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Paul Krugman vs. Paul Ryan Redux


The Weekly Standard's John McCormack rounds up the dispute to date. Unsurprisingly, the exchange is not covering Krugman in glory.

Peter Suderman wrote about the flim-flammery last week.

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  1. I was at the doctor’s office this morning, and I glanced at an issue of The New York Times Magazine. In a full page blow-up of a Kruglahoma! statement, he said something to the effect that there was no evidence that taking extreme measures to deal with global warming would hurt the economy. None!

    1. He has a Nobel Prize, you Neanderthal. Everything he says about anything is automatically not just quote-worthy, but correct, and if it turns out to be wrong, it was all Bush’s fault.

      1. I didn’t vote for him.

        1. You don’t vote for Nobel Prize winners.

          1. What? How undemocratic can you get?

      2. That is what I am talking about. You can’t beat a Krugman fan for question begging and appeals to authority.

    2. Back off, man. I’m a scientist.

      1. Dr. Peter Venkman > Paul Krugman, DB

  2. It ain’t the way I wanted it! I can handle things! I’m smart! Not like everybody says… like dumb… I’m smart and I want respect!

    1. Paul, I’d like you to go fishing with Al. No, everything is okay.

      Have fun!

  3. What a flimflam post.

    1. Drizzled in flimflam sauce. Hey, I could write for the NYT too!

  4. “Krugolicious” will soon replace “mendacious” in the dictionary.

    1. Did you notice that his beard is so overgroomed that it barely deserves to be called a beard?

      1. It’s not that Krugman has grown a beard, it’s that a beard has a Krugman growing out of it.

        1. Do they have chemo for that yet?

        2. Do they have chemo for that yet?

          1. It’s hard to give a beard IV drugs. They really require a topical antikrug conditioner. They say the Germans are on track to having one on the market in early 2013.


          1. No need to yell.

      2. I would call him a dwarf, but there’s no way that’s fair to dwarves (who are the libertarians of the fantasy universe anyway).

    2. Krugpfeifengesicht.

  5. The best part was the tax group Krugman cited put a piece in the Christian Science Monitor which specifically stated, “Ryan’s plan is NOT flimflam.”

    Earth to Krugabe: STOP DIGGING.

  6. Hey, off topic, but from our friends at El Nuevo Times(I don’t speak Spanish, sorry:

    Borrowers Refuse to Pay Billions in Home Equity Loans:…..tml?ref=us

    Essentially, the more debt you took on, the less likely it is that you will have to pay.

  7. he said something to the effect that there was no evidence that taking extreme measures to deal with global warming would hurt the economy. None!

    We’ll get it all back from the Multiplier.

    1. Here’s one that’s right up your alley, John. Why Arabs Lose Wars

      1. That is interesting. Top down systems never fight wars well. Our army is good because we have great junior officers and NCOs who take initiative.

        1. I liked the bit about how too-successful officers are seen as coup risks. It’s like the days of the empires never ended.

          1. Also in Saudi Arabia at least there is a lot of tribalism. I went to an army class with some Saudi officers once. One of them was really bright and good. The other three were slugs. But the slugs were part of the right tribe and had the right connections. The good guy had no shot to go any farther than he was.

            1. A friend who fought in Gulf War I: …A New Hope described the Saudi royal family and the ruling class as “vermin”, or something along those lines.

              I’ve seen and heard nothing in 20 years to contradict that.

              1. Of course they’re scum. There’s never yet been royalty that wasn’t.

              2. That was a great war. These new wars have too many special effects and shitty plots. Plus the scripts are just hooey.

  8. The Krugman defenders are one of my favorite species of liberal troll. They combine all of the smugness of the worst hipster, with a huge dose of economic ignorance and cover it all with a sauce of appeals to authority. Krugman won the Nobel Prize you know. They really are entertaining.

  9. I thought we had a new nickname for the Krugster, but its slipping my mind.

    1. People seemed to like “Paulie Krugnuts”

      1. That’s it.

    2. Krugocrat? Krugunist? Krugisan? Krugshitter?

  10. Don’t listen to the haters Krugman, keep your chins up.

  11. Let’s not forget that we agreed to call him “Pauly Krugnuts” from now on.

  12. 1st – Krugman is simply dishonorable – his lies are especially pernacious because he tries to hard to craft them.


    I saw this this morning on CNN – but by noon it was gone. Astounding! Government warrants kept secret! This is a US citizen in the US!!!
    What is so disheartening is the attitude of business as usual, like getting a warrant from a judge, defending yourself in open court, etc., etc,.
    Its like we don’t even want to have rights anymore.

  13. The Weekly Standard’s John McCormack rounds up the dispute to date. Unsurprisingly, the exchange is not covering Krugman in glory.

    But he’s so loved by the Left. He says all the beautiful things they want to hear, and changes them whenever expediency dictates – just like the the Left likes to hear!

  14. they’re both fucking retards. simple as. let them buttfuck each other over a bottle of wild turkey while mangu ward fingers herself in the corner.

    who gives a toss about ryan or krugman. who even listens to them.

    reason needs to get off this paul ryan bandwagon. the guy is full of shit. you know it, we all know it.

    1. As ill-put as that was, questionable has a point. Reason‘s been talking up some pretty thin gruel lately from Team Red. I know we’re desperate for more libertarians in Congress, but jeez.



    1. Something tells me my comment won’t be posted.

      1. Kind of off-topic, but a great Winston Churchill story –

        Churchill walked into the House of Commons lavatory, where Clement Attlee (the Labour guy who created the NHS and nationalised British industry) was at the urinal. Churchill went to the urinal at the other end of the room.

        Attlee: “Feeling a bit standoffish today, are we, Winston?”

        Churchill: “That’s right – Every time you see something big you want to nationalise it.”

    2. a lot of comment inches on every post are taken up by the same few ranters, who say the same thing every time; it kind of degrades the experience for everyone else.

      Most notably, it degrades Krugman’s experience.

      Moose Williams
      Washington, DC
      July 29th, 2010
      11:18 am
      What about the Spam, Hayed, Friedman, and Spam. There’s not much Spam in it.

      Get it? Mentioning Milton Friedman is spam LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!

  16. It’s hard to give a beard IV drugs. They really require a topical antikrug conditioner.

    There’s only one way to be sure.

    It involves nukes, and space.

  17. You know, though, I’ve come to believe Krugman is something of a tactical genius. He advocates a stimulus far beyond the realm of political possibility – knowing that the economy is likely going to get worse, thus insulating himself from criticism for the failure of Keynesianism and making Obama look moderate by comparison. In the meantime, he promises the public “no pain, all gain” economics, which is exactly what we want to hear – that the government can protect us from down market cycles. Nobody who understands economics takes him very serious or see him as any more than the pawn “Nobel” economist partisan hack; fortunately for him and unfortunately for us not many people understand economics…

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