Drink Up! Parent-Teacher Conferences Are Now Enforced By Law


If only mothers dressed in lampshade hats and white gloves, we wouldn't have to arrest them

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy has a novel idea for improving attendance at parent-teacher conferences: Threaten mommy and daddy with jail.

At this time we are in the exploratory phase of a creating a countywide ordinance that would make it a violation for any parent or guardian who fails to go to at least one parent-teacher conference during the school year. Some parents or guardians never set foot in a school. I would like to look at this as an incentive to encourage those responsible to take and active interest in their children's education. The thrust of my proposal is not to lock parents or guardian up; that would be done only as a last resort.

I have seen that younger and younger children are committing more violent acts and we need to look at different approaches. I know we need to try something different. We should not have to legislate this, but what we have been doing is not working.

Thanks to John Mozena for the tip.

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  1. The thrust of my proposal is not to lock parents or guardian up; that would be done only as a last resort.

    Translation: as long as we can keep our jails at 110% of designed capacity, it won’t be necessary to seek out a new revenue stream.

    1. “Not to lock up” doesn’t mean what they think it means.

  2. So “the stick” is an incentive? I’d be worried about what they’re going to do with the carrot.

    1. They gave the carrot to public sector unions. Duh. The stick is for the general public.

      1. Long as the brown end of the stick is pointed in the opposite direction, we’re somewhat okay.

    2. I’m really sick of these fucking dogs describing threats of force against you as an incentive.

      1. I believe it’s called extortion. And it might be illegal.

        1. Illegal? Since when do laws apply to our betters in government?

      2. I have been thinking the exact same thing regarding all the “buckle up, or WE WILL FIND YOU” commercials that WA state has been playing recently. They literally threaten you in a sinister tone that they will “get you” if you’re not wearing your seat belt. It’s fucking unbelievable.

        1. Click it or ticket, douchebag!

          1. Click it or ticket, douchebag!

            If they actually took a semi-humorous tone like that, It’d be a small improvement.

            Do we need commercials for wearing a seatbelt, still, in the 21st century? Do we even need the law anymore? Anyone left who is too retarded to reduce their likelihood of being involved in a fatal car crash deserves all the darwin awards they can earn.

            (Ignoring the fact that seatbelt laws are nothing but revenue generators that long ago dropped any pretense at safety.)

            1. Don’t forgot also a good way of pulling brown people over for ‘probable cause’

            2. seat belts killed my cosen in November of 2009 when she was stuck in her car by one under water

            3. seat belts killed my cosen in November of 2009 when she was stuck in her car by one under water

        2. I got a 200$ ticket in Bellingham and not wearing my seatbelt was the main infraction. Can’t even remember what they pulled me over for.

          1. It’s a primary offense, so that’s all they need.

            It’s now also a primary to be talking on your phone and driving*. Now every time I pass a cop I put my hand to my ear. Go ahead and waste time stopping me, piggies!

            *unless you have a hands-free device which can be had at any rent-seeking electronics dealer.

            1. This was in 2008. I don’t think it was a primary offense then.

              1. Actually according to wiki it’s been a primary since 1986.


                1. I stand corrected.

                  At least it seems we all agree it is a stipud law.

                  1. Oh yes. Washington State – Bringin’ da Stoopid since 1986 (at the latest).

                    1. At least there is no income tax here. But the sales tax is done in a stupid way.

                    2. No income tax – yet. Don’t forget that like rust, stupid never sleeps.

                      Yeah the sales tax is messed up, I agree. At least for now we can write that off of our federal.

                    3. Oh ya I forgot Gregoire mentioned wanting to bring it back last election. Just a matted of time unfortunately.

                    4. But only for the “rich”…so, ya know, you will never have to pay it.

                      I know many otherwise intelligent people who really believe that one. And also that the “rich” are greedy fucks and deserve it.

          2. Seat belt is now a primary offense in WA, dude. They can just pull you over for that.

            1. *thumbs nose*

              BEAT YOU! BEAT YOU!

              1. (punches sage in leg for a charlie horse)

                1. OW!

                  (gives epi a noogie)

                  Want some ice cream?

        3. You know what is amazing to me? 25 years ago the vast majority of Americans would have been utterly appalled by all of this.

