Meg & Jerry Nanny Debate Fierce Enough to Cause Technical Difficulty


Used broom, nice touch.

The invitation-only Univision debate in Fresno, California between Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman seems to have been delayed due to technical troubles.

Here's a Twitter feed of the downed forum. (Do the kids still "tweet"?)

A sample of updates, several of which are from the Sacramento Bees's John Ellis:

"This is my 14th trip to Fresno and I'm delighted to be here today," Meg Whitman. Sure you're not in Detroit?

#JerryBrown invokes Cesar Chavez in first answer, says he signed nation's first Ag Labor Relations Act, empowered farmworkers

Jobs? #JerryBrown says building wind machines, retrofit buildings for green energy will lead way 500,000 new jobs & high speed rail

Brown campaign has already handed media here a "fact sheet" on the housekeeper issue and Whitman positions on hiring undoc workers

Meg tells Jerry that he should be ashamed for putting her on the deportation list.

Sac Bee pol columnist Dan Walters cracks that debate might as well end now cause nothing can top Brown-Whitman housekeeper exchange

My question, after seeing the Nicky Diaz Santillan supporter to the right: What is the political import of a Frida Kahlo shirt? I always took the social meaning of Frida's mug to be, "I'm a lonely, arty girl looking for a man like Tim Cavanaugh."

But is there a political import, when Frida is competing on t-shirts against Che and Hope and SEIU purple? Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera did not lack in dedication to the revolution. Even after having extended extra-special friendship to Leon Trotsky, they took Trotsky's murder in stride, eventually seeing the larger perspective and realizing that Stalin, who of course had nothing to do with the murder, must have had his reasons. Isn't that the kind of team spirit American labor needs more of in these tense and troubled times?

He, it's that artist who was played in a Julie Taymor movie by Austrian economist Salma Hayek.

Update: Back online, discussing education issues with a Latino focus: Brown brags about creating charter schools in Oakland. Brown supports statewide DREAM Act, Whitman doesnt.

Update: Good coverage from the Daily Dues. Jerry opposes Meg's plan to bring California capital gains tax treatment into line with other states'. This would, he says, beggar the public schools. Meg uses that to slam the failed "Education Mayor" of Oakland, and says California needs lower capital gains tax to bring in business. (Again, wouldn't an across-the-board cut in all tax rates do that a little better?)

Update: Ends, as all stories should, with love. Last question: "What would make your opponent a good Governor?"

NEXT: Attack of the Killer Compensation in 3D!

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  1. The Nicky non-issue is yet another sad, lowlife, last-minute dirty political trick.

    This time, it’s a Team Blue dirty political trick. Stay tuned for the next Team Red dirty political trick.

    God, I love shit like this. The more the Teams fling shit at each other, the sooner the Teams start losing their perpetual reelection “rights”.

    1. Whitman’s a criminal! Just like every Ron Pual cocksucker!

        1. Everything Max says is a fuckin’ laugh riot, if you just look for it.

          1. Max didn’t say that, so it still rings true.

      1. Max is the worst kind of bigoted cunt.

        1. Spoken like a rightwing hatemonger! Go suck Ron Pual’s cock!

          1. Yeah! What I said!

            1. Oh, shut up, Max.

              1. Make me, you Ron Pual cocksucker!

                1. Shit, I’m sorry, man. I hate it when we fight.

                  1. Honey, would you help Mommy adjust these straps?

          2. ARF, that’s something coming from someone who lived her past life as Max the Enthusiastic Death Camp Guard in Hitler’s Germany.

            1. “The behavior by these commenters is threatening our ability to keep comments enabled at Hit & Run.”

      2. You need an attitude adjustment Max. Look me up, I’ll be happy to take you behind the woodshed. Asswipe.

  2. My question, after seeing the Nicky Diaz Santillan supporter to the right: What is the political import of a Frida Kahlo shirt? I always took the social meaning of Frida’s mug to be, “I’m a lonely, arty girl looking for a man like Tim Cavanaugh.”

    Ha! Some of your best work Cavanaugh. 🙂

    1. and realizing that Stalin, who of course had nothing to do with the murder, must have had his reasons

      Fucking gold, Tim.

