Democratic Party

Congressman Smacks Around College Kid


Another public official not fond of being recorded in a pubilc space.

(Via Mike Flynn)

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  1. Fucking little people…

  2. Like celebrities, feral legislators are extremely unpredictable and dangerous. If you see one roaming the streets, do not approach it. Call animal control and let the professionals handle it.

    1. Looks to me like Etheridge is a belligerent drunk.


  3. Shit. Gary Busey has really let himself go.

  4. Obama was right – questioning the government does lead to violence!

    1. His opponent in the other oligarchic party isn’t hard on the eyes.

      And she hasn’t assualted anyone in weeks!

      1. As a member of the mainstream medical community, she’s also a credible, vocal opponent of government-provided health care, more likely to bandage you up after an assault than to commit one.

  5. At what point are you legally allowed to punch someone in the face if they refuse to let go of you?

    1. In Florida you can shoot them before they grab you.

    2. In this case, I’d guess around the 0:25 mark. By the 0:51 mark, that kid was entitled to knee that little shitdick congressman in the balls.

      1. I’m not sure about DC but in GA the kid could have defended himself to the point of lethal force.Stand your ground is the law here.

  6. Freedom of speech aside, this trend of anyone with a flip cam waiting to jump anyone on the street to get a reaction is becoming disturbingly out of hand. The kid with the camera could have identified himself to the Congressman before sticking a camera in his face for his “gotcha” moment. An argument can be made that it comes with the territory, but come on….. a little decorum and courtesy wouldn’t hurt anyone. I’m just a nobody, but I would consider it a form of assault for someone I don’t know or who has not at the least identified themselves to walk up to me unbidden and stick a camera in my face.

    1. So you consider someone filming you in a public space assault? Do you work in law enforcement by chance?

      1. What the “student” did was not assault but it could be considered harassment.

        1. Nope. Not even close.

          Ambush journalism goes way back. 60 Minutes made a specialty of it.

          The left was perfectly OK with Michael Moore doing it.

          1. I have always hated ambush journalism. I didn’t like it when 60 minutes did it, nor Jerry Rivers, not Michael Moore.

            That being said, the Congressman was way, way over the line and into the relm of criminal assault. Everyone in the public sphere knows you can’t touch the paparazzi.

            1. Right. Ambush journliasm is nasty, but it comes with the territory of being a public figure, especially an elected official who is a servant of the people. In fact, people have a right to ask questions of their delegated legislators — ideally always in a mild and civil way, but being a bit rude doesn’t change anything.

              I would have been ok with the Hon. Gentleman ignoring the kid, and maybe pushing him aside if he was in the way. But grabbing him like that is ridiculously way over the line. I cannot believe that anyone would try to defend Etheridge over this.

              I have to say, even though I am not on Team Red, the double standard kills me. If that was a Repub congressman, it would be a gigantic cause celebre, but as it is I think the story will be forgotten in a day or two.

              1. Private figures aren’t protected either. Lots of news agencies have ambushed mid-level employees of private companies to chase a story. These people were not public figures by any conventional definition prior to being ambushed.

                1. I know — this is also where the political bias comes in. Michael Moore basically makes a career out of ambushing low- and mid- level employees of private companies — if anyone ever kicked that ample ass of his…

          2. How is this an ambush? He is a congressman and was asked a simple soft ball question.

            Dan T calling it Harassment is rich. Asking a congressmen in public if he supports the president, in his lefty mind, is now considered a crime.

    2. And you would be wrong, you dumb dildo. The only assault in this video was from the Congressman.

      1. Well, gee thanks for the nice ad hominem…. pardon me for having an opinion that differs from yours. Should have known that would bring out your inner child

        1. You must be new to H&R, Dazed…

        2. You passed off freedom of speech and made an idiotic comment equating video taping and asking questions as assault. You earned the ad hom.

          1. And what a nice ad hom it was.

            I give it a B+

            There could have been a little more creativity.

            1. “dumb dildo” has a deliciously fifth-grade playground insult sound to it.

