scooped right here. Who the hell wants to read through all this shit to find out the real news?

            1. It’s okay when WE do it!




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  2. If katie hooks would tweet something maybe we could have a revolution in the USA.

  3. Call me old, but I remember when the “smoke signal revolution” of the 70’s made way for the “ham radio revolution” of the 80’s and the “skywriting revolution” that was so effective in the 90’s. And I’m looking forward to the upcoming “telepathy revolution” that will transform the Martian political landscape in the coming decade.

    1. You’re old.

    2. Been there, done that.

      1. You were eaten by filthy naked hippies.

    3. What about the singularity?

  4. The Internet is a series of tools.

    I always thought it was tubes…

    1. The Internet is a series of fools.

    2. Since porn has been one of the main drivers of Internet advancements, I’d say the Internet is a series of lubes.

  5. “The Internet is a series of tools.”

    Eh. I don’t think it’s fair to judge the entire Internet solely on the regulars at

  6. I tweet, therefore I am.

  7. Maybe before naming the revolution we should wait to see if it’s actually a revoultion at all. Given today’s violence, the lack of experience in governing by the opposition, and the desire of powerful neighbors to prevent democratic change, it is by no means certain that anything good will come of this.

    1. Eh… I think we called it a Russian Revolution almost a century ago regardless of whether any good came of it.
      The same can be said of the one that put Khomeini in power in Iran.

      1. the russian and iranian revolutions led to radical changes in the type of government. If we just get a new strongman, my bet at this point, it’s not a revolution, just a disorderly transfer of power.

  8. The “looting revolution” would be more appropriate. It’s sickening how the teabagger-types are hooting and hollering over the Tunisians destroying their government, when they would be the first ones calling the police and begging for help when the tide of looters crashed into their shore.

    1. It’s sickening how your give yourself a rectal exam when you run out of pudding pops.

      1. Reason’s comments are usually funnier than those at The American Spectator. But TAS comments are usually deeper.

    2. Hey, Hobie! You left out Bush!
      C’mon, we know you can do it.

      1. To be honest, the current wave of Teat Party ideologues makes me nostalgic for when the Republicans were led by Bush. At least he understood that government was a tool for good.

        1. Fuck you.

        2. Yeah, that War in Iraq was a great idea. So was increasing federal K-12 education spending by 100% over 8 years, with a 0% increase in results. Ditto paying for all seniors drugs, even if they only accounted for 3% of their annual budget.

          Tool for good? More like good for tools.

          1. “a tool for good”

            All of it, Hobie?

            God, talk about tools…

    3. Bad news Hobie, most tea party activists are armed. Looters like easy targets so they would naturally be pushed towards pussies like you.

      1. but but but he’s got the guns of the government to protect him! and stuff.

        and I’m sure he’s first on the list of which citizens get protected.

        1. There are benefits to being on friendly terms with the government, which I ensure by doing the little things, like including a thank you note with my tax return.

          If you want respect you have to give respect.

          1. Those benefits include higher quality lube btw!

          2. this is known as “Stockholm Syndrome”

          3. “Dear IRS: Thank you so much for the audit. I’d recently run out of pudding pops.

            Love, Hobie
            XXX ???”

          4. I take it that “friendly terms with the government” thing only runs in one direction, eh, Hobie?

          5. You know who else was on friendly terms with the government?

        2. Big deal! When you are being shot, the police are only minutes away. I’ll say it again. The police do not protect you. They catch the perp after he has killed you. I don’t mean that as a critisizm of the cops, just a statement of fact.

          1. The same could be said about government regulators.

      2. Weak gun laws mean that the looters are armed too, and there are more of them.


        2. Yeah, ’cause looters and other criminals would obey tough gun laws. Like they so obviously do with gun laws in NYC, Chicago, Boston, San Fran… etc.


          Almanian, I hope you did’t hurt yourself… just breathe slowly and deeply.

          1. Most looters are not criminals in normal times. They’re normal people like you and me. Maybe just me.

            1. Okay, so lets just have a law that says, in normal times you and me can have guns, but in abnormal timea “tougher” gun laws immediately go into effect… that say you and me can’t using our guns for looting, and the people we (you and me) are looting don’t get to use their guns against us. Works for me… how ’bout you?

