Will You Fight in The War on Porn? Or, Buck Naked Privates Needed!


Former U.S. Department of Justice head porn prosecutor Patrick Trueman wants to "kill the .XXX domain [and] start a war on porn instead." Let's listen in:

Trueman…noted that countless marriages are breaking up because of pornography and sexual promiscuity among the young is growing.  He cited the new cell phone trend called "sexting" as evidence of promiscuity.  "Sexting is primarily a matter of children producing and distributing child pornography," an exceedingly alarming development in America.  Trueman said he believes that kids involved in sexting are steeped in Internet pornography for years before they begin producing and distributing it.  Their normal inhibitions have been destroyed, he said.

Sadly, the destruction of "normal inhibitions" has also apparently led to a decline in sexual activity among the kids these days. In 2005, 47 percent of high schoolers reported doing it, compared to 54 percent in 1991. Curiously, the decline kicked in just as Trueman, who ran Justice's Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section under Presidents Reagan and Bush I, was leaving his post. In any case, Trueman runs a site called Pornography Harms dedicated to documenting all the damage done by adult films.

Check it out, why don't you, and then watch this video about porn king John Stagliano's ongoing legal battle over giving some people what they want (skin flicks featuring female ejaculate and milk) while leaving everyone else alone. The Fellini of Fetish, Stagliano has not only won more industry awards than Stephen Speilberg, he's facing an effective life sentence for distributing Milk Nymphos and Storm Squirters 2: Target Practice.

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  1. The other day Reason had a post about the anti-gay crusader who was caught coming back from Europe with a male prostitute. It showed that often when someone is obsessed with other people’s percieved perversions, they have the same perversions themselves. That is why the behavior in others is so facinating to them.

    Bet anything, this guy has an epic porn collection at home. Fuck you Patrick Trueman.

  2. They can have my porn why they pry it from my hot, sticky fingers.

    1. damn…he beat me (not in a sexual way of course, not that there is anything wrong with that) to it.

      Actually, Porn can cause problems, as I have a serious case of Dequervains’s syndrome after overuse of the left hand (AKA Mikyko)for whacky-whacky.

  3. I blame Hannah Montana.

  4. Why does the video start with a freeze frame that makes Nick look like he is straining to drop a duece?

    1. He’s just about to say, “Steeeeellllaaaaaa!”

  5. That Betty Grable pic would work in my new PG (for now) “porn” blog.

    1. I was shocked to learn that Tumblr allows porn blogs.

  6. Cn’t tipe wun hnded….

  7. Y’know Patrick, porn has been widely available for a couple of generations now, yet the apocolyptic predictions of anti-porm advocates haven’t happpened.

    Don’t you sexually repressed folks get tired of calling wolf?

    1. Eh, the anti-porn crusaders (feminist-liberals, paleocons, religious fundies) havent been as active to attack them like they were in the 90s.

    2. Yeah. If you were to go back in time to say 1985 and told the porn people about the coming of the internet and how available the stuff would be in 25 years, they would all have sworm that it would be the end of civilization. Yet, here we are.

      1. At the end of civilization! Jesus, they were right!

  8. No there is an idiot that clearly has WAY too much spare time on his hands!


    1. Anonbot: “Let he who is without sin…”

  9. So Pat, what political office are you running for?

  10. Whenever a government bureaucrat quantifies a problem as “…countless X’s are impacted…” you just know the data doesn’t support their position.

    1. “Yes it’s ‘countless’…meaning, we couldn’t count them, there is no count.

      All the more reason to crack down on this HARD, NOW. Next question…”

  11. And yet, somehow, the sexually-repressed and repressive – like Mr. Truesdale – manage to reproduce.

    Would that it were not so, and their race was made extinct from the world.

  12. “Max Hardcore” is an incredible name. Do we now have a name for the Nick’s jacket?

    This Trueman character sounds like the sort of person who would say that masturbation makes you go blind/get ill/etc. Ignorant fucker with his head so far up his ass….

    Day ruined. I’ll go hunt down a Radley Balko article to continue the trend.

    1. I am being easy,” Max barks, letting loose with a angry torrent of urine.

  13. Trueman is a CUNT! There, I said it.

  14.   “Sexting is primarily a matter of children producing and distributing child pornography,”

    Clearly the only texts his wife sends him are cataloguing his many inadequacies. Can’t say I’m surprised.

  15. sex has been newly described in a unique website log on to

  16. Pornography is offensive and degrading to all women, that is why it should be illegal.

    1. *barf*


    2. Really, Sara? My collection doesn’t have any women in it – it’s all men, mostly big hairy brutes going at it with one another. Explain to me how this has anything to do with any woman, let alone is degrading to all women.

      1. Because it excludes women and is therefore sexist.

    3. Even when the women are the ones holding the whips?

  17. Once again, these douchebags need to get their priorities straight. In a world full of theft, war, and injustice, they have to get bent out of shape over people fucking. The thing that kills me in this country is that we love to watch the taking of life, but we can’t stand to see the making of it…. or at least the simulated making of it… plus I guess S&M, anal, bukkake, fisting, etc. etc. is not technically “making life” but the point still stands. Seeing hot bitches have fake orgasms should be a step above seeing people get brutally murdered. Although, both should be permitted regardless.

    What is wrong with you white-bread busybodies? Go fucking do something that matters like donating your time to charity. The last time your ilk got anything done, all you helped do was create the fucking mafia. Jesus Christ. I can’t wait until I have to go see Carmine in a back alley in order to get my copy of back door sluts 9. I wonder if he is going to have me whacked this time because he thinks I ratted to coppers about his operation.

  18. You treat Sex is holy system when you are heart is pure click below link to know real defination of Sex..

  19. I’m going to assume that the same rule that applies to anti-gay crusaders also applies to anti-porn crusaders.

    Now, if someone would be kind enough to post the picture of Trueman with the ball gag in his mouth….

  20. Trueman…noted that countless marriages are breaking up because of pornography and sexual promiscuity among the young is growing.

    One’s personal life is never a valid sample, however my experiences counter Trueman’s claim. The married men who have hit on me were all 40 or older. The men in there 20’s who showed interest in me were all unmarried. From what I’ve seen, it’s the older generation that doesn’t respect marriage.

    Besides, my dad found his mistriss/new wife at the Lion’s club when he was in his 60’s. Going after porn is as silly as closing down volunteer groups to prevent adultry.

  21. It is amazing; clearly the .XXX domain is some sort of undead presence. It is a domain that literally no one involved wants to happen (the porn guys because it’s ghettoization and prime censorship fodder, not to mention impossible to classify and enforce; the anti-porn guys because it gives porn “legitimacy”). Who the hell keeps proposing this beast?

    1. Plus, everybody would have to scramble for new domain names. I’m not recommending it, but it would make more sense to require porn sites to have an xxx subdomain that could be filtered.

      1. Websites already have key words in the heading for the sake of search engines. Porn site managers include sex related key words in the heading to try to get their site on the top of the search list. Filters can easily filter based on these key words. There is no need for an xxx subdomain.

        1. Of course, this system fails once in a while. Beaver College had to change its name to Arcadia University, because of all the high school students who tried to google the college on the high school computers as part of their college search.

          1. Uhh, yeah…I’m sure that was the main reason.

    2. I would think the ICANN just needs to further bureaucratize and regulate the internet, just in case they find a use for that regulation some day.

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