The Democratic Way of Prohibition, Redux


Not Gilbert S. Bahn

I was all set to declare this letter to the Ventura County Star as the Lefty Prohibitionist Brainfart of the Day…..

Reasoning in favor of legalizing marijuana seems pretty strong to me, but there is a problem with Proposition 19. It cannot legalize marijuana because a federal law makes marijuana illegal. So, that is a stupid law, because it is not being enforced.

The history of the Prohibition period, 1918-1933, provides assurance that prohibition of marijuana cannot be enforced, just as laws against adultery cannot be enforced. The violations are so abundant as to make attempts at enforcement only a waste of dollars. Any morally justified law that cannot be enforced is a stupid law.

The answer to the stupidity is to get the law repealed, as Prohibition was repealed. It is bad enough to have a law flouted, because this breaks down respect for the rule of law, but for California to thumb its nose at the law of the land by voting approval of Proposition 19, would be a much more severe flouting of the rule of law. This I declare as a lifelong liberal.

— Gilbert S. Bahn

… when I encountered this lead pargaraph in The Huffington Post:

Poor Greer!

As a father of three children—Cooper 9, Greer 6, and Chase 3—I'm faced with the dilemma of discussing with them how marijuana is as safe as aspirin when they turn 18 years old. If Proposition 19 passes, the state of California is telling me that it's okay for my children to get loaded on drugs as often as once a week or every day and all day.

Though in fairness, it's really the names that seal the deal.

Long Beach native does not approve of hometown paper's editorial

Got the munchies for some bad newspaper headlines to go with your Prohibitionism? Here ya go, kafacklers!

Prop. 19 Too Hazy to Get Our Support

Just Say 'No' to Faulty Prop. 19

Proposition 19 a Blurry Vision

A Word to the Wise: Prop. 19 Is One Toke Over the Line

Sweet Jesus!

BTW, with La Opinion and my hometown Long Beach Independent Press-Telegram now weighing in against, we now have at least 18 of the top 23 California dailies, and 22 of the top 34, on record about Prop. 19. All 22 are opposed.

Me on the Democratic way of Prohibition here.

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  1. My mother made it very clear to me, at a very young age, that what I was allowed to do and what others were allowed to do had no bearing on each other.

    Is that really that hard a concept to get across to your kids, Dr Howard Samuels?

    1. It’s probably a bad time to point out the marijuana is actually safer than aspirin.

    2. “If Proposition 19 passes, the state of California is telling me that it’s okay for my children to get loaded on drugs as often as once a week or every day and all day.”

      It is jaw-dropping that the person who wrote this works as a psychotherapist. Can it really be that people with such substantially impaired skills pretend to offer others psychological guidance?

      1. In grad school, the dominant theory about psychology grad students is that they are there to study the malady with which they are afflicted.

        So in that vein, yes, it makes perfect sense that a psychologist douchebag would say something so incredibly douchie.

      2. “If Proposition 19 passes, the state of California is telling me that it’s okay for my children to get loaded on drugs as often as once a week or every day and all day.”

        I assume that, since alcohol is not prohibited in the State of California, the good doctor put the finishing touches on this piece and then went to mix his kids a batch of martinis.

  2. Cooper, Greer and Chase? Are you fucking kidding me. Why don’t you just put a sign out in your yard that says “I am an aging white hipster doofus”?

    “If Proposition 19 passes, the state of California is telling me that it’s okay for my children to get loaded on drugs as often as once a week or every day and all day.”

    That is my favorite part. The though of telling his kids “son, the State does a lot of stupid things and passes a lot of dumb laws and this was one of them. Just because the state says it doesn’t mean it is correct. Make your own decisions”. NOOOO He couldn’t ever do that. He is raising his kids to be fucking drones. Better to risk them being drug crazed addicts than thinking that maybe the state might be wrong about something.

    1. He also seems to be telling his kids that anything that is not a criminal offense at the state level is something that is OK to do.

      1. Presumably his kids are all going to grow up to be chain-smoking binge drinkers.

      2. And in excess.

        1. Either that, or his kids are going to get the crap beat out of them for having pussy-ass names… then they’ll grow up and get their revenge by either becoming lawyers or politicians.

          1. Examples:

            Newt Gingrich
            Steny Hoyer

            Look what it did for them… turned ’em into Republican and Democrat douchebags, respectively.

