War on Terror

Jon Stewart: "Your campaign was premised on reigning in presidential power. WHAT HAPPENED??"


A useful collection of video clips showing President Obama's rank hypocrisy when (not) implementing Candidate Obama's high-sounding moral prescriptions for waging the War on Terror within the limits of the Constitution:

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"Oh, I see. You used to have a little, now you have a lot."

Link via Julian Sanchez's Twitter feed. Reason has been all over this story since inauguration; see for instance Eli Lake's examination of "The 9/14 Presidency" and Jacob Sullum's column last week on Obama's "License to Kill."

NEXT: Spill Speech Latest Glaring Example of Obama's Vision Deficit

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  1. First to say ‘reining’?

    1. You’re just towing the lion.

  2. As goes Stewart, so goes urban progressive lemmings and independent- and-critical-thinking-impaired college students. Watch out, Mr. President.

    1. That would be his core constituency.

    2. NOOOooooOOOOooooOO0000ooo000ooo000oooOOO0000!!!

    3. I was thinking that while watching it. If he’s lost Stewart, the jig’s up.

      1. “If he’s lost Stewart, the jig’s up.”

        And he’s gone too…

  3. When we’ve lost Stewart, we’ve lost the war.

    1. He lost Olbermann AND Matthews last night. Obama is a magician.

      1. But he found all of their clips. WTF was up with all Madcow and Hyperolberman archive footage?

    2. Yeah, I’m sure Stewart will support the GOP in the fall elections.

      Obama can’t “lose” most of his lefty supporters. They’ve got nowhere to get lost to.

      1. He could lose them to the smart side – apathy.

        1. Obligatory.

          (The Sciuridae deride my one word link as spam. I appease them with more words.)

      2. Stewart had the epiphany that to be funny, he had to go after Democratic politicians that fuck up, not just Rs, since Team Blue is (currently) running the show.

        As a result, his show went from being frequently hard to take to LOL funny. He’s on a roll lately.

  4. Yay! And only 15 months late!

    1. Cultists can be a little slow on the uptake.

      1. To be fair, Obama did sing the “Batman” theme song. Cultish devotion was sure to follow.

        1. Adam West is destined to be President, by your reasoning, then. As mayor of Quahog, he’s already on track for higher office.

          1. You mean that isn’t Adam West running the country? Huh.

            1. Adam West is my president.

        2. Buyers remorse John-John?

          Watch me not fucking care.

          1. Have you been doing wake and bake again, JW?

            1. If only. It would make the next 40 months a bit easier to take.

              I picked the wrong president to stop sniffing glue.

              1. Well, you’ve still got your amphetamines and cigarettes, so there’s that.

                1. “There’s no reason to become alarmed, and we hope you’ll enjoy the rest of your flight. By the way, is there anyone on board who knows how to fly a plane?”

                  1. Excuse me, I speak jive.

                    no fidibo bedo Jack!

  5. It seems like the BP spill woke Stewart up. It’s nice he’s pointing out the hypocrisy of this administration a year after many of these incidents occurred. It would’ve been nice if he’d been timely with it (like Reason). Sounds like the honeymoon is over between Stewart and Obama.

    1. Stewart and other disillusioned lefties probably don’t fully comprehend the federal government/BP symbiosis at work here, and its role in the disaster, but they seem to be groping toward the ugly truth. It’s a start, anyway.

    2. Doonesbury had a strip last week noting the silence from the white house regarding the Gulf spill.

      The foundation in the house of obama is starting to show some cracks.

      1. People still read Doonesbury?

        1. Huh, people still remember Doonesbury well enough to ask if people still read it. Who knew?

        2. Only old geezers like myself

        3. It’s still printed in my local daily.

          Right under Dear Abby.

          1. they still print newspapers?

            1. They print them – the question is: people still read them?

              I kid, I read one every Sunday.

    3. I think most lefties have suspected Barry isn’t so great, but were waiting for a major event that they could claim ‘changed their mind’ about him.