          1. I remember in a debate 25 years ago saying, “If you want to jack up cigarette taxes because they’re unhealthful, why not have a tax on fatty foods, too.” “Oh, that’ll never happen.”

            1. I remember when some of us thought that “tobacco and alcohol are legal and they do farm more arm tha marijuana” was a good argument for legalization of pot.

        4. They actually have the same ads here in MI. They make me want to puke. How can people not be disgusted with them. It’s like they are not even trying to cover their bullying anymore, they’re celebrating it. One advantage here though, MI is so far in debt that police budgets are being slashed and officers layed off. The media decries this as a travesty, because of course law enforcement is sacrosanct, but it has made the roads much nicer to drive, not being harassed and shook down every five miles. Translation: less police = better quality of life.

  3. Hey, how about a law requiring them to come to my house and clean up the toilet?

    1. “Them” being the teachers.

    2. Hahaha pass me a leg please!

  4. So not only are the children forced to go to school, the parents are too?

    If you send your kid to public school, you are a moron.

    1. I’m a moron, and I agree with your assessment. If I had the means, I’d pay to have the public schools forcibly converted into private schools.

      1. You could have just stopped at the first comma, you know. NutraSweet would have.

        1. It makes me sick that I have to subject my kids to the inept tyranny of the public school system. It was bad enough when I was a kid, but it’s just bizarro bad now.

          1. But aren’t you a filthy parasite lawyer? Aren’t you rich from suing the tobacco companies or something?

            1. I couldn’t have done that shit even for the billions it paid. What a scam!

              Besides, I’m in-house. It pays, but it doesn’t pay like that.

          2. Think of it as a trial-by-fire… if they can make it out with their minds intact, they’ll have a leg up over their peers.

            1. Hahaha pass me a leg please!

            2. It’s incredible the nonsense we have to overcome. I’m also completely shocked at what passes for education in high school. And I mean in AP classes.

              1. I can’t imagine. It was bad when I went to school, but you could just sort of slide by unnoticed if you played your cards right. At least most of my teachers figured out if they would just leave me alone to read a paperback, I’d not disrupt the class to much.

                And as you can imagine… I could fucking disrupt a class if I wanted to.

                1. I graduated from high school in 1984. My school was a good one for the area, and, though it was a mixed bag, the AP classes were generally very good.

                  Now, of course, the quality of education is in the toilet. My oldest, just finishing his junior year, gets credit for things like decorating a t-shirt with historical photos (for AP History). I don’t blame him for getting whatever points he can, but when I took the same class in the same county, it was taught pretty much like a college course–copious lectures, several exams, course ends.

                  1. Every time I hear someone describe what their child has to do in AP classes, an overwhelming sense of doom takes hold of me. Anyone have any stories about AP Chem? I’m guessing they are making vinegar volcanoes by now.

                    1. WHOA, slow down Skr! They’re wearing goggles, gloves and smocks before they add the vinegar, right?

                      I dunno, still sounds dangerous. Maybe they can just take some weather measurements for their project. Using only mercury-free thermometers of course. And they’d better be taking their measurements indoors, what with all the climate change and solar radiation that’s out there.

                    2. I laughed so hard it posted twice.

                      I remember making and consuming aspirin in AP Chem. I can’t imagine that would fly anymore. I also remember hearing “Everybody out!!!” as one person released a cloud of chlorine gas during an experiment. Good Times.

                    3. Nah, that’s too dangerous.

                    4. Anyone have any stories about AP Chem?

                      Here’s one about AP *Physics*. The students had to construct Rube Goldberg machines for various “purposes”. They wanted to combine them into a meta-machine, but the teacher nixed the idea. (Guess she’d witnessed a vinegar volcano tragedy.)

    2. If you send your kid to public school, you are a moron.

      I resemble that remark.

      1. I don’t believe you. You spelled “resemble” correctly.

        1. He meant “reassemble”. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. The thrust of my proposal is not to lock parents or guardian up

    Um, isn’t Detroit in Wayne County? Sorry, Ms. Worthy, but half of those parents are already locked up.

    1. Good luck finding the fathers!

  6. So lets say I run a dry-cleaning business. Lets say that 50% or more of the items that come into my store leave either in the same condition or worse then when they came into the store. Then lets say that I blame this fact on my customers. Then lets say I set up meetings that everyone is invited to on how my customers can help me not fail so bad at cleaning their clothes, since it is actually their fault that the clothes aren’t being cleaned. Then lets say that I threaten to take them from their house at gunpoint and lock them in my basement if they don’t come to these idiotic meetings.

