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Video of SWAT Raid on Missouri Family


In February, I wrote the following about a drug raid in Missouri:

SWAT team breaks into home, fires seven rounds at family's pit bull and corgi (?!) as a seven-year-old looks on.

They found a "small amount" of marijuana, enough for a misdemeanor charge. The parents were then charged with child endangerment.

So smoking pot = "child endangerment." Storming a home with guns, then firing bullets into the family pets as a child looks on = necessary police procedures to ensure everyone's safety.

Just so we're clear.

Now there's video, which you can watch below. It's horrifying, but I'd urge you to watch it, and to send it to the drug warriors in your life. This is the blunt-end result of all the war imagery and militaristic rhetoric politicians have been spewing for the last 30 yearsβ€”cops dressed like soldiers, barreling through the front door middle of the night, slaughtering the family pets, filling the house with bullets in the presence of children, then having the audacity to charge the parents with endangering their own kid. There are 100-150 of these raids every day in America, the vast, vast majority like this one, to serve a warrant for a consensual crime.

But they did prevent Jonathan Whitworth from smoking the pot they found in his possession. So I guess this mission was a success.

I've exchanged emails with the mother of the family, who was in the home at the time of the raid. I'm waiting on her permission to publish her account of what happened.

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  1. They are the government. They know better. They are our moral and intellectual superiors who sacrifice for us every day.

    When Republicans say that about cops and the military (govt agents in uniforms), it helps Democrats when they say the same damn thing about bureaucrats (govt agents in suits). When Dems say it about bureaucrats, it helps Republicans who say it about cops and the military.

    Socialist Party A vs. Socialist Party B.

    1. And if your blood isn’t boiling enough already there’s this:


        1. if you’re angry, “digg” this video.

          1. Seriously everybody.. “digg” this article. We need to get more people to see it. I’ve already started a digg post.

            1. Success! (even tho reason was down for a bit last night due to the traffic)

          2. I read through the first four pages and had to call it quits. So boring. I can’t see many people reading the whole thing.
            Anyway, if you think this is happening in one precinct in NY you’re mistaken. It happens in almost all departments in every state. It’s just how the job goes. My father was a cop twenty years ago and even then I was shocked by what I heard those guys saying while I was in the station house. It turned me off to applying to the academy myself.

      1. Anybody who lived in NYC and has been in a precinct station house will not be surprised. And my local precinct station was the 19th, which is the Upper East Side/Yorkville one, including Gracie Mansion, and they are very well behaved because it’s a rich neighborhood.

        The Bed-Stuy one must be 10 times worse.

      2. That’s going to be an incredible series of articles. Fuck.

      3. I’m a reasonably law-and-order guy, but it’s hard to read that and wonder if we’re not better off with the criminals.

        1. The criminals can be fought back against. So you might be right.

        2. I don’t think that “law and order” have anything to do with it. If the police enforced personal and property crimes only with impartially and (real) professionalism, I’d be the biggest cop fanboy around. I have an almost pathological insensitivity to the “plight” of anyone who hurts someone else not in a situation of self-defense. Thieves don’t fare better to me either.

          But the fact is, catching thieves and murders is hard work, and shooting dogs and frightening little kids is easy fun for the jolly sadist modern law enforcement recruits and is comprised of.

          1. Agree 1000%.
            But where are the supervisors? Why aren’t the police CHARGED with child endangerment? Why don’t judges, part of our vaunted legal system of rights, asking about this????
            O yeah, if they thought about it, it wouldn’t be happening.

            A cynical person might ask about the enforcement of civil rights, and question whether civil rights apply to anyone undergoing any search actions.
            But we shouldn’t be cynical.

            1. The whole thing is corrupt from the top down. While many disagree with me here, many of your average beat cops do get into it for the right reasons. And they end up either ruined or corrupt themselves. Sometimes, a rare shining one makes it through, and sometimes a department remains clean, but any large department is going to be absolutely rife with corruption, and many small ones.

              The head needs cut off of the hydra.

              1. most communities have the drug dealers that the cops all know about but don’t bust and the ones they do…The ones that aren’t busted have suppliers with better connections. I know a cop in my town…people underestimate the corruption.

                1. Oh hell, we just had one of Vancouver’s finest busted for dealing drugs right out of the precinct. At least he got busted, but I’ll bet there’s lots of others, although maybe not so dumb as to deal right outta the precinct… And the funny thing was, he was shocked to get caught…
                  Not all Cops are crooks. Not all Cops are volatile assholes who got into the job because they hate authority so instead got a job where THEY were the authority. Not all Cops are abusive jerks with a twitchy trigger finger.
                  But there are too damned many who are and THAT is the problem. It is really hard to trust any of them when too often they gleefully, sadistically and unrepentantly violate that trust over and over again.
                  And THAT folks, is YOUR tax dollars at work.

          2. I don’t know about “easy fun”, but the Pot Smoker can be a very lucrative source of Community Funding. They generally have incomes to pay fines and have property to seize. I wonder what “service fees” that family was billed for following the SWAT Team’s time and attention?

            Outraged? Follow the Money.

      4. Daaaamn!

      5. He’s got a joint


    2. digg this article here… more people need to see this video


    3. digg this article here… more people need to see this video


    4. This is NO different than the SS Nazis of Germany. Are you kidding me? These police should be tried for murder and sentenced to a firing squad. We have become a communist police state across the entire U.S. Get ready people, buy your guns, load up and stand up for your freedoms. The government is hacking away at it each day and soon we’ll have none. This is absolutely disgusting. And freaking legalize it already. I’m sure that 7 year old kid has friends that smoke weed. Ugh, make the insanity stop.