          1. SPARTAAAAAAA!

          2. Spinal

            1. Meningitis?

  6. There’s nothing here: Stewart will go right back to sucking ass when it counts in 2012.

    1. Yup. The day Stewart endorses a primary challenger or a third party candidate is the day I will believe him when he goes after the Zero. Otherwise, he is just laying the groundwork to claim to be credible when he sucks ass when it counts in 2012.

      1. Unimportant. By going after Obama, they are shattering his perfect (to his true believers) image, and once that’s happened, they’ll start to see all the other lies and ugly truths that they were ignoring before.

        Believe me, this is not good for Obama and the way he operates. Not good at all. It doesn’t mean Stewart and others won’t still climb on the BLUE TRAIN at election time; but it does mean that the cult worship is going to take a body blow.

        1. Maybe. I think some of what is going on will be the education of a lot of liberals. Liberals under the age of 50 were in their teens the last time this country had real liberal policies. They have spent their entire life in the wilderness. When you are not in power, you get to live in a fantasy world where all of your ideas and policies work. Now, for the first time in their lives they are seeing their policies be enacted and fail spectacularly.

          A lot of them will just avoid reality by blaming everything and everyone else for the failure. But a few will be smart enough to reconsider their views. The Democrats need a soul killing defeat in November and again in 2012. Only that will cause enough of them to wake up and take the party back from the hard left. We need a healthier Democratic Party. Without it, we end up with no way to punish Republicans.

          1. This is just disappointment in Stewart as a proxy for the rest of the brain-dead TEAMBLUE crowd. He’s still their bastard.

            Stewart and gang just can’t help their fucking selves. Mocking Bush with the cackle and redneck imitation? Palin as the Gollum? Obama as just an innocent victime of the power, like Frodo? Mind you, I don’t have a prob lem with mocking Bush as an idiot, but it was the oonly trick in their bag for 8 years and 1.5 years later? It still is!

            “Wait! I can mock Obama too! I can do it! But it will be all respectful and statesmenly. Take THAT.”


            Shorter Stewart: “He’s tricksy! Yes, precious, he is tricksy.”

          2. “Without it, we end up with no way to punish Republicans.”

            Yes, the twilight zone ending to this could be a 2012 Republican dominance that doubles down on the war and keeps right on spending.

          3. How exactly is the current Democratic party dominated by the “hard left”? They seem much more in line with authoritarian centrism.

            1. “How exactly is the current Democratic party dominated by the “hard left”? They seem much more in line with authoritarian centrism.”

              You say that as if authoritarian and hard left were somehow not compatible. The only quibble would be “centrism”. I would hardly call most of their policies centrist – muddled compromises, yes, but between the hard left and the more moderate members of their own caucus.

              1. Because if the hard left had their way, we’d be out of Afghanistan, out of Iraq and Gitmo would be closed. Maybe we’d be in Darfur or some other place, but the hard left hasn’t exactly been a fan of Obama’s foreign policy.

              2. I guess it depends on what you consider the “hard left” in America. I think of people like Kucinich, Gravel, and Nader, who certainly don’t seem to have that much sway within the Democratic party

          4. John,

            Similar education for liberals occurred with Clinton. Like the Big O, Willie came to power bearing the hopes of the far left. They ended up hating him.

            What is amazing to me is the degree to which they cut and pasted the same liberal policy expectations onto Obama. Nary a thought to the lesson they should have learned from Bill.

            1. Or the lesson conservatives et al got with Bush.

        2. Yeah, I think Obama could go from non-threatening black man to scary black man faster than you can say “one-term president”.

      2. Agreed. This is like the lukewarm complaints about Bush from the National Review. Enough to maintain street cred and have something to point to years later when accused of hypocrisy. However, when the rubber hits the road, they’ll go back to their cuddle boy.

        1. An apt comparision.

        2. To be fair, some of those complaints were more than lukewarm.

      3. Says the guy who supports the GOP no matter what.

        What 2012 groundwork are you laying, John?

        1. I am not laying any groundwork. And I will only support the GOP until the Democrats become less vile or a third party has a chance to do something but help the Democrats win.