    2. Don’t you see? This is indicative of the ENTIRE thought process. There is no individual anymore. It’s groupthink all the way, on every subject. As soon as the majority has an opinion on a subject, they are duty bound to force it down the throats of the minority, always. He’s upset about the idea that he might be in the minority, but he tacitly admits that he’ll go along with the majority (i.e. government) view on the subject.

  3. Cooper, Greer and Chase did some fine work for me last year when I sued Home Depot after I slipped in that icy parking lot.

  4. This I declare as a lifelong liberal.

    If you read this in Charlton Heston’s voice, it sounds AWESOME.

    1. Ok, that is a good one…

    2. I’m going to start punctuating all my sentences and statements with something like that. This I declare as a lifelong biped.

    3. I LOL’d

    4. Maybe James Earl Jones’s?

      Heston wasn’t liberal; I’m assume Jones is.

      Plus JEJ does have a great voice for something like that.

      You don’t mess with Thulsa Doom.

      1. RACIST!!!!!!!

        At least it would be if the Dems didn’t go to every length to convince blacks that free market = racist.

  5. I’m curious about this long-running storyline here: look at this liberal that opposes legalization! I’m not sure what is supposed to be taken from it. I mean, as an empirical fact the % of self-identified liberals and/or Democrats supporting legalization is higher than their counter-parts, so what is the point at shining a light on the % that do not?

    1. It’s funny, last night on one of those shows, Nick Gillespie was saying there is NO ONE from the Dems (at the national level anyway) that has come out in favor of legalization. The response from the TEAM BLUE players was a cricket sound.

      1. It’s a problem for sure. The Dem pols need to be dragged to where their rank and file are on this issue somewhat like the GOP pols need to be dragged on spending…

        1. It’s certainly not enough, but iirc the only members (3) of California’s Congressional delegation supporting Prop. 19 are Dems…

        2. Yes. And liberals who care about the drug war should take a lesson from the Tea Parties. The Parties are having a real effect on the Republican Party because they sent a few big spending bastards like Bob Bennett and Mike Castle into retirement. That puts the fear of God in the rest of them. If a pro legalization movement could send a couple of drug warrior Dems into retirement, there might actually be some meaningful dialog on the issue.

          1. Indeed.

            I don’t think most of us really disagree with you MNG, it just seems like it’s easier to find an odd Republican Senate candidate– Tom Campbell back then, Rand Paul now– to say things in favor of legalization than any Democrat.

            Only Nixon can go to China and all that, but still…

            1. Let’s not forget about Daddy Paul.

              Team Blue pays lip service to legalization, but shit the bed every time the issue comes up in the public sphere.

              And the line about “they have to say that in public” is horse shit.

              1. Kind of like Obama and DADT. Or maybe the opposite. I’m really confused here.

                There’s a reason I thought the notion of “liberaltarian” was totally stupid, and it’s not because I dig the GOP.

            2. Gary Johnson…

        3. They don’t just need to be dragged there, they need to be dragged there, beaten, have their pets shot in front of them, and then beaten some more.

          Bonus music for Clinton, Obama, and every other “do as I say” Dem asshole.

        4. Yeah, and maybe if all the dems who smoked dope and then, oh, I dunno, became politicians, had the balls to say “Did it, enjoyed it, didn’t cause anyone any harm” I might have the slightest bit of respect for them.
          But they don’t and won’t, so screw ’em.

          1. Bloomberg said “You bet I did. And I enjoyed it!”

            He used to be a Dem, at least.

            1. Bloomberg said “You bet I did. And I enjoyed it!”

              Thing is, he was talking about salt, and we all know how that’s turning out…

          2. I know that some people really like the stuff, but personally I have found it to be too boring to bother banning, even for the bluenoses. I never did understand the laws against pot, except as an arbitrary way for government to say, “Screw you! We will tell you what to do, and we will put you in jail, because we damn well feel like it!” It’s a show of arbitrary power, pure and simple.

      2. Do you really think a California resident is going to vote against Prop 19 just because DiFi, or Jane Harman, tell them so? I know a lot of you here find it hard to believe, but a lot of Congressional Democrats aren’t very committed to what the base of the party wants.

    2. MNG — I’m mostly interested in the establishmentarian consensus on this stuff, and the establishment in California happens to be overwhelmingly Team Blue.

      Two overlapping side-interests are the methods by which the “liberal media” get to illiberal (and, I think, statist) positions, and also the ongoing curiosity that voting humans who tend to care about this stuff skew pretty heavily pro-Democrat/anti-Republican.

