That's How You Bork A Supreme Court Nominee


The Associated Press reports that failed Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork will publicly oppose Elena Kagan's nomination:

Bork plans to detail his criticisms of Kagan during a Wednesday news conference organized by Americans United for Life. The group calls itself the country's first national pro-life organization, and brands Kagan a pro-abortion activist.

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  1. Bork infantile grasp of biology invalidates anything else he has to say.

    1. I thought his expansive view of state power invalidated anything he had to say.

      1. His stance on Kagen and abortion is far more stupid. Everyone knows you can’t get pregnant like that.

        1. Don’t be me.

  2. How can one be a pro-abortion activist when abortion is legal? That’s like being a pro-speed limit activist or something.

    In this case, the pro-lifers are the activists and the pro-choicers are the conservatives.

    1. Don’t be his porn.

      1. If you’re going to be someone’s porn, make sure this is playing in the background.

        1. As soon as I found that this was her favorite band, I should have got the fuck out of there.

          1. Wow, that’s truly horrible. Was it recommended on Feministing?

            1. No, the girl I dated after long-term high school girlfriend was a huge fan. But she also loved My Life With The Thrill Kill Cult and Ministry, so it evened-out.

              She was fun. For example, she once slipped three Prozac in my soda because “I seemed unhappy.”

              1. Awesome. My one really insane ex only used to throw things, like lamps, clock radios, or cooking pots. AFAIK, she never tried to induce seratonin syndrome on me.

                1. My main comfort is that she is now twice-divorced and enormously fat.

    2. There were pro-Holocaust Nazis, because they knew that eventually their genocide would be stopped. Can you please stop our genocide?

  3. Robert Bork on free speech

    “Censorship as an enhancement of liberty may seem paradoxical. Yet it should be obvious, to all but dogmatic First Amendment absolutists, that people forced to live in an increasingly brutalized culture are, in a very real sense, not wholly free.”

    Why should I give a rat’s ass what that asshole thinks?

    1. Thanks to the Democrats who Borked him, you don’t…

      1. Don’t be his porn.

  4. Rejecting a First Amendment challenge, the Supreme Court on Monday upheld a federal law that bars providing “material support” to terrorist organizations.

    The decision was the court’s first ruling on the free speech and association rights of American citizens in the context of terrorism since the Sept. 11 attacks.

    Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., writing for the majority in the 6-to-3 decision, said the law’s prohibition of providing some forms of intangible assistance to groups said by the State Department to engage in terrorism did not violate the First Amendment.

  5. Every time I see his name, I think of the Swedish Chef. Makes it hard for me to take him seriously.

    1. I think of the Icelandic singer, but same result.

  6. And I would say that he was, indeed, fired because his research “is not aligned with the academic mission of the Department [of Environmental Health Sciences]”, once you recognize that their mission is to generate research that supports expanding state power.

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