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Reason Writers Around Town: Shikha Dalmia on the Death of the Global Warming Movement


In her latest Forbes column, Reason Foundation Senior Analyst Shikha Dalmia argues that Sen. Harry Reid's new energy legislation rings the death knell of the global warming movement as we know it. As Dalmia writes:

This is not just my read of the situation; it is also that of Paul Krugman, the Nobel laureate-turned-Democratic-apparatchik. In his latest column for The New York Times, Krugman laments that "all hope for action to limit climate change died" in 2010. Democrats had a brief window of opportunity before the politics of global warming changed forever in November to ram something through Congress. But the Reid bill chose not to do so for the excellent reason that Democrats want to avoid an even bigger beating than the one they already face at the polls….

Read the whole thing here.

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    1. In other news, Obama was talking eugenics on The View today.

      1. Well, he is a progressive.

      2. So, what did he say?

          1. He also said White people don’t understand that very well.

            1. That’s racism, straight up.

              1. Please keep making this hilarious joke! It’s funny and insightful every time.

          2. What a fair assessment of what the man said! And from a figment of a strange man’s mind no less! Suki needs her own show on Fox. It’ll be like Max Headroom…

            1. So put you down as pro-eugenics?

              1. How in the world did you get that from what I wrote? Is it Suki/John t. posting as Pro L?

                1. No, it was me, and it was a joke.

            2. ChonyMNG, you are weird.

            3. Would you rather live with mongrels or in Gaza?

            4. Black people are a mongrel people and so are white people but they don’t know it?

              The fair assessment is that Obama is an idiot. At what point can we start believing our lying eyes and admit the President is just stupid.

              1. You didn’t just say that on the internet did you, John?

                1. Too late, we’re on our way

              2. Only Republicans are stupid, duh!

            5. What a fair assessment of what the man said!

              These are Obama’s exact words, according to the article from

              “We are sort of a mongrel people … I mean we’re all kinds of mixed up. That’s actually true of white people as well, but we just know more about it.”

              Now, do you dispute that this would be a career-ender if a white politician said it, or at least a white politician with an R after their name?

              1. Career-ender because of the “mongrel” word, not because of the patently true fact that most so-called black people have considerable non-black ancestry, or even the somewhat more debateable assertion that most white people have mixed race ancestry?

                1. George Allen’s career ended because he used the word “mecaca” something most people didn’t even know the meaning of before he used it. Yet, MNG claims calling blacks a mongrel race wouldn’t end a white politician’s career.

                  1. MNG claims many things, like using one handle that we all know is false. Claiming this is no different.

          3. I didn’t see anything on eugenics in that post. People being of mixed breeds is not the same as killing babies of “lesser races”. Also, I took his saying “That’s actually true of white people as well, but we just know more about it.” to mean we understand how white people are mixed, I am of italian, german, irish and english descent, better than black people, who are just considered african. But the pronoun is ambiguous, so I could be wrong.
            I disagree with the president as much as anyone else, but I think he makes enough gaffes that you don’t have to misrepresent what he says.

            1. “I think he makes enough gaffes that you don’t have to misrepresent what he says.”

              But that would make Fox a 3 minute a day network and Suki/John a one post a week (male/female) pony!

              1. You didn’t answer the question above. Would you rather live with mongrels or in Gaza?

                1. Where do the mongrels live? Would I have my own bathroom? Do I also have to select just one album to take with me and it’s the only album I get to listen to for all time?

                  1. From what was broadcast in The View today, we can guess with confidence: White House, Chicago, Hawaii and Kenya. Not an all inclusive list.

            2. So, you are down with the “mongrel” terminology, from any source now. He really is a uniter, not a divider!

            3. I think the point is if a white person said the same thing in the same tone and context the Jurnolist group, NAACP and the left wing media would freak the fuck out.

              1. And you’d defend that white person and make fun of the hysterical charges of racism. Why don’t you now?

                1. Ummm, no, if any white politician of either major party used that quote with the word “mongrel”, I’d shrug at their political suicide and let the beatdown happen, so long as the discussion centered on that one word.

                  The rest of the quote – meh. That was arguably true.

              2. That’s most likely true, and they should mos def be called out on it, but doesn’t that say more about them than Obama? Groups like that are more about scoring political points than honest discussion. I don’t think we should be like that.

                1. “Groups like that are more about scoring political points than honest discussion. I don’t think we should be like that.”

                  I agree. Folks like Suki-John are not to be taken seriously.

                  1. You must really be getting tired of losing every argument.

                2. I really increased my knowledge after read your post which will be beneficial for me. This is very interesting, the points that you make and the questions that you ask kind of make sense.

            4. Nothing was misrepresented. I even gave you a link to The Hill where they candy-coated it.

              1. mr simple|7.29.10 @ 1:36PM|#
                I didn’t see anything on eugenics in that post. People being of mixed breeds is not the same as killing babies of “lesser races”.

                1. You couldn’t sell watermelon by the side of the road with state troopers stopping traffic for you.

                  1. FUCK YOU!

                2. And you’d defend that white person and make fun of the hysterical charges of racism. Why don’t you now?

                  Cuz no one here is calling Obama a racist unironicly and no one in the media is calling him a racist.

                  But yeah sure whatever…Obama is not a racist and his remarks are not racist. Happy?

          4. “Don’t bet against American workers,” Obama said. “Don’t bet against American ingenuity.”

            Isn’t that pretty much what he does with every single policy he favors?

            1. I’m gonna go with Yes

            2. Changed my mind. He does bet on American ingenuity. Entrepreneurship and creativity are like a black box to him, he doesn’t know how it works, but he depends on us to always find a way despite the problems his policies create.

          5. I sense an opportunity for an obligatory spurious Hitler comparison: Wasn’t Hitler the guy who said the United States was of little consequence because we’re “a nation of ni**ers, mongrels and Jews?” I do believe so.

