Reason Writers on the Tube: Katherine Mangu-Ward on British Internet Porn


Reason Senior Editor Katherine Mangu-Ward appears on Russia Today's The Alyona Show to discuss the British government's plans to regulate Internet pornography in the name of child protection and how critics challenge the regulation as censorship. Airdate: December 20, 2010.

About 8 minutes.

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  1. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

    1. Does it involve mayonnaise? If so, maybe.

      1. Close enough.

          1. “The sage effect”.

    2. Yes, yes I am.

      Um-be right back.

    3. If it’s that the blond did some porn in college and now wants to make it so that no one can access it, I’m in agreement.

  2. Kathy nails it: “The very first justification for larger acts of coersion by government is ‘it’s for the children.'”

  3. Who would have thought that Katherine Mangu-Ward was into British Internet porn?

  4. Katherine Mangu-Ward on British Internet Porn

    She’s selling herself short. She should do American straight-to-DVD porn first before resorting to performing in adult video for the web. And British? Yawn. How about some of that freaky Japanese stuff if she really wants to make a name for herself.

    1. Yeah really. What’s up with Japanese porn? The women all act as if they’re getting raped or something.

      1. That’s because that is how Japanese men typically want to see the women treated in the bedroom. Japanese men have to assert their dominance over women to make up for their shortcomings as men.

        There is a growing industry in Japan, however, of western women entering Japanese porn. Why women would want the eggroll when they can get the sausage is a strange concept, but those western women typically aren’t the squealers that the Japanese women are.

        1. “Why women would want the eggroll when they can get the sausage is a strange concept…”

          You’re assuming its about the eggroll instead of the yen roll.

        2. Japanese porn also pixelates the sexual organs for whatever reason. So, you might see a girl get her nostrils pulled up to her eyelids and pissed on by 40 men, but you’ll never get a clear look at, judging from all the black pixels, her very hairy hoo-hah.

          At least the Germans embrace their perversion with open arms.

  5. is this not the same country that has topless women in the daily paper?

    1. That’s to er, uh, “increase circulation”.

    2. when have you ever seen a kid read a newspaper?

  6. Katherine is soooooo good at smacking around these Nanny-state idiots. That blonde was WAYYYYY out of her league.

  7. “it doesn’t block it, it doesn’t blockit, it doesn’t blockit. You just have to request that any porn site you want to view be unblocked.”

    Ohhhhhh, well, shit what were we getting all uppity about. I still can’t access my online banking because I’m too lazy to call the bank and get my login info fixed, but yeah, I’d have no problem calling Comcast everytime I find a new site to spank to.

    And she’s just so incredulous about it. If I was KMW, I would’ve been hard pressed to not slap that bitch everytime she rolled her eyes at her disbelief that people might find such a requirement onerous.

    I’m still firmly in the camp of “if you don’t want it, request that it be blocked.” Someday I’ll be able to order my TV programming with all the words still intact, while parents can opt to have shit bleeped and blocked as they please. Until that day…well, I’m watching a lot less TV.

    1. I still can’t access my online banking because I’m too lazy to call the bank and get my login info fixed,

      I didn’t think there was another like me! I eventually got that straightened out (misspelling of mother’s maiden name), but by the then I was no longer in the mood, time passes and I’ve forgotten my password.

      So when someone could find a half dozen new porn sites in a day that look interesting, by the time they’ve gotten a reponse from their ISP, I’m sure the mood will have passed as well. They’ll have forgotten what it was about even if they were still likely to be interested. This would cause porn providers for the British audience to have to conglomerate into one or a very few Web sites. Would access to a portal be enough, or would you need specific IP approval? How about a telnet service?

      1. I sense arbitrage opportunities.

  8. “adults should have easy access to this, but children shouldn’t.”

    except, apparently, the part where the adults DON’T have easy access to it.

  9. Really? A giant pearl necklace? Really?

    1. That thing was hideous. It’s like a bukkake necklace.

      1. I have to formally ask permission from my ISP to read your comment.

      2. I was at a Japanese restaurant the other day, and they had Bukakke Soba on the menu. Apparently it has a non-pr0n meaning.