      1. Seriously, his CA coverage needs to be syndicated. It’s most entertaining.

    2. Wow, I loved that. But I thought the post was written by Nick Gillespie, which somehow made it even funnier.

    3. “looking for a man like Tim Cavanaugh”

      I believe that would be the chick with the “I’m with Stupid t-shirt”:)

  3. Do the kids still “tweet”?

    I think they still do. I use the telegraph.
    Must go now. Stop.

    1. .. .- –. .-. . . .– .. – …. -.– — ..- .-. .–. — … .. – .. — -. .- -. -.. .– — ..- .-.. -.. .-.. .. -.- . – — … ..- -… … -.-. .-. .. -… . – — -.– — ..- .-. -. . .– … .-.. . – – . .-. … – — .–.

      1. How in the fuck will the filter not let me post some short sentences with a symbol in them and lets morse code go?

        1. because it’s just . and -?

      2. . …- . .-. / …. . .- .-. -.. / — ..-. / … .–. .- -.-. . … ..–.. / … – — .–.

        1. Detonator?! Where?!

        2. What’s that Lassie?
          Timmy fell down the well again?

  4. “What would make your opponent a good Governor?”

    Going into a coma immediately after taking the oath.

    On Mr. Moonbeam, the infallible wiki reports

    Brown has had a lengthy political career, spanning terms on the Los Angeles Community College District Board of Trustees (1969?1971), as California Secretary of State (1971?1975), as Governor of California (1975?1983), chairman of the California Democratic Party (1989?1991), the Mayor of Oakland (1998?2006), and is the current Attorney General of California (2007?present).

    Brown unsuccessfully sought the Democratic nomination for President of the United States in 1976, 1980, and 1992, and was an unsuccessful Democratic nominee for the United States Senate in 1982.

    And he understands, if having never experienced, what it’s like to try and make a living in the private sector. My gawd, he’s 72 years old and been running for one office or another his entire adult life.

    For cryin’ out loud, Al Franken has a more accomplished resume.

    Were I stuck in ol’ Lodi, I’d vote for whatever mentally deranged individual the Libertarian puts up instead of either of these two.

    1. “Were I stuck in ol’ Lodi, I’d vote for whatever mentally deranged individual the Libertarian puts up instead of either of these two.”
      I made that point last night and was told I was ‘wasting my vote’. Hard to imagine a worse ‘waste’ than voting for something you don’t want.

      1. Make your vote count! Vote Whig!

  5. Shouldn’t the illegal alien undocumented worker vote be pissed that Jerry didn’t hire any or them?

    1. There shouldn’t be an undocumented worker vote, right?

      1. Shouldn’t be but is.

        What do you think is the point of the Nicky Diaz stunt.

      2. There shouldn’t be a living dead vote, but Chicago and Saint Louis have master those.

        1. To be fair, we are infested with legions of them; this is why the gun ban was particularly onerous.

  6. In a just world, Nicky would dump Allred and apologize to Meg.

    1. Apparently, being paid $23 bucks an hour was akin to being waterboarded, if we’re to believe Allred.

      1. If you believe Allred, well…..

      2. I don’t even make $23/hour! The best I ever made was $100/day.

    2. I think it is very sad if even one person changes their vote because of this story. Having said that, if a person works for another person I don’t think they owe them “thanks for the job.” Thanks for charity, yes, but not thanks for an exchange of my time/labor for pay. Talk about trickle down…

      1. After the ex-employee participates in a smear campaign over such a fucking triviality, she should at least thank her and apologize instead of giving her the big “fuck you”. If you don’t think at least an apology is due, you are New World asswipe.

        1. Sure, she got paid $23 bucks an hour… but she was still being mistreated, which is why it was okay for her to lie under threat of perjury about her immigration status.