              1. I find it irksome.

        3. And here we have another stupid shithead who doesn’t know the difference between an insult and an ad hominem. Here’s a tip, new dumbass: if Dan T. takes your side, you done went and fucked up.

          1. I agree with you, Warty.

    3. unbidden

      Bob Etheridge awoke that morning in a fog, soaked in his his own urine, feces, and blood, only to discover that Harry Potter had turned him into a Congressturd against his will.

      1. Muy LULZ

    4. You’d be wrong, then. Doubly so if you were a public figure like, say, a Congressman.

    5. There is no “Freedom of speech aside…”

    6. Dazed, your screen name says it all. Have you ever heard of “turning the other cheek” or “taking the high road”. Can you imagine if Dr. King had been unable to control his temper?

      If the congressman has any integrity, he will resign immediately, then apologize.

      1. Well, I don’t know what will happen now. We’ve got some difficult days ahead. But it doesn’t matter with me now. Because I’ve been to the mountaintop. And I don’t mind. Like anybody, I would like to live a long life. Longevity has its place. But I’m not concerned about that now. I just want to do God’s will. And He’s allowed me to go up to the mountain. And I’ve looked over. And I’ve seen the promised land. I may not get there with you. But I want you to know tonight, that we, as a people, will get to the promised land. And I’m happy, tonight. I’m not worried about anything. I’m not fearing any man, because there is a well-fortified trench up there with two 50-caliber machine guns and tens of thousands of rounds of ammo. Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord!

    7. Freedom of speech aside

      Wrong. Try again.

    8. At least you got your on line name right…. Dazed pretty much describes you.

      1. Dazed is just his first name. His whole name is Dazed And Confused.

        1. That’s what I like about them High School girls man, I get older…. They stay the same age…. yes, they do.

    9. I’d call this a troll, but the email links back to an insurance company. That appears to be run by a troll in Oregon.

      Oregon, go figure. A resident of a state that has taken the broken window fallacy to new and exiting policy heights.

      1. Oops Michigan.

    10. Absolutely. Good reply and correct.

      People must obviously identify themselves or suffer the consequences.

      1. I wouldn’t identify myself. And while my wallet doesn’t say “Bad Motherfucker” I could wipe that sidewalk with Bob.

        Would that be okay with you?

    11. You can film congressmen on a public sidewalk.

      1. Can you film a drunk Congressman on a public sidewalk?

    12. WTF does identifying himself have to do with anything?


      So if the kid had said, “I’m Joe Blow” is the Congressman all of a sudden going to know who he is?

      That information adds absolutely nothing to the exchange unless they’ve met before and know each other by name.

      The only way it can make any difference at all is if the Congressman would have behaved respectfully if the kid had answered, “I’m Ezra Klein.” The question only makes sense if the Congressman was preparing to be nice if the kid was “important” and a dick if he wasn’t.

      1. That article is moronic. If it wasn’t 2 years old I’d register over there to tell them so.

    13. keep supporting drunk law makers then!. Who cares if the guy had a camera, the people elected him. If that was a solider on the streets and did that he’d be dishonorably discharged. We should get no less from a law maker that we pay to live in a million dollar office all day and do nothing but drink.

  7. so if he’s not charged with anything, can we assume it’s legal to manhandle the congressman in the same way? Oh yeah, I forgot, 2 Americas.

    1. I would have kicked him in the nuts. I think kicking people in the nuts is wrong. Fortunately, he’s a politician and not really human. Principles intact!

  8. heat/kitchen, Etheridge.

  9. Take the video to the cops and sign a complaint. Nothing would come of it but it might ruffle some feathers at least.

    The congressman, obviously, is a pig… but I repeat myself.

  10. Too bad the kid didn’t know any grappling. “Congressman Assaults Student, Has Arm Broken” would be a nice headline to read.

    1. I was thinking the same thing, Warty. If he grabbed me like that he’d get bounced off the pavement.

      1. Sweep the leg.

    2. Yeah the kid handled himself well. But it would be tempting to put that fuck in an arm bar and see if he knew to tap out before his elbow snapped.