      1. Sooo… Its completely different from SS Nazi Germany. Cause… there wasn’t any ethinc clensing. Communist police state?… Um closer than Nazi Germany but actually they are two opposite polls… You can’t really make the argument that one thing is both of these. The cops should be tried for murder and then executed? So was the trial just a formality? Kinda like what they would do in a communist police state? Who did they kill anyway? I sure hope you don’t mean the dog… Cause… last time I checked killing an animal isnt murder…well since they aren’t humans and all. I know the peta folks disagree but that a whole different issue. The argument that the 7 year old has friends that smoke weed so it should be legalized? Do you think it will be legal for minors under any circumstance? Look… I hate this video. I hate that these guys storm in and pull this. The guy probably got a ticket in the end. Who knows… (I would like to understand why the warrant was issued.) But these knee jerk reactions comparing this to extremes really just hurts the argument… Plus its terribly insulting to those who really suffered through holocausts and gulags. Just my .02. (About all its worth.)

        1. The ethnic cleansing that you speak of is present here in Amerika. There is this thing called the “War on Drugs” which is actually a war against cannabis users. 1/4 of our population live in states where cannabis is legal under the medicinal usage laws, yet even these ‘legal’ users suffer at the hands of ghestapo police who run rougue thru homes on a daily basis. This is shameful behavior on the part of the police and the time has come to call them on thier actions. They are here to ‘serve and protect’…where is the service or the protection that the US populous deserves. If they don’t find something incriminating in thier search, they plant what they need to put innocents in jail.

          1. in what world are cannabis users an ethnicity? you are only further hurting your point by being so completely off-base and borderline retarded. it’s not an ethnic cleansing. it’s nothing like what happened in germany.

            while i absolutely hate what happened in this video (i own four dogs and am a card-carrying peta member), it is irresponsible to just react without thinking. while cannabis users get thrown in jail for what they do (it is illegal, afterall. whether you like it or not), they are not sent off to concentration camps to be starved or gassed. stop being stupid and playing the victim. fight to have it legalized, but don’t cry because it isn’t legal yet. just work harder.

            and i work at a jail, btw. i know just how many people are in jail for smoking pot. i fully support legalization.


        2. In the event that a K9 dog is killed the person who killed the police dog is charged with killing a police officer.Do families hold their pets any less dear.I’m an excop but we had six shooters,no military toys and no computers for “fishing expeditions”. Cops have become like the gestapo but most of them don’t even realize it.I just wish that with all their SWAT gear they could move quicker against an “active shooter”,they move slow when there is a real threat.Cops should remember that the public is not their enemy,the public is their BOSS.Not the President,not FEMA,not the FBI or BATFE,not the Governor,Mayor or Police Chief….The people are their boss.So stop raiding their homes,stop killing them and their pets.If they don’t,they desreve to get shot as they set off their flashbangs in an innocent person’s home.Jim

          1. well said sir, i was raised in a city where 18 and 19 year old kids have an entire task force (OPC) against them to stop underage drinking, which has in result turned the cops and young adults against eachother using brutality, raiding underage partys, and ruining chances for college education, my father was a police officer as well, the one thing i will remember him saying is, “just because you have a badge, doesnt give you the right to defy a persons inalienable rights”

        3. Look the situation is clear. You have armed men storming a house. They are dressed in military style clothing. They did not give anyone time to answer the door. The guy is most likely working class. The war on drugs is a class war. In a way you can say the police are brown shirts. The outcome in today’s world is the guy gets a record. That could end his job, or future jobs. He could be homeless after this. They may take his children ? ruin his life!
          Next,his children are now terrified of police – but know in the future they will get the same treatment. The police are teaching the children and everyone what is in store for them. Just think of what they did to Tommy Chung – helicopters, swat teams, all to bust a 70 year-old man for possession of dupe he was legally entitled to have. The Russians liked to nail dissidents and free thinkers ? the pretext could be anything. The Nazi liked to spread fear into everyone too. In the case of America the class war is ? about spreading fear into the working class that they will do as they are told ? or be sent to jail, given a social death ? that is They will live on the streets, or go back to jail ? what are we at 2.3 million people locked up now mostly for drugs ? and surprise they are mostly poor folk. The working class has always been ? were discount comes about ? you got to stop it ? and let them now they will die outright or socially. So yeah, just like the Nazi and Totalitarian communism – the American Police in this photo are doing the same thing ? fear, violence, Gulag (Prison) social death. It is pure control!


      2. I agree that they did wrong, but to charge the swat team with murder? Come on now. They killed the dogs, without cause, but we cannot treat the dogs as if they are humans.

        1. We cannot even treat the humans as if they are humans.

        2. Police trained dogs are treated as, not just humans but police.

        3. cop dogs are considered police officers. they sure seem to look at their dogs as humans. no respect for ours?

