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Sore-Winner WaPo Columnist Goes Postal on White Gentrifiers


Friendly fascist!

Courtland Milloy's post-election column on the political come-uppance of just-ousted D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty cannot accurately be described as an "endzone dance," given that the NFL banned histrionics like these years ago. It's more akin to professional wrestling, or, well, just read it:   

Fenty boasted of being a hard-charging, can-do mayor. But he couldn't find time to meet with 98-year-old Dorothy Height and 82-year-old Maya Angelou. Respect for elders—that's too old school for Fenty. Dis the sistas—his supporters will understand.

Watch them at the chic new eateries, Fenty's hip newly arrived "creative class" firing up their "social media" networks whenever he's under attack: Why should the mayor have to stop his work just to meet with some old biddies, they tweet. Who cares if the mayor is arrogant as long as he gets the job done?

Myopic little twits.

I did not know that she lived in the District. Helluva commute to Wake Forest.

And lordy don't complain about [D.C. schools chief Michelle] Rhee.

She's creating a "world-class school system," they text. As for you blacks: Don't you, like, even know what's good for you? So what if Fenty reneged on his promise to strengthen the city from the inside by helping the working poor move into the middle class. Nobody cares that he has opted to import a middle class, mostly young whites who can afford to pay high rent for condos that replaced affordable apartments.

Don't ask Fenty or Rhee whom this world-class school system will serve if low-income black residents are being evicted from his world-class city in droves.

You blacks, always playing the race card.

I guess we can't all just get along.

If Milloy thinks that the influx of white-collar professionals into D.C. is a mayor-driven phenomenon, he's as stupid as he is intolerant. And he is surely bound to be disappointed when, even after the removal of the "friendly fascism" of the "dictator"-like "Napoleon wannabe," the District continues replacing pawn shops with Bang & Olufsens.

Link via the "social media" network of Matthew Yglesias.

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  1. You know, I am fairly proficient in English, being able to understand the language of Shakespeare even when translated from the original Klingon . . . but for the love of everything I hold sacred (and at gun point,) I just was not able to understand what the hell Courtland Milloy was talking about.

    1. “Hooray for third-world governance.”

      1. Workin’ on it!

    2. This actually is pretty tame for Milloy. Just pick something from his archive.

    3. Of course you can’t understand it. That’s ‘cuz you’re a stupid whitey… er, um … brownie (?).

    4. Most racists can’t understand Black people words.

      1. The government had to hire Ebonics experts just to understand them!

  2. “He has opted to import a middle class, mostly young whites who can afford to pay high rent for condos that replaced affordable apartments are part of Obama’s ever-expanding federal workforce.”

  3. Who or what is Courtland Milloy, and what conceivable reason could there be for me to care?

    1. Looks to be some kind of pre-op oriental.

      1. He couldn’t find time to meet with…82-year-old Maya Angelou.

        I write crappy poetry too. I demand that the mayor meet with me!

    2. The missus tried to get me to listen to her read parts of one of his columns the other day. For several minutes it was “I don’t care what that idiot fuckstain has to say.” “But, he makes some really good points here.” “Not caring…”

    3. What or who is Maya Angelou? And why should the mayor meet with her instead of say, my 83-yo mother?

  4. Anybody who refuses to listen to Maya Angelou can’t be all bad.

    1. “‘A Tree Grows In Brooklyn’? Go to Prospect Park, dumbass. There’s thousands.”

    2. Is anyone else waiting for the murder of tentacles to come thrusting out of her mouth in that picture?

      1. She controls the tentacles.

  5. Back when whites were leaving the city, the white flight was denounced as racist. Now that they’re coming back, the gentrification is denounced as, you guessed it, racism. I guess the one thing constant is that whites can’t do anything without being racist.

    1. People’s ignorance when it comes to urban development is astounding. As someone who grew up on the south side of Chicago (and moved back to the south side seven years ago) I can’t help but laugh at the naivete of suburban and/or rural white kids who gnash their teeth about white professionals moving in. Sure, it may have some negative impact on some people, but what doesn’t? When we had to move from the city to the suburbs back in ’89 because our neighborhood had become gang-infested, nobody felt bad for us because we were fortunate to be able to “escape”–as if being forced to leave the neighborhood my family had lived in for some thirty years, selling our house for next to nothing, and then leveraging everything we had to buy an overpriced house in the bland hell that is suburbia was what we wanted to do.

      I’m not saying anybody should feel bad for me; it’s just that to suggest that the best solution is to keep socioeconomically-depressed neighborhoods isolated socioeconomically is just retarded.

    2. If everything I can possibly do is unintentionally racist, I may as well embrace my inner racist.

      Courtland Milloy, however, can continue his self-hatred.

    3. Some people just can’t be happy, because they don’t want to be happy. Guys like Milloy for example; he probably figures that his life wouldn’t have meaning if he wasn’t always “oppressed”.

    4. I remember that. Barry was in his second term, a lot of people were moving to Northern Virginia – forget Maryland – and every few months one would look in the paper and notice a snarky comment or op-ed in the Post about “white flight.”

      1. i wonder if courtland wrote any of those columns…someone should google that for me.

  6. As laughable as it is that Americans look to the President to save them from the business cycle, it’s even more laughable when they look to a mayor.

    1. Milloy isn’t looking for anything but handouts.

  7. I challenge you to find a smugger sentence than the following.

    So people went to the polls and politely delivered a message: Most residents actually believe in representative democracy, thank you very much, messy though it may be.