      1. So it’s like calling out Republicans who don’t oppose spending…OK, makes sense to me.

      2. Small aside: “illiberal” does NOT mean “not liberal”

        1. Yes, it actually does. But liberal doesn’t mean liberal, except in Europe.

      3. See my above comment. There are plenty of things(Iraq, the War on Drugs) where the elected officials aren’t on the same page as their “base.”

    3. If a higher percentage of rank and file liberals support liberalization, then doesn’t that make it easier to shame liberal politicians and pundits for not supporting legalization?

      1. Point taken, but I don’t think these two letter writers were pols…

      2. I think the cost-benefit relationship breaks down kind of like this for Democrats: generally, pro-legalization folks tend to be core Democratic voters; since MJ is not a make-or-break issue for most of them, and they’re going to vote Dem regardless, there’s little to be gained for Democratic pols in supporting legalization. On the other hand, when it comes to the blue collar, socially conservative independents, people who the Dems need to attract in order to build majorities, a lot of them are anti-legalization: so there is an incentive to oppose legalization. Plus, opposing MJ is a good (and fairly low-cost) way of showing that you are not a doctrinaire liberal, and are open to certain conservative influences. That is why, I think, very few Democrat politicians (other than those from places like Berkeley) support MJ legalization

        1. True. If you are a cheap date, you get taken for granted. It is the same reason most Democratic polls do nothing but pay lip service to gay rights.

          1. Best innuendo in a short post, ever.

    4. I think it’s important to highlight the difference between “liberal” media coverage and the way most liberals think about drug policy. So sure, the majority of self-described liberals are in favor of legalization, but the media outlets that supposedly speak for them are about 25 years behind.

      1. Nah, back in the 60’s they all claimed that once they were in charge marijuana would be legalized, so I’m thinking the media outlets are closer to 50 years behind.

      2. No, the media outlets are committed to near-fascist statism, which only correlates with popular “liberal” tenets some of the time.

  6. Legalize it and furthermore don’t criticize it.

    1. Lawyers smoke it. Doctors smoke it. Singers smoke it, and players of instruments too!

      1. Oh, and most importantly, goats love to play in it.

        1. And little lambs eat ivy

          1. A kiddley divey too.

            1. sounds that way but it’s:

              “a kid’ll eat ivy, too”

              i.e. a kid (baby goat) will eat ivy also.

              1. Yes and no.

                While the original recording went:

                Mare’s eat oats,
                And does eat oats,
                And little lambs eat ivy,
                A kid’ll eat ivy too,
                Wouldn’t you?

                There was a second release that was based on some guy’s stupid little kid who didn’t understand the original lyrics. It was considered really cute at the time (circa 1961?) and received a lot of air play. It went:

                Marsie dotes,
                And dosie dotes,
                And little lamsie divey,
                A kiddley divey too,
                Wouldn’t you

                1. Wouldn’t you or

                  wouldn’t ewe?

                  Oh ho ho ho!!

                  1. I thought it was “wooden shoe”

                2. But it also contained its own clarif’n, with a slow, highly enunciated noteless saying of the words, as if solving the puzzle. Kind of like the way the “I get knocked down” song concludes with a passage making its musical origin explicit.

                  1. All I know is it was the underlying music to one of the few entertaining scenes from David Lynch’s TV series.

          2. That is not in the song.

    2. No matter what it is or who commenced it, I’m against it!

      Your proposition may be good
      But let’s have one thing understood —
      Whatever it is, I’m against it!
      And even when you’ve changed it or condensed it, I’m against it!

  7. This seems an appropriate thread to post this mindfuck in.

  8. So this second guy is essentially saying he can’t figure out how to tell his kids they might not want to do something if the state hasn’t made it illegal?

    Jeez, he might not want to hear about Lawrence v. Texas…

    1. Fucking liberals, always with the fag-bashing.

      1. I’m not sure not being interested in trying homosexual Warty, but whatever floats your boat…

        1. Fucking liberals, humorless morons who miss the joke and then fag-bash some more.

          1. What does this have to do with assholes who ride loud Harleys?

            1. WHAT? I CAN’T HEAR YOU, FAG.

              1. He’s on too many painkillers

                1. I watched a Judas Priest concert from 2008 on HDNet a while ago. Rob Halford is still riding his Harley onstage while he’s wearing a rhinestone-covered jacket, and it’s still completely awesome.

