Reason.tv Replay: 3 Reasons Obama Should Kick His Own Ass


President Barack Obama made news on The Today Show when he talked about kicking some ass over the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

If he is interested in punishing those responsible for what is shaping up as one of the worst environmental disasters in U.S. history, he should think about giving himself a boot.

While BP is ultimately responsible for the spill (and for cleaning it up), the federal government is a major player in the problem for at least three reasons:

1. It owns the property on which the oil well is located.

2. It regulates offshore drilling. And

3. In order to protect small players in the drilling industry, it capped economic damages from this sort of spill at just $75 million, a way-too-low cap that encourages risky behavior.

"3 Reason Why Obama Should Kick His Own Ass" is written and produced by Meredith Bragg and Nick Gillespie, who also hosts.

Approximately 2:30 minutes.

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  3. I heard the the 75m cap was only if there wasn’t negligence which it seems there was which would mean the cap doesn’t apply. But it was NPR so….

    1. It’s only binding until Congress says it isn’t.

  4. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/deb…..itain.html

    So these limeys are whining because if BP has to actually pay for the damage they’ve caused, it might cause British pension funds to lose money.

    I hate to tell you this, limeys, but THERE IS NO CRYING IN THE STOCK MARKET. If the pension funds bought the wrong stock, they lose.

    And in any event, after what Britain did to Iceland the idea that any living limey would have the stones to complain about a British company being forced to pay for the liabilities it creates is really just too rich.

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    2. “If the pension funds bought the wrong stock, they lose.”

      Don’t bet on it.

  5. The Daily Mail is not to be taken seriously.

  6. One of my blogmates pointed out that BP could pay for all the real damages mostly out of petty cash. The company has revenues of $300 billion and annual profits of around $20 billion (7% not bad.) By contrast, the total revenues of all fishing in the gulf is a mere $4.4billion. The actual “damage” to beaches and the like would not be over $2 billion at most. Add the fact that the damage payments would be spread over several years and you’re not talking about BP taking a major hit.

    The restrictions on payouts for oil spills comes largely from the very real belief that the tort system is broken meaning that companies aren’t just liable for the actual damage they cause but also for all for the cost of the punishment one jury anywhere in America might wish to inflict on them. (We got spam for lawyers seeking PTSD cases 11 days after the explosion.) A broken tort system means companies will simply refuse to risk drilling unless they have some protection. This usually plays out that they get way to much protection.

    This is one of the easily foreseeable consequences that leftists have such a hard time easily foreseeing.

    The real damage to the region would come from restrictions on the oil industry. One spill every 31 years is a small price to for not having an economy like Detroit’s. Without drilling in the Gulf, the coast of Texas and the entire state of Louisiana would be utterly devastated economically. Fishing and tourism do not pay well in the grand scheme of things. Most fishermen make poverty wages but most offshore oil workers make 6 figures. There are hundreds of support people on shore for every person on a rig and they all make middle-class incomes.

    1. Without drilling in the Gulf, the coast of Texas and the entire state of Louisiana would be utterly devastated economically.

      Absolutely. Of course, these jobs aren’t “green jobs”, so I guess they don’t count.

    2. Obama skipped right past the tort fears and his administration announces some new thing “BP will pay” weekly.

      He shuts down Gulf exploration for six months, says BP has to pay the people Obama put out of work is the most recent.

    3. Latest threat against BP comes from the Coast Guard. “BP needs to speed up.”

      That is the same Coast Guard that had to study berms for the shore.

      1. You mean like this gem?

    4. Don’t discount all of the other Gulf countries taking legal action against BP as well. I expect BP to be in court for at least the next ten years.

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  9. “While BP is ultimately responsible for the spill….”

    Actually it’s not. BP is European company and doesn’t even operate in the US. It just owns the company that is drilling oil there.

    1. The Oil Liability of 1990:


      The Louisiana Oil Spill Prevention and Response Act of 2003


      Please read these. I think you will find them instructive.

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