          And of course I didn’t say Stewart had to quit being a Democrat. He could support a primary challenger to Obama. I never said he had to vote Republican.

          And maybe you missed this, but the Republicans are not in power. I therefore have no reason to explain away their failures because they don’t have any as a minority party. When they do get back into power and fuck up, you can call me on it if I don’t go after them. But since they are not in power, you are just being a shit.

    2. Perhaps. But by then the “fever of funniness” may have been broken.

    3. It’s his job. He is as far left as his old room mate congressman Tony Weiner. He will swallow the koolaid when he has to.

  7. Uhmmm…..huzzah?

    On a serious note who honestly takes Stewart seriously? I think he’s funny but I dont watch him for political insight.

    1. We do.

    2. Why, I do.

    3. I’ve heard it said that, as far as news and current events go, Jon Stewart provides the dessert after your main course of real political insight and information. In other words, if you don’t already know the stories he’s talking about, you don’t get the news and you don’t get the insight. You have to get the real info before hand.

      He is funny, though. Sometimes.

    4. Many, many people.

  8. It seems like the BP spill woke Stewart up.

    My black ass.

    TEAM BLUE! til-deathers like Stewart and Sanchez have to get the “We totally criticized him too, see?” part of the act out of the way now, so the 2012 “But we regret that we have no alternative…” bootlicking will seem reasonable (to idiots).

    1. It doesn’t matter if Stewart, Olbermann, and Matthews tow the party lion in 2012, because a significant part of Obama’s voting block in 2008 was first-time voters (primarily young, white college students). If those people return to form and just don’t vote in 2012, Obama will have a big problem.

      1. Or they’ll graduate with worthwhile liberal arts degrees only to find no jobs, and if they do find employment, they’ll find substantial taxation burdens resulting from the start of the Cry-Baby Boomer retirements. Unfortunately, they’ll be too busy slaving away for Uncle Scam taxes and student loans they were duped into thinking wise or too apathetic from their Obama disillusionment to vote and the high-schoolers at the time of Obama’s election who texted to their friends during Algebra class how totally cool it was to have a black president will be the college students yet to be raped by reality and therefore a reliable voting constituency for Big O. College is about churning a steady TEAM BLUE voting bloc.

  9. Would’ve been funnier if they’d showed Hillary Clinton instead of Sarah Palin at the end.

    1. I was hoping for Biden or McCain.

    2. People forget that Sauron was a very successful leader who built Mordor from nothing to a middle world power. He made the trolls run on time, AND he was fiscally conservative but socially liberal.

      1. He made the trolls run on time


      2. Too bad he got entangled with that sticky foreign allegience with Saramon. Twas his downfall.

        1. Hmmmm I thought it was loose borders and illegal aliens. After all if the border guards had done their jobs instead of fighting over how to split up the valuables they took off those who entered the country illegally, then the whole situation would have been avoided.

  10. By going after Obama, they are shattering his perfect (to his true believers) image, and once that’s happened, they’ll start to see all the other lies and ugly truths that they were ignoring before.

    Unfortunately, there are people out there who are still completely devoted to our Clean and Articulate African American in Chief. I was just talking to one last night; he told me how PROUD he is that we have somebody so intelligent in the White House.

    I didn’t know whether to laugh, or puke.

    1. The ability to puke at will would be a nice talent.

      1. Only really comes in handy when the wife wants you to go to dinner with her family.

    2. Puke on him, then point and laugh.

      “It’s the vomit of truth! Yeah, it burns a little, doesn’t it?”

      1. “Dare you contradict The Vomit of Truth?!?”

        Worst superhero ever. With the possible exception of Guy Gardner.

        1. I always thought Chauncey Gardner was pretty great. Until we elected him President…

        2. “Good Time” Charlie Vickers is my Green Lantern.

          By the way, anyone notice that Walternate in the season-finale of Fringe had classic “Red Lantern” comic books hung on his wall? My family didn’t catch the joke and wondered why I was laughing and pointing at the screen.

