Unions Just Have More Muscular Grandfathers Than The Rest of Us


The last time we checked in with Grandpa must have been about 30 years ago, when we wanted that sanctimonious mofo outta the boat and into piranha-infested waters:

Now here's a new reason to say feh on grandpas: Investors Business Daily reports that ObamaCare carves out special exemptions for unions that don't apply to, well, the rest of us all.

ObamaCare appears to have one grandfathered standard for labor unions and another standard for everyone else.

Unions that had a health plan under a collective bargaining agreement by March 23, 2010, can switch insurers as long as the collective bargaining deal is in effect and not forfeit the grandfathered exemptions from many ObamaCare provisions. But anyone else — large business, small business, individual — who switches carriers loses their grandfathered status.

IBD reported in Monday's issue that the administration estimates that most employers' health plans would lose their grandfathered status under draft regulations. The government has now officially released those regulations (pdf).

But unions don't have to follow the same rules.

RTFA here for examples of how screwy this all is.