          1. That’s not nearly enough pay! She should have been getting three times that, minus union dues!

            1. I’d love to make even half of what Nicky made, but somehow the Summer of Recovery didn’t seem to produce any private-sector jobs in my part of the country…

              1. I wish I could feel your pain, Jobless Guy, but I do not. Unless you voted for Me, in which case I do.

                1. Thank You President Obama.
                  I have been unemployed for almost a year now.
                  As a result of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act the premiums I pay to sustain my health insurance via COBRA are not over $500/month for me alone (I am single) but under $200/month.
                  Needless to say I would not be able to pay the higher amount since unemployment insurance benefits (including an extra $25/week per the ARRA) are my only income.
                  As one who has been paying my fair share of Federal Income Tax since the 60’s it is good to get some of that back when I need it.
                  I noticed that not one Republican Representative voted for the ARRA.
                  I will remember that when I go to the polls next month AND in November 2012!

                  1. …not one Republican Representative voted for the ARRA.

                    With the exception of Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe, of course.

                    But then again, the various Democrat Nays don’t seem to register on your propaganda sheet.

                    Sure, you were going to vote Republican, but

                    1. OK Zippy.
                      I did not think I had to say “not one Republican member of the House of Representatives.” I was hoping readers would know the difference between the House and the Senate. Silly me!

                  2. Get a Job Deadbeat!

                    1. Deadbeats are people who don’t pay their bills. I am paying the bills as I am drawing Unemployment Benefits that I am legally entitled to. If you don’t like it get the laws changed.

                    2. Welfare Chiseler!

                    3. As I’m sure you know unemployment insurance is not welfare. You have to work to collect benefits.
                      Welfare is for the likes of General Motors and federally assisted “Green”

                  3. Bernieyeball,
                    Although the considerable planning for your future you have done so far is quite admirable and impresses all of us, alas, I have the misfortune of having to inform you that voting for your Democratic elected representative is no longer enough to get you by in the short to immediate terms.

                    The nation is broke, out of money, kaput, ring a ding ding, the jar no longer pings. In fact you will have to do considerable more planning than your father and his father did because those louses did nada. Squat.

                    Look into down grading your living arrangement and its corresponding expenses. Sell what you got. If you can afford to, take the next several unemployment compensation checks and invest in an old RV or a small but well insulated trailer, a generator and a spare, arms, fishing gear, a parcel of land on high ground in a loosely regulated county, a few years worth of rations, and a double chain link fence.

                    Got the time, build an underground shelter beneath the homestead for tornadoes and to hold the occasional looter before you eat him. Buy a boy scout hand book, learn to trap, and skin pelts. I’m not saying that the collapse of civilization and rampant cannibalism is around the corner, but the collapse of civilization and rampant cannibalism is around the corner with no small thanks to the officials you have help put into office. I’m not giving you a hard time for the stupidity of your vote because the time to do that was about five or six years ago. Instead, I urge you not to put your future into the hands of those who you have trusted so far.

                    Here is a decent primer for the good times ahead.

                    101 Things to Do ‘Til the Revolution by Claire Wolfe. Sure, she is paranoid, but if you keep listening to the smooth rhetoric of those who tell you you can live like there is no tomorrow, well, you should consider yourself someone’s next meal.

                    Again, we are out of money. ARRA was the last shot of the wad on our way to insolvency. It can’t be repeated. So plan for the post-ARRA world. Hold your chin up! Because staring downward is considered a sign of weakness amongst cannibals.

                    1. PissGums,
                      I already live in a trailer. On a hillside in one of the lower income sections of rural America. I have a generator although if your manifestation of the future plays out I don’t know where I would get gas to run it.
                      I have been hearing this survivalist crap ever since the cold war.
                      Claire Wolfe can’t predict the future any more than the humans who wrote the Bible.
                      Since you seem to have the vision of a true psychic why don’t you BE MORE SPECIFIC and enlighten us all so we can know when right around the corner is.

                    2. PissGums,
                      I already live in a trailer. On a hillside in one of the lower income

                      No need to try to communicate with me. You can stop right there. Though I can understand why you would think I would be interested in your opinion given I addressed the message to you, however, somewhat cruelly, you are not my intended reader. I was writing to this audience, the readers of a libertarian leaning publication, their taste, their amusements and their commonality. You were just a useful foil. I’m sorry.

                    3. Curses!!! Foiled again!!!

  7. I think a cut in payroll taxes or gas taxes is better than a capital gains tax cut. I imagine more people will be on a payroll or get gas than will capital gain in the coming year.