            1. His and MNG’s later allies used “mud races” in place of mongrel. I believe you are correct.

      3. “We are sort of a mongrel people.”

        “I mean we’re all kinds of mixed up,” Obama said. “That’s actually true of white people as well, but we just know more about it.”

        “I mean, we’re all kinds of mixed up.”

        These are the words of a great orator?

        1. Who does he mean when he says we? White people or black people?

          White people are definitely more mongrel, as they are descended from Neanderthals.

          1. They took the whole Neanderthal Nation
            And put us on the path to extinction.
            Took away our ways of life,
            The handaxe and scraper and knife.

            They mated with our native sons
            And sought to diminish all our young.
            And all the beads we made by hand
            Are nowadays made by sapiens.

            Neanderthal people, Neanderthal tribe.
            So proud to live, so proud to die.

            They took the whole Neanderthal nation
            And put us on the path to extinction.
            And though I wear a shirt and tie,
            I’m still a caveman deep inside.

            Neanderthal people, Neanderthal tribe.
            So proud to live, so proud to die

            But maybe someday when they learn,
            Neanderthal nation will return.
            Will return,
            Will return,
            Will return,
            Will return.

            1. I still have that 45.

              1. My Neanderthal blood thirsts for revenge.

      4. [golf clap]

        That was a helluva a threadjack there Suki. Well played.

        1. I would like to thank all the little people who helped with this threadjack.

  1. Probably more so than the reasons given, is that the most fervent supporters of “global warming” i.e., “conservation” are also the most fervent supporters of “Kaynesian spend, spend, borrow, print, and than spend, spend, spend!!!”
    What is the point of building all those bridges, all those “shovel” ready road projects, subsidizing all those car companies, if you can’t afford to drive your car on them?

  2. “all hope for action to limit climate change died”


    Gawsh I hate Krugman SO MUCH.

  3. If Paul Krugman says it, it must be true.

    1. I mean he did receive a Nobel prize for economics. He’s pretty much beyond reproach.

      1. He is also a deluded piece of overpaid shit. Oh well, I guess it’s the free market’s fault he gets paid so much. We’ll see if his cash flow keeps when the NYT has to adjust to reality by dropping its print edition.

        1. He is also a deluded piece of overpaid shit

          But what do you think of him?

          1. He’s a fuckstick wrapped in a cum-stained love sock…basically.

  4. There have been a few vague reports coming in from the blogosphere. The sources claim that there is more than one Paul Krugman. The thesis is that no one person could be as much of a hack and willful idiot as Krugman on so many issues simultaneously. He appears to to be the stopped clock that managed to stop on a time of day it never will be again.

    So a chilling theory has been posited. There is more than one Krugman! Public records have been thoroughly searched and there is no evidence of multiple births from the records of the broke-tooth whore that bore him. And, of course, there has been rampant speculation on who or what Krugman’s father(s) were, but none have ever been conclusively identified.

    This suggests a monstrous possibility… Krugman is some form of contagious disease. Close contact with a Krugman–a bite or shared by-line perhaps–turns you into a Krugman, halving your IQ and stimulating the worship of the gibbering idiot-god Keynes.

    If you see a Krugman near you, flee the area immediately. If confronted by a Krugman, kill it with fire if you can. Head shots do nothing, there is nothing there to damage.

    If a Krugman bites you, disinfect the wound immediately and seek medical attention.

    Keep a close eye on on your companions. If you see signs of one of them becoming a Krugman, remember that they no longer are the person you knew–the person you knew is dead. Kill them at once and burn the body and all clothes and bed-linens.

    Remain vigilant my friends and we may survive the greatest threat we as a people have ever faced.

    With liberty and safety to you all.

    1. New reports have surfaced that there may be alien pods in the vicinity of Krugman infectees. If you see a strange husk-like discarded pod in your companion’s house, car, Manhattan apartment, summer home, or boat house, GET OUT IMMEDIATELY and call for help.

      1. Episiarch, I plan to spend one billion dollars that I don’t have to stimulate the economy of my household.

      2. Should we point and scream in some unearthly tone if we see one?

        1. No. By law, you have to hire Donald Sutherland to do that. It’s part of NAFTA.

          1. God damned actor’s union.

            1. Blame Canada.

      3. stop it, you’re scaring me!

    2. …the gibbering idiot-god Keynes.

      “In his house at Cm’brdg, dead Keynes waits spending.”

      1. Brilliant

    3. Surely Krugman can employ some underwriters at the NYT. I mean, he -is- an economist, right?

      1. Is he? Maybe Krugman Prime was an economist, but what if he is only a fruiting body at this point? A non-conscious central hub where the Krugmen congregate but their actions are autonomous.

        Would destroying Krugman Prime kill them or release them from whatever meager control he can still exercise? Can Krugman Prime even die?

        1. Do the Krugmanii possess a hive mind, or do they act independently? Can they all be directed to attack a target at once?

          1. I believe Journolist answers that question.

        2. “It’s impervious to logic and reason! Save your facts! It will just twist them into unrecognizable forms and use them against you!

          Damn it! Can nothing kill this thing?”

    4. The woman down the hall has sprouted a graying beard and has begun to talk about spending $1 billion to knock the building down and another $1 billion to put it back up.

      How the hell did they get to LA so fast? Isn’t there some kind of quarantine around NY?

      1. Evidence suggests that Krugmen have been in California a very, very long time.

      2. How the hell did they get to LA so fast? Isn’t there some kind of quarantine around NY?

        Snake Plissken broke ’em out.

    5. stimulating the worship of the gibbering idiot-god Keynes.

      Keynes is a gibbering idiot-god? Funny, I haven’t seen him at the conventions.

      Oh, we prefer ‘idiot god’, no hyphen. We’re not into all that hyphen stuff, save it for things like Shub-Niggurath.