            2. So Hobie is a looter in his spare time? Sorry, but that is a gangster mentality. I would never loot and I have been in situations that would have allowed me to.
              Values don’t have a switch you turn on and off depending on whose looking.

              1. Sorry, but that is a gangster mentality [herd-instinct or crowd hysteria].

                Looting is just one of many possible symptoms. It is very well researched and documented.

            3. Most looters are not criminals in normal times. They’re normal people like you and me. Maybe just me.

              Hobie, good to know the only thing keeping you from becoming a looting, raping, pillaging, and burning barbarian is the threat of punishment/death.

    4. I think the Tea Party types would be shooting the looters.

      1. So what’s your point? Of course they would. Are you going to let them take your stuff?

  9. .. forget the typos.. you know where they are.

  10. I tend to think the internet is a great tool with a net positive affect on events. Moving that much information and making available to that many people eliminates asymmetric information, which is always a good thing and to me seems to have a greater impact than any propaganda or disinformation spread on the internet.

    As the internet goes mobile this will only increase imo.

    1. god I hate being a tard…

      I meant “internet is a greater tool” as in several small tools within a larger framework providing a net positive affect.

      1. You mean “effect”.

        1. Yes, like I said long evening shitty grammar, what do you expect from a tard.

          1. That’s ok, I’m watching ESPN countdown live in another tab, and the host keeps referring to the “hurray-up offense”.

            1. Had the word influence stuck in my head from writing something up and thinking of synonyms and for some reason that translates to affect in my head when I wrote that.

    2. Moving that much information and making available to that many people eliminates may reduce instances of asymmetric information

      Sorry, the tubes do not work magic.

  11. Wow. Steelers imploding before our very eyes.

    1. I’m not watching hand-egg this year. Good thing I have H&R to keep me up to date!

      I just wanted to use the phrase hand-egg.

    2. wasted challenges early

      1. Forget the challenges, if you fumble twice inside your 20 you deserve whatever happens to you. The first fumble was especially bad, with the Steelers o-line just standing there next to the ball on the ground not realizing it was still live.

        1. nor will missing the FG help

          1. And they said Joe Flacco was “Cutler without the mistakes”.

            1. now he’s just Cutler without the neckbeard

    3. ,,,aaaaaaaaaand now the comeback is on. 21-21.

      woo hoo!

    4. Yeah but in the end the Baltimore Browns (sorry, the Ravens) fall before Pittsburgh



  12. Perfect.

  13. The Revolution will be on 4chan

    1. Where we’ll be treated to CHOPPAH FOUR, a la the Sklar brothers.

  14. Hobie Hanson|1.15.11 @ 5:18PM|#
    “To be honest, the current wave of Teat Party ideologues makes me nostalgic for when the Republicans were led by Bush.”
    Bush: Darling of the left!

  15. I spoke to a young man, Alaedine Derbala, one of a group who were standing armed with sticks and stones to protect their homes.

    “We have made history,” he said, “January the fourteenth will go down as a great day for Tunisia, the day we changed the country for ever.

    “We got rid of a hated man and his hated family. Now we have the possibility of creating a new country.

    “We have martyrs who have died for this and we can’t let them down. So we cannot allow this to falter.”

    1. They said that in Paris in 1789 too.

      1. just before cutting off Louis XIV’s head

        1. “C’mon! Let’s get this revolution going! Chop chop!!”

          /frogs before they started surrending immediately upon contact with any adversity

        2. …and diving headlong into the Reign of Terror.

        3. Roman Numeral fail on my part. It was Louis XVI who was beheaded.

        4. Which brings up my rule number one for a successful post-revolution:

          No vengeance. Even if (especially if?) the former rulers were nasty pieces of shit who did terrible things to keep power.

          1. Not so. Romanians executed Ceausescu on live TV. It was awesome. And now Romania is…better.

            1. I’m talking about a wider vengeance (as opposed to prosecution for actual crimes) against the former ruling elite. If the French had stopped at lopping off Louis’ head, they would have been much better off.

  16. You know who else used mtuliple media to advance his agenda…

    1. pick me! pick me!

      Conan O’Brien?

      1. “mtuliple” ??