        4. Maybe we can’t treat our pets in the same regard as human beings, but to most of us, they ARE FAMILY and to destroy a member of the family is just as egregious an act. Would it be as justifiable as shooting my Mother because she’s 86 and has had a good long life? I think not. By society’s standard, pets are still considered property, and Law Enforcement does not have the right to simply break into a home without sufficient evidence and destroy citizens real & personal property. They do so at great risk of law suits. I should hope that the Fed gets a view of this video & nails Law Enforcement to the wall on this. If not…then it’s up to the Citizens of this once Great Country to again take up arms to defend what is rightfully ours. This act is an atrocity and makes one think…should authorities come knocking at MY door, without stating their purpose, do I use full force in protecting my property and loved ones as is my right under Constitutional Law. At what point, as law abiding citizens, do we continue to allow Local, Federal & National agencies to blindly bully the general public, without some kind of retaliation. Remember Waco? It can happen again, anywhere, anytime and for ANY reason. Law enforcement and the prison system in general is BIG BUSINESS people, it justifies your Tax dollars at work, it fills millions of jobs, while it dwindles our own personal cash resources and suspends our liberties and freedoms and in many instances, takes away your children & kills your pets. How long do we endure this behavior before the Government finally pisses enough people off to act. They think we’re a complacent nation. They believe we’re at their mercy. DO NOT THREATEN OUR FREEDOM at the cost of civil unrest. We see the concentration camps set up to MANAGE the American public. We understand the CLEANSING protecol. We know the H1N1 pandemic was perpetrated by the Government to prepare for this type of CLEANSING. We know that the adjuvant “Squalene” has been added to the vaccines to stretch the available doses & that it will cause autoimmune diseases in each of us in the future. We know that ELF waves produced from HAARP, when targeted on selected areas, can weather-engineer and create mood changes based on the Schumman Resonance effect which can change the brain patterns of millions of people. All designed to TAKE CONTROL of the American Public. We are aware of the assassinations of hundreds of creative thinkers murdered for their talent to create free or low cost alternative energy. We see the Gulf oit spill killing our wildlife, oceanlife, and destroying thousands of coastal jobs dependant upon the sea for their livelihood while BP is ALLOWED without prosecution to continue spilling thousands of gallons daily into the ocean, which will ultimately effect the entire world. And what do you think this will do the the economy and gas prices by the end of the summer? Well of course, the cost to the American Public will be justified…don’t you agree? One more stab in the back of the good law-abiding citizen of Amerika. Well to quote an infamous movie… “I’m mad as Hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore!”

    5. You are a fucking moron, I hope you fucking die. you know nothing about the government they are not our superiors in any way for years and years they have been fucking us over. they sacrifice nothing, what the fuck its people like you that are a mindless fucking sheep that alow shit like this to go down. Fuck

      1. Um, he was being sarcastic. The hint was when he described the Democrats and the Republicans as Socialist Party A vs. Socialist Party B.

      2. Have you not sense of irony, sir?

        Apparently not.

    6. Sweet Jesus you are retarded, the government exists to PROTECT us NOT TO CONTROL US. The people created a system to serve, not the other way around. I can’t believe you would even post that.

      1. Obviously you didn’t see the tag.

      2. Your kidding right? If you are naive enough to think this government is there to protect you have you got some reality to wake up too.


    7. “Socialist Party A vs. Socialist Party B.”

      They DO seem to feel entitled to continually expand the mission of “Government” using our funds.

      I’m no longer calling it “the Drug War.” Those that want it picked that name. From now on, it’s “Prohibition II.” Simple, on point, expressive for all that.

    8. “Socialist Party A vs. Socialist Party B.”

      They DO seem to feel entitled to continually expand the mission of “Government” using our funds.

      I’m no longer calling it “the Drug War.” Those that want it picked that name. From now on, it’s “Prohibition II.” Simple, on point, expressive for all that.

    9. Noting else to expect from a developing country πŸ˜€

    10. That is such bullshit! When are the people of this country going to get SICK of seeing average people screwed over by law enforcement?? WTF cause did they have to invade someone’s home and shoot their pets to find a tiny bag of marijuana??? WAKE THE FUCK UP PEOPLE! Our current “drug war” prohibition is stupid and misguided and plain DOESN’T WORK. If people can get drugs in *prison* do you really think you can stop it in a relatively free society? You can start the healing by legalizing marijuana, which represents about 75% of the “illicit” drugs in the USA. Considering it’s a far healthier alternative to both cigarettes and alcohol you’d be doing a double benefit to society by legalizing it.

    11. So, I’m way late in the game responding to this, but I do have to say: Socialist party A and Socialist party B? I don’t think that word means what you think it means. The phenomena you are referring to is Fascism, which is alive and well in America today. Socialism is merely an economic idea, as opposed to capitalism. In both, there can be corruption and abuse of various sorts, and general rule by and for the powerful few. As there has been for the history of capitalism, as there has been for most socialism the world has seen. So it goes.

      But the tyranny and systematic abuse we have today is a very particularly Capitalistic form of tyranny and abuse.

    12. So, I’m way late in the game responding to this, but I do have to say: Socialist party A and Socialist party B? I don’t think that word means what you think it means. The phenomena you are referring to is Fascism, which is alive and well in America today. Socialism is merely an economic idea, as opposed to capitalism. In both, there can be corruption and abuse of various sorts, and general rule by and for the powerful few. As there has been for the history of capitalism, as there has been for most socialism the world has seen. So it goes.

      But the tyranny and systematic abuse we have today is a very particularly Capitalistic form of tyranny and abuse.