      1. An allergy to hyphens is the first symptom!

    6. Krugman is not an idiot, you don?t win a nobel prize if you?re an idiot (peace and lit excepted). But following your analogy, he was bitten by zealotry, he allowed emotion to take control of his rational side, to such a level that he has become a partisan hack. Shame really.
      Intelligence does not guarantee wisdom, particularly when combined with a big ego.

  5. It ain’t dead. Greenhouse gas emission legislation is just taking a nap.

    Cap and trade may be dead, but governmental efforts to deal with the very real problem of AGW are not. Four, eight or twenty years from now, something will be done to increase the cost of burning fossil fuels.

    Bet on it.

    1. Cap and trade may be dead, but governmental efforts to deal with the very real problem of AGW bullshit are not. Four, eight or twenty years from now, something will be done to increase the cost of burning fossil fuels.

      Now I agree with the statement.

      1. Kiroy–just because you don’t want to believe facts, data, and numbers doesn’t make them true. Keep burying your head in the sand.

        1. Typo-meant to say “doesn’t make them untrue.”

          1. You had it right the first time.

        2. Is fifteen years of stable temperatures not enough to prove to you the warming calls were bogus?

          1. Have you read any posts on this site:

            1. I’m just going by what Phil Jones said.

          2. Fifteen years is a not time at all to discern any kind of trend.

            But then, I’m not convinced 130* is either.

            *ie the number of years that we’ve had anything approaching accurate direct observations of temperatures.

        3. Gaia worshipper polishing the decoder ring. Great.

      2. In 20 years it will be clear whether AGW is a real problem or not. We will have moved on to new hysterias.

    2. Cap and trade may be dead, but counterproductive governmental efforts to deal with the real but overhyped problem of AGW bullshit are not. Four, eight or twenty years from now, something will be done to increase the cost of burning fossil fuels.


      Now hand me another tissue.

    4. Neener-neener-neener! Our Apocalyptic Hyperinflation beats the crap out of your Apocalyptic Global Warming!

  6. How can the global warming movement be dead? Isn’t it like one hundred and fourteen degrees in D C right now? Heating oil and natural gas futures jump when it’s cold in Manhattan.

    Gaia is melting, and we hafta doooooo sumpthin’!

    1. This has been a crazy hot summer, that’s for sure. Record winter followed up by record heat. And I live in Florida!

      1. This has been an unuasually cool summer…in California.

        1. Damn you, California! Damn you to hell!

          1. I’m pretty sure all their public officials are working on this.

        2. I agree, speaking from California’s Central Coast. But I am also mindful of the fact that our “real” summer doesn’t happen until the beginning of Fall. That’s when the marine-layer cloudiness clears out, the offshore flow and thermal inversions kick in, and we can have heatwaves that send temperatures into the 90s and 100s for a week or two at a time. Then, at the end of the period of baking, the rains usually return. Let’s see what happens this year. Last year was a normal rain year for us, but we had been in a drought for the several years previous, so the news media were filled with declarations of “unusually high rainfall,” and newbies to the area bought the hype.

          At the same time, I started to notice people — even local businesses and political leaders in advertising and news stories — calling State Route 1 “the PCH” (Pacific Coast Highway). As long as I have been alive, the Central Coast stretch (several hundred miles) has always been known as the “Cabrillo Highway.” “The PCH” is in Southern California, and it can stay there. But just as my state was overrun by immigrants from East of the Border, who brought their dangerous and destructive socialist ways, so is the Central Coast being overrun by outsiders who rename our roads with impunity.

      2. Don’t you people understand, that if the temperature EVER deviates from normal, even one degree, up OR down; that is proof of climate change and we all going to DIE!!!!

      3. Don’t you people understand, that if the temperature EVER deviates from normal, even one degree, up OR down; that is proof of climate change and we all going to DIE!!!!

  7. Agree with J sub D. Some kind of loathsome fossil-fuel burden is inevitable. The only question is whether Congress will wait until after technology mostly solves the problem, or whether they will act in time to utterly destroy the economy.

    1. Yes Hugh it’s very libertarian to impose huge externalities on everyone else in the world be burning fossil fuels. Oh wait, that’s the opposite of libertarianism–passing the costs of your actions onto others.

      1. Advance two spaces for “externalities” and collect A Golden Dumbass card from the pile. But go back three spaces for being a sockpuppet. You may retain your Card.

        1. “Troll” you need to study a little about libertarian environmentalism. It is not about no environmental rules. It is about the rights of people and property owners not to suffer economic losses because of the actions of others. Or instead of learning, you could continue your ignorance.

          1. We may have to proceed with the trolling licensing initiative faster than we thought. We can’t have a free market in trolling. How will people know they are getting quality trolling without proper regulations? We can’t let just anyone spout nonsense!

          2. Yeah you are right R2, I just listened to a Walter Block lecture about this very issue. Apparently there used to be a burgeoning field of investigation called Pollution Forensics (or something similar) which in theory, could have developed efficient methods of proving Coal Plant A dumped pollution all over Old Lady X’s property. Unfortunately, virtual state control/public interest in utility companies made it seem easier/cheaper just to regulate the business(more taxes, political contributions, bullshit that does not directly help the people harmed by the business), keep out competitors, and screw the old lady and her property. Oh well, what could have been. Let’s just restrict production and consumption while making everyone shit in their yards. I’m sure that will expand our freedoms.

            I can’t wait for WW3 against China to be sparked by American Envirofascists who must stop those dirty Chinese from poisoning mother earth. That would make me laugh… until I was drafted.

        2. What, no recipes or barking dog for anyone who disagrees with you? For shame, does middle school cease to teach creativity these days?

          1. It was precisely the failures of those measures to increase the quality of trolling that made this commission necessary.