    What would you think of me?

    1. I’d blame Calgon.

    2. We’d make you a special prosecutor.

    3. Our best looking politicians would find a high ranking, unelected position to stuff you in.

    4. I’d say you could advise your customers that there are some stains that just wont come out, or look worse after being washed. Tell them to quit shitting their clothes.

  7. I have an idea: let’s make it a crime to raise a less-than-perfect child. That should fix everything.

    1. I have an idea: let’s make it a crime to raise a less-than-perfect child. That should fix everything.

      1. When just being alive is a crime, what other laws do we need?

  8. Translation:

    I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.

  9. Norks even with Brazil at halftime (0-0). Must be that Juiche Juice cure-all of Kim’s.

    1. “Why is anyone surprised at the shape and discipline in the North Korea side?” blathers Sean Cassidy. “Have they not seen a May Day parade?”

      1. The Norks should win the whole Cup; that would be hilarious, and as a side benefit, Kim Jong might let them live when they arrived home.

        1. As a corollary to that comment, it has been a long-held belief of mine that if the U.S. were to win the World Cup, nuclear war would follow. The world simply couldn’t handle a U.S. victory.

          1. I think the lulz at the world’s chagrin would be of such magnitude that it would be worth a nuclear war.

            1. No English person in London would be safe from my fake Californian accent. ๐Ÿ™‚

              1. “What Jefferson was saying was, hey! You know, we left this England place ’cause it was bogus; so if we don’t get some cool rules ourselves – pronto – we’ll just be bogus too! Get it?”

                1. Excellent. I could see Spicoli as a soccer fan too.

                2. Excellent. I could see Spicoli as a soccer fan too.

          2. I would pay to see the world’s reaction when they realize 90% of Americans don’t even give a shit that we won.

            1. Was amused by this apropos comment today:

              United States: I, like most Americans, can tell you who is 5th on the depth chart in the Buffalo Bills receiving corps, but I can’t tell you the best soccer player on our team. All I know is we will probably win the whole fucking shit! I’m an American, that means I have confidence without reason. I think I can beat all of you up. I think my dick is the biggest here. I think I’m smarter than every person to walk the earth before me. Oh hell, I think I could probably fly a plane if left alone in one for about ten minutes. Even if we lose, we’ll probably just take another bite out of our cheeseburgers and not give a shit. That alone makes us winners. You know what happens when Ghana loses? A few buildings get burned down and the players all get beheaded. I can’t even comprehend getting that sad about soccer. It’s just kicking a ball! It’s like the oldest game ever! How is that even popular? You don’t see Atari having Pong tournaments popping up all over the world! There are way better games invented, get with it! In football, we’ve got the play action pass, the corner blitz, the double reverse?these are complex strategic plays implemented with the greatest precision by the greatest athletes in the history of the world. How could we care if a guy named Alexi kicks a ball in a net? You know what the best thing a soccer ball ever did? I’ll tell you? it was keeping Tom Hanks company on that deserted island.

              1. I like soccer, but you have to love that comment about Pong.

                1. This one’s for you bro:

                  France: The French are great at nuclear power, cheese, and body hair; however, in the realm of competitive sport, you get the feeling that most of the players will fall victim to that classic French ennui, and quit mid-match to write a poem about a listless summer’s evening. They have players named “Sebastian” and “Florent.” In America, you know what gets named Sebastian and Florent? Fluffy Persian cats. These war-losers are one and done. Or is this thing double elimination? I have no fucking idea.

                  1. Americans fought two wars to not have to pay attention to soccer. An American watching soccer dishonors our memories of the war dead and besmirches their sacrifice.

                    1. Soccer is the tool of the oppressor–you’re right!

                    2. What dose any of this have to do with the Issue most of the comments avoid the issue way to get your Will done.

                  2. Nice.

              2. I feel the need to be pedantic. Wilson was a volleyball.

            2. It’d be the ultimate schadenfreude.

            3. I would pay to see the world’s reaction when they realize 90% of Americans don’t even give a shit know that we won.

              1. I studied in Germany back in ’99 and while I was there the U.S. beat Germany in a friendly (or whatever they call games that apparently don’t count). My German friends were devastated and one remarked that everybody back home must be going crazy. I believe my response was, “Who beat what now?”

