Wonkette: It's Even Funnier When Anyone Thinks There Is Anything Untoward About Laughing at A Woman Having Her Kid Taken From Her If You Just Don't Like Their Kind


Wonkette: Aren't they great?

We here at this blog are not "normal humans" because we do not understand how wrenching it is to have yet another one of your children taken away from you because you are terrible, neglectful, abusing parents who go around blaming your own faults as a person responsible for taking care of children on Big Government hating your little "militia" club. Yes, it must be very wrenching for this man to have to be so unaware of the harm he is doing when he abuses his children over and over. That man is certainly the hero of this story, and so we are not allowed to make fun of Teabaggers for taking his side.

The author and commenters goes on [sic] with some incredibly mean-spirited class-based mockery that is actually kind of extraordinary–especially in the monolithic ability of people to laugh at baby snatching as long as it occurs to those kind of people. We don't like those kind of people. There is even an incredibly un-self-aware, head-up-the-ass comment…

Yes, we apologize, Brian Doherty, for not always blogging about other people's babies being "snatched." That should be the primary focus of a political blog.

And really, we should definitely ignore a mass of idiots with real political power, ESPECIALLY if those idiots say people who like The Dukes of Hazzard or Jeff Dunham are somehow more American than the rest of us. If you try to criticize those people at all, you are only doing so because you hate their income level, obviously.

But, of course, when you're a hack libertarian writer sweating to get the Teabaggers to read you and be your friend, it's important to create a dichotomy between political humor bloggers and Teabaggers. Whereas everything Teabaggers do is correct and in the interest of freedom, political humor bloggers are a strange "other" who are not even "normal humans." That's why, when a political humor blogger tries to politely defend himself in the comments of the pro-Teabagger blog post, the libertarian hack's far-right mouth-breathing commenters should tell him "I still hope you die in a fire" and send him e-mails saying, "Maybe you should go stick your arm down the drain and turn on the garbage disposal, it would be a good start." And they should say, "But to the Wonkette commenters, they're below us." You see, people you disagree with are not even human or anything like that, so it's okay to lust for their grisly deaths.

Wonkette minsunderstands–I had no intention of saying they should spend their time proving their objectivity by making fun of other people for having their baby's snatched, merely suggesting that just possibly there are some circumstances in which they might have some sympathy for someone for having their baby taken from them. Guess I was wrong!, and glad to hear that no mother anywhere deserves any sympathy for having their baby taken from them, as long as someone accused the dad of something.

And thanks for not sticking with the politeness, boss. It doesn't suit you.

Hey guess what, readers? Wonkette is capable of finding unflattering photos of people on the web! Not my best skill, I'm afraid.

To see what this is all about, see this highly updated post on a woman who had her kids taken from her because their father was accused of doing some bad stuff, as well as of being associated with Oathkeepers. A group whose highly objectionable policies include vowing as government agents to not cooperate with or enforce unconstitutional orders, an opinion so outrageous that no human consideration is due them.