Economic Liberty Wins in Lake Elmo, Minnesota


Back in May I noted a lawsuit filed by the Institute for Justice against the city of Lake Elmo, Minnesota, which had a law on the books forbidding local farmers from selling produce grown on their own land if that land happened to partially fall outside of the city limits. It looks like the legal pressure paid off. As The Stillwater Gazette reports, the city council approved a new permit this month allowing local farms to sell produce grown outside of town. As IJ attorney Anthony Sanders told the Gazette:

"We filed suit in May because the city's ordinances did not allow to sell products on their farm unless grown in Lake Elmo," Sanders said. "This affected our clients very directly because they grow pumpkins on land they own in Wisconsin and do business with other farms around the country that grow Christmas trees. Farmers have supplemented products for decades. There is more farming freedom in Lake Elmo now because of the pressure put on the city by our client and that's a good thing."