Don't Fear the Briar Patch, Matt Taibbi


Please, Baseball Cap Thing, end. Please, just end.

eXile co-founder Matt Taibbi deploys the phrase "pseudo-libertarian" in a BusinessInsider.com interview, which is not as interesting as the comment from reader fred@# that follows the puff. A portion: 

Brer Taibbi: I hate you Brer Blankfein. I'm gonna get you if it's the last thing I ever do. I have written this great book detailing your crimes and you are in trouble now. You've sassed me for the last time. I'm just deciding what we should do with you now".

Brer Blankfein gulped and did some quick thinking: "Whatever you do, Brer Taibbi, please don't make me suffer under no more goverment regulation!"

Brer Taibbi: "Maybe I will join the Libertarians and let the free market have its way with you"

Brer Blankfein's eyes got very large: "Subject me to the free market if you must, but whatever you do, please don't give me no more regulators."

Brer Taibbi: "Well, I'm not a big believer in the free market. Those libertarians are too gullible (unlike Brer Taibbi who was a sophisticated liberal writer). Maybe I'll recommend that you be prosecuted according to the laws of the land.

Brer Blankfein': "Prosecute me, sic the free market on me! Do whatever you please, only please, Brer Taibbi, just don't hit me with any more regulation!"

The allusion is to a story from your country's lexicon, but if you don't recognize it, television is here to help:

More information about regulatory capture, the concept described by fred@#, can be found on the internet [pdf].  Well played, fred@#.