    3. “Who am I? A Gracie!” *SNAP*

    4. The student did exactly the right thing by not striking back.

      Because the student did not strike back, Etheridge kept digging himself deeper and deeper into a hole. Note that the student repeatedly asked the Congressman to let go of his arm. By failing to do so, the Congressman went well beyond any reasonable standard of self-protection.

      Also, if the student had done anything (even a simple breakhold maneuver, which is ridiculously easy against a one-hand grip), there is a good chance that Etheridge would have been able to play it up as if he were somehow wronged.

      1. Lucky the camera stayed on. How much would you be willing to bet that if this incident wasn’t filmed, the kid would be charged with assault?

        1. Not a penny against a five spot.

          1. One interesting thing is that the surveillance society may end up, paradoxically, reducing the abusive of state power.

            1. Once the genie is out of the bottle . . . . .

            2. The fact that libertarians consider that a paradox speaks volumes about warped libertarian attitudes toward surveillance.

              There is going to be surveillance. That is not evitable. Only question is, who is surveilling who? If everybody’s surveilling, everyone will be surveilled.

  11. I think someone’s reelection campaign just took an interesting turn.

  12. the “opposition” must be doing something right if congresspeople are so defensive that they go on the offensive…..

  13. I looked at these mini camcorders, and though cool and dirt cheap, I didn’t think that I’d use it enough to justify the marginal cost. But with them freaking out cops and congressmen and various other official thugs, I might get one and hang it around my neck. It appears that the gov-thugs fear the little cameras and like a talisman this will keep them away from me.

    1. LOL. Great idea.

    2. So you’re going to be what Flavor Flav is to clocks to camcorders?


    3. I employ a Japanese tourist group to follow me around…

      1. I find myself desperately in need of a “That’s Racist” .jif of a Japanese kid.

  14. This video could use some theme music.
    I dunno, maybe the Who’s Who Are you ?

  15. If you libertarians had your way that kid wouldn’t even have a sidewalk to walk on to ask the Congressman a question cause you hate government provided sidewalks. So at least have some sympathy for the Congressman who provided us all with sidewalks to walk on. Oh, and the Congressman also thinks murder should be illegal, unlike all you libertarians. If you had your way he could have just killed the kid and walked on.

    1. ?? Is this supposed to be sarcastic commentary or are you just stupid?

      1. I’m betting on the latter.

        1. Sarcasm borne of stupidity!

          1. Sarpidity.

              1. Pathetic troll attempt. Fail +1.

      1. Close enough.

      2. x3 i think

    2. Behold! THE STRAWMAN!

    3. Pretty decent troll. I give B-.

  16. I was about to say something, but I see you did that on purpose.

    1. Arg. This was supposed to be a reply to John @ 9:23.

  17. While the Congressman here was out of line somewhat, it’s not hard to understand how having some punk harass you on the sidewalk might cause you to overreact a little.

    And it was funny to see the kid whimper once he realize he had gotten more than he bargained for.

    1. What do you want to bet this happened because it was a kid. I don’t think Bob would have quite the same bravado if he were facing me or a similar sized man.

      1. …or someone who looked like he represented an established media source. The Fourth Estate, after all, are not the serfs. Can’t let the serfs get uppity.

    2. You’re still here, moron?

      I realized he was right and headed for the bathroom. I noticed there was only one other customer in the store, a very tall man who looked like he was about to pour a half-gallon of milk over his head but had stopped, his body frozen except for his eyes.

      “Milk will stop the transmissions, but it will kill me,” he said in a muffled tone of voice.

    3. Glenn Greenwald has a different position:

      1. I wouldn’t want him arrested. He’d just get out of it. A swift and proper beat down resulting in missing teeth and at least a weeks recover, however, would leave a lasting impact.

        1. I don’t think the kid deserves that…Etheridge made him shit his pants, that probably is punishment enough.

          1. You are either a clever troll or a flaming retard.

          2. Bet if it were a Republican congressman your view would be 180 degrees opposite.

            Make like the wind, babe.