            We’re not trolling in the Wild West anymore. There have to be rules.

            1. Kicking it up to the 8th grade eh…

              1. Agel lunob lelu! Ga tece apieciedat sa cebaf. Ieregihas ha yegos gisol, temode uliray eri wed po rade: Ra atemo pah ane nurieda ile nisenor nesat. Oloce ecuye iro toseyer eyopeh dimen ranule pericin ivam; cecisoy suciye cisoco pene lonamec, dudace osarat jelaset me ror vetani: Rahin pa luperaw. Cililug ne lucasal nater cabi se kuci tap huf le! Cor feret mierov cutirev, lesanan pagorid mih deri cutesat iehes. Cine acis itewo ogorer ca sayum sutabuy da nu lozo: Tuwe vegisi tosah holis nedami yerec kisocon fi manari, lato ayusa taru ce acucenil ro? Hi hogat te car.

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                Fel iperata nacusi sam pir, lep natove sah ric tel te! Noca dacepic asaco ne memecu suyiecod epom. Noser ragod nate. Eha cinicar yep wemer.

                1. “Nen dal kup co setapuf usuce mipi notir. Ceta ieriyaqi po tev ocesosu gilowa iemobir retus hesa pebenu, tide nop esahim oteler nitef pieloxu pesogie: Lerot enen napo ledaris atena citu; vig ipoti di eparef.”

                  Please cite

              2. Do you have a problem with regulation, troll? Is it not the solution to every problem?

                1. Cute, a troll (after all what could be more “trollish” than your childish post which hope only to get a rise and be ‘cute’), after accusing others of trolling, now wants to engage in a debate with those he terms troll.

                  You can’t caricature such people!

                  1. So you don’t take the Commission seriously? You anarchists disgust the Commission. Can’t you see this is for your own good? If you won’t regulate yourselves, someone will have to do it for you.

      2. This must be a Chad clone, since he’s peddling the “it’s teh EXTERNALITEEZZZZZZ!” routine.

        1. Yeah, because only Chad talks about externalities.

          Well, and all those economics textbooks…

          1. You have to actually prove an externality exists before you can talk about the economics of it.

      3. Most of “everyone else in the world” burns fossil fuels too. Everyone benefits from the use of fossil fuels. Taxing or forbidding the use of fossil fuels has externalities too.

      4. Do I have the right to breath? That emits carbon. Is my being alive a negative externality?

        1. Depends on who you are, but some people are definitely negative externalities just by existing.

    2. “wait until after technology mostly solves the problem”

      That seems religiously optimistic…

      1. About as optimistic as trusting people to solve the problem, justly, with stolen money and firearms pointed in people’s faces?

        1. There are two seperate things:

          1. Whether AGW is occurring and a problem and
          2. What should be done about it (if anything)

          I trust the experts in the relevant field to answer number one. Don’t assume from that I trust any group’s answer to number two (I thought cap and trade was a terrible bill).

          1. Trusting an expert is one thing. Trusting an expert that has vested interest in the advancement of his “business”/”industry” by positing world ending scenarios caused solely by the very things that have made existence for mankind a tinge more tolerable is something else completely.

            Let’s assume global warming is 95% anthropogenic. Let’s assume that somehow the federal government forces industry and private individuals to reduce their emissions enough to, in theory, improve/roll back/ stop/reduce the current trends. Let’s also disregard the ill-effects of such legislation and enforcement, because human suffering is not a concern of acolytes of Captain Planet. Tell me, how would any of that stop India and China from rolling on their merry way towards modern industrialization? Without, at least, those two on board, could we hope for any sort of actual improvement? Would/Should we fight a war over protecting the environment (no doubt unleashing all sorts of chemicals and poisons in the process) against such nefarious transgressors?

          2. “There are two seperate things:

            1. Whether AGW is occurring and a problem and
            2. What should be done about it (if anything)”

            You should further subdivide point 1:

            1a. Whether GW is occurring. (No doubt. The last 12 years of flat temperatures are insufficient to conclude that the upward trend from the 1800s has reversed.)

            1b. Whether GW is Anthropogenic. (Partly. Other natural forcings exist, and until they’re better understood, it’s intellectually dishonest to attribute temperature changes to either natural or manmade causes with any certainty.)

            1c. Whether GW is a problem. (Uncertain. There is no evidence that a warmer world would be better or worse on aggregate, even when you consider the potential costs of adapting to climactic changes. There is pretty solid evidence from prior ice ages that a substantially colder world would be a very, very big problem.)

      2. That seems religiously optimistic…

        I see you’re still banging 2 rocks together to make fire.

        Now, if technology could only do something about all the cholera, typhoid and typhus from all the horseshit in the street.

        Oh well, best to put a tax on horse feed to cut down on the use of horses.

        1. You can bang two rocks together and make fire? And here I am sitting around waiting for lightning to strike, like a sucker.

  8. the dead-enders will never give up, even if CO2 were beneficial to life.

  9. Global-Warming/Climate-Change might be dead but something else will immediately replace it. Global-Warming hysteria isn’t driven by science but the emotional need of articulate-intellectuals to generate rationals for why they should have the violent power to bend others to their will.

    It is no coincidence that the exact same people who pushed the idea that the “Energy Crisis” of the 70s was the result solely of the physical depletion of oil are the same people pushing Catastrophic Anthrogenic Global Warming today. They have one narrative: a society left in freedom will doom itself through mindless overconsumption. Only the benevolent despotism of the morally and intellectually superior articulate intellectuals can save us from the absolutely, utterly proven catastrophe du jour that is hurtling down on us like an invisible avalanche.

    Prior to the 60s leftists staked out a claim to power by claiming that by using the violent power of the state, they could provide the benefits of industrialism to more people on a more equitable basis that could a free voluntary system. By the 60s that claim had been disproven. Since they couldn’t hijack industrialism they could only obtain power by claiming to protect everyone from the evils of industrialism which is always going to kill everyone.