    1. Why not both cuts, and cut the cost of government?

      Oh, shit, here comes Tony…

      1. Taxes can never be high enough on you capitalists! Go suck Ron Pual’s cock!

        1. Government spending cannot be cut, except for the military, because we would be living in anarchy if we cut even a penny from entitlement spending.

          1. Fake Tony: you have to work in “price of civilization”, or it just doesn’t work.

            1. Anything bad the government does = the price of civilization.

            2. …don’t forget “teh exturnalities!1!”

    2. So the number of individuals directly affiliated with a cut is the best policy?

      Seems like a narrow measure of any policy.

      1. I would think whatever you think is good, the more of it the better. I’d be curious to hear your alternative to maximizing the good…

  8. What would make Jerry a good governor?

    How about giving up all that pinko bullshit.


    1. …help hisself — he was born in the Guvner’s mansion. Sad to say, he has not mellowed with age but has gotten worse in all respects.

      1. When moonbeam was gov, he managed to sign the Dill Act requiring the government to negotiate with public worker unions (giving us our current and future government pension issues), while at the same time de-funding road construction and leaving a 2-level freeway interchange suspended on posts 50 to 75 feet above the road, truncated and lacking the half-mile connections to the freeways. He was pitching ‘reduced expectations’; the ‘global warming’ of its time.
        I’m surprised someone hasn’t resurrected an image of that boondoggle to commemorate his governorship.

  9. California is teetering on the edge of insolvency and Jerry Brown has appeared. Talk about clowns running the country. Don’t think for one minute Jerry Brown (Moonbeam) is not behind the illegal alien maid issue. His friends in the union have no inflence over Meg Whitman, but if Brown manages to become Governor he will owe a lot of favors to the–UNIONS. Its very strange that this illegal female came out of the woodwork, after a whole year has past. Personally I do not relish billionaire Meg Whitman running Sacramento, unless she can get rid of the rampant corruption. The whole Democratic-Liberal assembly has adopted California as a “Sanctuary State” for illegal aliens. My guess Gloria Allred, a feminist and exhibitionist has being well paid by La Raza or Unions, to start this conspiracy. GOOGLE–illegal alien costs, as Jerry Reid will be another Governor for another–AMNESTY.

    Ask “Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich who released figures from the Department of Public Social Services showing that illegal aliens’ children born in the United States collected nearly $570 million in welfare and food stamps in 2009. Approximately 23% of all CALWORKS and food stamp issuances in Los Angeles County are made to parents who reside in the United States illegally and collect benefits for their native-born children. Oh! Yes! Did this female illegal alien happen to pay the State and Federal IRS there pound of flesh?

    1. Nicky Diaz TERKERJERBS!

      1. Imaginary Lines!

        Jobs Americans Won’t Do!


        La la la la la I can’t hear you…

        1. Tulpa, I’d like to personally apologize for Nicky Diaz taking that cleaning lady job you so desperately wanted.

    2. You gotta love the partisanship that makes an anti-illegal immigration advocate defend an employer of illegal immigrants…Maybe we should be hopeful that partisanship at least trumps bigotry, but it’s probably more employer worship from the right…

  10. Just for the record, I don’t care if eMeg purposely hired an army of illegals to mow her carpets and vacuum her lawn.

    I don’t care if she overpaid illegal aliens or underpaid them. I don’t care if she printed out fake social security cars for ’em herself, and then helped ’em make phony drivers’ licenses…

    I don’t care if she snuck ’em across the border herself in the back of her SUV while eating a carne asada burrito and whistling “La Cochera Cha”!

    I will never vote for Governor Moonbeam.


    He’s the Anti-Reagan the preachers used to warn us about!

    Just so no to Governor Moonbeam.

  11. I just received the stupid voter’s guide from the state. christ how much did they spend on this? Anyways, that means I should get an absentee ballot in about a week or two. Voting Meg, then straight R downballot. Living in my district represented Maxine Waters means my vote is usually half the amount of votes the GOP candidate gets in a normal year.