  2. I’m kind of surprised they didn’t shoot the cartoon dog on the TV.

  3. The War on Drugs kills 2,000 Americans each year. That’s 20,000 from 1/1/2000 to 12/30/2009. In that same time period, we lost about 10,000 Americans and allies in 9/11, Iraq, and Afghanistan combined. Yet the protests to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are much louder than the protests to end the War on Drugs. I don’t advocate violence, but is seems that the War on Drugs keeps going on mostly because the drug users are peaceful.

    1. I’m pretty loud about ending both but uh, I think you should include the half a million or so NON-AMERICANS that have died in Iraq & Afghanistan.

      I wish we could also calculate the number deaths indirectly related to our war on drugs (such as the regular murders in Mexico by drug cartels).

      1. But most of the Drug Cartels mainly deal with harder drugs, such as cocaine. Marijuana is only a plant. It makes you hungry and makes things more fun. I have never heard of anybody dying because of Marijuana.

        1. Marijuana is 70% of the Drug Cartels income, legalizing marijuana would cripple them.


      2. then you have never worked in a hospital

        1. What the hell kind of hospital do you work in? Look it up. It is impossible to overdose on marijuana. Fucking moron.

        2. What the hell kind of hospital do you work in? Look it up. It is impossible to overdose on marijuana. Fucking moron.

          1. smoke inhalation can kill no matter what the smoke is,

            sounds like the brain cells have died already ……..

      3. OK. Then you have to count all those killed in supply and transit countries.

        1. That’s the “logic” MADD uses for its propaganda. If someone rear ends a beer truck, that’s an “alcohol related crash”.

    2. and how many lives were lost for anything related to drugs mr statistician? throwing out random info is nothing more than propaganda… who’s actually doing unbiased research on any of this? oh yeah – no one bc no one without a political agenda gives a damn about a few less dopes in their communities

  4. Fuck you, Radley. You just fucked up my entire day. I don’t think I can go to work after watching that.

    But thanks, anyway.

  5. Yet the protests to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are much louder than the protests to end the War on Drugs.

    Protests? Where?

    1. He must be referring to thre pre-Obama inauguration protests. The left is now OK with 200,000 US troops engaged in Asian wars doomed to failure. Iraq get’s another strongman a la Hussein and Afghanistan turns into a tribal ruled hellhole where fathers sell their daughters for a cow.

      But a Dem is running these fuck stories now so it’s all good.

      1. Make that “Afghanistan turns back into a tribal ruled hellhole …”

        1. Are you implying that the American left (the press and a small minority of “civilians”) have a philosophical double standard based on which party is in charge?

          1. Yep. Do you wish me to imply that the American right, suddenly worried about balooning debt and federal encroachment on civil liberties are a bunch of hypocrites too?

            1. sure…we have to do it or trolls will imply we are republicans

            2. “”suddenly worried about balooning debt and federal encroachment on civil liberties “”

              We’re not going to let anything get in the way of victory, retreat is not an option.

              That sounds so trollish, yet it was popular around 2004 – 2007.

        2. “”Make that “Afghanistan turns back into a tribal ruled hellhole …”””

          Has it ever been anything else?

          1. Back before the Taliban took over and turned the place into a said “tribal ruled hellhole” Afghanistan was prosperous, secular(you could walk around without head coverings if you were a woman), and not a crappy place to live before the Taliban took over.

            “Under the Taliban regime, Sharia law was interpreted to ban a wide variety of activities hitherto lawful in Afghanistan: employment, education and sports for women, movies, television, videos, music, dancing, hanging pictures in homes, clapping during sports events, kite flying, and beard trimming.”



            1. Actually before the Taliban it was tribal warlords who were just as bad…only time when women really had rights was when the Soviets were in control.

              1. When the warlords came through town, they were likely to rape the young women, draft the young men, and steal whatever wasn’t nailed down. The horrifying thing is that the Taliban were in many ways an improvement.

                1. How many of You commenting on afghanistan actually have any knowledge on afghanistan and its people?

                  you saying the “taliban were in many ways an improvement” is highly offensive to afghans…i myself and the hazara community of colorado have reason to believe that neither of you know what your talking about….yes the country has been a tribal ruled hell hole but you have no right to say what is and what is not an improvement for me and my people…

                  1. Well you’re an american now aren’t you? Guess who aren’t your people anymore.

                    1. Hey fignuts, if your “community” is so offended, why don’t you head back and work against the taliban? Oh yeah, cause Afghanistan is a shithole.

      2. Johnny Lingo will buy your daughter for 5 cows. Caveat Emptor

      3. Except for the ones 4 days ago (which were small compared to the immigration protest, so weren’t much noticed). There was also one in March in DC, about the same size as the ones at the end of Bush’s term.

        Of course we’re on the way out of Iraq, so its natural that there would be less protest.

        But sure its Dem tribalism, whatever.

        1. Were they calling Obama a fascist? Were they holding signs comparing Obama to Hitler? Signs that read “NO BLOOD FOR HOPE AND CHANGE”?

          1. No, that’s the teabagger’s job.

        2. sure…we have to do it or trolls will imply we are republicans


      4. Hmm? There are still protests against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The most recent one in DC was on March 20, about a month and a half ago. Don’t strawman.

