Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid: Government-Run Insurance Option Is Inevitable


Give 'em hell.

Is the government-run health insurance plan that got so many liberals excited last year on its way back? Henry Waxman has been toying with the idea pretty much since the PPACA passed, and last week, 128 House Democrats introduced a bill that would add the so-called public option to the list of the PPACA's features. I didn't think the bill (or any bill like it) had much chance of passing in the near future, and I still don't. But I predicted that the debate over whether or not to have a government-run insurance plan would last a long time.

Now, it seems that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid agrees—and thinks that eventually, Democrats will win. "We're going to have a public option. It's a question of when," he told the liberal activists gathered at Netroots Nations over the weekend.

For more on the public plan, start here.

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  1. “We’re going to have a public option. It’s a question of when,”

    When the money’s gone Harry. We’ll sell a couple of aircraft carriers to cover next month’s medical bill.

    1. Then finally, when
      there’s nothing left…

      …when you can’t borrow
      another buck from the bank…

      …you bust the joint out.
      You light a match.

  2. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/hea…..vices.html

    Then this in inevitable to. Make no mistake. If you are sick and old, people like Harry Reid want to kill you.

    1. And the NAACP will watch approvingly right John!

      1. Your cracker ass should die as well, MNG.

        1. The White Devil and his Jew friends should, indeed, die for their sins. And MNG is no exception.

      2. I can’t figure out if MNG really is this lame or he has a brilliant spoofer. Either way it is quite entertaining.

      3. Yes, MNG, they will

    2. NHS seems to have deteriorated much more rapidly then other European universal health systems. Why is that?

      1. I think it is the most socialist and government controlled of all the European health care systems.

    3. Which is ironic because Harry Reid looks rather sick and old himself. Of course I can guarantee that no matter how much health care rationing would go on under a single payer system, no one is every going to evaluate for “cost efficiency” any treatment that he or Waxman or Bawney Fwank would want for themselves or their families.

    4. But, John, that would suggest there’d be a “death panel” or something, and we all know that can’t happen, cause Sarah Palin talked about it, and she’s a goofball, so….

      Right? Right?

    5. How incredible is it that the British NHS is falling apart before our eyes just a couple of weeks after we heard that putz Berwick lecturing everyone about how great their system is?

      I just wish the Senate republicans had the authority to subpoena his sorry, dumb ass.

  3. Yeah, and getting fucked in the ass in prison is inevitable, too, from what I’ve heard.

    Hey, that’s not a bad analogy. “We’re gonna fuck you, America, so just lie there and dig on it.” Robert Gibbs could make that announcement at his next press conference.

    1. Apparently, there’s a leak in this administration. The fact this “Guy” person got hold of our next press release script, is proof of disloyalty on the part of one or more people, who will be dealt with swiftly and with extreme prejudice once their identities are known.

      1. Y’wan’ I should have his fuckin’ legs crushed with cinder blocks, David?

        1. No… let ME handle this. I can make him *wish* his legs were broken.

          1. I’m Barack Obama, and I approve those messages.

            1. Sir, I respectfully suggest you CYA here. Plausible deniability is your friend. Remember our little chats about Mr. Inner Voice?

    2. “We’re gonna fuck you, America, so just lie there and dig on it.”

      Things could always be worse.

  4. “Wrong, Do it again!”
    “If you don’t eat yer meat, you can’t have any pudding. How can you
    have any pudding if you don’t eat yer meat?”
    “You! Yes, you behind the bikesheds, stand still laddy!”

    Pink Floyd

  5. He’s so out of touch with reality, that he might just think that he’s making a campaign statement to suck up to those notably collectivist Nevadans.

  6. Energizing the base before an election. Coupled with an all or nothing hail marry. Unfortunately I’m betting public opinion (which used to favor a public option, in part due to wording most of the time) is going to be slightly different this time around.

    1. If Netroots is the cream of the liberal base… we are so fucked.

      1. They are the cream of the Progressive movement, which has co-opted the liberal side of US politics. Kind of like Pat did with the Republicans for Bush one.

        1. Good summation. The cream of the two crops.

          Oh, what I wouldn’t give for a sudden outbreak of selective fatal heart attacks…

          1. “Oh, what I wouldn’t give for a sudden outbreak of selective fatal heart attacks…”

            an earthquake that takes san fran and LA into the pacific would be close enough.

            1. No, it has to take out the far-left AND the far-right. Otherwise, we’re going to have just one or the other left over, and either way we’d be even MORE fucked.

  7. Gawd, I wish this old disgusting old coot would go away. I can’t wait for Novemeber.

  8. >Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid: Government-Run, taxpayer subsidized Insurance Option Is Inevitable

    Fixed that for ya, Harry.

    I doubt the intelligence of anyone who believes a gocvernment run insurance plan of any sort would be more efficient that those run by the private sector.

    Progressives naturally would like an example of a failed government run insurance plan. I’m cool with that.

  9. Right. And he’ll still respect them in the morning, too. Politician lies to true believers, right after stupid animal tricks on the news.

  10. Heck, the true-blue progressives think of the “public option” as a weak compromise. Nothing less than “single payer” (government run health system to us normal people) is truly acceptable to them.

  11. Once Harry Reid and his henchmen get done gutting the private insurance market, all that will be left will be the “option.”

  12. Is the government-run health insurance plan that got so many liberals excited last year on its way back?

    It never went away. Are there still people will actually be surprised when we end up with a single-payer system?

  13. from John’s link:

    * Tighter rationing of NHS funding for IVF treatment, and for surgery for obesity.

    Damn, and they were so close to a cure…

  14. I can’t believe this douche is ahead in the polls right now and will probably remain my senator. More out-of-state money wants him to remain in office than in-state. Would he have a chance in hell if it weren’t for the 17th amendment? Not bloody likely.

    Overwhelming evidence of douchery: http://freeliberal.com/blog/archives/003277.php

    He doesn’t mind raising our taxes because he’s not using force! HAHAHAHA!

    1. That “ahead in the polls” thing is largely illusory. It’s basically a tie right now, with a lot of lurching around in the polls:

      Las Vegas Review-Journal:

      7/12 -7/14 Reid +7
      6/1 – 6/3 Angle +3

      Lot of churn in those numbers.

  15. Why this old bastard isn’t wearing prison denims is beyond me.

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