    My proposition votes goes like this:

    Prop. 19, undecided. I don’t like our drug laws, but I don’t like “legalizing” something in order to tax it. Weed in California is practically legal, I have no problem with access to it. But….

    Prop. 20, Yes. Congressional district are now gonna be drawn by an independent commission rather than the legislature. My best chance to get redistricted out of Waters’ district and onto the loving fascist nuclear arms of Jane Harman.

    Prop. 21, No, duh. Raises car tax to fund parks. Another dumb ballot budgeting. Kill it con fuego.

    Prop. 22, probably Yes to stop CA annual raiding of local government coffers to cover the state’s own libtarded spending.

    Prop. 23, a trillion degrees Yes! Practically kills AB32 because there’s no way in hell unemployment here would dip below double digits in my generation.

    Prop. 24., No, it’s a ballsy $1.3b/yr tax hike on business that only in CA would receive the million + signatures to get on the ballot.

    Prop. 25, No. Two years ago when CA had something $eleventy billion deficit, the fucking libtarded legislature passed a single-payer healthcare bill by a majority vote. Yes, when they even admitted that it would cost something like $200 billion, larger than the total budget of the state, they voted Yes. You’re fucking crazy if I’m gonna let a budget by that same majority.

    Prop. 26, probably Yes. Stops the state from calling increased taxes as ‘fees’, requires 2/3rds for raising state fees.

    Prop. 27., NO. Pelotwats pet proposition as it eliminates the independent redistricting commission already in place and shift redistricting back to the legislature. Too bad you fucking botoxed snatch. NO!

    1. Prop. 19, undecided. I don’t like our drug laws, but I don’t like “legalizing” something in order to tax it. Weed in California is practically legal, I have no problem with access to it. But….

      DO IT!

      Remember that liberty can only come in steps, not in leaps, in this country. This is the next step toward full legalization. It will also fuel attempts in other states, where pot is far from functionally legal.

      1. “DO IT!”
        Mixed feelings here also. The state will tax it and that means they’ll spend that plus 50%
        And they’ll probably tax it to equal the legal risk value which means consumers will gain nothing.

        1. “which means consumers will gain nothing.”

          Except those pesky jail sentences…

          1. Anyone stupid enough to get arrested for weed in this state deserves to be in jail.

          2. MNG|10.3.10 @ 11:25AM|#
            “”which means consumers will gain nothing.”
            Except those pesky jail sentences…”

            Uh, MNG, you should get out more. Getting arrested as a weed consumer means you just pissed on the cops pant leg. That’s what it takes.

            1. Reminds me of Sleepytown in the 60’s.
              Back then the few cops I knew were chokin’ on whatever weed they came across.
              Then there was the time some dope that was supposed to be in the evidence locker just dissapeared!
              The press reported that the cops claimed that mice ate it.
              It was a real old police station.
              Who ya’ gonna’ believe?

    2. Maybe Max is Maxine Waters!

      That would explain a lot actually.


      2. Max may be completely retarded but not Maxine Waters retarded.

    3. Wait, you’re saying there are two propositions that contradict eachother? (20 and 27)

      What happens if both are passed?

      1. This situation is considered both normal and sane by the standards of California politics.

    4. Thanks, A.C. I’ll be putting up my own ballot, write-ins and all, on election day, but want to give a special second on 27, which I don’t think is getting a lot of attention: Arnold worked long and hard to get a less politicized form of gerrymandering approved by the voters. There has been no outcry about it since, and in fact we have not even had a chance to assess the result. For its shamelessness alone, 27 should be terminated with extreme prejudice.

    5. I’m close to your recommendations, except:

      Prop 19 – a firm NO. Legalization, good. Taxation & Regulation, bad. Come back in two years with a measure legalizing pot which doesn’t subject it to a crazy-quilt of local taxes and regulations. Libertarians supporting this should have their head examined.

      Prop 20 – an “independent commission” to redistrict just means more tax money spent. Hold those accountable who were supposed to do the job in the first place; don’t appoint even more bureaucrats beholden to special interests (everyone knows there’s no such thing as an “independent” commission).