            1. Oh, Dan T. already blows. It’s pretty much his MO.

    4. SF was right. Not a real person.

    5. You’re the biggest douchebag here in the entire place, you Shit Facktory.

      1. You owe me a quarter.

    6. “…it’s not hard to understand how having some punk harass you on the sidewalk might cause you to overreact a little.

      I think this proves, once and for all, that Dan T. is as much a douche bag in person as he is on H&R.

      1. What is weird is how much a soft ball question the kid gave. How could that question provoke such a reaction?

        I mean all he had to say was. “I support the agenda of my constituents of district 2 South Carolina.” and then walked away.

        My guess is either he simply hates youth or some Democrats really hate being questioned.

    7. “somewhat”

      My God, Dan, you’re pathetic today.

      1. Just today?

  18. Well, if a peasant doesn’t properly bow and pull his forelock when in the presence of nobility, he deserves to be smacked down.

    I’m only surprised that Baron Congressman Etheridge didn’t have the student charged with lese majeste.

    1. Correct me if I’m wrong but in feudal Japan the peasant would have been beheaded for making eye contact.

      1. Beheading with a warning not to do it again.

        1. Thanks for the morning laugh, Pro Lib.

          1. Hey, I watched Shogun!

  19. If the congressman has any integrity, he will resign immediately, then apologize.

    Snap out of it!

    1. Politically, there are two ways Etheridge can handle this:

      The first way is to make some derogatory comments about “smart-ass college kids trying to play ambush journalists.” This is the dumb way, but it will play with the Congressman’s partisans, who will ignore the fact that he grossly over-reacted.

      The second way is to make a flat out apology with some comment about being startled and not thinking straight at the time. That would be the smart way as it would sit easier with his softer supporters.

      1. Or some variation of the ‘Kennedy Excuse’, “I was drunk/on legally-prescribed drugs at the time.”

  20. Get your head out of your ass, Dan.

    1. Hey, I said the guy was out of line. He should have just kept walking.

      But at the same time I’m not going to blame him too much for getting pissed off when somebody harasses him on the sidewalk…the kid provoked him to try to get a reaction and he got one.

      1. A single question does not constitute “harassment.” Now, if the guy had said “no comment” and they had hectored him down the street for fifty or a hundred yards, that would be another matter entirely. But the video doesn’t show them doing that, does it?

        And no, you said he was “somewhat” out of line.

        1. I think it’s pretty clear the student’s intent was to harass Etheridge.

          And yeah, Etheridge was “somewhat” out of line, meaning that ideally he would have handled the situation better but it wasn’t him who initiated the confrontation.

          1. Based on what one can see in the video, the intent of the student was to get Etheridge to answer a perfectly legitimate query about his support regarding the agenda of the Obama administration. It isn’t as if the student asked him “Do you still beat your wife?” Congressmen (or anyone else for that matter) don’t get to manhandle you just because you ask them a query about their political positions on a public street. Furthermore, it isn’t as if they simply asked him the query; they told him good morning and greeted him.

            1. actually Seward, he asked if he fully supported the Obama agenda, which out here in the real U.S., is exactly like asking if you still beat your wife.

              1. Again with the “somewhat out of line” shit, Dan?

                You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

      2. Harasses him? The kid asked him a question. If he didn’t want to answer it, he should’ve said “No comment” and walked on. He’s a politician; it’s not like that should be anything new. Talk about blaming the victim…

        1. Look at it this way – the kid’s intent was to ambush Etheridge and get him to do/say something embarassing on camera.

          He suceeded, probably beyond his wildest dreams. So be happy for him.

          1. I don’t care what the kid’s intent was, honestly, but I am happy that they had a video camera on hand so that this douchebag’s behavior is immortalized.

            1. Exactly…you guys are happy that this event happened so stop trying to act so horrified.

              1. Yeah, being happy that horrific events are recorded is exactly the same as being happy that they happened. I think the guy above was right– clever troll or a flaming retard.