      5. The real “Left” (as opposed to merely the Democratic Party which includes everyone from self-described Socialists to people who voted for Bush twice before finally deciding they’d had enough) has been furious with Obama for months. The Democratic leadership is shitting itself over the “enthusiasm” gap which is going to cost the Dems the House because former Obama voters are so disenchanted they have already decided not to vote for anyone in November. A big part of that enthusiasm gap arises from the fact that the “Obama doctrine” for Afghanistan and Iraq appears to merely be the “Bush doctrine” executed somewhat less stupidly.

    2. I’m guessing you don’t live or work in San Francisco, or Seattle or Salt Lake where anti war demonstrations happen on a nearly daily basis. The signs evolve and now that it’s Obama’s wars they are fewer and poorly attended, they can’t seem to care as much when it’s their socialist messiah running things. And all the guns for gas and death for oil signs are gone now that it’s long been proven out that the war had nothing to do with cheap gas and everything to do with politics and terrorism. But they still go on. No on seems to be doing much complaining in public against the war on drugs failures. In part because it’s a war that has equal guilt from all sides of the political spectrum.

      1. Actually George Soros is spending a lot of money behind the scenes to combat the War on Drugs.

    3. What prostests?!?! Try any major city or how about at the gravesites of those fallen overseas? The families of those who have fallen don’t need this as a send-off for their children.
      This video highlights the worst abuse by those in power. I guess “to serve & protect” just means for the police and the hell with the citizens.
      And keep politics out of it – Both parties suck. This fine example of police work occurred under the Obama administration just like it did under Bush. And the difference is? Both parties are filled with self-righteous lemmings. May they all run off the same cliff together.

    Where is PETA when you need them?

    1. Actually, PETA is probably happy. They prefer to kill confiscated pets rather than rehome them because they feel animals are better off dead than in the care of humans at all. Most of their budget goes towards large freezers to house the dead animals and they’ve only rehomed less than 1% of the animals they’ve “rescued” in all their years of operation.

      1. peta is all sorts of messed up, you’re gonna need to wash up to your elbow having to reach that far up your ass to pull out that shit.

        1. Sometimes I wish my parents had never named me this.

  7. What really kills me is the part in the video where they’ve got the guy up against the wall, demanding that he tell them his name.

    Hey, retards, you just kicked in his door in the middle of the night, shot his dogs, scared the living bejeezus out of his kid, and you don’t know his name???

    1. It’s procedure to confirm they have the right guy. They know his name already.

  8. i simply don’t know what to do with this. i just didn’t think stuff like this happened.

    1. (waves hand)

      Nothing happened here.

    2. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but you’ve got a lot to learn. There’s a ton of information on this type of police fuckery all over this blog and several others blogs as well.

  9. Made the mistake of watching the vid… I’m still shaking with rage.


    1. Ditto, literally.

    2. That was the way I feel too..utterly enraged. I usually have nothing but respect for police officers, but those weren’t cops, they were just PIGS in the very worst sense of the word..actually, never mind, calling those monsters pigs is insulting to pork.

  10. Think they followed their “operational philosophy”? http://www.gocolumbiamo.com/Po…..arobjs.php

    Also, “The primary focus of the team is on being a life saving entity.”

  11. Wow, the video makes it perfectly clear that the original story was spot-on. The animals were clearly no threat, you could hear it in the tone of the bark. The family were remarkable in their tone and self-control. I can’t believe how calm and cool they all were. This raid could have gone sideways at any moment if they didn’t have such cool heads. Shooting the dog could have easily sent the kid into a panic, which could have resulted in a struggle with the father moving in to protect his son… and a dead “perpetrator” on the floor. The child endangerment charge is so Kafkaesque … I guess the logic is “you forced us to raid the house in the middle of the night and shoot your dogs because you had a joint.”

    1. The child endangerment charge is so Kafkaesque

      Completely Balkoesque.

  12. The voices in my head say, “These WOD raids are just practice sessions.”

  13. (no words for this)

  14. Fuck. Fuck these cops, and fuck each and every one of their enablers.

    I have to keep believing there’s a Hell for these shits to be flushed to, for my sanity’s sake.

    1. My thoughts exactly. People like this have made a reluctant Christian out of me, because if they aren’t going to burn for this, I really don’t want to know about it.

      P.S. You folks who think Obama is a socialist need your heads examined. Take it from a real socialist: he’s nowhere close.

  15. Fuck you to every goddamn fucking shit-stain cop apologist whose ever even got near this board. Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you.

    1. This kind of thing will stop if you say “fuck” enough times.

      1. So he just needs to get laid more.

      2. Fuck off, period. I’ll talk how I want to talk, you linguistic fascist.

          1. Hello Shit Facktory!

        1. Do you kiss your mama with that mouth? I sure hope not, she may get sick. I hope these fascist goons on the police force visit your home soon

      3. Fuck cops, fuck their fascist drug war, fuck their supporters, and fuck their superiors. For every decent person wearing a badge there’s 15 no-neck mustachioed small dicked idiots who get off on doing stuff like this. Hey, how ’bout this? Bust a meth lab. Bust a pimp. Bust a coke/crack dealer. I know that sounds like way too much work for you bastards, and you might have to take some real risks, but the pay off is actually helping a community versus damaging one. Of course, you’d have to give up on these candy-assed little joy rides that obviously give you some sort of sexual gratification. Way to go, Heroes. Shot a man’s dog in front of his family, traumatized his kids, terrorized his wife, and really did a great thing for all of us. Fuck you, Pigs.

    2. I’m not going to watch the video. I have too much work to do today. I already know it will be worse than I imagine it to be, and I just don’t need that today.