    This dynamic will never end because it is driven by our genetically programmed lust for power. They will never stop dominating the rest of us. Every generation will face a new imaginary threat which can only be prevented by giving articulate intellectuals more violent power over the rest of us. All the end of the world panics of the last 50 years are in fact the same monster resurrected like a Hollywood franchise creature in different guises over and over again.

    So Global Warming is dead. Big whoop. Now we just have to wait for the sequel.

    1. “It is no coincidence that the exact same people who pushed the idea that the “Energy Crisis” of the 70s was the result solely of the physical depletion of oil are the same people pushing Catastrophic Anthrogenic Global Warming today.”

      Dude, while there is certainly a political movement with varying motives, the main push for believing AGW is taking place comes from…all those darned scientists in various fields from various nations.

      1. the main push for believing AGW is taking place comes from…all those darned scientists in various fields from various nations.

        What a ridiculously loaded and dare I say unscientific statement. The “main push” as you call it to make people “believe” in the dangers of AGW is coming from specific scientists who have a vested interest in making people “believe” in the dangers of AGW. There are many scientists who are well versed in climatology who ARE NOT pushing the general public to “believe” in the dangers of AGW. Indeed, there are many scientists who argue (with facts and data and everything!) that a warmer planet would be a net benefit for humanity.

        What is MOST certain about global climate change is that it will happen, as it always has happened, regardless of mans involvement. And neutering the economy in order to assuage your environmental guilt complex is not something that will benefit humanity.

        1. Looks like someone needs the list of major scientific professional organizations that endorse AGW vs. those that don’t.

          1. Appeal to authority much?

            1. He has nothing else but appeal to authority.

              1. in a cute kinda way, he proves Shannon Love is right.

      2. MNG,

        Every major scientific organization who todays endorses Catastrophic Anthrogenic Global Warming also endorsed the resource depletion model of the “Energy Crisis” as well. The same is true for every false panic and scientifically back evil of the 20th century.

        When it comes to politics, scientist are just as consciously and unconsciously corruptible as anyone else. Because they are often exceptionally bright people, scientist as a group are especially prone to fall for any model that supports an intellectually elitist political and social system in which people like them are at the top. Again, this is easily demonstrated by even a casual glance at science in the last 150 years.

        The only thing that keeps science as an institution honest is repeatable experimentation and observation. Climatology is not a mature enough science to make falsifiable predictions i.e. there is no conceivable means of proving the models conclusive wrong. That in turns means the models might simply be a big pile of confirmation bias. For example, how accurately did the climate models of 1995 predict the specific climate patterns of 2010? Go look it up. They missed big time.

        Global Warming exactly fits the pattern that began with Eugenics and has repeated itself over and over again roughly once a decade. Scientist find something that might be a problem. Then a political group latches onto the idea as an excuse to expand state power. Since it’s insane to base large scale public policy on possibilities, intense institutional pressure develops on scientist to convert the “maybe” to a “definitely” even in the absence of experience or direct measurement.

        Don’t worry. Like I said, Global Warming is just a symptom of a political pathology. You’ll have another excuse to violently oppress your neighbors within a few years.

        1. God your good!

  10. The global warming warriors will likely have to go through the five stages of grief before accepting that their moment has passed and the movement is dead.

    Don’t see this happening. The gun control movement has been toast for a decade, and they haven’t accepted it.

  11. We are currently conducting a huge experiment on the planet. What would happen if we greatly increase the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere? The intial data from this experiment point to rising global temperatures. There is this assumption here that man couldn’t possibly impact the global climate despite climate change in all sorts of local areas due to other man-made actions. Deforestation, urbanization, and storm water runoff have altered local temperature and rainfall patterns, destroyed seas, created massive biological dead zones in the oceans.

    1. Go forward five spaces for trying to use science to justify religious beliefs. Good trolling.

      1. Keep burying your head in the sand. Facts will eventually win.

        1. Objecting to the rulings of the commission is an automatic demerit. We can’t have trolling unregulated. People just can’t do what they want, after all. I’d be anarchy.

          1. “I’d be anarchy.”

            Very Freudianly punny!

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          1. They teach Latin in the 8th grade now? Go figure…

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              1. Please don’t do that again.

    2. So your solution is to run the experiment “if we destroy the economy, will it save the planet?”. Your experiment sucks though, cause you are searching your hypothesis in advance and it can’t really be disproven.

      I say we continue with the original experiment. Can’t change horsement mid-apocalypse or something like that.

      1. Do you really think that a carbon tax would destroy the economy? Plenty of other countries have much higher gas taxes and are just doing just fine.

        1. I’m just saying we can’t justify your experiment until this one bears fruit. Give me some more deforestation, urbanization,storm water runoff, altered local temperature and rainfall patterns, destroyed seas, and massive biological dead zones in the oceans. Also, I want a warmer, more habitable Alaska and Canada.

          If I get my wish list then we can start phase two and tax everything to death to try to reverse them. I’m just not ready yet, not enough ‘bang’ in my catastrophe.

        2. YES!!!!

      2. It’s an interesting question whether AGW, to the extent it exists (and, keep in mind, AGW and GW are not the same thing) will kill or impoverish more people than the proposed economic seppuku solution proposed to combat the problem.

        1. I agree that it’s something that needs to be considered in light of some cost-benefit analysis. The problem with most analysis is the discount rate that is applied really alters the calculation a lot. How much should we value future generations is a key component of any such calculation.

          1. As much as people talk about solving the problem before it’s too late, I think we need more evidence before we do anything drastic. Climatology is a very speculative and model-driven science, and I doubt seriously we’re anywhere near understanding it well enough to know what actions to take.

            Frankly, I think the best solution is technology. We’re much more likely to turn to clean energy options if something like controlled fusion becomes a viable alternative.