    1. Hey, he stole that line from me!
      He really really really really did.

    2. Expect when those dirty ol’ racist Tea Baggers make a mess. Then it’s the worst thing in the world.

      Really, Milloy is so fucking dishonest, so mendacious, so unbelievably and heinously craven that he could a world class politician.

  8. Milloy: “The Fenty troika eerily mirrored the old antebellum system of control, which featured a chairman for public works, which is what Fenty was, in essence; a chairman with expertise in legal maneuverings, Nickles; and a chairman for education and welfare issues, Rhee. ”

    “Antebellum” in this context means before the civil war, right? Am I to understand that prior to the civil war, the south kept slaves under control through a chairman for education?

    I’m clueless but curious – what antebellum system of control is Milloy talking about?

    1. The one in his head that whispers things to him?

    2. I think he’s talking about the District of Columbia Financial Control Board, which was congressionally-appointed panel that oversaw DC’s budget because they couldn’t handle it themselves.

      1. Before home rule (1960s), DC was run by a three member federal board. I have no idea what this antebellum thing is. Mostly likely he doesn’t know what the word means.

  9. Whiteys coming to get us! Can’t you see after one black guy replaces another black guy after a black man replaced a black woman after a black man ran the city, that whites are just running over us and forcing all the blacks out?
    Lets take our city back and turn it back into the murder capitol of the world!

    1. We see what you mean. We, as a tribe, have failed us. We take full responsibility.


  10. Yet one more example among many of why the Washington Post is totally worthless other than for wrapping fish and picking up dog shit.

    1. This column actually finally caused me to cancel my subscription. Harold Meyerson’s editorials are bad enough, but at least they are restricted to the Op/Ed page. But how an editor could have read this piece of shit juvenile rant and not sent it back with an order to write something actually worthwhile enough to be run in a major newspaper just astounds me. Major newspaper with a liberal slant I can stomach, but propaganda rag about as well written as a your average college newspaper? Subscription canceled. Done.

  11. Terrible article. But part of me can’t help but laugh at seeing black racists and the stuff white people like crowd at each other’s throats.

  12. he’s as stupid as he is intolerant.

    This. It should be Milloy’s motto or something.

  13. And he is surely bound to be disappointed when,
    even after the removal of the “friendly fascism”
    of the “dictator”-like “Napoleon wannabe,”
    the District continues replacing pawn shops
    with Bang & Olufsens.

    Damn. Wish I‘d penned that.

  14. The proximity of this blog post to the next caused me to notice a bit of resemblance between Maya Anjelou and Bjorn Lomborg…

    Merely a coincidence??!!!

    Plus, there’s the tasteful Js in their names…

  15. Milloy is a well-known idiot. I work in DC, but dont’ live in it, thank god. So Fenty had cronies? Milloy is angry because he wasn’t one of them. But, Gray is friends with Marion barry! We have that going for us the next four years.

  16. People who annoy you.

  17. Milloy: Another fool from the Cynthia Tucker School of Journalism.

  18. Yes, we all know how beneficial it is to have a mayor that closely identifies with his constituents. Just look at Detroit.

    1. I feel sorry for Detroit because a Tigers pitcher was robbed of a no-hitter and a Lions receiver was robbed of a game winning touchdown.

  19. In some ways I sympathize with Malloy. I stand behind no one in my disdain for the hipster doofuses down at Du Pont. And I frankly liked the city better back in the 1990s when there were a lot fewer of them in town. But unlike Malloy, I have a rational mind that controls my bigotry and puts it in perspective. It is free country. Tough shit if Malloy and I don’t like the hipster douchouise. They have every right to live where they want to. And they have every right to expect the government to represent them to. And they have a right to expect a government that does something besides steal for the black community. Malloy is no better than some old time white racist whining about all the coons not staying on their side of town. Pathetic.

    1. And hey at least the hipsters aren’t as disposed to violence.

  20. Those people who were gloating about Fenty’s loss in yesterday’s thread – hope you enjoy your fellow travelers.

  21. Also, the headline appears to have been changed. In the print version I got today, the headline was “Ding-dong, Fenty’s gone. The wicked mayor is gone”

  22. Mayor-elect Gray will be indistinguishable from Fenty in a few years.

  23. I’ll take race-baiting writers for $500, Alex.

  24. So, does this mean all those middle- and upper-class black families that fled DC to PG County over the past 20 years are going to come back to the District now?

    1. Presumably that would include Malloy himself, since he lives in PG.

  25. Not creating new welfare programs = racist and fascist

  26. You want to stop DC gentrification? Have I got a plan for you:

    Abolish the Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Labor, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, Transportation, Energy, and Education.

    That’ll wipe out not only those federal employees, but the associated contractor, lobbyist, and lawyer jobs. That’ll spike the gentrification.

    1. From your lips to Gaia’s ears.

  27. I’m a Post subscriber, and this is actually one of his better efforts.

    A few months ago he wrote a column about randomly driving around to different BP service stations and hassling the people buying gasoline there.


    And what the hell does Maya Angelou have to do with anything? Is she even a constituent?

    1. She’s got the right skin color. That’s all he sees.

  28. My wife worked at the Post in the late 70’s. She remembers Courtland Milloy talking about sending his kids to private schools.

  29. She thinks he did. Someone should ask him.

  30. I wonder if Milloy’s disdain for Adrian Fenty’s arrogance extends to Imam Barack Hussein’s?

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