        2. Apparently they don’t do many gay dives either. It’d be hilarious if they do well, but I kind of feel bad for supporting them in this match.

          The lure of the underdog eh.

          1. Brazil just scored. Frankly, I’m for them this time.

        3. Uh oh. 1-0 Brazil…
          It’s really sad, seeing victims of totalitarian regimes literally playing for food, if not their very lives. Shame on FIFA for allowing this travesty of justice, and giving the dwarf dictator a world stage.

          1. And shame on ESPN for pretending that N. Korea is not a slave state.

            1. I’ve got it on mute and only look up every ten minutes or so. What is ESPN not saying?

              1. That’s just it. They’re not saying. But they did just mention that the N. Korean “fans” in the stadium are paid Chinese actors. But they failed to elaborate. That wacky Kim!

                1. 2-0 now.
                  Kim’s urge to kill rising…

                  1. It’s the one thing that bothers me about favoring Brazil–there might actually be human consequences if His Gloriousness is displeased by the loss.

                    1. That kind of backfires on him, since killing your veteran players means that next time around you have nothing but green rookies.

                    2. But what to the Norks even have to do other than practice? I mean, other than sustenance farm and make dirt soup.

                2. I just saw a Los Angeles Times article on the game. There was a quote that offended me a little: “North Korea — improbably and delightfully — scored a goal against the team that is favored, along with Spain, to win the tournament.”

                  “Delightfully?” Look, I feel for the citizens of that effed-up nation, but I’m not going to get all warm and fuzzy at anything at all that assists their government’s insane pretensions.

          2. An historical precedent to Maicon’s goal:


            1. That was a great shot (in the Brazil game). The second goal was pretty nice, too.

              1. Another acute angle shot, with a very excited commentator:


                1. Almost over. Wonder if the loss will provoke Dear Leader in actually launching that war he keeps threatening? Is he that unhinged?

                  1. He’ll probably just settle for roasting a perceived rival in Camus cognac.

                    1. Or attack Brazil.

                    2. More likely Japan. ๐Ÿ™‚

                      I suspect his real goal in this cup is to finish higher than South Korea.

                    3. As in most things, South Korea is an order of magnitude better than the North in soccer.

                  2. You are worthress, Pro Ribertate!

    2. Must be that Juiche Juice cure-all of Kim’s

      Or the threat to kill every member of the players’ families.

    3. At least we have the vuvuzelas to distract from all those awful draws we’re seeing. I think I’m rooting for Germany now because they’re the only squad who gave a shit in the first game.

      1. Our draw wasn’t awful. We were very lucky.

        1. Agreed we were outplayed, and I’m glad we got a point. But this WC so far is mostly 1-1 and 0-0 matches.

      2. Argentina gave a shit, but were thwarted by one of the best goalkeeping performances of the tournament.

  10. This shit is just a special kind of stupid.

  11. Bob Cousy? He’s the bee’s knees!

  12. The thrust of my proposal is not to lock parents or guardian up; that would be done only as a last resort.

    Like if they skip then two years in a row.

    Kim, I’ve always kinda liked you but this is a monumentally stupid idea.

  13. Because legal troubles make it easier to be involved in your child’s life. And when parents are under stress (see: threats of jail time) their kids never suffer any ill effects. Now I get it. Good plan, Ms. Unaptly Named Douchette.

    1. Hmm, how to handle falling birth rates? Oh, I know: let’s make raising a child even more of a living hell than it naturally is.

  14. Really, though… this is just the next logical step after jailing parents for repeated child truancy.

    Thousands of carrots and sticks after idiots have kids and zero before.

    The SugarFree dictatorship would truly be horrifying to behold.

    1. I take solace in the thought your dominion wouldn’t extend this far south.

  15. This doesn’t “encourage those responsible to take and active interest in their children’s education”. It directs them as to *how* they are required to do so, something no free-society government should allow, much less do.

    Welcome to the continued growth of the American Nanny State, in which all parents are guilty until proven innocent.

  16. Threaten mommy and daddy with jail.

    It’s Detroit. Daddy is in jail.

  17. “I have seen that younger and younger children are committing more violent acts”
    At a time of ever decreasing violence in schools. Let’s just make shit up and create opressive new laws based on it.

