Shut Up and Bend Over, Part II


More sniffity statism from your nation's editorial boards:

New York Times:

Some individual pat-downs have gone too far, and the T.S.A. was ham-handed in answering those concerns. But the Obama administration should weather this storm by realizing these attacks are purely partisan and ideological. Americans know the difference between a big scanner and big government.  

Louisville Courier-Journal:

At what point did Americans turn into a nation of crybabies?

Minneapolis Star Tribune:

Don't like searches? Agree to body scan

Rochester Post-Bulletin:

Grin and bear it

Houston Chronicle:

The hysterical hullabaloo over airport security procedures is a waste of time

Bakersfield Californian:

Assume TSA has good reason for intrusive frisking

Seattle Times:

TSA is constantly evaluating and updating screening procedures to stay ahead of evolving threats.

The goal is to employ state-of-the-art procedures to protect the flying public. Passengers who cannot handle these methods are not forced by anyone to travel. They should opt out, all right … of flying.

The Tennesseean:

Rather than trying to slow down the security process at airports, travelers should do all that they can to keep it running smoothly.

Roanoke Times:

If protesters really want to make their point, they should hit where it hurts—the pocket book. Don't fly at all. Drop a note to airlines letting them know they have lost business and it won't return until things improve.

While you're at it, include a note about airlines' ridiculous add-on fees. If anything deserves a protest, it's those.

For visualization purposes: