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Federal Cop Shoots Dog at a Dog Park


I've been to many a dog park. I've seen lots of dogs scuffle at those parks. It happens. Most owners pull the dogs apart and, if they can't get along, one or both dogs leave the park. The possibility of someone pulling out a gun and shooting a dog has never really even crossed my mind. But maybe that's because I'm not a cop.

Stunned dog owners and residents of a Severn neighborhood are shocked that authorities won't be charging a federal police officer who shot and killed a Siberian husky Monday night at a community dog park.

Bear-Bear, a brown and white husky that was about 3 years old, was playing in the Quail Run dog park at about 6:30 p.m., running off leash inside the fenced-in area, when the officer and his wife arrived with a German shepherd, who was kept on a leash. When the dogs began to play roughly, the federal officer asked Bear-Bear's guardian, his owner's brother, to call off the dog. But before he could do anything, the officer pulled out a gun and shot Bear-Bear, according to the husky's owner.

Bear-Bear, who belongs to Rachel Rettaliala, died of his injuries a few hours later. County police did not name the federal officer.

The article points out that huskies have a rough style of play, so it's likely that this cop, like plenty of others, mistook non-aggressive behavior for an attack. (Huskies are also an especially gentle, non-aggressive breed.) The fact that the cop had his dog on-leash at an off-leash park is more evidence that he doesn't know much about how dogs behave. That's never a good idea (most parks don't allow it). It invites an altercation.

But that's all really beside the point. I'm certain that if I (or anyone else who isn't a cop) pulled out a gun and shot a dog at a dog park in a residential area, I'd be facing criminal charges. And rightly so. Even if the dogs were fighting, there's no justification for shooting one of them, particularly around other dogs and people. It's reckless, trigger-happy, and dangerous. It's also safe to say that if this had been anyone other than a cop, the local police department would have no qualms about releasing his name to the press.

MORE: Baltimore radio station WBAL interviews Rachel Rettaliata, the owner of the dog, here and here. According to Rettaliata local animal control officials said neither animal had any scratch or bite marks.

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  1. Or, the fact that the cop had his dog on a leash means that his dog has a bad history of aggression and couldn’t be trusted off-leash.

    I would think that the dog owner has a civil case against the fed, though. No immunity, because he wasn’t on the job. Probably broke a few laws, which gets you past the liability issue pretty easily, so you go right to damages. Get a jury, and they’ll bury this guy.

    1. He was not on duty, so DOJ is not going to defend him. He also wasn’t at home so his home insurance won’t work. If they want to take the time and effort, he is fucked.

      1. The damages would only be, at most, a grand or two because dogs are property. Maybe there would be some kind of intentional infliction of emotional distress, but really the only way to deal with this is to get this irresponsible shooter fired.

        1. You could get to the jury on the emotional distress claim. In front of an a minority jury in Baltimore, I don’t think the cop would get much sympathy. Between minorities and dog lovers, you pretty much cover the jury pool in Baltimore. Also, he would have to incur legal fees defending himself. And then you could hound him to collect whatever settlement you got. And since he is a Fed, he has to have a security clearance. And to have one of those, you have to pay your bills. Just sell your judgment to some collection company and let them fuck up his credit, and along with it his security clearance and his job.

          1. Just sell your judgment to some collection company and let them fuck up his credit, and along with it his security clearance and his job.

            Nasty. Sometimes it’s good to have an evil lawyer on your side.

            1. Isn’t “evil lawyer” repititive?

              1. And redundant.

                And redundant, too.

                1. But is it redundant, that’s what we’re really trying to figure out.

              2. There are two categories that fit under evil lawyer:

                1 works for the other side
                2 holds political office

          2. Hey, we can blog about truth and justice all we want, but if I ever go to court I’m hiring the meanest, nastiest, most scorched-earth lawyer I can afford.

          3. I like the way you think ! Good info.

        2. How about criminal charges of firing a weapon in public, endangering blah blah blah?

        3. Isn’t recklessly discharging a weapon a criminal offense? Wouldn’t any other person shooting in a dog park face serious jail time?

          1. Unless you’re a cop

    2. Or if the jury doesn’t work, just bury him.

    3. If the dog has a bad history of aggression, you shouldn’t bring it to a dog park, leash or no leash.

      1. Not sure which dog you’re talking about, but the Husky who was killed had a history of being extremely NON aggressive. This dog loved everybody, humans and dogs alike. And Huskies do play rough, but it is just play.

        This cop was way, WAY out of line. There were children there who were not only endangered by the gunfire, but who witnessed the whole thing. It comes down to the cop being ignorant about dogs, and having extremely poor judgment.

        1. I think the comment was in regards to the cop’s german sheperd.

    4. Did you ever think of the fact that just maybe the cop just stepped in the gate and did not have the chance to take his dog off it’s leash yet? Way to Monday morning quarterback!

      1. Ok, so that makes it ok to whip out a gun and start shooting dogs?

        Wake up. This would get anyone else locked up.

        If you or I went to a dog park and pulled a gun, let alone discharged it into else’s dog (or anywhere else for that matter), except in the most extreme case, we would be arrested.

        Just because this clown was a cop does not give him an exemption on common sense and decency.

      2. I was thinking the same thing.

        The dog park that this happened doesn’t have a double gate. Double gates are great to enter without all the dogs in the dog park gathering at the gate, and you have time to remove your leash and open the 2nd gate.

        Maybe the husky was right at the gate and started being aggressive as soon as they walked in. Maybe the husky’s owner son sat on the bench across the park and didn’t call his dog away from the gate.

        It has to be bad for the guy to think he needed to use a gun to control the situation

  2. I’m licensed to carry. If I was carrying, and someone shot my dog, I do believe I would be in fear of my own life, especially if I was close to the dog. I do believe an armed response could be justifiable self-defense.

    Speaking of “new professionalism”, where are all those good cops we hear about who would never cover up a crime by a fellow cop?

    1. He was off duty. You have no idea who he is. If I am carrying and some nut shoots my dog, I pull out my weapon and tell him to drop the gun now. And if he makes one wrong move, I blow his head off. And I think I would have an open and shut case for self defense. The guy had a gun, had already used it, and started to pull it towards me.

      1. I agree, but then again maybe the cop shoots you too. These people are above the law.

        1. They are sadly. Of course If I come from the outside and he is standing there pointing his gun at the dog, I have the drop on him. If he goes to raise his gun at me, I can shoot him first.

          It would be a total legal mess. And they would try me for capital murder no doubt. But I would probably beat the wrap. If he shot me, his name would never be so much released to the papers.

          1. If anybody kills my dog I will kill them, cop or not. It may be several years later but they’re dying.

            1. The problem is that the owner of the Husky has no way to find out who the evil bastard is. The police won’t release his name so they can’t even sue. I’m suspecting some black ops thing, where the police have been completely shut down. I’ve had some contact with the Anne Arundel police, and they aren’t usually this completely unreasonable. I think there’s been pressure from above to completely stonewall this from becoming public.

              1. This is absolutely untrue. If the owner wants to take legal action, it would be quite easy to force the police to identify him.

              2. I used to live in this neighborhood. The neighbors know who the cop is so it’s easy to get his address. From there, you access the Md real property database… Too easy.
                The community is very nice but it is next to a high crime area and the kids know each other both ways. I fear the guy may have just painted a target on himself, and the shooter then won’t care less if he has two legs or four.

              3. they are the good ole boys club …not bright nor fair .

              4. The owners have the coward fed’s name and so far have been decent enough to not disclose it. The husky’s owner said he feared for the jerks safety with all the public out-lash. Don’t forget the lying fed falsified his report of the incident to local PD! Talk about integrity.

                1. His name is out there. Unfortunatley the Husky’s owners are blabbing everywhere BEFORE he is foudn guilty. We live in America people, and your are inocent until proven guilty. By giving out his name you are opening manyother illegal actions to happen. Mob mentally comes in to play.

        2. So it’s like ‘Resevior Dogs’

          … but with a dog being involved.

          1. Still no reservoirs though, wtf.

    2. Oddly enough I fear I would have the same response as much out of fear and then probably more out of rage. Some people just need shootin’

  3. WTF is with cops shooting dogs? This is nuts.

    Don’t they Voight-Kampff these guys before they give them badges and guns?

    1. That’s not part of the requirement for a 2-year degree at the local community college.

      1. and they even take cops with minor crimes on their record…lower the standards …save money

    2. Yes. If you fail, you get the job.

    3. Very nice, sir. Blade Runner refs are worth +2 points.

    4. “Cop Shoots Dog” is the new “Dog Bites Man”.

  4. “Or, the fact that the cop had his dog on a leash means that his dog has a bad history of aggression and couldn’t be trusted off-leash.”

    That’s even dumber of the officer if that’s true. Why would you go to a dog park at all if you have an aggressive dog?

    1. To blow some steam. Vent all that repressed anger. Get their rocks off. Generally be a menace to society. Something like that.

  5. I like this guy’s style… promotion!

  6. I’m not sure why reason keeps on this cops kill dogs meme. If you were attacked by a Siberian Husky wouldn’t you have the right to defend yourself? Defend your wife? Dog? I doubt his leashed German Shepard was “playing”. I bet it was defending his master from an aggressive husky.

    Sometimes I wonder what lengths reason goes to keep up this “cops shoot dogs” myth. Do they make up stories? Dredge local newspapers? I’ve never heard any reputable news source reliably show that cops ever shoot dogs.

    I guess it’s entertainment for sick bastards i.e. libertarians.

    1. Grade – C

      Come on, you can troll better than that.

      1. You’re a kind grader. Google: “Police shoot dog” – 329,000 hits.

        1. Yeah but there’s 7.28mil hits for “good cop.” I don’t think we want to start grading based on #ofgoogle hits.

          1. 4.23 mil for “bad cop”, hmmm….

            I think i’m going to start keeping track of those numbers on a weekly basis.

            1. 1.15m hits for “bad lieutenant”

          2. And “officer saves dog” comes in at 28,900 hits, while “police save dog” comes in at around 1,100 hits.

            Obviously, police are anti dog.

            1. Meanwhile “Police shoot dog” gets 282k hits while “dog shoots police” gets zero.
              And now the truth becomes clear.

    2. It seems to happen more than necessary in our metro area.

      It gets worse when the cops claim it was a wolf or pose next to it like an African safari pic.


    4. This is pretty weak attempt. Shooting someones dog in a dog park is pretty brazen. It could only have been a cop. No one else could be so righteously above reproach.

    5. Did you read the article moron? What an asshole.

    6. Having your dog on a leash when encountering another dog that isn’t on a leash is a bad situation. Your dog knows that it can’t flee, so is only fight for him. Add in that the leash ties him to his “pack” (that is you) and you get a dog that is extremely stressed.

      If the german shepherd had been off his leash he would have been free to bound off if the play got a bit too rough. The husky probably would have run off to play with another breed that enjoys rough play.

      When I go to the dog park, it is amazing to watch the different breeds. If you throw a ball you can watch all the labs smash into each other as they chase it. To them, that is the normal way to operate.

      I’d also like to note, that bloody violent fights are pretty rare in the dog world. Especially in a neutral site like a dog park. The worse I’ve ever seen is a single bite (and the other dog deserved it). Dogs are much better behaved than humans in general.

      You can’t justify this a-hole’s actions. He put himself and his dog in a bad situation, then shot an innocent dog because of his shortcomings.

    7. Dogs o leash tend to be more aggressive to other dogs.

    8. Who was attacked by a Siberian Husky? This Husky was non aggressive, friendly, and was PLAYING. The cop is an idiot.

    9. Around these parts (AA County), people are still hurting from the SWAT team down in PG County that illegally busted into the local mayor’s house and shot both of his retrievers before they realized they were in the wrong house. And they did not apologize.
      In high crime areas, it’s shoot the threat first and then assess the situation.

    10. WTF dude.. did you not hear a while back about the cops that were doing unannounced training in the states in peoples yards and they shot the dog that was acting out because there was a bunch of gun toting strangers in their yard….
      YES a dog on leash, if threatened will respond with aggression.. BUT there were NO bites or wounds on either dog caused by either dog.. get your damn facts straight and listen and read… HE had no right to shoot the dog, there are other ways of defending anyone from anything.. and i highly doubt the husky was attacking anyone or anything.. I’ve owned huskys and they play rough, HELL so does my bulldog.. BUT i know he’d never hurt a fly. go troll somewhere else loser

  7. Didn’t you see my movie? We’re Above The Law.

  8. “The possibility of someone pulling out a gun and shooting a dog has never really even crossed my mind.”

    Ha ha ha ha ha!

  9. Severn dog park?

    I stay out of intra-Whitey disputes.

    1. I lived in this neighborhood less than two years ago. It is 50-50 mixed race and everyone has dogs, black and white alike. The dog run is a very popular social site for pet owners in the community. Race is not an issue in this community. I can’t speak for the shooter though since he’s now psuedo-federal witness protection programized.

  10. It’s also safe to say that if this had been anyone other than a cop, the local police department would have no qualms about releasing his name to the press.

    Alright, already! His name is … is …… Well, this is embarrassing. The name appears to have been erased from our files.

    1. Only a Jedi could erase those files.

      1. If it’s not in our archives, it doesn’t exist. Case solved.

  11. Someone needs to get the name and picture of this shitball out in the public. If for no other reason than the public’s safety.

    1. Where were all of the camera phones? We could’ve had ourselves a good old Reason cop-shoots-dog/cop-arrests-videographer daily double!

      1. I don’t think even Balko is up to a nut kick of that severity.

        Although you’re right.

      2. Exactly, someone recorded it. That’s a given.

      3. Those persons are being held in jail for wiretapping charges. Don’tcha know how the game is played?

    2. Word is that the victim’s owner has the guy’s name and is going to put it on flyers that he posts around his neighborhood.

      1. that’s awesome. but expect police to arrest the owner for endangering the life of an officer or some other such nonsense.

  12. I’m going to bust a cap in McGruff’s ass, with a paintball gun of course, next time I see him.

    1. I wonder if McGruff is trademarked or protected?

      If not someone needs to start staging short plays of a SWAT team breaking in and killing someone in a McGruff costume.

      1. Well according to wikipedia his image is “in the public domain in the United States because it is a work of the United States Federal Government under the terms of Title 17, Chapter 1, Section 105 of the US Code.”

        However, “Take a bite out of crime” is a registered trademark.

  13. This shit makes me want to puke nails.

  14. I’m certain that if I (or anyone else who isn’t a cop) pulled out a gun and shot a dog at a dog park in a residential area, I’d be facing criminal charges.

    The dog committed the most heinous crime a living mortal could commit:

    Contempt of Cop.

    The sentence: summarily given, guilty.

    The punishment: Death.

    1. He’s judge, jury, and (dog) executioner.

  15. Dorothy Pearce, the homeowner’s association manager, was appalled that someone would fire a gun in the community dog park ? at dinnertime.

    “This is tragic,” she said. “A community of homeowners with children playing around should not have gun-crazy, off-duty policemen shooting in their area, especially a dog in a controllable situation.”

    Seriously. Severn is rich whiteville. This cop is finito santiago.

    1. Severn is not rich whiteville. It is a decent middle class community. Quail Run, all four sections, is mixed race, running about 60/40 black/white. Lay off the racial stuff; it’s not there.

  16. Ok, I’m not going to touch on how cruel and brutal this Fed was, my blood pressure can’t handle it. But he was also royally and utterly irresponsible.

    I don’t know about anyone else but when I see a man pulling out a gun and shooting someone’s dog I think “OMG a fucking insane nut is shooting up the dog park!” But in the world of law enforcement it’s “business as usual” “standard procedure” and “nothing to see here! Move along!”?? He won’t even be disciplined for this. Awesome. Go Mr. Anono Fed! You the man.

    Loving the double standard criteria for civility, anger management, or responsible weapon ownership and use.

    1. It’s strange how people get more riled up over this than the guy who killed 9 humans yesterday in Connecticut.

      1. expected. not strange; kill a bunch of white guys, meh. shoot someone’s dog, A COP, no less, and we have a sensational story!

      2. The guy who killed 9 people did not swear to protect and uphold the law. When you promise society to do something and are elevated to a position of authority and then violate that position the emotion will of course be higher.

        Crazy fucker killin’ racist whitey for makin’ him steal beer just isn’t as visceral.

      3. The guy who shot shot people in Connecticut will be treated (correctly) as a savage whacko with poor impulse control; the guy who shot the dog will (incorrectly) be treated otherwise.

      4. That guy will be going to jail for the rest of his life.

        See the difference?

        1. The beer-thief (Heineken man?) committed suicide before capture.

          /just sayin.

          1. I didn’t bother reading any of the articles about it so I didn’t know that.

      5. Sure. I’ll bite honey. But I won’t feed back.

        Troubled dead guy who killed 9 people (including himself in that count) is in fact, dead. But he’s a right sick bastard for his actions, no matter how ‘troubled’. Guy who shoots a dog at a dog park is also a bastard. And as a Fed, we’d would like to know if he is a sick one and exactly how troubled he is to react like that to a dominant behavior in another dog.

        Look, there is vast difference between minor flooding that ruins your basement and all the crap in it and a fucking 15 foot high tsunami that levels your house.

        Because you’re house didn’t get destroyed by the tsunami I guess it means you shouldn’t be upset about the flooding.

      6. We might get riled up about that, if the article that we’re all commenting on had anything to do with that story. Which it doesn’t.

      7. Uh how the hell do you know this gets us more riled up? Were commenting on an article about a cop killing a dog…

        should we get so worked up about the Conn. killings that we rant and rave about it all over the internet, in any and every forum we can find?


  17. I guess they shouldn’t have named it the Severn dog park and hunting preserve.

  18. According to Rettaliata local animal control officials said neither animal had any scratch or bite marks.

    Authorities are way above such measly things as evidence. Stop wasting Our time, peasant.

  19. Unbefuckinglievable.

    Great job keeping the spotlight on these gov’t roaches, Radley.

  20. i’m thuroughly gobsmacked that there were no cop fellators on the b-more sun comment thread.
    holy fuck this guy needs to be strung from a tree in that park by his nuts.

  21. Doesn’t the person who’s dog was shot know the guys name?

    1. He’s likely, currently, too busy fending off questions by a roomful of cops about his vicious cop attacking dog

    2. At the dog park you only know people by their dog’s names.

  22. Dogs at the park do a pretty good job of dividing up due to style of play. The dogs that like to play a little bit rough will likely find other like-tempered dogs to join in the fun. For the most part they will leave the shy dogs that just like to walk around and sniff alone. As long as there are responsible owners around, nothing gets out of hand. If you have a dog that you can’t control, other owners will keep their dogs away and ask you to leave. That rarely happens because most owners recognize that if their pet has dog aggression, off-leash parks are not the best place for them to learn socialization.

    Perhaps there is a German Shepherd rescue that will save that poor dog from their crazy owner.

  23. If the dog humps your leg is it rape?

  24. the dog’s owner has engaged:

    As for the person involved he has not come forward and apologized at all. Not that i am sure that would help. However we do have his name and we are going to post it in the neighborhood on flyers so people know who to be on the look out for.

    Animal control informed us there wasn’t a scratch on the shepherd. So where was the threat? Why is our dog dead? Why can we not press charges? What type of officer is he and who does he work for. My wife and I have been getting stonewalled all day with his details.

    He will pay for this.

    1. The owner of the shot dog’s name is Ryan Rettaliata.
      Is that Italian for “Retaliate?”

      1. Vendicare is the Italian verb for retaliate (the root word for vendetta perhaps).

  25. Comment from an acquaintance of mine, when I forwarded him the link to this story:

    “Next stage: Walking into the SPCA and shooting dogs at random, just because you can.”

    1. Actually, the SPCA should outsource the euthanization procedure to cops. Then the dogs that were going to die, still die and cops still get to kill dogs.

      Don’t worry, I just punched myself in the neck for typing that crap.

  26. He will pay for this.

    Congratulations; you just became a terrorist. Don’t leave your dope on the coffee table.

    1. This issue has turned a lot of good people into prospective terrorists. Now the police are going to have to raid their homes and shoot their dogs.

    2. He became a terrorist? What about the guy who pulled a gun in a dog park with children nearby and started firing?

      Or did you miss that part? Which one is more scary, the dog’s owner, or the guy firing 9mm hollow point rounds in a dog park?

      Jesus people like you are idiots.

      1. There’s only one possible response to this post:

        Jesus people like you are idiots.

        1. Really? You’re perfectly okay with lunatics pulling out firearms in the middle of dog parks and blasting away? You don’t see anything wrong with that at all?


  27. But the question must be asked: Since a German Shepard’s owner/dad (?) shot a Siberian Husky, is this just one more example of the historic simmering issue of Aryan on Mongolian racial violence that the MSM refuses to deal with?

    And since we are told Severn dog park is rich whiteville how important is it to know what the race of the fed dog shooter?

    Truthfully though I’m beginning to notice a definite trend toward cop vs dog & citizen conflict without much concern about the race of either the cop/perp or the citizen/dog/victim.

    So maybe we really are now a post-racial society (racism officially ended Nov 2008) because cops of any race can and do oppress citizens of any race.

    This is a good sign that racism is dying… right?

    1. Bear-Bear, a brown and white husky that was about 3 years old, was playing in the Quail Run dog park…when the officer and his wife arrived with a German shepherd

      The German Shepherd’s name was not noted. Why?
      You know who else owned German Shepherds?

      1. I do. And she turns fourteen in next month.

        I don’t bring her to the dog park, but if I did and another dog hassled her, I’d simply kick that dog a few times.

        1. One of those things lives in my building. Its owners let it shit very large turds on the sidewalks, and they don’t pick it up.

            1. You can lead a human to Dispoz-A-Scoops, but…


    1. Feel better now?

      Kudos on the caps. They really bring home your point in a thoughtful way.

      1. I like the one uncapitalized i.

        1. The shift key: angry psychos’ enemy.

          1. could have been caps lock? Lazy angry psychos’ enemy?

        2. That means he is really a submissive.

  29. Absolutely horrible! The cop is completely retarded for keeping his dog ON LEASH (on the defensive) in close proximity to other dogs. EXTRA retarded he took his gun to a COMPLETELY PEACEFUL PLACE WITH CHILDREN AND FAMILIES and shot some one else’s dog.

    So now any one can just take a pistol to dog park, shoot a dog and just say “he was being mean to my dog, so I shot him”??? Or is that a special privelege for the police class?

    I feel sorry for husky owner. JAIL THE BAD COP!!!

    1. To be fair, federal agents are required to carry a weapon at all times, even when off duty.

      1. The weapon he was carrying was not his service weapon, according to the Anne Arundel police statement issued earlier today.

      2. Was he required to use it?

        1. You know how restless a gun gets when it doesn’t get regular exercise. Then they get lazy and won’t feed properly.

      3. federal agents are required to carry a weapon at all times, even when off duty.


          1. Perfect timing. Perfect response. +2.

  30. I certainly feel safer in the knowledge that hothead fucktards like this are busying “protecting” us even in their off-hours.

    Some speculation out there that the local PD and DA don’t want to go after a fed. Wouldn’t surprise me.

    At the very least, I would hope that this guy’s bosses might reconsider his permission to carry a service firearm on- or off-duty. He clearly lacks any form of judgment. What if he’d missed the dog and hit a person. Heck, at the correct angle, the bullet could have passed through the dog and struck someone else.

    Oh, I know, government employees (especially the armed variety) always protect their own.

  31. AS shocking as this is, there are sometimes these horrible dogs that repeatedly attack the other dogs and the owners allow it. These dogs DO need to be summarily executed and the owners thrashed. Not saying that was the case here, but it could have been. More details would be helpful before we start the lynching. PS: I’m usually the LAST person to defend a fed, so this is weird for me.

    1. AS shocking as this is, there are sometimes these horrible dogs that repeatedly attack the other dogs and the owners allow it.

      That sounds like an owner issue. Shooting the dog is not appropriate unless “human” life is in jeopardy. Getting your dogs out of their and reporting the dog/owner to animal control is the appropriate action.

    2. I agree with L_I_T. With rare exceptions, dogs are the product of their owners, and shouldn’t be punished for that unless a human life is in direct jeopardy.

      Plus many people, and from all available information so far, this guy, don’t know the difference between exuberant play, domination scuffles, and actual aggression.

    3. More details?

      “Neither dog had a single scratch” wtf more do you need?

      Want more details? read the article then…

  32. Fuck dogs on a leash, I’d feel safer if we kept cops on a leash.

  33. Guys, relax. It’s obviously not the cop’s fault. He simply wasn’t provided with the proper training.

    1. That’s true. He should be kept in a crate until he’s fully trained.

  34. Please keep in mind the following: If the dogs were fighting, then how did the cop take a clear shot? He must have been in close proximity. If he was in close proximity, why did he not simply separate the dogs? Did he try kicking the offending dog? That likely would have been overkill, but I don’t understand how lethal force could be considered acceptable to the point that we do not need a jury decide.

  35. wow what a load of BS. anyone who shoots a dog that isnt hurting anything should be charged without question. what a load of crap

  36. What a jerk! Obviously the “cop” has some kind of complex. Why would you need to be packing a gun to the local dog park with your wife and pet?

  37. What happens when a cop shoots another cops dog, not knowing that the dog he just shots owner is a cop? Does the cop who’s dog was shot get to shoot the other cops dog?

    Who gets the book thrown at them and who gets to dry hump lady justice for amnesty?

    I’m pretty sure if this situation ever came up, the universe would fall apart immediately…

  38. Not about a dog, but right up Balko’s alley:…

  39. just amazes me how imature 70% of dog owners are and am all the happier I’m a cat owner ……

    personally I think both parties ought to be sent to the shrink

  40. The federal officer responsible for the shooting is based out of Fort Myer. Please call one of the numbers below to politely voice your displeasure in how this case has been handled.

    Public Affairs Office:

    (703) 696-0596

    Director, Public Affairs:

    (703) 696-4979

    Community Relations Officer:

    (703) 696-4979

    Command Information Officer:

    (703) 696-0584

  41. This officer should be arrested and charged with killing a dog. Why was he armed in a dog park. What made him god in the small ego-mind world of control? This is unacceptable and those in authority will do whatever they want unless we hold them accountable.

  42. they should name and shame the cop ,im in the uk and it mad me cry when i read it on face book

  43. that’s right, the cop should face consequences, as far as what this article tells me.

  44. It seems to me the real problem is SWAT teams. Most working cops are still committed to being peace officers but the repressed bullies are usually the ones who go for SAWT training and their attitudes get filtered into their colleagues mindset. SWAT teams need to be disbanded and the program ended.

  45. I’m not sure of the rules in Baltimore, but where I’m from you have the right to shoot if you fear yourself, or your property is in danger. Believing his dog was under attack makes it justified. He also verbally asked the owner to step in and when action was not taken swiftly his right to protect kicked in. Reckless discharge would not apply in this case, and I don’t know of any law he has broken so at most it could be a civil case from the huskies owner or the owners of the dog run.

    1. Where did you get your fucking law degree? Because pretty much every single statement you made is WRONG.

    2. This is also true in CT. As an ACO I had a man shoot a neighbors dogs for being in his yard and said he “felt threatened for his life” as they ran towards him. Unfortunately the shot came from the back to the front so therefore the dog was running away. The guy had no wounds to show he was visibly attacked by the dog but the Court wouldn’t let me prosecute and took his word. BTW – He had his kids outside, went in to get his gun and went outside to shoot it. That was MY issue with the “I’m being attacked and had to protect myself” BS. And no, he wasn’t a cop or a fed!
      Just like in CT a farmer can still shoot a dog for antagonizing/threatening his livestock provided the dog doesn’t belong to a neighbor which owns land touching the farm.
      I know why the Fed got off and since I was not a witness I can’t place blame. Believe me, I quarantine Huskies at my shelter just as much as any other breed and nope, they are not aggressive UNTIL the dog IS aggressive the first time.
      Does your dog bite.. No. Can I pet him, sure. CHOMP! Happens ALL the time!!
      If the fed just showed up, the dog would have been on a lead. He felt a problem enough to tell the Husky owner to call his dog back and couldn’t (hint.. hint.. dog NOT in control!) and the Fed obviously (I won’t side) felt threatened enough to pull out his gun and shoot. Again, I think there were other ways to handle it, especially if in fact there were no bite wounds on the Shepherd but since I didn’t witness anything I can’t make a judgment.
      And all you cop haters… it’s funny how fast you turn when you need them. Just saying……..

      1. dogs at the dogpark is not the same as a neighbor’s dog coming on your property. It’s a DOGPARK. Dog’s are off leash. My dogpark is huge. Dogs run all over the place. There’s no way you can possibly stay right next to a playful husky at all times who is running all over the place playing. That’s why it’s a dogpark. Doesn’t sound like he gave him time to get there. No bite marks. Where are the defense wounds? He should have taken his on leash dog and left the park if he didn’t want his dog being played with. Hard to believe his dog was being lethally threatened when there are no bite marks. So ridiculous. They did just announce today that the bad cop will be prosecuted and has been charged. The County Executive was on talk radio today and will also try to have more stringent laws passed against this. So sick of these power hungry cops killing dogs. If you’re going to be trigger happy at the dogpark, use pepper spray instead of a handgun! Then they’d be washing the poor dog’s eyes out instead of burying him!

