The World, Just Like Your Special Someone, Just Keeps Getting Better With Age!


Hey Democrats and other losers (cough, Sharron Angle, cough, Joe Miller, the Texas Rangers): Cheer up already! Don't be down in the dumps. Things might be in the shitter for you right now, but check it out:

U.N.: World is healthier, richer than ever before: A new report shows most developing countries registering huge gains over the last 40 years

By Anita Snow, Associated Press

People around the globe are healthier, richer and better educated than ever before, with most developing countries registering huge gains over the last 40 years, a U.N. report released Thursday shows.

Asia was the region that progressed fastest in terms of human development since 1970, with China and Indonesia leading the way. Some Arab countries, especially Oman, and many Latin American nations showed marked progress as well, it said.

In its annual report on the quality of life worldwide, the United Nations Development Program said such strides often go unnoticed because development traditionally has been measured only by income. Its study looked at education and health as well.

Hat Tip: Alan Sunshine Vanneman, world's greatest everything.

You know who else loved the modern world? Not the Nazis! The Modern Lovers, who were dropping out of college decades before Peter Thiel was paying good money for the kids to ditch the textbooks and start high-tech outfits. Listen and then put down the cigarette already…