                  1. That is awesome. If either them or Iron Maiden ever came to my town, I would lose the wife and go. I bet JP still gives a great show, especially since Halford is back with them.

                    1. What John said. I missed Heaven and Hell when they came here in 2007, and didn’t get another chance to see them.

                    2. I saw Anthrax/Megadeth/Slayer last night, and I have just 1 comment:


                    3. More gay innuendo! John, you’re on a roll!

  9. deep thoughts by Dr Howard Samuels:

    If Americans accept marijuana as normal then we can expect even more crimes associated with other drugs such as cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin — and we can also be assured of behavior issues and exorbitant increases in multiple addictions by our young people.

    ok doc, since mmj has been legal in cali for 14 years do you have any data which would back up your hallucination?
    also btw doc, methamphetamine is not a narcotic you fucking fuck.

    1. I believe all of our young people are on Ritalin, so I’m not sure what his point is. He’s afraid they’ll be on drugs he didn’t prescribe?

      1. No shit, right?

  10. I think that these examples show just how pervasive the drug war propaganda has been. These are people who, in theory, think it should be legalized, yet they will still privately do the Nancy Reagan on it.

    1. You mean publicly, scumjizz.

      Also, it’s amusing to think of how many of these editors writing these breathless editorials are practicing stoners.

      1. I’m talking about with their kids, blockhead. “Yeah, I smoked pot, but you shouldn’t, ever” is amazingly common. It’s like sex. People become morons when they have kids.

        1. They were always morons, dude. Having kids just kills the non-moron parts of their brains.

          I dunno about you, but I can’t wait to have kids and then beat the shit out of other dads at youth soccer games, dude.

          1. And the coaches and referees Warty. Don’t forget to beat the shit out of the coach for not playing your kid all the time even though he sucks and the referee for not calling enough fouls on the other side.

            1. Man, this is gonna be so much fun. I should start growing my beer belly.

              1. Make sure to let the hair grow out of your ears, too.

                1. And be sure to chew tobacco and spit large chunks of it in a paper cup during every game.

              2. I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

        2. They really do. It damages the kids. I knew so many kids growing up whose biggest problem in life was their parents completely overreacting to comparatively minor stuff like being caught drinking or smoking pot. We caught junior with a joint, lets send him to some sadistic drug rehab center with a bunch of hardcore fucked up addicts. I knew kids that that happened to. It is just outrageous.

          1. +1. It takes an extremely warped perspective to decide that a proper reaction to finding your kid’s poorly rolled joint stuffed back behind his jerk-off socks is to ship him off to a goddamn rehab facility. Great fucking parenting right there.

        3. It’s a furtherance of “for me, but not for thee” attitude that a lot of authoritarian assholes have. “I can handle it, but my children and anyone else would go insane forever.”

          The other popular anti-prohibition argument is the ever popular “everyone will start doing drugs.” (I mean, I like some drugs, but I don’t think they’re the only thing in the world). You ask these idiots if they would start if drugs became legal. They wouldn’t of course, just everyone else in the known universe.

          1. I’d love to peg this on some partisan impulse, but unfortunately, it’s just basic human nature. Everyone else is a deranged maniac on drugs…except for me. I can fuck everyone else’s daughters, but if you fuck mine, I go crazy. I can drive drunk quite well, but no one else can.

            There is no solution for this.

            1. If there was a solution for it, we would have a much more libertarian society.

            2. Daughters are the source of much amusment. Sometime ask some guy with a daughter who goes to strip clubs if he wants his daughter working as a stripper. When he inevitably says “hell no” point out to him that those strippers he whose G-strings he his shoving money down and whose tits he is feeling up are all someone’s daughter. Hilarity always ensues.

              1. I love people’s daughters, which is why dads hate me so much.

                What I don’t get is how you can understand what women like, and then turn around and abjectly deny to yourself that your own daughter won’t like that. Madonna/whore complexes are really, really stupid and unfortunate.

                1. My theory is that they didn’t have sisters and they have fucked up relationships with their mothers. If you have sisters anywhere near your age, you understand women and don’t look on them as mysterious creatures because you grew up in the same house with them. If you don’t, you can get strange ideas because you never are exposed to them. This is especially true of men who have mothers who are overly possessive of them. Men who come from this kind of environment hold their mothers on some kind of weird pedestal. That then transfers onto all of the important women in their lives; namely their daughters and wives. So you get the “my wife never did anything with a man before me or ever thinks about anyone but me” and the “my daughter is a perfect virgin” kind of thing.

