L.A. Power Monopoly Reneges On Solar Rebate Deal


Cheer up, Jan Perry. You're going to be mayor someday.

The Los Angeles City Council voted this month to reduce solar rebates even though its June 1 hike in customer rates was intended to increase solar incentives.

Here's how the June increase was described by New York Times reporter Jennifer Steinhauer (who apparently believes there are lots of rattlesnakes in the city of Los Angeles):

The proceeds would be earmarked for renewable energy purchases and programs, including one that would repay people or businesses that use solar panels to contribute to the power grid.

The L.A. Times in its coverage noted that the rate increase was supposed to be used in part to "help [Mayor Antonio] Villaraigosa reach his goal of securing 20% of the utility's power from renewable sources."

Now, however, the city is reducing the solar rebate program, blaming the state government in Sacramento for failing to pony up enough for the solar program.

Thanks to tireless L.A. curmudgeon Rob McMillin for pointing out the discrepancy, and also for noting that the phrase "L.A. homes generate 22 megawatts each year" proves the L.A. Times doesn't know the difference between power and energy. (I don't know the difference either, but in my experience Rob is usually right and the Times copydesk is usually wrong.)