      2. You could become a Phillies fan.

    3. He’s only a Halfrican American

    4. They really like the CAAAC. Figures.

    5. Carter could be described as “smart” too, in certain contexts. That whole presidency thing didn’t work out too well for him though.

  11. Comparing Obama to Frodo is an insult to Frodo. Frodo never wanted the ring in the first place; Obama’s whole adult life has been devoted to attaining greater amounts of power.

    1. No kidding. Obama would have bitch slapped Bilbo and taken the ring, put it on and said “I got game”. His entire life has been one big craven pursuit of power.

      1. Wouldnt that be 95% of Washington anyway?

        1. Well yeah. I didn’t say he was different just craven.

        2. 95% didn’t claim to be Hopey McChangey, though.

      2. So Obama is Gollum? It makes more sense anyway.

        1. Yeah. Listen to one of his speeches sometime. They make about as much sense are as annoying as any of Gollum’s dialog in the movies.

          1. I don’t know about that. Gollum’s song about fish made more sense than what Obama said about the oil spill and “clean” energy.

        2. Not even. Gollum wanted the ring but didn’t use its power for anything other than hunting food.

          I’d say he’s more like Saruman, had Saruman gotten his hands on the ring. Ushering in a new age etc.

          1. I was going off of the ring-bearers, rather than those who wanted.

            1. I was going off of the ring-bearers, rather than those who wanted the ring.

              Typing is hard.

              1. I suppose you were voting for those tree hugging elves?

                1. Personally I liked the Hobbits.

                  1. Seemed like perfect libertarians to me.

          2. Mordor had environmental challenges but, much like modern China they managed to build a first world economy out of the ruins in a very short time.

            1. Brilliant!

            2. If we could be Mordor for just one day, we could effect some positive changes. Sigh.

    2. That’s actually a great litmus test for political office: “You get the One Ring. What do you do with it?”

      Of course, we’d need reliable polygraphs to make that work.

      1. If they answer, “take it into Mordor through Shelob’s lair and hope for all the orcs to kill eachother while you sneak over to Mt Doom,” I don’t think they should be allowed anywhere near power.

        Give it to the Eagles, throw it in the Dead Marshes, whatever. Work smarter, not harder.

        1. I was thinking more generally: “Use it and take my place as the new Dark Lord” versus “Destroy or hide the evil thing.”

        2. Now, how will you get an epic saga out of working smarter?

          “Lord Of the Rings: Double Entry Bookkeeping Edition.”

        3. Sell it to a scrap gold buyer staying at the Bree Super 8.

        4. The eagles at the end always bothered me too. If you could have gotten your eagle buddies to give you a ride at any time, why didn’t you just do that in the first place?

          I guess it is like Roger Rabbit’s abilities with handcuffs – “only when it was funny.”

          1. Sauron employed a sophisticated ground-to-air-eagle-elimination system. Plus he had the Flying Nazg?l (on loan from Ringling).

          2. You didn’t notice the Eagle rescuing Gandalf from Saruman in the 1st movie?

            You don’t get Tolkien’s Catholic sensibilities. Someone had to suffer for salvation to be acheived.

      2. Use it as a cock ring and have mind-blowing sex.

      3. Ask ’em the question during an MRI scan. That’s proving to be fairly reliable, if creepy in a science-fiction dystopian sense.

  12. Hope! Change!

    What we got left?

    1. Healing the planet?

    2. Lots and lots of government. I can’t tell if Stewart is really enough of an idiot to think Obama was going to reduce government powers, or if he is just lying when he says so. Neither would surprize me.

    3. The threads on here where MNG claims that future students will be reading Obama’s speeches like Lincoln are hysterical. There is going to be a lot of re-writing of personal history in the next couple of years. By 2012, no one will admit to ever supporting the guy much less being a part of the cult. You wait. By 2012, the story will be, “we just supported Obama because the only other choice was McCain. Hillary is who we really wanted anyway and idiot Democratic caucus system let him steal the nomination. No one ever said he would be a great President.”