  18. “I have seen that younger and younger children are committing more violent acts”
    At a time of ever decreasing violence in schools. Let’s just make shit up and create opressive new laws based on it.

    1. It might be true in Wayne County.

    2. Let’s just make shit up and create opressive new laws based on it.

      NOW you’re getting it!

  19. When a government offial says “We shouldn’t have to legislate this, but…”

    Be afraid. Be very afraid. Cover your nuts, your ass, and hang on to your wallet.

    1. How many hands do you have?

    2. My ex-wife actually said that in her vows. *shakes*

  20. Better alt-text:

    “This mother wouldn’t fare well in prison.”

    1. What are you talking about? Those adorable gloves have gotta be worth two packs of cigarettes, easy.

  21. This is a great idea. Finally forcing parents to be active participants in their children’s has no downside. Unless parents start being more accountable in their roles, their children will never learn responsible behavior.

    1. If the parents were even a teeny bit accountable, this would be the last straw that caused them to move out of Detroit.

      The ones who are a lot accountable left long ago.

    2. But they will Learn as they are learning now that there Country Oppresses them and the school system is a big part of that What is Jail going to do I mean really wouldn’t Concealing work a little better witch I dont agree should be forced most of our freedoms are gone any ways but still Jail and Fining with Fine’s coming first thats just a way to get money.
      What about Parents who work Night shift’s cause thats all they can find to work and make very little money when you work Night shift the only time you can sleep is during the day and so there superpose to miss sleep to go to a school and tell a teacher how to do there JOB then sleep during oh 4 to 10 instead when they should be spending time with there child not every one Lives like the ppl making these law’s and there still good parents still work hard every day and still try to be in conjunction with the school as much as possible and Like I said it’s COMMUNIST to Force Stuff like this on a FREE society

  22. Shouldn’t this be the reverse: Whomever shows up for a parent-teacher conference gets arrested.

  23. Sounds like Kym needs to be reminded who she ‘works’ for with a Time Out.

  24. I have learned very little in my life, but I have figured out one thing: you cannot force someone to care. You can force them into some semblance of caring, but the minute they’re left alone all bets are off. If people don’t give a damn about their kids, you can’t make them give a damn. You can make them give a damn about what you’ll do to them, but that’s not remotely the same thing.

    1. I don’t see how a teacher’s conference equates to caring. You see the grades day to day, if your kid is passing the classes why do you have to waste your time talking to the commie nitwit?

      My third grade teacher dragged parents to meet her on almost a monthly basis. She was the type who was constantly in everybody’s face. You want to know how horrible she was? We began our days with the first hour singing Pete Singer, Woody Guthrie, Peter, Paul and Mary, and Kingston Trio songs.

      I am not even making that up!

      To this day I wonder where I learned

      rise, wretched of the earth
      Arise, convicts of hunger
      Reason thunders in its crater
      This is the eruption of the end
      Of the past let us wipe the slate clean
      Enslaved masses, arise, arise

      1. wow…just…wow

  25. What about parents who don’t attend parent/teacher conferences because the teachers are morons? Can you arrest the teachers then?

  26. I have seen that younger and younger children are committing more violent acts

    Phew, and I thought we were going to have to actually look at evidence or something. Luckily the benevolent Ms. Worthy is there to set the record straight for us.

  27. Not a great idea, but I’d like to see something done to people who breed feral children. Putting the kids in Juvi and wiping their records clean at age 18 isn’t accomplishing much. I went home for lunch one day in October and caught two of the little bastards ripping of my neighbor’s house.

    1. For a start, we could stop subsidizing irresponsible behavior. Nothing motivates like the threat of starvation.

      1. You’ll only drive those victims of Reaganomics to forming road warrior gangs using environmentally damaging vehicles to hijack trucks transporting toxic Twinkies and artery clogging Doritos.

        No good can come from ending welfare.

  28. This drew a MIXED reaction? What the hell is wrong with people?

  29. So, Ms. Worthy basically wants to empower NEA union goons to be able to have parents arrested. Uh-huh. FTC, and all…

    1. The current balance of power between parent and teacher is not balanced enough in their favor to their liking. The hand on the scale is already there, they just want to put some steroidal, SWAT level muscle behind it.