            1. Like dilithium crytals?

              1. Like electricity?

                1. Like Condoms?

                2. Yeah, electricity sure solved the energy crisis.

                  More to the point, can you imagine someone with a problem that could be more easily solved by electricity sitting around in 1820 going “Damn if I’m going to address this problem, anyday the magical innovative market will provide the technology I so need!”

              2. Like Penicillin? *cough*

                1. Again, imagine a person in the 18th century or so before widespread use of antibiotics who was sick taking no action because “any day they are gonna invent something that will take care of this problem!”

                  What a mindset…Excuse us other people if we don’t buy in…

                  1. You are on a roll of stupidity today. I will imagine that person very easily. And I will imagine that person treating himself with blood letting or any of the other “treatments” that were available at that time all of which made him worse not better.

                  2. We must do something! The government need to establish more leech farms! Everyone is entitled to free leeches when they’re sick! It’s a right!

                  3. Oh yeah…back in the 18th century when the very idea of a free market was not even coherently formed by the likes of Adam Smith until 1776. Yeah, back when the biggest/flashiest inventions were primarily used to murder people. Yep, I couldn’t imagine why a person in the 18th century wouldn’t just wait around for a non-existent market to create something they never thought possible. At least now, we have some precedent for the impossible being triumphed.

                    1. “when the biggest/flashiest inventions were primarily used to murder people”

                      Which inventions were primarily used to murder people?

                  4. Again, imagine a person in the 18th century or so before widespread use of antibiotics who was sick taking no action because “any day they are gonna invent something that will take care of this problem!”

                    Er, what? That pretty much was the only option for most infections, so yeah I can imagine that…

                    1. I mean they might try some snake oil peddled by a guy yelling about a consensus of scientists, but that wouldn’t really help.

                  5. Oh, please. Let’s join reality, already in progress. Nothing we, Europe, and the other advanced liberal nations do is going to stop or even limit the use of fossil fuels in the rest of the world. You can push paper around all you want, but, at the end of the day, if technology doesn’t offer a solution, then we’re sunk if AGW is really a catastrophic threat. Which, of course, there’s virtually no proof of at all.

                    1. This pretty much says it. Even granting that AGW is real and a big threat (which is a possibility I don’t rule out), there is no fucking way we (meaning all people on earth) are going to greatly reduce fossil fuel use any time in the foreseeable future. Even if the US and Europe cut emissions by half, developing countries will still be developing (which means using more energy) and China will use as much oil as they can get their hands on.

                      If we are going to spend time and money doing something about global warming, it should be in figuring out how best to adapt to a changing climate, not on futile attempts to change the behavior of everyone in the world.

                  6. Well, of course they would do something. Physicians made house calls and, when called, would arrive at one’s door with jars filled with enough leeches to restore the patient to full, glowing, vigorous health.

    3. R2, have you gone off and fried your circuits again?

      Where’s Tony, the ‘dendrochronologists aren’t climate experts!!!,’ guy to tell us why else we should subject millions to lesser economic prosperity to maybe or maybe not do something about what may or may not be happening?

    4. You do realize that the fossil record shows that this is neither the warmest nor most CO2 dense time in history?

      1. You do realize that the majority of scientific professional organizations that endorse the view that AGW is occurring probably know that?

        1. Nihigi losonu lo cohe nocesac ayot cesanab! Aropogie tumec supo ro larero omeca lusacel. Tawi onob su dotenag teda sefiru batinie pie. Verey gebocal re tehecit nipera ahocepi hido yicag. Ierefom niet date be.

          Ne ban ne xede nid. Tipil ipiroyu tec opil cat apen ore amo vecafo? Aserale to ra nip poto etibac sonayil. Icanat sehe icaqas to udaregi pip nep ni niwenon hierum.

          Mitus fa lote guco dicene hugose. Hus fineteg wid cebo totec lahog roso emepalam; pitered tunip lafeba. Basicic soca ubinaca! Lig icexies mu rajayay imevinaf yenotes liesuh rehono tir.

          Ebire ifam lere catit nay, geset pu ven riseh. Ho na ifodehie ateyem osidanum oro foviena se resolot. Idohidid ge ahesot hiyic sat bopir sib rob lunieni.

          Kinut ugoseyed tabec sibema; bamiyor par ohegefo ler omali sey pepuqom dapom sief esan! Nohemir dufa opoloy oga radovot irer mil padaf.

          Dic toyelu meteh nenan zalitar cekeyi ubatepin voza oted bapeni. Ahubi semi nocima nocih cone anetaw lanu haqa ma tieyo. Falayo geyo iyupo nitapu dieni tobeteh loqan mipurer lu ribeni.

      2. Kilroy, as far as I know, CO2 is at its highest levels in the last 400 thousand years:…..e_in_Earth‘s_atmosphere
        If you have something that contradicts that, I’d be happy to read it.

        1. are you going to write the article, ar-too?

        2. This:

          Kilroy, as far as I know, CO2 is at its highest levels in the last 400 thousand years:

          Does not contradict, and may actually confirm, this:

          You do realize that the fossil record shows that this is neither the warmest nor most CO2 dense time in history?

        3. How about this?

          I know it’s from a paleoclimate scientist and not Wikipedia but still…

          He is arguing for AGW but he does admit CO2 levels have been higher in the past, and you can go through the bibliographical references if you need more support for the CO2 data.

        4. Lol uh, you just proved his point college boy. Do you holiday in Cambodia? Fuck Homo Erectus and his SUV.

    5. We are currently conducting an experiment by everything we do. Never in history has so many people lived on the earth. Everything we do in that sense is an “experiment”. That is such a fallacious argument.

      1. the science is not settled! on with the experiment!

