Reason on the Radio: Ronald Bailey Reveals His Genome on Wisconsin Public Radio


Reason Science Correspondent Ronald Bailey discussed his January 2011 article, I'll Show You My Genome. Will You Show Me Yours?, on December 22 for an hour at 8 a.m. on Wisconsin Public Radio's The Joy Cardin Show.

Go here for the archives and look for the December 22 broadcast to listen online or download an MP3.

Go here to browse Bailey's annotated genotype screening information at SNPedia.

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  1. "showing" something on're doing it wrong.

    Extra Fail: Baily brought the braille print-out of his genome description.

  2. wylie: Metaphor?

    1. Can't appreciate a combo-poke at the headline and the dead tech of radio? I even worked braille in there.

      (Still working on a joke about metaphors and radio, I'm sure there's something to work with there.)

  3. You do realize that people can take your genome and work forward from it to guess your PIN number.

  4. Serious concerns: Type 2 diabetes, prostate cancer, alcohol whithdrawal.
    Serious Other Concerns: With a tendancy towards priapism and no possiblity of baldness (i guess receeding hairline doesnt count as baldness Ron cause pic != full head of hair) as well as higher than average endurance gene I feel you may not be making use of your tallents based upon ZERO bikini storries from Cancun...on the other hand if you are married then I KNOW you are not making use of said genetic advantages.

    (just jokes Ron..the report is actually quiite fascinating)

    Are you nervous?
    First time?
    No, I have been nervous lots of times

    1. As an aside I would be interested to actually see a screenshot of what you get for your 350 paranoia aside I have considered getting one of these done. I am curious as to what level of detail and what format it comes in. (i.e. will it be completely meaningless to a dolt such as myself and will i spend 76 hours on google looking up haplogroups).

  5. CB: You might try the demo over at 23andMe to get some idea of the services they offer.

    1. Demos. Pfft. I bet the genome ends after stage 3, before you really get to any of the features in the game. I mean, genome, not game.

  6. When I read the headline the first time, I read "Ronald Bailey Reveals His Gonorrhea on Wisconsin Public Radio."

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