          2. Supporting the Obama agenda is embarrassing?

      3. He’s a public servant, not some random private individual out for a morning stroll.

        And btw, a politician who doesn’t see himself as above the constituency would have had the presence of mind to say, “Call my office to set up an interview.” An entitled moron, on the other hand, mugs a citizen on camera with what he probably expects will be impunity.

  21. Some kids just need slapping.

    1. Or spanked.


  23. Ah, now we see the violence inherent in the system.
    Oh! Come and see the violence inherent in the system!
    HELP! HELP! I’m being repressed!
    Did you see him repressing me, you saw it didn’t you?

    1. Oh poor dennis, violence *is* the system… “Democracy” and syndicalist communes where everyone takes turns managing the collective for a week just don’t change that.

      1. Maybe so, but if I went around sayin’ I was an empereror just because some moistened bint had lobbed a scimitar at me they’d put me away!

        1. They sure would… That is, of course, unless you had a large army filled with people who were ready to murder others who disagreed with you. Then you’d probably be able to be that emperor you’d always wanted to be.

          (ps. sorry for making Python less funny this morning, everybody)

          1. The syndicate voted and by a stunning super-majority we decided that those responsible for making Python less funny should be sacked. To the gallows with you!!!

  24. This is a personal demonstration of governmental assault on the individual. Well done sir! I wish I had been there; I’d have given him a Scottish hullo, a head butt. Which is more than he deserves.

  25. What kind of a country is this there where a humble public servant can’t walk down the street without a fooking plebe asking him for an opinion?

  26. I love how you guys are calling this “assault” and, “violence” and blathering on about how he should call the cops. Really? The kid clearly wanted a confrontation and the worst that happened to him was he got an old man grab but, you’re right, he should definitely press charges.

    1. If the kid had done it to the congressman would it be assault?

      1. Or if the kid had been a cop…after all, cops can come up to citizens and ask all kinds of intrusive questions, and that’s Constitutionally considered to be like any ordinary citizen asking another citizen questions. Does this mean if a cop engages me in intrusive conversation and does not intend to detain me, I can grab his arm and demand to know his name?

    2. And we still don’t know if Etheridge supports the Obama “agenda”!

      1. Best. Comment. Here.

      2. Didn’t he demonstrate it?

    3. Yeah, the menacing gang surrounded an feeble old timer as he’s probably on his way to pick up his pills from the Rite Aid or hurrying to make the early bird special. No doubt these are the same kinds of punks that used to film bum fights.

      1. From the video it looked like he was on his way to happy hour, and got a head start before he left for his stroll.

    4. If I did that to Obama, what would happen?

      1. I would kick your ass, that’s what.

      2. A few weeks from now someone on this board would say”I wonder what ever happened to Fluffy?”

    5. I love how you guys are calling this “assault”

      Only because it is. Texas (which is where I practice) has a pretty typical definition, which includes:

      intentionally or knowingly caus[ing] physical contact with another when the person knows or should reasonably believe that the other will regard the contact as offensive or provocative.

      1. Im guessing his assault doesnt reach felony levels though, does it? Too bad.

        1. By continuing to hold onto him, would he be liable for a kidnapping charge or it’s equivalent?

  27. That was an “accidental” head butt waiting to happen.

    1. That was an intentional left to the jaw waiting to happen. And a couple more punches after the congressman was on the ground. All in self defense, of course.

  28. I live in a big city and previously spent 20 years as a sailor prowling waterfront bars, red-light districts, nunneries, botanical gardens and art museums all over the world. I can attest that someone bothering you as you walk down the street is completely fucking normal!

    1. “…sailor prowling waterfront bars, red-light districts, nunneries…”

      I guess that, since nobody gives land grants to nunneries any more, the nuns have to earn a living somehow.

    2. Yeah, just the other day a bum asked me for some change. Little did I know I should’ve grabbed his arm and demanded to know who he was. After all, his intent was to “harass” me into giving him money! That means it’s completely justified!