        1. I still wouldn’t order it.

        2. Uh no, they eat sperm. Fish sperm. Even better than roe!

          1. Not to confuse though, bukkake doesn’t mean sperm.

        3. yes it means to be “thorougly covered in in”. The bu- part has a connotation of “so hard as to hit you”

        4. This should help clarify…

          It’s probably safe to eat.

  10. More content down the line?

    “ warps childrens’ minds and turns them into gun hoarding anti-socialites, who harm themselves and society.”

    Man, quashing dissent is easy!

  11. You really want to protect children from pornography? How about you, as a parent, grow some balls and forbid your children to see it. If you catch them disobeying, hit them with a belt.

    1. My dad preferred the open hand method, which I found as equally convincing as the belt.

      1. I hope he at least put some lotion on!

    2. KWM laid out the 100%-Effective, DoubleBulletProof method: Computer in the kitchen, turn that screen around.

      Naturally, this extends to not letting your kids hang out at computer-in-every-room-Billy’s house, but hey, frankly Billy is cool enough that he didn’t want to hang out with your kids anyway.

      Fucking kids these days, I had to borrow the family VCR to watch porn as a teen. 1st job @ 16, bought a computer, because fucking with those coax connectors is just too much of a pain. Not when I could dial into the local college, grab pics with lynx or gopher, then kermit them to my local machine, spend 5mins loading each one…hmmm, maybe the coax WAS easier, oh well.

      (SparcIPX, 256 color graphics, 14.4baud. Mmmmm, yeah, you know it’s hot.)

      1. Oh my god I loved lynx. Back when browsers had class.

        1. You mean when people had already put up pages with inline graphics, and you had to guess which pictures were of what from the context to see if they were worthwhile downloading?

    3. If you can’t take responsibility for your children, don’t have them.

  12. Is this seriously another fucking story about parents wanting the government to do their job for them? Aren’t the parents of the kids supposed to be the ones parenting them?

    Jesus fucking christ, what is wrong with people these days.

    1. Insufficient parenting.

      1. I see what you did there. +2

    2. First they came for the Happy Meals, and I did not speak out because I haven’t eaten a Chicken McNugget since I hit puberty. Then they came for the porn, and I did not speak out because–wait a minute… they’re gonna take our fucking porn???!!! This means war!

    3. “”Is this seriously another fucking story about parents wanting the government to do their job for them?””

      I refer you back to your handle.

  13. And you shall know them by their TBN Haircuts. What is up with the backward social values people and their bad hair.

    1. All the good hair stylists are gays!

  14. Anybody else notice that the blonde, sexually-repressed chick giggled after saying the word “swell”?

    1. I was too busy being infuriated by the way she tossed her head around and rolled her eyes.

    2. The only swell I noticed was in the host’s sweater

        1. Huh, my penis got slightly hard, but my clothing did nothing. What’s wrong with me?

    3. Oh my god, you could tell she was obviously coached by someone to throw in that bit of lameness to to lighten up her persona.

  15. Any chance of this passing? The busybodies can only go so far before their husbands snap and backhand the tea out of their mouths.

  16. If 10 year olds are traumatized by sex, why are at least one third of British ten year olds surfing for porn? (At least one third – the other two thirds just don’t admit it.)

    1. The other two-thirds are all that gay kid from About a Boy. Hugh Grant, that was his name.

  17. I’d like to thank KMW (or whoever is responsible) for making sure that all of her sex-in-the-title posts over the last few days have NOT had objectionable words in the url. Bang up job, team. That’s 42% of why I donate, right there.

  18. The plan is purely voluntary.

    Translation: If you don’t get on board with our plan, we will publically shame you until you do.

    It’s for the children.

  19. Its threads like this that me love this site.

  20. So let me make sure I have this straight: Stopping kids from accessing porn on the net will (help) stop sexual violence against children and sexual assault against children (from the 1:38 mark).

    Really? I mean, really?

  21. Chris “The” Clapp Logan sure is determined to conflate child pornography with regular pornography.

    1. She really did slide seamlessly over that distinction between porn of children and porn being received by children.

  22. Another step in the Disneyfuckation of the west. I have to say that I’m disappointed at the lack of nudity in that video.

    1. This is what I thought. I watched two minutes of the thing waiting for the three-way girl action before realizing they were serious.

  23. Where is my government when I need protection from gratuitous armshelf?

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