Reason.tv: Attack of the Killer Compensation in 3D!


Here's a tale more fear-inducing than Michelle Obama at a fat farm. Chew on this: In more than eight of 10 occupations, federal workers make more in straight salary than their private sector counterparts. A federal janitor makes $6,000 more than his private-sector counterpart and a federal nurse makes $11,000 than her counterpart. And federal workers on average get four times more in benefits such as health care and retirement. At the state and local level, public-sector workers take home more than their private-sector equivalents, too (Michigan public-sector workers, for instance, take home 47 percent more in total compensation than their private-sector analogues). The result of such taxpayer-funded largess? An economic living death on the installment plan!

This is the third of three episodes in Reason.tv's sense-shattering 3D series, Fiscal House of Horrors! To watch all the videos, plus a (scary!) warning from former Sen. Mike Gravel (D-Alaska) go here.

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