        Yep – Conan O’brien used uses “mtuliple” media

  17. And when do we get an update on the condition of the sainted Gabby Giffords, the only person affected by the Tragedy in Tucson??

    It’s like a complete infovoid out there on that subject…absolutely NO information…

    And how long until we get the Gabby Giffords Channel so we can get up-to-the-minute reports?


    1. You do know there’s an app that displays her current EKG readings on your phone.

      1. Of course there is….Jeebus Christus Almighty!

      2. Kidding right? RIGHT?

        1. Well, I think Apple’s approval process is too slow for there to be an iPhone app. But maybe Android has one.

  18. Stillers/Ravens 24-24 3:54 to go in the 4th…..WOOOOOOOOOOO!!! another close one!

    1. If there hasn’t been a comet strike on the stadium, I don’t care.

      1. None yet. Stillers score – 31-24 w/just over a min to go.

        Hey, new coach for the Brownies. WE’LL GET ‘EM NEXT YEAR!

          1. Also, lol

        1. Well, “they’ll” get ’em. I just work in Cleveland – I’m a Lions guy. Which is probably sadder than being a Browns guy (motto: “The Lions – We’ll Never Win Anything in YOUR Lifetime?!”)

          1. The Lions’ future is looking brighter than the Browns’, so don’t feel too bad.

      2. Hey, I live here, so I care!

    2. IT’S ALLLLLL OVER! Stillers go on. What a fucking excellent SMASHMOUTH football game! WOO! I love me some smashmouth football.

      Think this is an AFC year for the Stupid Bowl. Can’t see the NFC fielding anyone to take on the top three or four AFC teams. We’ll see.

      Now, to self medicate and watch the NFC game…

      1. So who do Lions fans hate the most? I’d assume Green Bay, but Chicago fans’ obnoxiousness might be too unbearable.

        1. Matt Millen, I imagine.

          Though they have had a rivalry with the Rams the past few years to see who gets the #1 pick.

    3. It’s over. Big Ben is 9-2 in the playoffs and 2-0 against rape accusations.

  19. Is somebody spoofing Dan T., or is he just not trying any more?

    1. I’m voting spoof, cause it’s SO bad.

    1. It’s adorable when Canadians have their little opinions, isn’t it?

      1. even the one’s who aren’t anti-gun still try to come across with an air of superiority over Americans.

        1. Canada has .73 rapes per 1,000 people
          The US has .30 rapes per 1,000 people

          Having descended from Canadians, I try to be understanding. However, they need to STFU about the “violent culture” bullshit until and unless they want to address their “rape culture.”

          So send Ben Roethlisberger to the CFL for the rest of his career. While you’re at it, send Josh McDaniels, too – not because he’s a rapist (although he could be, I don’t know), but because he’s such a shitty coach he might as well punt on third down all the time anyway.

          Also, Browns fans – I’ve mentioned this before, but you got Hillis and some good draft picks for Brady Quinn. A top 10 running back for a 3rd-string QB. Even Matt Millen wouldn’t have pulled anything that stupid.

          1. Hillis was a coup, but we’re not even until John Elway completely Millens your team. You know it’s going to happen, and you deserve it too.

            1. Hillis. Brady Quinn… Hillis, Brady Quinn. We were Matt Millen’d into submission in only 1 & 1/2 years, instead of 8 or 10 or whatever it took in Beirut, Michigan.

              And your dislike of Elway tells me you are either still bitter about 1986, 87 & 89 AFC Championships (which I thought you too young to remember), or you have some undisclosed Indiana connection.

              (Full disclosure: I have dated 2 Ohio girls, one merely an Indians fan, and the other an insane Indians, Browns, Cavs, and, especially, THE OSU fan. I have no particular ill will against the Indians, and don’t give a shit about the Cavs. However, watching THE OSU lose is very enjoyable, especially against Michigan. Watching the Browns futility was fun when my team was winning, instead of trading away future Hall of Famers for a guy with Ryan Leaf capabilities.

              1. I remember 89, and that was bad enough. ELWAY DELENDA EST.

                OSU fans are retarded, yes. I like the Bucks well enough, but those people are idiots.

              2. They are all crazy OSU fans. It’s all they have. Seriously Brown and Bengals, what the hell are they supposed to do for hand-eggball.