      1. Hillary would have been so much worse. She’s smarter than Obama and ten times more evil. How soon we forget.

        1. I don’t know if she is worse. More like different bad. Like paddle vs. single tail.

      2. Yeah but in 2062 I bet children will be learning about what a great and wonderful president Obama was and how everybody loved him and his policies and how he saved this country of ours from the Great Recession. FDR anyone?

        1. No. In 2062 children will be toiling for their Chinese overlords in Appalachian coal mines.

          1. Don’t be ridiculous. Appalachian coal will be tapped out by then.

            1. yea, it’ll be New Jersey Trash Mining in 2062

            2. There’s hundreds of years of Appalachian coal left. That part of the U.S. is the Saudi Arabia of coal.

  13. And Switzerland go 1-0 up over Spain. Could we see an upset?

    1. Can I hire a mercenary team to go in and shove that fucking vuvuzela up the ass of each and every person using it?

      Can I has extreme prejudice?

      1. How about a devuvuzelator VST plugin for your media player?


        1. Sweet. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help my tee-vee.

          1. Do you have an EQ in the settings? You could filter out the B-flat note and its harmonics. There are guides on the web for that shit.

              1. Woe to the dipshit who shows up at Yankee Stadium or Wrigley Field with one of those abominations. Vuvuzela colonoscopy, anyone?

                1. An older friend said they had them here in the 1970’s at baseball games. Before technology took over and compressed air horns became the annoying rage.

                  1. There will be blood. I have spoken.

                  2. At least poets now have a word that rhymes with Methuselah.

                  3. An older friend said they had them here in the 1970’s at baseball games.

                    Yep. Used to sell them at the concession stands. I love ’em. Still see ’em at minor league hockey games, sometimes you get Dueling Plastic Horns which is great in a 18,000 seat arena with 3500 people in it.

        2. they could have at least made a John Madden filter if they made a vuvuzela filter…

      2. Fuckin’ A. And the asshole supporters who whine about people who don’t like them going against “local tradition”. Fine then, guess what multinational sporting event you get next, South Africa. Here’s a hint: rugby or cricket. Take your pick. For the next 50 years, rugby or cricket, and that’s it. Assholes.

        1. Thing is, it’s only been a “tradition” for about 7 years.

          1. Not just that, but fucking MLS in the old U.S. of A. has had the cheaply made analog of that since its inception. Primarily used by kids for annoying everyone and by adults for drinking massive amounts of beer in a short period of time.

          2. FIFA made them give up cannibalism.

          3. Thing is, it’s only been a “tradition” for about 7 years.

            Yeah, that ups the annoyance factor.

            Switzerland just upset Spain, though. Wow.

            1. I was one of the many who thought Spain would walk over everyone, pretty much, even though I should know better. On the other hand, NO ONE thought they’d start choking immediately. Usually they wait a bit.

        2. You lose the Penguin, you’ve lost the anti-podes.

          1. We can hear that shit from South Africa.

    2. Spain will commit collective hara-kiri if they get knocked out this early. I have a Spanish restaurant a few blocks from me that is owned and operated by some Spaniards who live in my building, and they’ve been putting up signs about how they’re going to be showing every game on big screen TVs, and of course saying “come see La Furia Roja!”. I’m worried that they might go postal in the halls if they lose.

      1. They still have Chile to deal with.

        And it’s interesting to note that this is basically the Espanaphone group. Except that the Italo-Franco-Germano-Romansh team is winning.

    3. Wow. Go away for a 35 minute meeting and the world falls apart.

      1. Well I’m a kiwi, my drinking buddy/labmate is Swiss, and the barmaids at our local are Slovakian, Spanish, and French. Could be a good night. 🙂

      2. And it’s all over!

        Ze Sviss! Ze Sviss haf von! Holy fuck.

        1. I’m going to celebrate by adding swiss cheese to my lunch.

          1. Add an alpine lager to that menu. 😉

            1. I’m going to celebrate by adding a comely Swiss maiden to my lunch.

              1. JW, your wife has finally sent you over the edge. You are supposed to make sweet love to comely Swiss maidens, not eat them for lunch!

                1. Eating them is called foreplay, dude. And it makes them want to do it with you again.

                  The good kind of eating out, not the cannibal kind.

