Ebert's Libertarian Temptation


A half-baked, utilitarian defense of freedom from Roger Ebert, a man who sounds like he missed the counterculture:

Vigilante activity is of course not the answer to urban crime, but what is? In Chicago, Daley floods many area with cops, and shootings continue nearby. It's all fueled by drugs and drug money, of course. You know, one of the areas where I think Libertarians may be right is about the legalization of drugs. There would be less of them with no profit motive for their sale. Less money for guns. Fewer innocent bystanders would die. Who knows?

Sure, you could dismiss Ebert as another wimpy Illinois liberal spouting anti-Tea Party propaganda, declaring a fatwa against mullets and burning American flag t-shirts.

But is it mere coincidence that the above quote came in a review of a movie called Harry Brown[e]?