                (full disclosure, lived their when I was younger)

              3. However, watching THE OSU lose is very enjoyable, especially against Michigan.

                And that last happened when?

      2. Canadians are so precious. They’re like little people.

    2. That’s what passes as fucking news and not opinion in Canadian media. Dear god, that makes FOX and MSNBC look like all stars of objectivity.

  20. Who’s the real victim here?

    Moonbat Tuscon Shooting Victim Issues Death Threat to Teabagger on Christiane Amanpour’s ABC This Week: Promptly Arrested and Committed to Asylum

    1. the poor CNN viewers who watch her programme?

      1. If they are watching CNN they’ll miss her ABC program.

        This is amusing:

        Areas of Specialty:
        I use extraordinary persuasive charisma to interest blase, apathetic, oblivious and at times hostile voters to listen to the voice of justice and consanguinity. My experiences encountering public figures and many affluent travelers in person has led me to believe that we all are to blame for George W. Bush.

        TUCSON, Ariz. ? A Tucson mass shooting victim was taken into custody Saturday after yelling “you’re dead” at a Tea Party spokesman during the taping of an ABC-TV town hall event hosted by Christianne Amanpour.

        The Pima County Sheriff’s Office said J. Eric Fuller, 63, was involuntarily committed to an undisclosed medical facility, NBC News reported. The Associated Press said he was undergoing a psychiatric evaluation.

        Mr Fuller called the heroic first responders who restrained him “whores”.

        At Free Republic, where there is already speculation the Giffords hit was an “inside job” LOL!!!1! they are reporting he blogged at Huffington Post as “Thornking”.

        Without rushing to judgement the only thing we really know is that it’s all Sarah Palin’s fault.

        1. More info:
          Looks like all the exhortatory rhetoric from the left finally pushed an unbalanced dupe to action.

        2. The interview:…..looks_like

    2. He was just trying to continue the discourse. Or he was batshit insane. Or he had a political motive. Or…

    3. From his website
      “military service leading to non-physical disability”

      Now we get to jump to conclusions, might as well do it with flare!!

      1. His Hypnothought page in case it gets wiped.…../JEF01.png

              1. Democracy Now Inverview.

                ERIC FULLER: Once she walked up to me, she said, “I’ll answer your questions, but you have to wait.” And there was a line forming up there, so I went over and I sat down and looked over my questions, only two of them, kind of long ones, and was trying to figure out which one and whether I should, you know, ask those questions, when I heard the sound of gunshots. And I looked over only about 10 or 15 feet away, where Gabrielle Giffords had been standing, and in her place was a very excited gunman who was athletically pumping out the rounds and pointing the gun at anybody that he could get a bead on.

                People around me were being hit. I just dove for the ground. And while I was diving for the ground, a round hit me in the knee. I was conscious of that. And while I was on the ground, I guess another one, another round, hit me in the back. A fragment did; it hit me in the back. A woman went over and knocked the clip out of his hand. He was reloading. He had a Glock 9mm with a 30-round clip in it. And my thought on the ground was that he’s going to come and finish us off. But this woman knocked the other clip out of his hand. Then a couple of guys came along, bystanders, and they tackled him, knocked him to the ground.

                I was in shock, and I just wandered out into the parking lot. And a woman was pushing a cart full of groceries out there. And I said to her, “I’ve been shot.” And she just looked at me like I was crazy. I was taken to the hospital. And even though I was sedated and everything, I stayed up?I was staying up, stayed most of the night. And I didn’t know how to calm myself down, so I wrote down the Declaration of Independence, which I memorized some time ago. And that did help to organize my thoughts. And the first thing that I wrote down and what my reaction was to it was: “How many other people? How many other demented people are out there? It looks like Palin, Beck, Sharron Angle and the rest got their first target. Their wish for Second Amendment activism has been fulfilled?senseless hatred leading to murder, lunatic fringe anarchism, subscribed to by John Boehner, mainstream rebels with vengeance for all, even nine-year-old girls.” There was a little girl named Christina Green, nine years old, who is one of the deceased.