        2. “Ze Sviss! Ze Sviss haf von! Holy fuck.”

          My thoughts, too. I think they’re wondering in Spain if it’s too early to panic.

    4. Sports? To each *yawn* his own.

      1. Posting about how bored you are with a group’s topic of discussion? To each *yawn* his own.

  14. FEH! So now the ones that sucked his big blue dick two years ago, are complaining about taking it up the ass. Will we be any better off when we go back to getting ass raped by redcocks?

    1. Quite a bit of phallic imagery packed into two sentences. Kudos.

    2. Will we be any better off when we go back to getting ass raped by redcocks?

      If we get more Ron Paul people in Congress then yes, if we get more Neocons and Paleos then no

  15. I was shocked to watch The Daily Show finally hold the Obama administration accountable for once. They go to easy on Obama, its not nearly as funny, and not nearly as critical of the Bush administration.

    1. That last sentence should read:
      They go too easy on Obama, its not nearly as funny, and not nearly as critical now as they were of the Bush administration.

    2. You mean the Daily Show isn’t spending all its time concentrating on the remaining three republican Senators?

  16. You could filter out the B-flat note and its harmonics.

    Or you could, as I do, just filter out anything remotely connected with futbol.

    1. I’m sorry, did you say something?

      Spain may be choking earlier than usual.


  17. what do you expect from a con man?

  18. That’s actually a great litmus test for political office: “You get the One Ring. What do you do with it?”

    Only if it kills him if he does anything but lock it in a drawer.

  19. Should there really be a “g” in reigning?

    1. Oh, good catch. That is an error.

  20. The real question is does this segment make Stewart a racist or not.

  21. In America’s sandy silence, all alone,
    Stands a gigantic Leg, which far off throws
    The only shadow that the Desert knows:
    “I am great OBAMAMANDIAS,” saith the stone,
    “The King of Kings; this mighty City shows
    “The wonders of my hand.” The City’s gone,
    Nought but the Leg remaining to disclose
    The site of this forgotten Babylon.
    We wonder, and some Hunter may express
    Wonder like ours, when thro’ the wilderness
    Where London stood, holding the Wolf in chace,
    He meets some fragments huge, and stops to guess
    What powerful but unrecorded race
    Once dwelt in that annihilated place.

    1. You know what people do when they see poetry, or song lyrics, in a comment thread?

      They fucking skip over them, right quick like, too.

      Get a job, and quit fucking mucking about.

      Whatever, you are probably a computer anyways, some unfeeling bot.
      Only things with no emotion or empathy would be clueless enough to post some fucking shit ass song for nobody to read.

      I hope you die.

      1. Also, what the fuck is up with Reason(drink!)?

        Why does your website consisitently (sp?, fuck yourself with a claw-hammer if you care)rape my cute little firefox?

        That woodland creature takes it hard from you fuckers, and I waste my prescious (sp? once again the spell check is useless anyways so eat a dick)drinking time waiting for this shit to load. Why not just woodburn “Reason” onto the head of my penis? Some kind of kochtopus(okay, that is a made up word but…fuck spell check)mommy issue, can’t post on demand, fuck your romantic view of love, KOCHTOPUS!!!

        Dammit, I wish someone else would feel the pain when I punch myself in the taint.

        Also, in conclusion, etc…etc, no one reads these fucking ass-filing, ball-numbing, roadflaredownmypeeholefuckingpoems/songs…bitches.

      2. I caught the Shelly reference, read it through and found it amusing. So obviously you don’t speak for everyone.

    2. You know what people do when they see poetry, or song lyrics, in a comment thread?

      They fucking skip over them, right quick like, too.

      Get a job, and quit fucking mucking about.

      Whatever, you are probably a computer anyways, some unfeeling bot.
      Only things with no emotion or empathy would be clueless enough to post some fucking shit ass song for nobody to read.

      I hope you die.

  22. Stewart’s pacing is terrible. If his audience were half as smart as they like to think, he would have time for 3x the jokes, or his show could, mercifully, be 1/3 the duration.

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