      Prop 22: Abstain. It’s just rival mafias arguing over who gets to spend my tax dollars. Once it’s stolen from me, it’s stolen, and whichever level of government spends it, it’s still stolen money.

      Prop 27: Yes (for reasons stated above). I do not believe another level of bureaucracy is needed to undertake redistricting. Heck, a ten-year-old with a Mac could do it in under an hour.

      1. “Prop 19 – a firm NO. Legalization, good. Taxation & Regulation, bad.”

        Letting the perfect be the enemy of the good. By this logic you must be against tax cuts because they don’t cut all the taxes you object to…

        1. No, your logic is faulty. Any time a tax is cut is a good thing and I will support a tax cut every time.

          Every time a tax is implemented or increased, that is a bad thing, and I will never support any new or increased tax.

      2. re: prop. 20/27. The redistricting commission is already up and running since Prop. 11 passed two years ago. This just expands it jurisdiction to include congressional districts. I don’t consider the commission another “layer” of bureaucracy since all it does is remove one power of the legislature and give it to a body that doesn’t meet again for 9 years. So it’s not a literal layer. Yes, it’s still a government bureaucracy.

        Prop. 22. Conservative local governments can scrimp-and-save from good times and bad, BUT they get zero reward from it as the state swoops in like vulture to skim off the hard-earned savings of these more responsible cities. Prop. 22 doesn’t punish fiscal conservatism any more.

  12. Yeah, the same thing that happens if either one of them pass–Rose Bird makes the decision.

    Referendums in California are like a box of chocolates….

  13. We’re all Nicky now.

  14. Nice to know parrots can be relied on to keep the Governor Moonbeam meme going.

    Have a cracker guys!

    To me the issue is Whitman’s hypocrisy in taking anti-illegal alien stances when she knew full well that she was employing illegal aliens. Anyone who hasn’t already sold their soul to the RNC should be appalled by that.

    What appalls me about Brown is that he, like Whitman and the other major pols in California, don’t have the guts to endorse legalization when they probably all have done marijuana at some time.

    1. So you know Whitman intentionally violated the law? What an arrogant asshole.

      I’ve never met a liberal that was capable of giving the benefit of the doubt to a non-lib.

      Of course the libs get away with these dirty tricks because the average voter is too stupid or self absorbed to understand a political dirty trick when they see it.

      1. “Modeled after drug seizure raids, Meg will institute a system where state and local law enforcement agencies conduct inspections of workplaces suspected of employing undocumented workers.” Whitman’s website

        Workplaces like her home?

        “And I’ll create an economic fence to crack down on employers who break the law by using illegal labor.” Whitman, in one of her ads

        Employers like her?

        Face it dude, if you come up out of your partisan ocean for a second for a breath you would just acknowledge that she has made her bed here and must now lie (no pun intended) in it…

        And btw, I’m very likely to the “right” of you on the issue of immigration, it’s not my liberal sensibilities offended by Whitman’s double standards…

        1. Diaz already admitted to faking her papers, so why do you think Whitman knew she was an illegal immigrant?

          1. There’s evidence that the Whitman’s were informed her documentation was incorrect years ago. But that’s not really the issue. She’s vocal about cracking down on people who do…what she did for years…That’s hypocrisy.

            1. It has everything to do with the issue. You can’t be an accidental hypocrite. The only way she would be acting hypocritically is if she knew she was hiring an illegal immigrant while denouncing such an action. Her situation is ironic, but not hypocritical. It tells us nothing about her character, which is what hypocrisy describes.

    2. So Brown’s failure to fulfill his duty as AG isn’t appalling. Even if you don’t agree with the law you take the job you either change it, enforce it, or don’t take the job.

      1. “So Brown’s failure to fulfill his duty as AG isn’t appalling.”


        1. She’s an illegal and the AG for the state has not taken action against her. He has already touted his cooperation with ICE in more than one interview.

          1. Damn that barny frank stealing my post!

          2. Wow, that’s a pretty big “hey, look over there” response.

            Hey, Whitman has gone on and on about how she is going to crack down on people who employ illegal aliens. Snap she employed one for years.

            Hey, look over there, Jerry Brown is not deporting the illegal that Whitman employed!