                Another thing I wrote down was, “Can we have another fundraiser at the target range, Jesse Kelly?” Jesse Kelly ran against her in the election. And I’ve heard him speak several?a couple of times, and I couldn’t believe he was a real candidate. I thought he was just like a fake candidate. It didn’t seem like anybody would consider him seriously. He came within 4,000 votes of winning the election. One of his slogans was: “Shoot a fully automatic M16 with Jesse Kelly.” Kind of a very marginal personality and a low mentality.

                I worked hard to elect Gabrielle Giffords. I would rather she was busy doing her job today than lying in a hospital with a gunshot wound in the head.

                1. “looking for kindred spirits promoting social justice and common sense…”

                  Ha ha ha ha ha. Oh my, that’s rich.

                2. Narcissistic much?

          1. His only two photos show him (apparently) strangling a dog, and holding an (apparently) hypnotized child. He does however have hair.

            I’ll admit it, I’m creeped out.

            1. “Palin’s words have consequences”

              1. There is some seriously fucked up irony in all this. Not haha irony, more this is a massive clusterfuck irony.

                The pundits on the left have to be fucking panicking, I’m sure they will spin it as Palin driving a poor lefty too far and he cracked under all the violent rhetoric.

                1. I don’t usually read lefty blog comments but

                  VENTRILOQUIST C&W SINGER ON MISS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!

                  God is alive and well and smiling on me if not my hometown NFL franchise.

                  1. There is true madness among the left.
                    “They can’t prove it wasn’t Sarah Palin’s fault”

                    “”The teabagger shouldn’t talk about the 2nd Amendment when the debate is about gun control. He proked that poor victim”

            2. Jebus. Was Giffords some sort of natural lunatic magnet?

    4. I’m not sure about the whole committed thing. An overt death threat is bad, but I’d hope there was some sort of evaluation before committal, it looks like the guy has a kid to support and stuff.

      1. The word committed usually means extended stay at the state funny farm. Not sure if that’s supposed to be 24-48 eval. (which would make more sense)

        Maybe eval, medicate and require regular contact. Seems kind of knee jerk to hall old Klinger off to the funny farm for the next month.

        1. The really telling part is, had Giffords NOT been shot, she’d be the locus of anger and smear for being too “blue dog” by the far-left.

          If she ever recovers to the point where she can resume her elected office duties, eventually the Ed Schultz Fan Club will resume sniping about how far-right she is.

          1. We had an emergency meeting at Shoney’s last night, and we’ve decided to write a mass support letter as soon as Jimmy’s mom buys him some ink-jet refills.

  21. you know that ad where the woman wants the guy to perform a task, but he’s too stupid to figure out how? so she gives him the product and he can almost get it done?

    I hate that ad.

  22. Falcons Down 21 in the 3rd.

    Over to Miss America now.

    1. Miss America Pageant is better than pr0n.
      Now that they have returned to network TV there is a greatly expanded talent segment. This is great TV, almost makes up for my disappointment in the ATL Falcons playoff performance.

      1. Miss Arkansas can do a lot of things without moving her lips.

        1. Miss KY sings Sam Cooke!!!!

          Fuck Yeah!!!

    2. Fun fact: Miss America is a fantastic thing to get shitfaced while watching.

      1. Packers 42
        Falcons 14

        Miss America takes the pain away.

      2. Come, celebrate the 21st amendment with me…

    3. the lesson from this segment is Miss America winners don’t age well.

      1. Gretchen Carlson on the morning Fox News is pretty hot and she is only a few years younger than me. She’s dumb as a rock though.

        1. 1984 high school class valedictorian.

          Graduated cum laude from Stanford University.

          Has never commented at H&R.

          1. “Credentialed not educated”
            She performs poorly compared to her co-hosts.

            Or maybe she’s just not a “morning person”.

  23. Miss Hawaii =New World Order!

    1. Citizen of:
      !. State
      2. Country
      The Pageant is Miss America
      NOT “Miss Bilderbeger”


  24. Miss Kentucky is my favorite, but Miss Virginia is almost as nice. I still don’t understand why they have the girls answer semi-serious questions, though.

    1. The points are in the poise not the actual answer.

      I’m “pulling” for Miss Arkansas

      1. I was momentarily angered by her stupid answer about healthcare, but then I remembered that this is a beauty pageant.

        Do you suppose she’s a quadroon?