                  1. I would like to meet your perfect virgin daughter, John.

                    1. I don’t have one yet Gobbler. But I had three sisters and a very smart and interesting mother. So, if I ever do have one, she won’t ever be able to play the “I would never do something like that” card with me.

              2. I have no problem with the stripper thing. My wife has said the same thing, about strippers and women in porn being somebody’s daughters. I always respond that they’re not MY daughters, hence not my problem.

                Most guys easily can make that separation. There’s a big difference between your own daughters (I have two) and someone else’s.

                1. “Most guys easily can make that separation.”

                  Because they are hypocritical bastards. Why wouldn’t you want your daughter doing it? Because you think it is an exploitative job. It is one thing to say that it is not a great job and you would hope for better. But ultimately, if one of your daughters for whatever reason decided they wanted to be a stripper and seemed really happy doing it and you were not totally down with it, you need to stop going to strip clubs. It is either right or it is wrong. It can’t be right for other people’s kids but not yours.

                  1. “Why wouldn’t you want your daughter doing it?”

                    For the same reason I wouldn’t fuck her. She’s my daughter. And what Epi said “What’s wrong with being a stripper? If it’s what you feel like doing, why the hell not?”

                    I’ve known a good many stripper over the years. Salt of the earth.

                    1. “For the same reason I wouldn’t fuck her. She’s my daughter”

                      I didn’t say strip for you. I wouldn’t expect you to want a lap dance from her. But why would you have a problem with her being a stripper?

                    2. Well I took it to mean strip for me.

                      I regret the error.

                  2. It can’t be right for other people’s kids but not yours.

                    Fuck yes it can.

                    I don’t give a shit if other people’s kids sell pot, but I don’t want my kids doing it.

                    I don’t give a shit if other people’s kids grow up and get jobs cleaning toilets in the Motel 6, but I don’t want my kids doing it.

                    I don’t care if other people’s kids grow up and spend their lives scraping the grease out of the fryer at the local Mickey D’s, but I don’t want my kids doing it.

                    And on and on.

                    I don’t want my daughter dancing around naked in front of a bunch of strange men for money because it seems to me to be a pretty shitty and unreliable way to make a living. And I don’t want them to be tramps. But I’m not going to tell someone else they can’t do it if they want to. If someone else wasn’t a good daddy to their daughter and she grows up to be a tramp and strip at a strip club, that’s her prerogative.

                    There are plenty of things other people’s kids do that I wouldn’t want mine doing, and I tell them so. But I don’t care whether other people’s kids do it, because it’s not my problem, unless or until it starts affecting me.

                    As far me needing to stop going to strip clubs, I haven’t set foot in one in 20 years or more.

                  3. Because I don’t want to surf over to my favorite jerk joint on the web and see my daughter sucking some dude’s cock while stroking two others.

                2. What’s wrong with being a stripper? If it’s what you feel like doing, why the hell not?

                  1. I agree Epi. And if I thought otherwise, I wouldn’t go near a strip club. And if one of my daughters became one, I wouldn’t have a problem with it.

                3. There’s a big difference between your own daughters (I have two) and someone else’s.

                  From an irrational emotional standpoint maybe. In reality though, there is exactly zero difference between one’s own daughters and random women when it comes to stuff like this.

                  That emotional gut response isn’t exactly solid justification for the hypocrisy of patronizing strip joints while giving a dude a black eye if he likes your daughter’s body (assuming appropriate ages and consent and all that good stuff).

              3. Do you actually hang out at strip joints and do this? Because I want to watch from a safe distance. Better show than the main stage!

            3. Yeah, but how many times do you hear some anti-gun halfman say that he couldn’t trust himself with a gun? Some people even want themselves to be controlled.

              1. This also goes back to drugs, as well. Typically former smokers, or especially, 12-steppers of whatever, since their entire philosophy is based on the idea that they can’t control themselves.

                1. I’m a former smoker and it pisses me off to see restrictions on smoking in the park, etc. But I’m probably in the minority.

          2. The hypocrisy of it amazes me. They never even admit that it was a mistake. It would be one thing if they were a recovering addict or something and said “I made a lot of mistakes and I don’t want my kids to do the same”. But it is rarely that. It is like you say “sure I did it, but I am special”.

            1. Daughters? I don’t let my little female chromosomes develop beyond a few months. Sorry slick, no daughters but I’m thinking of naming the next boy Chase.

