Guns and Butter: Can They Mix Peacefully?


A civilized choice for opponents of a new Tennessee law that permits weapons to be carried into bars unless the owners explicitly forbid such carry: gunfreediningtennessee.org.

Details from the Tenneseean.com:

Ray Friedman, a Vanderbilt University management professor, and his daughter, Toni, started the site.

"Since most Tennesseans do not want guns and alcohol to mix, we believe that letting customers know which restaurants allow guns will put pressure on restaurants to post No-Gun signs (which they can do under the new law)," Friedman wrote in an email to supporters Friday night. "We want to use the free-market to limit the effects of the new gun law. Also, we hope that this will be an organizing model that can be used in other parts of the U.S., not just Tennessee."

While I disagree with the idea that wider ability to carry weapons in public deserves public opposition at all, spreading information is always a better choice than regulation.

Tom Knapp at Rational Review notes that the site might also be called www.disarmedvictimsforthetaking.com .