      I already hate cops enough.

    3. Fuck you, too. When you condemn an entire group of people, even if the actions of the MAJORITY suck, you’re an idiot. So much for giving any kind of credence to the individual.

      Believe it or not, not every person who wears a badge is Satan-incarnate, just like the badge doesn’t make anyone a saint. And it’s possible to be both horrified by this, and not hate every single individual who went into law enforcement, ever.

      1. Sorry excuse. Just like the most of the Catholic pedophiles were not the majority. Cops suck. Period. They are not protecting us they are corraling us like sheep.

      2. Uh, Steff… please note that I was actually condemning cop apologists, a particularly loathsome breed of troll that comes here on occasion to blindly make excuses for any and all LEO misbehavior, no matter how gross or flagrant. While not a fan of policing policy in general and the corrupt nature of American policing, the only cops I really hate are assholes like those in the video above.

      3. “Believe it or not, not every person who wears a badge is Satan-incarnate …”

        No, but everyone who wears a badge and stays quiet about this stuff enables Satan incarnate.

        1. We have a winner. Any police officer who keeps his/her trap shut about this kid of bullshit is complicit to it happening. Just as much to blame.

  16. Unf. *falsetto* Thank you Radley!

  17. My grandfather was the sheriff of Mitchell County NC from 1946-66. He came home from the war, ran for sheriff, won, and held office until he retired.

    It may sound like a cliche, but he had one deputy when he started and they covered a rural, mountainous county of about 15,000 in western NC.

    I know for a fact that as part of his job he busted up stills in what is even today a dry county (I’m not going to defend that BTW, though I’m certain corn liquor was seen as more of a nuisance than something to declare “war” on). What I am sure of is that he never in a million years would have thought of going into someone’s home and behaving like that.

    One way of differentiating authority from coercion is that authority is power regarded as legitimate by those over whom it is held while coercion is power regarded as illegitimate by those over whom it is held. The way you exercise power is paramount in whether or not those over whom you hold power see it as legitimate or not. Guys like those we see here comletely undermine whatever authority we grant to them to execute their duties.

    1. Fuck your dead grandfather too.

      You’re looking for kudos for a prohibitionist cop? Here? Now? ‘Cuz he busted up peoples’ shit in a respectful way? Gee, that’s awful folksy. Might’ve worked if you’d said, “O’le grandpappy was a moonshiner himself, and openly ignored the oppressive liquor laws he was supposed to enforce.” But no, he was an enforcer.

      For every “nuisance” still he broke up he stole a piece of someone’s livelihood and property, and sent them to jail and maybe broke up a family or two. (And kicked their dog for all you know). Your stupid fucking grandfather probably thought he was “just doing his job” too.

      1. Fuck you. Those people should have paid their taxes. It wasn’t prohibition. You can have all the booze you want. It was about deadbeats dodging booze taxes. And this guy’s grandfather is the kind of cop who had some common sense. Those seem to be an extinct.

        And fuck your dead grandfather to.

        1. “Dry county” means prohibition, asshole.

          Now double fuck on your dead grandfather too.

          1. No Dry county means you can’t sell it. It doesn’t mean you can’t produce it. And no one in any county can run a still without paying taxes.

            And stop trolling. You are just some cop on here to make everyone who objects to this look like assholes.

            1. “Dry County”
              A dry county is a county in the United States whose government forbids the sale of alcoholic beverages. Some prohibit off-premises sale, some prohibit on-premises sale, and some prohibit both.

              Mitchell County, NC
              Mitchell County was one of the three dry counties in North Carolina, along with Graham and Yancey, but in March, 2009, after much controversy, the Town of Spruce Pine approved beer, wine, and ABC store sales.

              1. Hooray for Spruce Pine!

              2. Macon county was also dry, at least in the early 80’s. Most people drove into Georgia, where there was a booze store just a few feet past the state line. On the same road just a few feet into NC, was a store selling only cigs, because of the low taxes in NC, So people from GA would drive over there to buy the cigs.

            2. I have friends who were driving a motorhome through Alabama and were searched. One of them was arrested for possessing a beer in a dry county – Jones county. Read a full account of this absurd story here. http://motorhomediaries.com/jo…..-mhd-crew/

          2. now wait just a minute here!

            1. FFFFFuuuuuuck YYYYooooooooooooooooooou!!!!!!

              1. STFU limp dick of cowardice.

          3. Jack Daniels Distillery is in a dry country dumb ass.

            1. I’ve been there. It’s annoying to be around all that whiskey and to be told to go to Franklin Co. to buy some.

              1. They sell full bottles in the gift shop now, ProL. Special dispensation since apparently everybody had the same reaction as you.

                1. It is a really cool tour. And a neat little town.

                  1. “Neat” in this case meaning “without alcohol.”

                    1. where i come from neat means only alcohol. no ice, no water.

                2. Full bottles? I had heard about a law (I think it’s actually a state law) allowing sales of “gift bottles” on any day but Sunday, but I had a vision of some sort of small bottle.

                  I’ve got family pretty close to there, so I may have to stop by the next time I’d up.

        2. My grandad would have defintitely kicked your grandad’s ass John.

        3. The pro-Af/Pak/Iraq war moron is mad about people not paying enough taxes…big surprise.

        4. yeah, fuck your grandfather and you for thinking you have any right to steal from people through the form of taxes. fuck you and fuck all you libertarian minarchists state apologists. Anyone who supports the idea of the state is still blind to the problem.