  46. some people get it some people are just so ignorant. The police are trained to kill your dogs folks, wake up. Google is your friend.

  47. Siberian Huskies are retards. They are very unpredictable. And the ignorant husky owners think they’re so cute while they “play”. They should have realized a german shepard doesnt put up with retards and took control of their dog immediately. But the cop was the biggest retard. He should have gone to the shooting range and let his wife take the dog to the doggy park. Then bear-bear would still be licking his balls. Good thing the cop did’nt have an AK47.

    1. Asia was a bitch GSD being dominated by Bear Bear, a dog Husky. The fact the GSD was on leash was more of an issue than your breed specific argument. Secondly, the idiot cop was afraid for his dog, which means, his dog was losing the dominance game. Had his dog stuck its ground, chances are the fear felt by Mr shoot-to-kill would have never taken fold…because his dog Asia would be on top. And the cop would feel in control.

      Then again, Keith Shepherd proved too stupid to handle the situation, and probably fears many, many things normal humans don’t fret –like Siberian Huskies.

  48. The people that want to become cops are usually a certain kind of gun-ho, authoritarian, insecure, douchebag motherfuckers anyway. I’m never surprised at any of the ignorant, asinine, borderline criminal things they do. Fuck them all.

  49. All I know is the last idiot to threaten my dog is now facing charges…hurt my dog you are a dead man. That cop had no right to shoot that dog. If there was a problem he should have taken his wife and dog back home and not gone back.

  50. The guy should have a very good reason to shot a dog while off-duty.

  51. Are you joking me? If you bring your dog to the dog park you have to accept that not all dogs are perfectly obedient. Should a cop come and shoot all dogs that don’t sit immediately when told to? Pulling a gun in public is only legitimized if you fear for your own safety or a humans. Dogs don’t count when you come to a dog park. Should you shoot another child at a park when he gets in a SPAT with your child? Grow up, and fire this idiot cop while at it. He obviously doesn’t know enough about dog[probably cats] OR ABOUT FIREARMS WHICH IS LARGELY HIS JOB.

  52. Outrageous!!

  53. right..see only the government can kill and abuse people(and their dogs)..see erik scott…this is sick..and they just protect and cover their own..yall need to run this “fed” ie your emloyee out of town and sue the pants off him..make his life as miserable as he has made ours..and fire him from “public service” I dont think he gets it. no paid leave..pension..nothing..i dont pay dog murderers

  54. good point swat has to go but you need to know the terminology,,,they are “tactical teams” litle town of Bryan Texas has an armored personnel carrier…for “terrorists”..and they shoot dogs too

  55. The fed that shot the dog was Keith Shepard Ft. Meye, Virginia

    1. *The name of the fed that shot the dog is Keith Shepard of Ft. Meyer, Virginia.

  56. So this guy really thought the Husky was going to kill his dog,then his wife and then him !?
    I think this man is looking for a job with Michael Vick !

  57. The cop said the handler of Bear Bear didn’t respond in “upward of a minute”…

    not only were there no bite marks, or punctures –ie physical evidence of an attack— there was no reasonable time to respond before the killer shot the dog from behind.

    In reality, Keith’s fragile ego probably couldn’t handle seeing his GSD losing a game of dominance with a husky and had to kill Bear Bear to protect his simple dick ego.

  58. UPDATE

    I contacted the Public Affairs number in one of the above posts. The public Affairs officer who returned my call stated that Misdemeanor Charges were filed, or will be filed, this morning.

    While, were it you or I, we would be looking at Felony Charges (unlawful discharge of a firearm among them), this is at least something. I’d rather see this officers licence revoked, as he clearly does not show the moral judgement to be placed in such a job, but at least its not being completely brushed under the rug.

    Should also open the way to a civil suit, as even the county now recognizes that this officer did something criminal.

  59. We need a photograph and badge number of this officer. He is a public threat and I’m sure others in the Baltimore area might want to be able to know what this dangerous man looks like for our (and our dogs’) safety.

  60. This is WRONG on every level! Cops with guns… and badges that say ” I can do anything I want with it” need to be dismissed, NOW!
    What kind of message does this send to the rest of us?

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