"Chu has lost his ticket to ride"


Remember our old friend Officer Daniel Chu, the New York City transit traffic cop who broke multiple traffic laws on his way to Dunkin' Donuts? Marcia Kramer of WCBS reports that "Chu has lost his ticket to ride":

Chu is now on foot patrol, barred from using a traffic department squad car, after [City Councilman Dan] Halloran caught him breaking enough traffic laws to get his license suspended – speeding, going through stop signs, using flashing emergency lights to get a cup of coffee, plus:

"He was on a cell phone without a hands-free device," Halloran said.

That adds up to 18 points on your license. You lose it at 11. Chu apparently didn't like being caught and so he whipped out a ticket book and gave the councilman a ticket on what Halloran said were trumped up charges.

After CBS 2 HD's first report, people came out of the woodwork to complain about agent Chu and what they called his terror tactics in handing out tickets.

A small victory for the rule of law, but a victory nonetheless.