    2. My paternal grandfather was a bootlegger (beer) in Milwaukee during prohibition. The cops would rutinely bust up his operation; he’d quickly rebuild. Lather, rinse, repeat.

      Fuck your grandfather, bitch.

  18. I just haaaaaaad to watch it. Got to work early, off to a great start..”oh, I’ll just go check Reason.com..”

    I note that they read Mr. X his rights at about 4:00 into the video.

    Nice work, Officer Krupke.

    And Radley…grumblemumblebadattitudehatethesedamnedpostingsbutcan’tstopwatching

  19. Almost forgot: also…


    1. You’ll never match The Shatner if you don’t work a little on your vibrato.

      1. Thanks for the feedback. I will indeed work on my Shatneresque vibrato.

        PS I think this gets the comments to 600 – son of a bitch that’s a lot of comments!

  20. But they did prevent Jonathan Whitworth from smoking the pot they found in his possession.

    And they probably celebrated by knocking back several shots of booze, before moving on to prevent others from being endangered.

  21. Each one of these cops should* be killed, along with their superiors. They all deserve* to die violent deaths.

    This is the kind of shit that is eventually going to trigger an actual war on drugs. With, you know, people shooting back and assassinating cops, and with an indifferent public that can’t tell who the bad guys are. Like Mexico.

    (* in a metaphysical “should” and “deserve” way, not an “i’m trying to incite way”. But just barely.)

    1. This is why we must keep drugs illegal. Anyone who has children and uses drugs is a bad person. The children of this man should be taken away. He knew this could happen when he bought these drugs but he cares more for his drugs than does his children.

      1. just when i think that you can’t out do yourself…….

      2. Hey Juanita: STFU you stupid bitch.

      3. I sure hope this is sarcasm otherwise you just simply fail at life.

      4. sup troll

      5. So, if I don’t have any children in my house, is it okay for me to use drugs??

      6. hmm….this really is a fail and what about parents who abuse perscriptions? are their children taken away too? No, most of the time try growing up watching your mother down pills like water. WHEN drugs do become legal there will be :
        1. a major drug taken off the street and hands of drug pushers and into stores like in cali, hawaii etc. and monitored
        2. less of this cop bullshit going around
        3. tax my maryJ imma still buy it but we can pay off national debt too

      7. Actually, prohibition causes way more problems (crime etc) for society then it solves. Keeping drugs illegal does nothing if keeping them illegal does not keep them off the market. In fact, keeping drugs illegal actually makes everyones children LESS safe by financing an incredibly thriving “unregulated” (not legit, no oversight) criminal black market (drug dealers, gangs, etc) that give nothing but more grief back to society at our own expense. These things need to be taxed and regulated not left to the unknown criminal wasteland of the black market. People are going to seek out intoxicants and there is nothing we can do about it. NOTHING. Cultures have actively sought out and used intoxicants for our entire known existence. We need to deal with reality smart or we end up tripping over our own feet.

  22. The one to blame for this is the judge that signed the warrant. This type of entry is necessary for a crack house, not a family home, and the judge should have known this. Shame on him.

    1. And the cops who solicited the warrant based on bad information, kicked in the door of that family home, and SHOT THEIR TINY DOG are completely blameless because the judge signed the warrant? You’re arguing that these cops have no common sense and no ability to think or act for themselves, and are therefore blameless for their actions. Listen to how ridiculous you sound.

      1. Once you pull the trigger it is your fault. There is no one else to blame but yourself aside from maybe your on-site superiors.

  23. Remember, a judge considered everything and, all things considered, loosed these police in this way, at this time, with these weapons, on this family by okaying the search warrant.

    A judge essentially foresaw the activities in this video and said “yeah, I’m cool with that.”

    1. The judge signs the warrant based on the information that the police give him, so the blame falls back on the police.

      Regardless, there is no warrant that justifies way these cops acted, and killing Fido makes no sense whatsoever. It’s not like these were big scary dogs or something.

      1. killing any dogs is standard procedure. they *always* shoot the dogs in nighttime raids.

    2. Like I said above, once you pull the trigger, you have no one else to blame but yourself. The judge is not there terrorizing this family, shooting their dogs, then shitting out a bullshit charge to save face.

  24. These people are sick bullies. But add to that the effect of a group and a uniform. If you get a bunch of guys together and you put them in pads or bullet proof vests, the adrenaline starts to feed off one another. Anyone who has witnessed or played in a football game realizes this. Only instead going out to clock the rival bears, these clowns are going out with loaded weapons to point at civilians. It is a recipe for disaster.

    It amazes me how everyone rightfully remembers Kent State for the disaster it was. No one thinks that putting soldiers into a riot armed only with M1 rifles is a good idea after Kent State. Yet, we stick hyped up groups of cops with guns in even more stressful situations on a daily basis in this country. And I guarantee you they have killed a hell of a lot more than four innocent people over the last 30 years. And no one seems to notice or care.

    Part of it is that we have managed to dehumanize poor people an drug users. I blame the addiction industry. If someone is addicted they are not fully human in some way. When the guard shot middle class college kids it was a national tragedy because we think of middle class college kids as human beings. When police shoot poor people or drug users, it is not the same because they are just not fully human in our eyes. It is a sick state of affairs.

