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Snoop Dogg is High, Very High, on Prop. 19


Snoop Dogg is right as rain on the issue of Proposition 19, the California ballot initiative that would legalize marijuana in the Golden State. More important, perhaps, than the tax revenue it would raise for one of the most-busted states in the Union is the amount of human misery legalization would alleviate. Legalization would put a real dent in the 800,000-plus pot-related arrests made annually in the country and it would start the long-overdue process of emptying prisons of non-violent offenders while freeing up space for actual bad guys. Here's hoping.

And in case that Snoop Dogg's brief above isn't the shizznit, then take a gander at 3 Reasons to Legalize Marijuana Now!

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  1. And in case that Snoop Dogg’s brief above isn’t the shizznit

    I see Reason is taking a page from Michael Steele’s book on race relations.

    1. Snoop’s the one who made that word popular, even made a song about it.

  2. Who needs Snoop Dogg when you have Ramesh Ponnuru:

    I’m not especially swayed by the tax-revenue argument for legalizing marijuana. And I’ll add that he’s right that it’s not “practical” to confine legalization to personal harvesting. But that strikes me as an argument for a broader liberalization, not for refusing to take the first step. (It’s not as though it’s practical to enforce the current law.) Prop 19 may be headed for defeat. But if I were a California voter, I think I’d support it.

  3. I’m for 19 but not because of that shithead — the one with the stupid rabbit ears.

  4. What an odd world we live in. I never thought I would have common cause with Snoop dog.

    1. No comment.

      1. That’s a comment!

  5. I’m all for the legalization of just about every mind altering substance around but I think the tax argument is bogus. They’ll just piss away whatever taxes they get from that just like they do with all the other sin taxes.

    I may have said it before & I’ll say it again–we should raise taxes on anyone who advocates raising taxes on anyone.

    1. They’ll use the taxes to fund Anti-Marijuana Public Service Announcements.

  6. letsmakeobamaresign.blogspot.com

  7. I love Snoop Dogg. But he’s rich, which is why he doesn’t need to care about the economics of Prop 19. The most important aspects of 19, which are negative to us, most pot-smokers seem to be totally unaware of. It would take too long to list them all here, but a website that covers it quite thoroughly is http://no-on19.com (Marijuana Users Against Prop 19).

    1. That website consists of people bitching that Prop 19 will make pot cheaper and mess up their tremendous profits.

      It also consists of people bitching that big business will somehow control the market yet not make weed any cheaper, even though it will still be perfectly legal

      It also consists of people being entirely wrong about what happened to marijuana’s legal status, saying that

      Possesion of an ounce has just been decrimialized in CA (no charges, no court, no record), by SB 1449. So you can wave your bag at a cop if you want to!

      Bad advice, stoners. It’s still an infraction. You can wave your bag at a cop if you’d like to pay a $100 fine, sure.

      Thanks for posting a website that should make any informed viewer even more strongly committed to voting in favor of Prop 19.

      When the opponents have such bad arguments against, it only makes it look better.

      1. Legalization will make some of these things likely to happen to one extent or another, but those things don’t make a good argument to vote against it. I’m against the taxation angle — a lot of the asswipe pro-19 people say “tax the shit out of it”. But I say legalize it and let those same people whine and cry about the high taxes later.

        1. Ehhh… I REALLY don’t like this tax angle, enough to be a little queasy about legalization with the intent of “taxing the shit out of it”. I mean are all marijuana users against Prop 19 crazy? Maybe they don’t like their shit bein regulated.

          1. Never allow the perfect to stand in the way of the possible. Yes on 19.

          2. They were high when they wrote up the bill — they were thinking that potheads don’t have to pay taxes.

          3. “I mean are all marijuana users against Prop 19 crazy? Maybe they don’t like their shit bein regulated.”

            Well, let’s see. If you grow a single Cannabis plant in CA, you are guilty of a felony. That sounds like “regulation” to me. So yeah, MJ users against Prop 19 are crazy, AND stupid.

          4. Tax the shit out of it, just like tobacco. The black market for cigarettes is alive and well.

    2. Who the fuck cares how much money he has you dumbass? The right to do something free of government interference has nothing to do with how much wealth you have.

      1. The right to do something free of government interference

        Prop 19 has no “government interference”? You might want to read the text.

        1. Compared to current law, it quite certainly reduces government interference. If you let the perfect be the enemy of the good, sure, it’s not perfect. But (akin to many free trade agreements), the worst abuses in the law are ones that it’s leaving in place, not new impositions, and it repeals some of the worst that exist.

      2. “The right to do something free of government interference”

        whovillation masturbation!

    3. You’re a fucking bootlicker that wants to whore yourself out to government intervention to protect your lifestyle against market interference. Go fuck yourself.

      1. awww yeah talk dirtay to meh babeh ;P

  8. Jesus Christ, Gillespie, what a pained expression. You can`t keep that copy of Atlas Shrugged shoved up you ass all the time, man. Give yourself a break and pull it out for a while.

    1. Being that you are a cardboard-cutout character out of that novel, where does that put you.

      1. I have a cat named Stinky.

          1. He was a feral kitten when I got him. He was terrified people. I’d grab him, and start petting him, and he would relax so much, he would let one rip. Hence the name, Stinky.

    2. Please remove Rules for Radicals from me please.

  9. You’ve worn that one out, so shut up.

  10. Snoop dog was more of a drug dealer in the past than a drug user. You get your money drug dealing not by using drugs. A lot of these celebrities like Tim Allen were drug dealers before they became famous. There is a BIG difference between a dealer and a user. If you are a user then your brain gets fried eventually. If you are a dealer, then your wallet gets fatter. The trick is to push people to buy from you by making them dependent on drugs.