        1. If she was blue-eyed I’d say tri-racial isolate.

    2. none of the brunettes have blue eyes, so there’s a fail.
      and the question should be essays on Spinoza, Schopenhauer and the writings of Dostoevsky.

      1. I’d ask them to sing the Philosophers’ Song, but that’s just me.

        1. This or this would impress me.

  25. Packers 42
    Falcons 21

    Keep Hope Alive

    1. Crosby hits the post.

      /not a repeat from the Penguins game

  26. Atlanta turnover

    That fucking Federal animal fighting law ruined the Falcons. Unlike most Crackers I miss Vick.

    1. going into this weekend, all the pundits were praising Ryan and Flacco. Today they both shit the bed.

    2. Fun fact: Vick didn’t go down for animal fighting. He went down for running an unlicensed gambling operation.

      Fuck the dogs. Uncle Sam wants his cut.

  27. Wow, I found it amazing that it took foreign diplomats with their ivy league educations and in their guarded compounds to tell average Tunisians IN ENGLISH that their government was a dictatorship.

    The amount of condescension that people have about wikileaks and the Tunisian revolution is just staggering.

    I would bet 1000 dollars that if you asked the average Tunisian why they were rioting that they would not even have heard of wikileaks.

    Not everything that happens in the world is about domestic US politics.

    1. Not everything that happens in the world is about domestic US politics.

      Far too much is, I fear.

  28. Oh wow, OK that really does make a LOT of sense !

  29. IMO, the Bears should rest starters against the Seahawks to prep for next week against the Pack. I’m not sure we need to even be concerned about them though; playing against boneheaded teams like the Eagles and Falcons would make anyone look good.

    1. Win first. I trust Chicago to do that, given how closely they played Green Bay at the end of the season when it didn’t matter.

      The reason: I remember folks having that discussion in Charlotte when the Cards were coming to town after squeaking into the playoffs at 9-7 and winning the wildcard game. They blew out the Panthers (6 turnovers by the QB will do that) and ended up almost winning the Super Bowl. And next year’s Cardinals weren’t much better, it’s just that in a single-elimination tournament a lot can happen.

      Besides, Chicago has already lost to Seattle once. In Chicago.

      1. That was a very different Bears team…no Briggs, essentially no Forte, and a patchwork quilt of an o-line. Things will be different this time.

  30. “As for WikiLeaks — well, indications right now are that it played at best a minor role in what went down, though the possibility that it played any role at all seems worthy of our attention. Not because that will help us understand the big picture with regard to Tunisia, but because it may help us understand the big picture with regard to WikiLeaks.|

    How the fuck will it help us understand that? I think Jesse just likes to type.

  31. This sort of “revolution” is coming to each and any country in the first three worlds that has given lots of young men college diplomas (so they would not want to do simple jobs any more) without giving them knowledge (so they would be able to find something productive to do themselves).

    What they are rioting for is some sort of bureaucratic socialism that would give them pointless paper-shuffling jobs.

    Several countries in Eastern Europe are going to go through something similar pretty soon.

  32. So now we’re in for a big boring debate

    It has always been thus.

  33. Toxic atmosphere strikes again!

    In an unexpected twist to the Arizona shootings, a man wounded in the attack was arrested and taken for a psychiatric exam after an outburst at a town hall meeting, during which he took a picture of a tea party leader and yelled “you’re dead,” authorities say. […]

    He apparently became upset when Trent Humphries suggested that conversations about gun control be delayed until all the dead were buried, KGUN-TV in Tucson reported.

    1. In the long run we are all dead.

      1. It’s your Theory, that’s dead.

    2. Obviously a disturbed tea partier, trying to throw off the authorities by attacking one of his own.

      They’re very crafty, those tea party Sarah Palin zealots.

    3. Obviously a disturbed tea partier, trying to throw off the authorities by attacking one of his own.

      They’re very crafty, those tea party Sarah Palin zealots.

    4. Scroll up… it was covered last night.

  34. Watching This Week right now…let’s see if they have scrubbed the Fuller incident (which happened while they were filming) down into the memory hole.

    1. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz? You gotta be kidding me!!!! WTF does she have to do with this?

      1. Ding ding ding, here she goes pushing the health care bill benefits for mental health and decrying the lax involuntary commitment laws.

