Militarization of Police

Cops and Cameras


I'm featured in this very good new Cato video on police, SWAT raids, and video cameras. Also featured are Cato's David Rittgers and Clark Neily of the Institute for Justice.

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  1. Is youtube broken, or is it just me? Can’t see the video above and the youtube site sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t. Tried three browsers, and there’s no filter here at home.

    What is it?… bad flash update?, site hacked?, site maintenance?, violation of net neutrality?

    1. Do you happen to use a 64bit browser? From what I understand Adobe’s 64bit flash is having all sorts of problems and they have removed the release of it. They recommend using the 32bit release.

      1. Thanks. But that wasn’t it. Anyway, it seems to be working consistently now after having been down completely this morning.

  2. Joe_D, the video works for me.

    Anyhow, this video just shows why we not only need libertarians in congressional office and gubernatorial-style positions (e.g., through the genuinely libertarian “Tea Party” candidates), but also DAs, cops, etc.

    We need to infiltrate the system at all levels with people who take liberty seriously. What good is it having a libertarian judge or lawmaker on your side when cops ignore, misrepresent and downright *resent* the law…and then shoot your sleeping children and dogs to boot?

    Balko, I’m still waiting for you to go back to law school and then run for DA in, e.g., Maryland or some other place that needs it. (Nashville could use it, too.)

    1. …but cameras wouldn’t hurt until that fairy tale comes true.

    2. Honest brokers in the DA’s office would be great, but it certainly isn’t a panacea. Just ask Adrian Schoolcraft what happens to people who attempt to clean up the system.

      (for those who aren’t about to wait around for 20 minutes to get the punch line, Schoolcraft was a cop who was arrested and secreted away to a mental hospital after he reported problems with his precinct to internal affairs. The link includes a recording he made as they hauled him out of his bedroom.)

      1. but it certainly isn’t a panacea.

        Agreed. Which is why I recommended that this be *in addition to* other liberty-minded people winning positions in *other branches of government*.

    3. Radley could never run for public office. His opponent would paint him as “soft on crime” because of his writings opposing shooting kids and dogs.

  3. “You’re under arrest for possesion of proof that I broke the law! Don’t talk back or I’ll charge you with intent to hold me responsible for my own actions!”

  4. OK, video works now (sometimes).

    This issue is such a no-brainer that exposure of the issue should lead to some major changes in these laws. Keep fucking that chicken Radley.

    1. Radley Balko does not fuck chickens… he makes love to them.

      1. All so that we can discover the magic of reading.

      2. Only the consenting chickens.

        1. You can tell when a chicken consents because it bobs its head up and down.

  5. “When It’s Least Expected, You’re elected. You’re the star today. Smile! You’re on candid camera.”

  6. As someone in the video says, video can be used to show that the police were acting in the correct manor.
    They can record you, why can’t you record them?

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