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Nanny of the Month: Anti-Raw-Milk Crusader Stephanie Rose


Got milk? Only if Uncle Sam allows it.

Runners-up for's Nanny of the Month for May 2010 features a proposed ban on drive-through restaurants in the hometown of In-And-Out Burgers, one of America's most beloved drive-through restaurants, and the mayor of Kure Beach, North Carolina, whose got his undies in a bunch over thong bikinis.

But there can be only one Nanny of the Month and this time it goes to the federal lawyer who wants to give raw milk drinkers a raw deal, and who really, truly believes that Uncle Sam can control what you shove in your pie hole.

Presenting's Nanny of the Month for May 2010: U.S. Attorney Stephanie Rose!

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"Nanny of the Month" is written and produced by Ted Balaker. Associate producers are Alex Manning and Zach Weissmueller, and animation is created by Meredith Bragg.

Approximately 1.15 minutes.

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  1. I suggest you guys work some of this into the NOTM videos.

    1. Or how about a fair-use protected parody of the theme song from the 1990s CBS sitcom, The Nanny?

  2. the mayor of Kure Beach, North Carolina, whose got his undies in a bunch over thong bikinis.

    If he imposed a weight limit, then I’m totally okay with it.

    1. Agreed. If there is one area I’d like to see more government oversight, it is fat chicks wearing too little clothing

      1. Are you really seeing tons of fat chicks wearing thongs? Here in American we do tend to have some reasonably prudish clothing norms. In Europe things are much more relaxed (see nude beaches in South of France). It does not really bother me when an overweight person shows a bit of skin. Am more concerned about the health trend of obesity not the aesthetic offense. People who are fat need to be shamed into realizing it is a horrible life choice.

        1. … continued

          Particularly since socialized medicine makes us all pay for the bad choices of the obese and unhealthy. One of the worst trends in American is the politically correct notion of uncritical body image. People are being taught it is ok to be overweight, that what matters is some simplistic notion of self esteem and body image. Good health is hard but it is critical to a long life. We see the pictures of athletic swimsuit models and the fatty advocates say that is an unrealistic ideal or that the models are starving themselves. It saddens me that they advocate for a shorter unhealthy life. We get that tub of lard M. Moore critizing the health care in this country and advocating for a system in which we all pay for the expensive care of people like him.

          1. Someone please delete the Statist.

          2. I’m the opposite, I don’t care if they choose to live an unhealthy lifestyle, I just don’t want to see their fat asses.

            1. I don’t want to see or hear their fat mouths. The worst part is hearing some face-stuffer whine about body prejudice. It’s the whining!

              1. Joke all you want but you will rue the day when our glorious leader takes over and imprisons all you infidels for the crimes you have commited against our self esteem!

                1. I hope you’re being ironic.?.?.?

          3. To be fair, a lot of people would criticize a model in a magazine due to an unhealthy low body fat percentage or a swimsuit model in, say, SI, because of unrealistic assets at such a low body fat percentage. Magazines pretty much suck; “fat advocate” douchebags would be much better off if they took CrossFit or Oxygen & Fitness models as their ideal (you know, actually useful fitness).

          4. MYOFB..need I translate?

          5. I can’t stress enough how much I HATE the notion that a person’s weight/health are now the government’s business because of socialized medicine. Put aside the negative darwinian impact that forcing the poorly endowed to be the same would have on homo sapiens. Yes, it’s true that in socialized medicine poor health negatively effects everyone else, but that’s a strong argument AGAINST socialized medicine, NOT an argument for government mandated health habits.

            That kind of unconscionable logic leads to a Stepford Wife society in which we’re all wives.

            1. Agreed, issues of weight/health are none of the goverment’s business. I did not want to imply support for government intervention. My support is for non govermental/cultural pressures (hence my comment about shaming). We do have a serious obesity problem in the U.S. We can’t have socialized medicine and a simultaneous reluctance to talk about others health choices critically. Again, not advocating government action. We need to push for and support more private incentive structures for healthly choices and be harshly critical of unhealthy choices. eg. HMO plan paying for gym membership, showers at work, etc. If I hear one more supposed health advocate talking about obesity as a disease, I am going to fucking puke. It is a choice. Make the right one and stop making excuses.

          6. This is my first visit to this website – after reading this sanctimonious and nasty comment, it will be my last. Thanks for saving me time.

        2. One ton of fat in a thong is too much.

  3. Gather around for another segment of rearrange the paragraph.

    But there can be only one Nanny of the Month and this time it goes to the federal lawyer who wants Uncle Sam to shove his deal in your raw hole.

    1. HT on that one.

  4. Here is why I am against raw milk sales. Trial Lawyers. Some idiot will get sick and then sue. If you wave your right to sue over getting sick from raw milk then you can buy it. I know it isn’t a workable position I just can’t stand trial lawyers and I see this as another source of income for them.

    1. Shall we also outlaw fugu fish and uncooked pork?

          1. Everything else?

            1. unimproved oysters and raw real estate

              1. More ‘outbreaks’ happen from vegatables than anything else. Spinach anyone??

    2. It’s not the trial lawyers fault that our justice system allows retarded lawsuits. We need to fix our laws and jurisprudence, not punish the people who are just following the stupid rules we’ve setup.

    1. Someone please delete and block the spammer.

  5. The reptile in “The Freshman” isn’t a komodo dragon but a monitor lizard named Brutus. My wife and I saw it at the grand opening of a pet store soon after the movie came out. My wife patted several rabbits inside the store before we lined up to see Brutus. He was resting languidly on a table. But once he smelled the scent of rabbit, he lunged at my wife in anticipation of a meal. The trainers quickly gave my wife a damp towel to clean her hands.

    1. P.S. Brutus was indeed playing a komodo dragon in the movie.

      1. didn’t he get an oscar nod?

      2. he was at least as convincing as Brando…

  6. “Nanny” sounds way too soft and maternal for these control-obsessed assholes. Why not say what we mean and call them the Nurse Ratched of the Month?

  7. If some tree-hugging idiot wants to demonstrate their lack of knowledge about nutrition and microbiology by getting salmonella by drinking raw milk because the evil patseurization process supposedly destroys the vitamins in milk, let them. Just tell them they can’t get publicly funded medical care or get any medicine that was made by “big pharma”.

  8. So we have people here saying overweight people cant wear revealing clothing, while bashing a govt that wants to tell you what to eat and how to think….

    1. Awesome point, Bill. I was thinking the same thing on some level, but you put it into words rather nicely.

  9. While I agree that an adult should have the freedom to drink potentially deadly berverages, there is a toddler in critical care in Minnesota right now because he was given E. coli infected raw milk by his parents. With luck he’ll pull through with little more than kidney damage. How do we reconcile allowing raw milk sales, when it can cause this type of harm to children who don’t know the risks?

    I fully understand the abuse of the “think about the children” argument, but the fact that most people who really suffer from raw milk-caused infections are children does raise an interesting point.

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