      2. Oh, Representative Mop-head wants to push the reset button on public discourse. Of course you do, after your own vitriolic diatribes of the past two years blew up in your face.

  35. Attention gun nuts: the retired colonel who tackled Loughner just referred to a magazine as a “clip”.

    1. I saw that. He also called it a 30 round mag and it’s my understanding they were just standard Glock 19 15 round mag.

      1. Hmm I guess there is conflicting info on the capacity of his magazines.

        1. Glock 18 mags. I own a couple, IIRC you can cram 32 rds in them +1 in the chamber. They fit most Glock 9mm pistols (17, 19, 34).
          Originally for the G-18 machine pistol which thanks to FDR, Frank Lautenburg and a buncha other socialist nazi commies are virtually unobtainable in the USA. The mags are $30-35 or you are being ripped off. Asian copies are < $20 and likely work fine but I’ve never used one

  36. OK, who was guessing that the guy in the front row with purple and green hair was the “friend of Loughner”.

    1. ABC This Week doesn’t air here until 11AM EST

      NBC MTP is all about limiting “clips”

      Brooks and Noonan (Obama voters) representing for the arch-conservative hard right

      1. Yeah, 48 minutes in, they had the question for the tea party guy who Fuller threatened. Somebody in the audience murmured something unintelligible while he was talking but that was all…there was no significant reaction from other members of the audience.

        1. The unintelligible remark was “you’re dead”.

      2. Crap, I missed Jeff Flake on Face the Nation.

  37. Fox is just winding down (at my house); Christie was the lead-off guest, talking about civility, and all that other crap. I was very disappointed when he didn’t seize the opportunity to brag about how much more effective New Jersey’s gun laws are than Arizona’s.

    And- The punditocrats keep talking as if default is inevitable if the debt ceiling is not raised.

    There is enough discretionary spending in the federal budget to easily cover payments of interest and principal. If, out of all the possible emergency cuts, the government decides to not make interest payments, Obama should be impeached, and Timmay should be executed.

    1. “Discretionary” means different things to libertarians than normal people.

      1. Hobie Hanson|1.16.11 @ 11:03AM|#
        “”Discretionary” means different things to libertarians than normal people.”
        You heard that someplace didn’t you?

        1. Sorry if I don’t think throwing single mothers and families onto the streets to starve is “discretionary”.

          1. It had been a piss-poor year for the Yelton family already, at it was only July. Andy Yelton disappeared back in March, and all his clothes, the good truck, and all the family’s meager savings disappeared along with him. Sally Jae Minnower down the street also disappeared around the same time. Not that anybody in the neighborhood really blamed Andy, except for the fact that he left a little girl without a father and a wife with no means to pay the rent. So Terri and Janet had to move into Terri’s sister Hallie’s place for the time being. Terri was in the process of trying to get her welfare payments increased now that she was a single mom, but that’s about all the motivation she was able to muster as far as a career went.

            1. Raising a kid is a full time job. I don’t expect a bunch of single, wealthy childless libertarians to understand that it’s not as easy for a single mother to just up and start a career.

              Your attitude would sicken me, but the fact that you are an evolutionary dead-end that won’t contaminate the gene pool helps me hold my vomit down.

              1. SHUT UP DANNY DEVITO

                1. “a bunch of single, wealthy childless libertarians”

                  Wow. You asked every single libertarian in America about their childless/married/income status, eh, Hobie?

              2. Or, you know, don’t have kids if you can’t afford them. Difficult concept, I understand.

                1. You’ll make poor Hobie’s head explode with logical talk like that, Bingo.

              3. There’s always prostitution.

                1. …a public-sector gig…

              4. it’s not as easy for a single mother to just up and start a career.

                Bullshit. You’re rationalizing. I was raised by a single Mom who was raised by a single Mom with two kids, and neither one ever collected a government handout. FWIW, it taught me responsibility, and self-sufficiency. Nobody in my family was rich, and fuck you for suggesting it, asshole.

                1. Let’s hope you don’t have as much of a hard time not abandoning your children as your ancestors did.

              5. Let’s hope you don’t have as much of a hard time not abandoning your children as your ancestors did.

                All I hope for is an opportunity to serve my community. I choose to do so, by operating a business and offering the members of my community a quality service at a reasonable price. I do not steal from them, in order to provide for the less fortunate. I donate what I can, and encourage them to do the same.