        4. You can’t come back on “scumjizz” with “blockhead.” Come on! Get your head in the game!

          1. Fuck you, you constipated ape.

            1. Coach wants to see you. And bring your playbook.

            2. I called slappy a “one last push-liquid shit splatteration” this morning, you could use that Apustarch.

          2. You keep using this word, ‘jabroni’, and…it’s awesome!

            1. It’s some dago word.

            2. Giabroni. At least spell it right, ya giabroni.

  11. The “Not Gilbert S. Bahn” alt-text reminds me of my idea to start a band called “Not Smashing Pumpkins.” I would anticipate being sued by Billy Corgan, but the main factor in a trademark suit is the risk of jury confusion, and how can anybody be confused when your fucking name is “NOT Smashing Pumpkins”???

    1. Or am I?

  12. “The love that dare not quack its name”

    1. My first assumption was that the duck wrote the letter.

  13. “Faced with a dilemma” with your kids…(whatever their names are). You’re already on the wrong track buddy. You are the master, make it so.

    What are you going to “discuss” when they each turn 21 and start checking out liguor stores?

  14. I just love how two people opposed to legalizing marijuana managed to write letters too stupid for any self-respecting stoner to pen.

  15. If Dr. Samuels, psychotherapist, is willingly outsourcing his kids’ moral compass calibration to the State, what does he care how they turn out, as long as they turn out legal?

  16. Still nothing from the OC Reg?

    1. Nope! They’ve done every other Proposition, but declared they needed to re-think 19 after Arnold’s decrim. I have a sinking feeling about it.

      1. Crap. Didn’t they used to be (almost) libertarian?

        1. Yes, and going back a long way (from opposing internment to opposing the Drug War and Prop 8.) I have heard that, like everybody else in the business, they’re having financial issues.

      2. Shittay.

  17. that it’s okay for my children to get loaded on drugs as often as once a week or every day and all day.

    Of course it is. I show up to work drunk all the fucking time, and no one ever questions it because it’s legal.

    Love that line of reasoning.

    1. Oh. I thought you were going to write, “…because I’m the boss.”

  18. Telling lefty tropes on display:

    (1) The infantilization of adults. You know, when li’l Coop turns 18, he’ll be a fucking adult. But Poppa Samuels apparently plans to talk to him like he’s still 9 years old.

    (2) If the Almighty State hasn’t outlawed it, the Almighty State has approved it, yea, verily, encouraged it.

    (3) Its up to the State to raise my kids. How can I possibly tell them that toking up all day every day isn’t a good idea, if its not illegal?

    1. Well, fuck… Obamacare wants to treat grown adults like children, well into their mid-twenties.

  19. People are doing stuff, and when they do stuff that causes other stuff to happen because we were not part of the process of deciding what stuff can happen or not happen. Also, I want more stuff.

  20. Cooper, you are the man of the house now. If you care about your future and that of little Chase and Greer, you will find out when the next circus comes to town, and join it.

  21. Two overlapping side-interests are the methods by which the “liberal media” get to illiberal (and, I think, statist) positions, and also the ongoing curiosity that voting humans who tend to care about this stuff skew pretty heavily pro-Democrat/anti-Republican.

    1) is just terminological confusion. The media bias that’s called “liberal” is a bias in favor the actual governing behavior of the Democratic Party?a thing that’s also called “liberal.” It’s the wrong word for that stuff, so if you don’t use it, your whole “get to”/”how” thing goes away. They’re just there, always. There’s no getting, no how.
    B) Whitey be Whitey.

    1. Cent dropping some wisdom.

      I think the major media has a fetishized relationship with the status quo, and also a vested interest in propping up the powers that write their stories for them(press releases).

      It seems that not only have they figured out that scare sells, but that the only way to write it is to buy into it. The most saleable hacks truly are bed wetting scolds, they believe their own hype, in other words.

      When I read these prop19 opeds or scarythingteensaredoingnow story in Time I don’t see a liberal or conservative slant. All that I see is the prototypical frightened American, surrounded by specters of debauchery, afraid to touch, but wanting to. Having a need to surround themselves with the fear induced shit stain soiled stink of their fellow humanity.

      Somebody pass the dutchie.
      It is a truly wondrous thing to watch.

      1. “Shit Stain Soiled Stink” would be a pretty good band name.