    6. Don’t forget that industrializing the wilderness with solar plants, and windmills and plantationizing forests are policies advanced to reduce CO2 emissions. Global warming believers are UHI deniers who make sure not to think to hard about what the impact of their harebrained schemes will be, beyond the intended effect of making energy more expensive and creating an opportunity for rent seeking.

  12. The fossil record was obviously faked by libertarians and other type of Republicans.

    1. Troll, nice, it’s hard to fake a name. This is not something I said.

      1. Trying to sockpuppet me into making a retraction is low. How childish.

        1. “How childish.”

          Welcome to Reason H&R!

      2. See R2, you agree with most scientists on this issue, but it’s YOU that are like the creationists! Amazing, isn’t it?

        1. When the “scientists” have been proven to be liars who conspired to suppress any counter evidence or dissent against their theory, their opinion becomes suspect. The fact that Mann and company were proven to be liars doesn’t mean that AGW isn’t real. You can lie to advance a truthful cause. But it ended any idea that there is some kind of scientific consensus on this. There is no such thing. There is enforced scientific dogma on this issue.

          They destroyed all of the original climate records that they based their calculations on. There is no way to recreate their work. The only reliable climate record we have is the satellite record and it only goes back to 1979. They conspired to and corrupted the pier review process to make sure only work that supported their theory got published. The whole field is a mess.

          It has to basically start over from scratch. And if it in the end turns out that they were right anyway, then all the more shame on them for being such lying hacks and destroying their credibility with all but the fanatical.

        2. Their rhetoric is straight parroting of Fox News. Is Reason an affiliate?

          1. There ought to be a correlative to Godwin’s law that the first person who mentions Fox News or Rush Limbaugh has immediately lost the argument. I dare say no one on this board ever watches Fox News. So whenever you make a statement like that you are just saying you are too stupid to make an argument. Because make no mistake, that is the impression you are leaving.

            1. Remember, most people think “ad hominiem” is a synonym for “insult”.

            2. I actually watch Fox News. And the PBS News Hour. And the ED show. And Washington Week in Review.

              But I agree that the first person who mentions Fox News or Rush Limbaugh has immediately lost the argument.

            3. I dare say no one on this board ever watches Fox News.

              I listen to it for about 20 – 30 minutes a day driving home.* The panel they have on at around 5:45 (Central) is generally worthwhile.

              *Unless Bill O’Reilly is on. If he’s on, I listen to Mad Dog Radio.

            4. I like Glenn Beck about 1 or2 times a week. I like Chris Matthews about 4 or five days a week, but usually can’t stomach more than 15-20 minutes per episode.

              With Glenn Beck, I can usually tell within 5 minutes if the the whole episode is going to be just crap, or if it is going to be entertaining (even if still possibly crap).

              Chris Matthews varies alot more on a segment-by-segment basis. He can be very entertaining, and even occasionally informative in an “inside baseball” kind of way. Or he can be an unbearable Democratic shill who’ll spend an entire segment basically calling me a racist thru my own TV because I think government should be smaller than he thinks it should be.

              But my view time is about evenly split between the two.

            5. I dare say you are wrong. I confess I watch Fox News and have listened to Limbaugh. I don?t see how that it relevant to your argument, but it?s true.

  13. Sure as I know anything, I know this – they will try again. Maybe on another world, maybe on this very ground swept clean. A year from now, ten? They’ll swing back to the belief that they can make people… better. And I do not hold to that. So no more runnin’. I aim to misbehave.

    1. +9,000

  14. “In his latest column for The New York Times, Krugman laments that “all hope for action to limit climate change died” in 2010″

    I’m sure that a crackerjack economist like Krugman has all sorts of empirical data and studies to prove that (1) man-made global warming is in fact real (2) that quantifies the exact future effects of said warming and associated costs (3) quantifes the exact magnitude that the legislation will, in fact, mitigate said warming (5) quantifies the exact cost of said legislation to the public and (6) a rigorous cost benefit analysis of all the above factors determins that the benefits of the legislation exceeds the cost in order to back up his endoresment of it.

    Or he’s just pulling his opinion out of his ass just like he does on every other topic.

  15. libertarian environmentalism. It is not about no environmental rules. It is about the rights of people and property owners not to suffer economic losses because of the actions of others.

    Does this mean I should be able to expect the government not to impose unnecessary and counterproductive constraints on the economy?

  16. Their rhetoric is straight parroting of Fox News. Is Reason an affiliate?


    1. See my post above. When you mention Fox News or Rush Limbaugh, you have lost the argument. That goes both ways. If you appeal to them as an authority you have lost it. But when you make some dumb ass “you just heard that on Fox” statement, you have immediately forfeited the argument. And if you use the term “Faux News” you have forfeited all future arguments.

      1. Can we work another drink requirement in there somewhere?

  17. If CO2 is the main problem why don’t we plant more trees? Hatii is screwed up without forests, plant the fuck out of it.

    I know some forsts are disappearing, some are growing, etc… But it should be easier to plant a lot of C02 eatin plantlife then tryig the various schemes and ‘something’ must be done ideas.

    1. I’m pretty sure most of the worlds CO2 is consumed by algae.

      1. Oh, and of course it’s not even settled that CO2 is the problem. Many pro-AGW scientists believe it’s water vapour.

        Oddly enough, the earth seems to have a feedback system whereas the warmer it is, the more algae there is. That might mean it’s self-correcting for CO2. I’m not sure if there’s any analogous loop for water vapour.

        1. Kilroy,

          New research has just been released suggesting that phytoplankton levels worldwide have been falling.

          Given that cold waters hold more nutrients than warm, this makes sense.

          1. Thanks for pointing that out. I just read this after your post. Very interesting and worthy of further reading….

    2. I have heard claims that if we are to spend a bunch of money trying to reduce greenhouse gasses, it would be more efficient and effective just to use that money to pay countries/people with large rain forests not to cut them down than to try to reduce emissions.

