Reason.tv: Why It's Time to Legalize Poker—David "Doc" Sands on Gambling, Pot, and Freedom


Just a few years out of college and David "Doc" Sands has already racked up nearly $2.5 million winning poker tournaments, and this January he became the world's top-ranked online tournament player.

Sands sat down with Reason.tv's Ted Balaker to discuss Sand's love of poker and individual liberty, the parallels between marijuana and gambling policy, and the hypocrisy embedded in America's gambling laws. Says Sands, "At the same time they're facilitating lotteries, they're telling us that online poker is a game of chance that we shouldn't be allowed to play."

Approximately 9.12 minutes.

Interview by Ted Balaker. Shot by Alex Manning, Adam Jensen, and Paul Detrick. Edited by Manning.

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