Tune Into Stossel Tonight to Watch Veronique de Rugy and Others Talk About Our $13.5 Trillion Debt


Shooby dooby down at de Rugy's

Watch tonight at 9 p.m. and again at midnight on Fox Business Channel, as the libertarian host talks to Reason Contributing Editor Veronique de Rugy and others about the GDP-sized hole we've dug ourselves into. From the show description:

Thirteen and a half trillion dollars in debt and getting worse every day. Add in the entitlement promises and the deficit we face is forty five trillion.  Economist Veronique de Rugy explains that just raising taxes won't fix the problem and that we're facing a Greek-style financial meltdown.

Almost as cheery as Ben Bernanke!

Broadcast details here, de Rugy's Reason archive here, Stossel's here.

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  1. Not much trumps my Stossel viewings, but unfortunately the Pens season opener takes precedence. (But I heard that during the first intermission Crosby is going to debate Pronger on the merits of privatizing municipal services.)

    1. A variety of companies make these things called VCRs and DVRs that you can use to record something while you're watching something else...

      You should check them out some time.

      1. Sarcasm, that's real helpful.

        My television only shows things when they're broadcast, the way God intended.

        1. If you can stay up until midnight, you can catch the re-broadcast of the Stossel show.

          Obviously, with my handle, I can't criticize your choice.

          1. Yeah, I'll probably DVR the midnight showing. It's just not the same liveblogging when I'm not watching it live.

            Go Pens.

    2. Chris Pronger is dumb as dip. But he also puts in a solid 30 minutes per game, which is more important in hockey.

    3. Rookie goalie starting for Flyers.

      Orange and Black, Bitchez.

  2. I think I love her.

    1. Although, I'm sure you meant "because of her intellect", the French-looking Ms. Dugy is indeed Euro-lovely.

      Just sayin'...

      1. Jeebus H - type much? Ms de Rugy is also quite lovely....

  3. Fox is Reason's intellectual speed. But isn't a bankrupt government one step closer to the limited to no government you twats long for? Just windering?

    1. Winderful observation.

  4. People long for the time you keep your promise and stop posting here

  5. Those babies don't own those toys anyways. It's technically their parents property

    1. I think you're handling this one solo, big guy.

      1. I had to leave suddenly to go fight crime.

        1. By fight crime, I mean make drugs in my bathtub

  6. Here's an idea: reinstate the PRE-REAGAN tax code. Heck, go on back to give em Hell Harry, or thereabouts. Check it out, fact-lovers! You may need to use the zoom & also to look at/ examine the numbers: http://www.taxfoundation.org/p.....w/151.html
    Now THAT'S graduated & progressive, and if historical reality is any indication, seems like we had really rich people way back when, & a thriving economy, despite post-Reagan Stossel-style Laissez-Faire propaganda.
    Compare this to the fact that the middle & working poor are & have been growing in numbers & losing in percentage of domestic pie while top 1 to 10% have been gaining & continue to gain ever larger slices? But who needs facts when you've got Stossel's incredibly whining voice delivering hyperbole, a carefully-crafted-tunnel-vision-rich-guy's-eye-view, & lots of anecdote-fueled logic?

    1. Pre-Reagan? What, Stagflation? 20% interest rates? Yeah, OK.

      10% of the people in this country do 90% of the work. I assume you are part of the 90%. If you want to be rich, as well, you have to work. Smoking pot and playing video games in your parent's basement doesn't qualify. Get a job, start a business, do something, even if it's wrong, douchebag.

  7. Yes, the Oligarchy, such as, for example, the financial sector's GENIUS speculators & CEOs, have shown themselves to be the cream of the crop.
    The "statistic" you "cite" regarding "work percentage" is, I'm sure, objectively verifiable...(Are you sure you don't laud the hard-work ethic of undocumented-workers in other contexts?) Source, please?
    I'd LOVE to read about this elite group of "workers." Got any names? Pie charts? Anything but hot, flatulent air?
    Re: stagflation, reread my post, Evelyn Wood. I said back to TRUMAN, not Carter.
    Oh, never mind, you must be smelling that excrement that emanates from the TP on your Charmin-Squeezin Job. Or is that Stossel's ass you're smelling/ kissing/ wiping?
    You're really Representin for the "Reason." Not one reasonable statement in your eloquent retort, but thanks for bringin out the Douche. Always amusing, always refreshing! Touche!

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