Reason Writers on the Bloggingheads: Matt Welch Talks with Matthew Yglesias About Koch, Soros, Obama, Iraq, and Whether Libertarianism Causes "Massive Human Suffering"


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  1. Why do you guys insist on playing with the fat retarded kid? I have to respect your heart and kindness I guess. But you have kinder hearts than I do.

    1. Backpfeifengesicht.

      That is all.

  2. Look at him. He is a living insult to beards.

    1. You really shouldn’t make fun of how people look. But since Yglesias is such a nasty leftist, I will make an exception here.

      1. Did you see A Serious Man? He reminds me of the guy who was fucking the main character’s wife.

        1. No. Is that any good? Yglesias just makes my flesh crawl. It is not that he is a Leftist. There are other nasty leftists out who don’t creep me out. But something about Yglesias does.

          1. It’s the Coen brothers telling the story of Job. It’s pretty cool.

            Ygelsias is the chiggers of bloggers.

            1. It’s the Coen brothers telling the story of Job. It’s pretty cool.

              Wack ending. And the characters were slightly annoying. But overall not bad.

          2. it’s the shrill voice, perhaps?

        2. True story: The lead in that movie was a great pal of mine in junior & senior high school. In high school, because he was so outrageously talented & ambitious, our musical senior year was “Fiddler on the Roof.” So he’s been playing Jews with mid-life crises for a long time now.

          1. Oh man, how did it take the Coen bro’s so long to find him, then? He’s like a Jewish William H Macy (who really only plays the goyim version of the worrisome Jew).

            1. fuck I hate William Macy sooooo much. He is so beyond annoying to watch.

      2. YYou would think, going by the irate comments on his blog, Yglesias is well down the slippery slope to becoming one of them there libertarians.

  3. Avatars would be preferable. Nobody looks good on a built-in webcam.

    1. Would you rather be marooned with him or Jane Hampster?

    2. Nobody looks good on a built-in webcam.

      Jane Hampster
      and the woman Mangu talked to like a month ago all looked good.

      Also Matt W. when he talked to Jane looked good. This one not so much….the lighting made him look like a pink blob neck/face thing.

  4. Oh wow, OK that makes a lot of sense dude.

  5. Oh wow, OK that makes a lot of sense dude.

  6. Who’s the guy who looks like he is about to murder Dickie Greenleaf?

  7. Yglesias moonwalking back to his stunted base after his free market indiscretions.

  8. It’s a chunky glasses throw down!

  9. “If it is implemented as it is written, the Healthcare bill will reduce the deficit.” – Paraphrasing Yglesias

    That’s like saying “If those city planners stuck to the Big Dig budget and schedule, it would not be the disaster it is today” or “If we go into Iraq, take out Saddam, and leave we will be safer”. Why should we trust an entity(or similar entities) that has consistently been unable to achieve its purported goals. Cost overruns are at the very nature of government. Creating massive bureaucracy staffed with people who have little fear of losing their jobs will NEVER save money nor will it prevent waste regardless of who is in power. Regarding healthcare, the best we can hope for is that this just shifts the bureacratic costs from the insurance companies to the government thus leaving it as wash in terms of waste. Unfortunately, I can’t be that optimistic.

    1. Google the phrase “incompetence dodge.”

      1. I had an inkling that his “argument” acrobatics were part of a well established strategy. I did not know it had a name. But I guess it should since this is the common rebuttal that gets thrown in our faces.

        1. The point is that a great critic of the “incompetence dodge” was this guy:…..leId=10454

          1. Thanks for bearing with me, Matt. That’s the article I stumbled across first. I guess I just ignore the byline most of the time.

          2. Did you hold back calling him on his “incompetence dodge” or did the punch line come after the interview was over?

  10. My grandmother always hated beards. She thought a man with beard was hiding his true face. Not that her prejudice has anything to do with Yggie.

    1. The world at the dawn of time had no razor blades.

      Technically a man with a beard is man’s true face.

      1. Yes, but we are not living at the dawn of time. Regardless, it was just her prejudice, and I don’t think it’s an uncommon one.

  11. Wow. The audio on Welch’s side illustrates just what wage slavery the Koch folks enforce. Poor Welch apparently had to shoot his side after locking himself in the McDonald’s restroom.

  12. Looks like Ygelsias head was going to explode when you said “They’re all policies that increase the deficit.”

    If you go back and look at his face you just see this brief look of “Son, I am disappoint

  13. Yglesias is a couple of glue sniffs away from becoming Charlie on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

  14. Mssive human suffering? Libertarianism doesn’t cause anything. It just is, and it gives enormous pleasure to its adherents.

    1. How dare you go against our commands, agent 11070223!

      How many times have we told you that libertarianism is the cause of all problems?

      Submit yourself to mind-erasure and re-education immediately!

  15. It looks like someone beat Matt with a nerd stick over and over.

  16. Yglesias: I don’t think libertarianism is bad–it’s good to have you guys around as part of the overall public policy debate.

    Translation: “You kids are so cute! But we don’t want you at the grown-ups’ table.”

    1. “You kids are so cute! But we don’t want you at the grown-ups’ table.”

      He is about to be stuck at the kids table with us. Expect him to be a huge fucking brat about it.

  17. How many people usually watch these Blogginghead videos?

    1. 2-4

    2. I watch every one I can.

      I love the crap out of them and they are perhaps the only way i can study the left’s point of view without vomiting.

  18. I like how lefty Matt called libertarian Matt silly then ended up looking like an idiot for defending Obama’s deficit reduction bills then admitting they will never be implemented.

    1. Yeah Obama’s bills will explode the deficit but in hypothetical lefty wonder land they would reduce the deficit. So it is silly for you to point out in the real world that Obama’s policy is exploding the deficit.

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