Reasoners on the Tube: Nick Gillespie Debates AZ's Immigration Law With Its Author on Stossel


No recent piece of legislation is more controversial than Arizona's recent law aimed at combating illegal immigration to the Grand Canyon State.

It's a bad law that usurps a (rare) legitimate role of the federal government, gets in the way of local law enforcement, and fails to address the basic facts of immigration patterns. Absent court challenges, it goes into effect on July 29.

Last week on Fox Business' Stossel, Reason's Nick Gillespie squared off with the law's author, state Sen. Russell Pearce, on the legality and efficacy of a very popular state law that has raised fears of widespread racial profiling and internal controls on free movement.

Approximately 5.30 minutes. Go to Reason.tv for more videos and downloadable versions of all our stuff.

Reason on the Arizona law.