    1. All Snoop Dogg has to do is create his Cannabis Corporation. He used to be a drug dealer before being famous. So Prop 19 is sooooooo perfect for him.

    2. Well, pot is not addictive and prop 19 will almost certainly decrease the profit one makes from selling pot. So, basically you’re a retard.

      1. Credentials: master’s in pharmacology.

        It’s slightly addictive, with the complimentary withdrawal symptoms being some agitation and some anxiety. Again, it’s no where near addictive as cocaine or heroin, but you can still get hooked.

        1. Bullshit. And by bullshit, I mean bullshit.

          Source that shit and show your work or get the fuck out of here with that addictive nonsense.

          1. Third day dry grumpies is a reason to keep it prohibited? If it concerns them that much, they could give me a blowjob instead. Jerks.

          2. They may have put you on a placebo by mistake.

            YES on 19.

            1. I was responding to MCab. I am very supportive of Prop 19 and they wouldn’t need to put me on a placebo as I don’t smoke weed. I’m partial to the effects of drinking to excess and the occasional trip to Bolivia

              I’m crossing my fingers on Prop 19 but am mildly confident it will pass. I live in the most conservative part of the state and most of my Repub friends are supporting it’s passage, and my Dem friends are certainly for it. I just hope fear-mongering by assholes like Lee Baca don’t drive the no vote in LA.

              1. Take it easy. I support prop 19 too.

                My source is Dr. Guth’s lecture in the year 2001 on marijuana at Tulane University. Email him if you like.


                If you won’t take my word on the addictive potential of pot, then there is no point going any further.

                And no, I won’t leave.

                1. Then why haven’t I ever heard of someone sucking cock for weed?

                  1. Let me repeat myself:

                    SLIGHTLY addictive.

                    Perhaps a better word would be MILDLY addictive. So no one fiends for it as much.

                    Although not rampant, I’ve heard of a few dealers trading favors for a sack.

    3. Yeah, I hate people that sell a product too. Where do I register to vote for Democrats?

      1. We’d tell you, but you’d have to buy gasoline from a vicious, wicked kkkorporation to get here.

        1. And you’d have to align yourself with big business at the expense of the American people as well. It’s a very exclusive club but they take just anyone.
          But do register, prop. 19 needs the support of all free thinking people..that is..if you are actually free thinking!

    4. Also your argument is retarded when put into the context of already-legalized drugs. The best wine and beer makers love and cherish their wine and taste it regularly. You get money from selling any product by knowing it well and by knowing the market you are selling to. That’s the reason why word-of-mouth advertising is so effective and why so many marketing firms desperately wish to make their product go viral.

      In other words, eat shit you stupid fucking prohibitionist.

    5. The key is to establish Snoopy’s Cannabis Corporation right after Prop 19 passes because there will be little competition. This will easily turn Snoop Dogg, Richard Lee (the man behind Prop 19) into billionaires overnight and those Facebook entrepreneurs into MULTI-billionaires. The only thing that they have to do is market well and make millions of Californians dependent on pot which is easy to do.
      This is what the tobacco industry tried to do but the FDA caught on with warning labels. Now pot does not have warning labels yet so people are going to buy pot left and right soooo the time to RUSH to become a billionaire from PROP 19 passing is NOW.

      1. Wow, this must be a troll. Pot incredibly addictive? Pot incredibly addictive but somehow FDA warning labels could save us and prevent people from buying pot? Hilarious.

        Are there any serious anti-Prop 19 people?

        1. Are there any serious anti-Prop 19 people?


      2. Philip Morris and RJ Reynolds are going to be able to grow and package much better pot than the boutique growers. They will take consistency, quality and smokability to new levels. They will make industrial-scale use of the by-products. That will take care of shitbrain Snout Dogg, who has no idea how to run this type of business. Kinda like the big beer producers vis-a-vis the bathtub guys. Why do you fear pot from the big tobacco companies? Somehow evil, but the local stuff is holy? So what the fuck.

        Then when pot gets to be a “Big Business” the nannies will do everything in their power to shut it down. Lifelong smokers that just happen to be left-wingers will give up pot and sue Big Marijuana for fucking up their lives. I can see all of this coming…

        1. BTW, YES on 19.

  11. The most logical reasons for supporting prop 19 are. one more step in limiting governments role in my everyday life. increased tax revenue decreased costs of incarceration. Yes Marijuana has it’s risks but if we are upfront about them then let ME make the choice of weather to use or not. I gladly accept responsibility for MY actions.

    1. We can’t let you accept responsibility for your actions.

  12. Problem… Snoop Dog ain’t no vote getter. Works against Prop 19 me thinks. Better a Mormon in collared shirt pushing Prop 19.

    1. Mitt Romney?

      1. How do people with names like Mitt, Jerry, Barnie, Newt, Jim Guy and Orval ever get elected?

    2. Wait, Mormons don’t even use caffeine. Somebody told me all of the soda in the machines on the campus of BYU is caffeine free.

  13. Snoop says the only party he supports is the “gangster party.” The straightman has given his pitch, so have at it with that one . . .

    1. So, he is a Democrat?

    2. That’s gangsta. Try to keep up, please.

  14. Forget Snoop. He’s yesterday’s news. Gucci Mane is the shit.


  15. “Weed should be freed.” Indeed.

  16. Rap and weed…this post needs one of my favorite weed related songs: Budsmokers Only

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