        1. It already is. We’re playing at the Money Pit on friday, $5 cover, over 21 only.

      2. You know OxiClean works wonders on shit stain soil and it removes the stink with just one washing.

        1. Gobbler, I served with Billy Mays. I knew Billy Mays. Billy Mays was a friend of mine. Gobbler, you’re no Billy Mays.

          1. Capitol l , I served with Satan. I knew Satan. Satan was a friend of mine. Capitol l, there are days I can’t tell the two of you apart.

  22. I would like to personally apologize for Ventura. Sorry guys, sorry.

  23. I sure hope someone comes up with a proposition in CA that is about legalizing hemp. The editorials would be great entertainment.

  24. MNG,

    I’m curious about this long-running storyline here: look at this liberal that opposes legalization! I’m not sure what is supposed to be taken from it.

    The point to be taken from it is that when it comes to civil liberties democrats are lying, two faced, pig headed, back stabbing, ambulatory sacks of s**t.

    They need to walk the talk or get run out of office.

    As it is now the gullible think democrats are good on civil liberties when in fact they have every stinking bad trait the republicans do.

    Then they make it worse by controlling or trying to control our lightbulbs, salt, food, soda pop, showers, toilets, and on and on and on.

    In other words democrats suck like turbo charged hoovers when it comes to civil liberties. And they need to be punished for it.

  25. These kids all have names that sound like Southern plantation owners.

  26. “It is bad enough to have a law flouted, because this breaks down respect for the rule of law,”

    Yeah, you, Martin Luther King, Jr. Who the heck do you think you are, floutin’ those laws like you all that.

    1. It seems to me alot of the laws that get flouted were passed to “send a message”. And that message seems to be that ostensible adults are hypocrites who pass pointless laws the enforcement of which will fall disproportionately on minorities and the poor. Just sayin…….

  27. The problem with passing Prop 19 is There is no way to arrest anyone if found “under the influence”. Check with your local law enforce, There has NEVER been an arrest for under the influence of Marijuana. under california PC 647F for alcohol the person has to be unable to care for themselves. Marijuana does not cause an effect such as this. aside from DUI, passing this will just result in a bunch of stoned “stupidified” people who will cause a myrid of problems.

    1. “bunch of stoned “stupidified” people who will cause a myrid of problems.
      reply to this”

      Glad to hear the law has prevented this misfortune.

      Perhaps the law could eliminate the misfortune of poverty as well.

  28. the state of California is telling me that it’s okay for my children to get loaded on drugs as often as once a week or every day and all day.

    Most kids figure that out by 15.

  29. At least some of the oppo has to do with the fact that Cali is challenging the FEDS. What with this, the AZ immigration thing, various States planning to attempt to opt out of Health Care, etc. the States are stirring and starting to assert themselves.

    The true Statists at all levels want to nip that in the bud quickly, as it could be very detrimental to their position if it really starts to catch on.

  30. Marijuana prohibition is based on fabrications about ultra violence and racist lies?

    “Marihuana influences Negroes to look at white people in the eye, step on white men’s shadows and look at a white woman twice.” (Hearst newspapers nationwide, 1934)

    “There are 100,000 total marijuana smokers in the U.S., and most are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos and entertainers. Their Satanic music, jazz and swing, result from marijuana use. This marijuana can cause white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes, entertainers and any others.”
    – Federal Bureau of Narcotics Director Harry J. Anslinger,

    “…the primary reason to outlaw marijuana is its effect on the degenerate races”
    – Federal Bureau of Narcotics Director Harry J. Anslinger, 1930

    “Marijuana is an addictive drug which produces in its users insanity, criminality and death.”

    “Marijuana is the most violence causing drug in the history of mankind.”

    “[Smoking] one [marihuana] cigarette might develop a homicidal mania, probably to kill his brother.” (see US Government Propaganda To Outlaw Marijuana –…..act/t3.htm )

    Anybody who supports marijuana prohibition should be questioned about which Anslinger fiction THEY believe in.

    Fact is drug crusaders still use updated versions of Anslinger’s fraudulent propaganda. They delete the overt racism while throwing blacks into prison for “drug crimes” at a rate many times that for whites even though blacks have a lower drug use rate than whites.

  31. His kids are going to get the crap beat out of them for having pussy-ass names… then they’ll grow up and get their revenge by either becoming lawyers or politicians.
    Rhinestone Iron

  32. At least it would be if the Dems didn’t go to every length to convince blacks that free market = racist.
    Rhinestone Iron

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