Thank God Political Dynasties Only Exist in Dictatorships![*]


Ron Hart on the Castro Brothers' apparent embrace of change:

Communism, like the Mafia and politics, is a family business. That is why Fidel appointed his brother, Raul (which I think is Spanish for "Jeb"), to run the country when he dies.

Castro's mini-me, Kim Jong Il of North Korea, will also let one of his sons run the country when he dies. I knew these guys had no problem starving their countrymen in their ruthless pursuit of power, but to stoop to nepotism?

Can you imagine two families running a country for 20 years? I am glad that could not happen here….

Maybe producers in Tinsel Town could do a reality show called … "Survivor: Cuba." Eleven million citizens try to survive the living immunity challenge each week in order to make it to the next week. Then there is the one where the members of the tribe make a boat out of Styrofoam ice chests and try to make it to the U.S. Unlike the American version of "Survivor," contestants who get off the island are considered the winners.

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[*] Should-Be-Unnecessary Irony Update: Yeah, headline and bit in column above about dynasties not happening here obviously meant ironically.