            1. But does that mean Meg Whitman is denouncing people who unknowingly employ an illegal immigrant?

              It seems to me like she is saying people who deliberately employ illegal immigrants should be punished.

    3. “Nice to know parrots can be relied on to keep the Governor Moonbeam meme going.”

      I’d love to be able to take credit for that, but all the credit belongs with Governor Moonbeam.

      He’s the one keeping that name alive.

  15. Nice to know parrots can be relied on to keep the Governor Moonbeam meme going.

    Huh? I’ve always referred to him as “Governor Goebbels”.

    1. I’ve always referred to folks like you as Captian Hyperbole!

      1. Would Jello Biafra exaggerate?

        1. He’s been making a Moonbeam of himself for 35 years–at least!

          Now all of all a sudden we’re supposed to forget all the stupid shit he’s been doing for 35 years?!


          1. Here’s a piece from the New York Times from 1995…

            About the commune he was living in.

            The title? “Communing After All These Years”


            Some excerpts?

            Thus Spake Zaramoonbeam:

            The commune is workplace and residence, a social laboratory where Mr. Brown and his staff of 10 (paid and unpaid, members of the commune and not) are creating a food co-op, a law office and a garden so that people in the neighborhood can work collaboratively.

            “People are moving to the suburbs to be protected from minorities, poor people and poor schools,” said Mr. Brown, who campaigned unsuccessfully for the Democratic Presidential nomination in 1976, 1980 and 1992. “We need cooperative caring as opposed to excessive competition.


            “You can put the whole of Columbia University on two CD-ROM’s!” he said recently. “How can you charge $25,000 a year to put people within four walls? How can you indenture the future generation with a lifetime mortgage and burden?”

            Yeah, what he calls “putting in four walls” and “indenturing the future generation”?

            Parents call that “going to college”.

            Go read the rest of that article, and then explain to me why reasonable people should call him anything other but Governor Moonbeam.

            He’s a real live fruitcake. He’s a nut.

            Just because some people are wrongly smeared with such terms doesn’t mean those terms aren’t usefully descriptive for other people–and in Governor Moonbeam’s case?

            “Governor Moonbeam”‘s just the tip of the iceberg.

            1. “Mr. Brown, …”We need cooperative caring as opposed to excessive competition.”
              Which would go a long ways in explaining why the guy has never held a job.
              ‘You mean other people might do it better and cheaper!?’

              1. It’s a treasure trove, and the NYT is being nice about it too…

                ” Is he running for mayor of Oakland? The answer is no. “The focus is not political, it’s more social,” he said. “I want to create new institutions.” He wants the community garden to employ local students at $5 to $6 an hour and plans to sell the herbs and vegetables to nearby markets, restaurants and caterers.

                Mr. Brown said he chose Oakland as the place to fulfill his ideas because of its “unspent potential.”

                If I made crap like that up about him, people would think I was being over the top… But we’re not supposed to make fun of him?

                “Hyperbolic”? About Governor Moonbeam?! I’m not sure that’s possible.

                Just a clue for those of you following along–and yeah, that means you, MNG…

                Just because a whole slew of media outlets are taking this psychotic, self-absorbed, zen-fascist seriously? Doesn’t mean he isn’t a psychotic, self-absorbed, zen-fascist.

                P.S. The answer was “yes”, he was running for mayor of Oakland. …from a commune. An old fashioned, ’60s style, whacked out commune, where everybody paid depending on what they had to give, and everyone took whatever they needed.

                And if he isn’t exposed for being a fruitcake nutjob? He’s gonna be the Governor of California! You think things are bad now?

                Oh mercy.

          2. Stupid shit like making a flat tax proposal designed by Arthur Laffer the center-piece of his 92 Pres run?

            1. I’m sorry, did you think I said everything he’s ever been in favor of or against was fundamentally stupid?

              You’ve heard the one about broken clocks and twice a day, right? The man’s been doing, saying and advocating fundamentally stupid shit for decades…I linked a treasure trove of the stuff…

              Read it and weep.

              He’s unfit to run a hot dog stand.

              1. Hot dog stands are too competitive. He could run a hot dog commune.

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