Barack Obama

Listen to Matt Welch on San Diego's KOGO AM 600 at 6:04 Padre Time


Subjects: Obama stimulus propaganda (Obamaganda?), California's ungovernability, and suchlike. On Chris Reed's great show. I think you can listen live at this link.

NEXT: Senate Republicans Promise to Cut the Deficit. How? They'll Get Back to You On That.

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  1. In studio???

    If so, keep an eye out for Roger Hedgecock lurking around the studio. Distract him by asking him about his silly last name and his being oustered as mayor, then kick him in the nuts.

    1. next time, demand that they bring back Jack Rice. Or Reich. Or however you spell it. I can never tell. That guy was awesome.

  2. When did reason start keeping time according to the Catholic Church?

    1. I intend to launch a thorough investigation into this christfaggotry.

  3. Did a good job and Chris Reed’s show is really one of the best radio shows out there.

  4. I live on Padre time.

    Speaking of baseball, without Kendry Morales, are the Angels slow and lethargic like Obama’s economy or what?

    And talk about your ups and downs!

    …it’s goin’, it’s gone! Grand slam, Kendry Morales…!


    Talk about your tough breaks. At least you got Matsui. …and I’m sure he’ll hover somewhere above .250 before the season’s over, you’ll see.

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  6. PM? Or AM? Gaah, I think I missed it.

  7. I like that! Your post inspires me very much. Good Luck to you!

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