    2. That focus on the debt ceiling is wrong. The debt ceiling is really only there to help the Feds control debt issuance over the year. Attack appropriation bills instead!

  38. Amanpour is so fucking horrible, I don’t think I slog through her viscous empathy.

  39. insert “can” as needed.

  40. Now she wants us to know how dreamy the Presidential Suit is.


  41. Oh, Hobie. That’s so cute.

  42. Sorry if I don’t think throwing single mothers and families onto the streets to starve is “discretionary”.

    And, of course, that is the only possible alternative. We couldn’t, for example, tell all those guys beavering away at/for NASA on the ARES rocket program to just go to the beach, and STOP WASTING THEIR TIME AND OUR MONEY on pointless space porn.

  43. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Bearss.

    1. …will crush the Seahawks? Yeah, I think so too.

      1. So far. It’s all Bearss. I still think the Stupid Bowl goes to dah AFC this year. I can’t see GB or Chicago taking on Pats or Jets or Stillers.

        We’ll see.

        1. The Seahawks are so terrible. It’s painful to even watch.

          Hasselbeck needs to go. Immediately.

          1. That can be arranged.

            1. If only. He’s so afraid of the defense that he just throws off instantly.

        2. Pats would be very tough, but both Bears and Packers beat the Jets during the regular season. They’re all hype. Steelers don’t really impress me this year either, but we’ll see.

        3. Also note that the national pundits have now shifted the goal posts to a road playoff win before the Bears can be considered “for real”.

          Everybody hates the Bears for some reason. I don’t get it, it’s not like they trash talk or cheat like those beloved AFC East teams do.

          1. The Bears, participants in a league of violence, are responsible for the Tragedy in Tucson?. Da Bears? No. Da deaths.



    1. LaLaLaLaLALaLink fail.

      1. Oh I totally failed at getting that funny. Rest assured I have properly applied the palm of my right hand fully and forcefully to my forehead.

  45. Hobie Hanson|1.16.11 @ 12:13PM|#

    Sorry if I don’t think throwing single mothers and families onto the streets to starve is “discretionary”.

    because the only source of help for anyone anywhere ever is the government, right?

  46. This is hilarious:

    Ron Paul could lead a new libertarian-progressive coalition. Bonus points for our boy ERIC DONDEROOOO showing up in the comments.

    1. Never happen. Ron Paul is far too capitalistic to suit progressives over the long haul.

      1. Yep. The big progressive blindspot is that their beloved government regulation is precisely what enables evil corporations to form a symbiotic relationship in ripping off consumers/taxpayers. They focus solely on the actions of the corporations and never seem to acknowledge the part that an increasingly powerful federal government plays.

        In the progressive mind, if only they had the right people in charge and stricter rules, then there wouldn’t be corrupt executives making out like bandits while wealth is destroyed for everyone else.

    2. Riiiiiiiiiiiiight. Keep dreaming, Nader. You’re washed up.

      Anyway, Sanders proved he has no principles and can not be trusted. Either that, or he has no balls. Either way, he’s worthless.

      1. He is washed up. But he’ll still beat the Libertarians in 2012. That says something.

        1. Yeah, what it says is, many libertarians choose not to vote.

          You are just a liberal/progressive troll that has no idea what libertarianism really is. Go do some research, and get back to me. Until then, fuck off.

  47. Oh, and is that the same Orel Hazard that posts on here? Sure sounds like him/her/it.

  48. My apologies for not offering an “on-yopic” comment for this post until now:

    I find it awesome that the Tunisian “first daughters” are holed up in Euro-Disneyland but the good ol’ Frogs are about to expel them from both the Magic Kingdom and France!
    Off with their heads!

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  50. Kill a few, be a murderer. Murder millions, be a government.

  51. We will need to wake up and convince the sheeple of the revolution. Because, unfortunately, we need them awake and “on board” to take back our civilization.

    This sums up our situation pretty well …

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  53. I think social media should be declared a terrorist and then we wage a multi-billion dollar war against it… That’s how bad things are getting.

    Things will not change unless the people stand up and fight for what is right

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