      1. Well, money changes everything. That makes into filthy commerce, which you have no right to engage in with other consenting adults. So if the bum was trying to coerce you into commerce against your will, you should have curb-stomped him right there to show him commerce is a privilege, not a right.

        Or something like that. The logic baffles me, but I’m sure the choad who thinks that will be along today with variations of the theme.

  29. I think Congressman Etheridge just provided his opponent in the next election some powerful ammo.

    I don’t expect he’ll resign over this, but will be interesting to see if he tries to get re-elected.

    1. Resign? He better be in fucking prison.

  30. Fuck Friday Funnies. This thread is gold!

  31. Maybe Etheridge thought that camera was stealing his soul.

  32. As noted far upstream, ambush journalism has been in practice for 30 going on 40 years.

    Anyone on a public street (public or private person)is fair game to be asked (shouted at) questions of almost any nature with the cameras rolling. The paparazzi have won numerous lawsuits when their victims have assaulted them.

    The congressman is in deep shit.

  33. If I did that to Obama, what would happen?

    Arugula, Baby!

  34. When asked if the Congressman has resigned, his office replied “no comment” without demanding to know who I was.

    1. “Yet”.

      They may visit you later and do the “old man grab”.

  35. Off Topic, but I saw a re-airing of the Glen Beck show where he introduces his audience to Hayek. It was really quite good.

  36. When the Congressman grabbed the kid’s neck, I thought he was about go all STEVE SMITH on the poor kid.

    1. He just wanted to give him some noogies.


  37. Did that kid file charges?


  38. Did he snatch the camera out of the guy’s hand? Thief!


  40. The Fark thread on this is astounding. People are really defending the congressman just because he’s a Democrat.

    1. What’s astounding? Leftist douchenozzles have no genuine principles to speak of other than their insane lust for absolute power.

    2. No doubt. I can’t bring myself to even read the comments section over there as the TEAM RED/TEAM BLUE crap is descpicable. Not to mention the variations of “I’m not giving Reason a click…” idiocy.

    3. Wondering if this is blowback from the Breitbart/ACORN kerfuffle. So much for objective truth, it’s The Narrative(tm) that matters…

    4. You have to crack a few wrists to make an Obamlette.

  41. Bob Etheridge is a mammal.

    1. You have no evidence of that. He could be a cleverly disguised reptile, or a robot.

  42. *bad overdub* Hahaha, for someone who’s a Shaolin democrat, your kung-fu’s really lousy!

  43. See THIS vintage clip, starring the legendary Richard Belzer, to understand the DC mindset in its entirety:

    Since at least the time I was in high school, and this clip was released as part of a theatrical motion picture, ours has been a Thugocracy. Back then, people laughed at what they took to be over-the-top humor. They aren’t laughing anymore.

  44. David Weigel called it a hug.


    The second camera rolled as Etheridge, irritated, held the wrist of the first cameraman, then pulled the student to his side and grabbed him in a hug.

    Which is correct. Only i find it funny that Drudge is posting a Weigel article and classifying it as an out of touch lefty trying to defend the actions of a congressmen gone mad.

  45. Actually the charge should be “forcible confinement”.

  46. He was not unresponsive.

  47. The best part is where is steals the kids phone and he gets away with shoving him, tearing at his jacket, and twisting his arm, man this is the guy –…..Phone.html

  48. NO longer do many in Washington work for us nor do they act as such.. It is time to throw them all out of office and begin again. This video shows exactly what happens when someone has been in public office too long. Either this Etheridge has been drinking, he is diloginal, or too old to be in his right mind because this guy is nutz!!

  49. Etheridge must have thought that the college student was a terrorist spy, or possibly “WHO ARE YOU?” is his secret password and needed to hear the rest something like, ” And the eagle flies due south come winter”.. Maybe he was looking for his mother, “WHO ARE YOU? , are you my MOTHER??? Why so paranoid? Weirdest thing I have ever seen , except if you are a child abuser…. Who in their right mind acts like this???? Quiet you insane basterd ….. Or stop your early morning drug use…

  50. The congressman needs to go on bully beat down

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