  30. Great, at least before, teachers at conferences knew they’d be talking to parents who actually cared about their kids’ education. Now they’ll be talking to people who are forced to be there. I’m sure those meetings will be productive.

    1. If I’m ever forced to attend, I’m going to feign a lack of English comprehension.

      1. Auf Deutsch, bitte!

        1. There’s always the chance they’ll speak German. My plan is to speak Etruscan.

      2. If I’m ever forced to attend, I’m going to feign a lack of English comprehension.

        When I studied for a semester in Russia many years ago (1992, just after the fall of the Evil Empire), I had a couple of idiots come up to me and try to scam me into exchanging money with them. They were speaking English, so I responded — in German, which was my second language.

        The idiots responded by… repeating themselves in English, only more slowly. ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Home schoolers presumably will be required to talk to themselves.

  32. At this time we are in the exploratory phase of a creating a countywide ordinance that would make it a violation for any parent or guardian who fails to go to at least one parent-teacher conference during the school year…I have seen that younger and younger children are committing more violent acts and we need to look at different approaches.

    Yet somehow the increased threats and violence to mommy and daddy are supposed to NOT be a lesson to the children that violence is a great way to get what you want.

    Ignorance, thy name is pedagogy.

  33. What about all those households where there is no daddy and mommy works ( which is where so many of the problem kids come from anyway)?

  34. Why the hell am I here and what are you doing here, bitch? This is time you could be spending babysitting the little fucker. That’s what I pay you for, right? You don’t see me having you come to my work site while I break for thirty minutes to stare at your tits. Is that it? You like what you see, li’l darlin’?

  35. My parent teacher conferences are always a mixed blessing. We start off by the teacher praising my kids because they are smart and well behaved.

    Then I start in on a) WTF are they thinking with math? Don’t they know that in elementary school the kids need to spend the time learning the multiplication tables by rote (same with adding)? The we veer into b) why is there a huge display at the front of the school touting the benefits of the latest “supplemental” levy? And who would I talk to about getting a similar sized display supporting the defeat of the levy.

    Teachers all love my kids, but hate me.

    For my part, with three kids going through school, I’ve only had one bad teacher. The rest have cared and are trying.

  36. Shrug, I stopped caring what teachers said at parent teachers conferences a long time ago. It was either that or start responding “for $80,000 a year, I would expect you to be doing a hell of alot better job of teaching”.

  37. A “Dead Kennedys” reference? Excellent!

  38. If the state required the parent-teacher conferences to be held either before or after school on a school day the teachers union would oppose this. There’s no way you’d get a bunch of unionized teachers to come in early or stay late

  39. What, there weren’t enough reasons to abandon Detroit already? We know they have idiot politicians in abundance.


  40. In fifth grade I actually went along with my Mom to a parent/teacher conference. (It was to go over some test results and I apparently did very well on the tests.)

    My mom sat there like she was being punished by a nun – kept her mouth shut the entire time except for a couple of uh-huhs and I sees. When it got to the point where the test scores were discussed, the teacher had a printout and pointed directly at the number 10.5. The number meant that I did as well on the test as the average 10th grader would halfway through tenth grade. So I asked the question “So why am I wasting time in this school when I should be in tenth grade already?” Nervous laughter from the teacher and a stern look of “Your father is going to belt your ass when you get home and if he won’t then I will” from my Mom.

    School is a gigantic waste of everyone’s goddamned time. So much disbelief is suspended that we can’t help but make everyone stupider by putting people into them.

  41. SO your telling me Locking up a Kid’s Parents will help kids No way If my Parents had been Locked up I would have Hated my school my system Jail is not the Answer to Every thing and we need to quit looking at as a response to quit people to do what you want them to do and fining a Parent well thats great make them Pay a fine so they cant pay there rent putting those kids on the street this is one of the most ridicules and Freedom taking bills I have seen yet use common since people ya its important to be involved but your not Communist and cant forces it you don’t have a right to do so. If this were to pass I would start Home schooling just to Rebel ageist Communes em

  42. As well What about kids with Sick Parents with Cancer and stuff Last year My step son well I’m not married to the Father but the Teachers had him sign a paper so they could talk to me and I could attend the Meetings because I dealt with EVERY thing that had to do with school His dad worked 7 to 5 he missed a Day of work it messed us up for week due to making very little money only 12,000 a Year and His mom had Cancer COMMUNIST ACTS

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