Meg & Jerry Nanny Debate Fierce Enough to Cause Technical Difficulty


Used broom, nice touch.

The invitation-only Univision debate in Fresno, California between Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman seems to have been delayed due to technical troubles.

Here's a Twitter feed of the downed forum. (Do the kids still "tweet"?)

A sample of updates, several of which are from the Sacramento Bees's John Ellis:

"This is my 14th trip to Fresno and I'm delighted to be here today," Meg Whitman. Sure you're not in Detroit?

#JerryBrown invokes Cesar Chavez in first answer, says he signed nation's first Ag Labor Relations Act, empowered farmworkers

Jobs? #JerryBrown says building wind machines, retrofit buildings for green energy will lead way 500,000 new jobs & high speed rail

Brown campaign has already handed media here a "fact sheet" on the housekeeper issue and Whitman positions on hiring undoc workers

Meg tells Jerry that he should be ashamed for putting her on the deportation list.

Sac Bee pol columnist Dan Walters cracks that debate might as well end now cause nothing can top Brown-Whitman housekeeper exchange

My question, after seeing the Nicky Diaz Santillan supporter to the right: What is the political import of a Frida Kahlo shirt? I always took the social meaning of Frida's mug to be, "I'm a lonely, arty girl looking for a man like Tim Cavanaugh."

But is there a political import, when Frida is competing on t-shirts against Che and Hope and SEIU purple? Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera did not lack in dedication to the revolution. Even after having extended extra-special friendship to Leon Trotsky, they took Trotsky's murder in stride, eventually seeing the larger perspective and realizing that Stalin, who of course had nothing to do with the murder, must have had his reasons. Isn't that the kind of team spirit American labor needs more of in these tense and troubled times?

He, it's that artist who was played in a Julie Taymor movie by Austrian economist Salma Hayek.

Update: Back online, discussing education issues with a Latino focus: Brown brags about creating charter schools in Oakland. Brown supports statewide DREAM Act, Whitman doesnt.

Update: Good coverage from the Daily Dues. Jerry opposes Meg's plan to bring California capital gains tax treatment into line with other states'. This would, he says, beggar the public schools. Meg uses that to slam the failed "Education Mayor" of Oakland, and says California needs lower capital gains tax to bring in business. (Again, wouldn't an across-the-board cut in all tax rates do that a little better?)

Update: Ends, as all stories should, with love. Last question: "What would make your opponent a good Governor?"