Drink Up! Parent-Teacher Conferences Are Now Enforced By Law


Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy has a novel idea for improving attendance at parent-teacher conferences: Threaten mommy and daddy with jail.

At this time we are in the exploratory phase of a creating a countywide ordinance that would make it a violation for any parent or guardian who fails to go to at least one parent-teacher conference during the school year. Some parents or guardians never set foot in a school. I would like to look at this as an incentive to encourage those responsible to take and active interest in their children's education. The thrust of my proposal is not to lock parents or guardian up; that would be done only as a last resort.

I have seen that younger and younger children are committing more violent acts and we need to look at different approaches. I know we need to try something different. We should not have to legislate this, but what we have been doing is not working.

Thanks to John Mozena for the tip.