  18. Yeah, electricity sure solved the energy crisis.

    Electricity solved a lot of problems; including the incidence of urban fires. But you wouldn’t be concerned with the suffering of immigrants living in tenements.

    And this:

    More to the point, can you imagine someone with a problem that could be more easily solved by electricity sitting around in 1820 going “Damn if I’m going to address this problem, anyday the magical innovative market will provide the technology I so need!”

    just demonstrates the extent of your willful ignorance regarding “market” based solutions.

    I realize it’s hard for you, but try to imagine somebody sitting in the dark, saying, “This sucks; I feel like reading a book, but those damned flickering candles make my head hurt.”

    1. “Yeah, electricity sure solved the energy crisis.”

      Sometimes the depths of MNG’s ignorance is kind of fascinating. What was he saying there? He seems to believe that electricity is a bad thing since producing it produced a new set of problems. The idea that the benefits of a new technology could outweigh the disadvantages seems not to occur to him. Strange.

    2. Electricity solved the crisis facing the industrializing world in the 1800s. That crisis, of course, was the lack of energy suitable for creating a non-agrarian economy.

      1. non-agrarian economy.

        Seattle City Council is convinced that every patch of undeveloped land in the city of Seattle will become a farm.

  19. Oops- left out the punch line.

    I will find a better way to light my home.”

  20. MNG|7.29.10 @ 1:46PM|#
    Yeah, electricity sure solved the energy crisis.

    More to the point, can you imagine someone with a problem that could be more easily solved by electricity sitting around in 1820 going “Damn if I’m going to address this problem, anyday the magical innovative market will provide the technology I so need!”

    Do you seriously believe that anyone here thinks of “THE MARKET” as some external supernatural being that provides the goodies like Santa Claus.

    For fuck’s sake, your hyothetical someone in 1820 trying to address the problem is the market (or, rather, part of the market). It’s also always a fact of the market that he or she might not succeed that year and society at large has to wait a few more years till someone else (possibley building on that first person’s work) solves the problem.

    But of course you think that if your someone in 1820 had only said “By Jove, I’m going to lobby Congress to vote to subsidize research to invent electricity” we wouldn’t have had to wait another forty or fifty years for it.

    1. Or what P Brooks just said.

    2. “But of course you think that if your someone in 1820 had only said “By Jove, I’m going to lobby Congress to vote to subsidize research to invent electricity” we wouldn’t have had to wait another forty or fifty years for it.”

      I disagree with this statement. It sounds good in hindsight, but you leave out the main problems. What do you subsidize? Do you just pay a bunch of scientists until a working electric grid is developed? What if the industrial infrastructure was so underdeveloped at the time that any attempt to build a working grid would have been prohibitively expensive? There are so many little developments as well as the development of society itself and its culture that led to the possibility of an energy infrastructure based on electricity that wholesale government subsidization could have made things worse, not better. It could have become one giant rent seeking mechanism that subsidized profits for companies and incomes for scientists rather than the actual, necessary developments that made the world a better place.

      The most interesting part of my reading of “Sex, Science, and Profit,” was when it mentioned a survey of the costs and benefits of research subsidization across several nations. The survey found no evidence that increased public R&D has any positive effect on how innovative a nation is.

      1. Do you just pay a bunch of scientists until a working electric grid is developed?

        Yes. What do you think we’re doing now with Alternative to Energy now?

      2. tkwelge

        What the fuck are you talking about?

        What statement do you disagree with?

        The statement I made suggested that MNG thinks that subsidies are a good idea. Do you disagree with this statement? If so, on what grounds?

        If you thought that I was saying that subsidies are a good idea, I suggest you reread my comment.

  21. You people are missing the point. Europe has cap and trade, so we have to have it. It’s the same reason I do everything. If Europe jumped off a bridge, I would introduce legislation for America to jump off a bridge. They’re more sophisticated than us and we wnat to be invited to their fancy parties.

    1. And, I so badly want them to like me. Stop holding me back America!

    2. Yes and any old excuse will do.

      That’s why emphasis has switched from the “we must save the earth!!!!!!!!!” squawking to the “we will all prosper with the green jobzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!” squawking.

  22. “Cap and trade is dead.”

    “Republicans will take over in November.”

    Even my assertions weren’t this ridiculous.

    1. Go ahead. Just whistle right on past.

  23. Dude, trust me; I won’t hold you back. I’ll carry your bags.

  24. They’re more sophisticated than us

    They know when to use “us” and when to use “we” anyway.

  25. Ding Dong! The Myth is dead.
    Which old Myth? The Wicked Myth!
    Ding Dong! The Wicked Myth is dead.

  26. In related news, the hysterical, over the top, end-of-the-world oil spill reporting seems to have been a wee bit exaggerated. Suddenly, nobody can find the oil. What happened to all the oil?

  27. Anyone else notice how Global Warming stories seem fewer and more far-between?

    I wonder if it’s because Dems see that ‘their guy’ is in charge and as such, he means well and eventually, as long as Dems remain in charge that Global Warming is being addressed in slow and indirect ways.

    Of course, there’s also this here economy, and I’d actually give Dems some credit in that even THEY know that most “fixes” for Global Warming will act as a brake on the economy, and they’re not going to touch it with a 50′ pole at this time.

    Then there’s the other angle where Dems are supported by environmentalists and Unions at the same time. Many Unions have been squeamish about GW legislation, and it’s been made pretty clear that in the tug-of-war that is Washington Special Interest politics, the Unions have a stronger pull on Obama than any other group, period.

    1. Well the purpose of the GW scare was to turn us into a bunch of bicycle riding, no a/c using luddites (except for our betters of course). Another way to achieve the same goal is to destroy the economy so no one can afford to drive or run their a/c. So they’re winning the war without have to fight the losing GW battle.

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