    1. It’s not the addiction industry, it’s 50 years of government propaganda about drugs. What amazes is that even many people who disagree with the War on Drugs still believe many myths about drugs.

      After calming down, I’d recommend reading From Chocolate to Morphine: All you need to know about mind-altering drugs and Sullum’s Saying Yes as antidotes to the accumulated bullshit.

      1. People believe insane stuff about drugs. And the media of course is completely remiss. They never cover this stuff. Most people would be shocked to find out what is going on. But the local media, where these stories should be covered are generally the lap dogs of the local DA and cops. And they never put anything out that goes against the party line.

        1. Local media is some of the lowest scum in the entire news industry. They perpetrate every idiotic cliche, repeat most government propaganda without blinking an eye, and are sensationalist in the most base, moronic way possible.

          Don’t expect them to do anything positive about this stuff. It’s not how they operate. And the national news outlets are barely better, and their focus is almost exclusively on TEAM RED TEAM BLUE bullshit.

          1. They are just trying to give the viewers what they want.

            1. Exactly. Believe me, I know that the average person is part of the problem.

    2. And I hate to admit it, but I’m numb. My rage gland is burnt out.

      1. I am never numb. I am always mad. But I just have no idea what to do about it.

        1. Exactly.

          The pervasiveness this type of law enforcement activity and the pervasiveness of the public’s acceptance of it are incredibly hard to deal with.

        2. That’s the problem, isn’t it? If you see an individual doing something dumb, you can go yell at him and tell him to stop, he might listen. If you see the government doing something dumb, everyone you might want to tell at is “just doing his job”.

          1. And these raids don’t happen to most people. And they don’t get any coverage. So most people don’t know and don’t care.

        3. I’d say a Balko show on Fox News would be a good start.

          1. a Balko show on a site/channel without any party affiliation would be a good start. if it was on fox, every lib/moderate would automatically hate it and if it was on msnbc, every person with an i.q. over 60 would hate it.

            1. But if Balko was Balko on his show, and liberals still routinely got their hate on, it would help undermine the illusion of their concern for civil liberties or victims of government violence. And if they aren’t the worthless piles of shit I imagine them to be and instead grudgingly support his efforts, maybe it would be the start of a bipartisan movement toward reigning in some of these abuses.

        4. “””But I just have no idea what to do about it.”””

          People should stop voting for tough on crime candidates.

          As far as I’m concerned, society is getting what it asked for. Why isn’t half the town in the streets protesting?

          1. I would love to stop voting for tough on crime candidates. But, that seems to be the only kind of candidate. If the Democrats would put a stop to this shit, I would even vote for one of them once in a while to keep the Republicans in line. But, this shit never changes no matter who wins.

            1. The problem is that the light on crime candidates are light on actual crime, too–trying to prosecute good cops for shooting a psycho trying to run them over in a truck.

              I want politicians who are tough on actual crime, but will legalize harmless conduct like pot, poker, and prostitution.

              1. So you want tough on crime, just not the crime you want leaglized.

                1. How about…. tough on crime involving a victim?

                  Not the victimless, consensual, nanny-state, I know what’s best for you, fascist kind?

                2. Exactly–what Lurene said as well. Gangbangers, muggers, murderers…there’s nothing libertarian about giving such monsters a pass.


            2. “”I would love to stop voting for tough on crime candidates.””

              You, I, and most people on this forum. But we are not enough to meet the critical mass to create change. Many people believe if you do drugs and this happens, you got what you deserved. Sort of like someone running onto a baseball field. πŸ˜‰

              1. That little fucker DID deserve a good tasing.

            3. But, that seems to be the only kind of candidate.

              Bullshit. Not in every race, of course, but quite often down on line 3 or 4 you will find a different kind of candidate.

              1. Or you can abstain. I often go to the polling place, check in, go to the booth, don’t select anyone’s name, then submit my ballot. Essentially I’ve been counted as “none of the above”. It’s depressing how many times I’ve done that.

                1. “abstain” isn’t enough. We need to have the ability to legitimately vote “no confidence”. Maybe if enough people with brains did THAT, and got majorities of votes in places, politician types would be forced to actually EARN votes instead of just getting them based on a lack of credible alternatives.

        5. I just have no idea what to do about it.

          I gave you a suggestion yesterday.

        6. You can help the video go viral.

        7. we go to forums and grumblerumblemumble about it because, really, what CAN we do?

    3. these clowns are going out with loaded weapons to point at civilians

      Good points, but don’t let them win the semantic war either. Police are civilians.

      1. Not SWAT teams. They might get paid from the civilian police budget, but they’re the occupational force of the Washingtonian Empire.

      2. civilian: [..] 2 a : one not on active duty in the armed services or not on a police or firefighting force.

    4. because we think of middle class college kids as human beings

      It’s an easy enough mistake.

      1. lol

        I love stumbling onto random wise cracks in comment sections.

  25. So, what happens when one of these Gestapo SWAT mother fuckers accidentally shoots a kid? Do they charge the parents for his death?

    1. Well, we can’t charge a fuckin’ dead dog!

      (whispers off camera) Can we?

      1. (Scribbles something on an a piece of paper).

        You can now.

      2. Shoot a police dog, and see what you’re charged with.

    2. They very well might. If the parents so much as lifted a finger to defend the kid, they would no doubt claim they shot the kid defending themselves from the parents and charge the parents with felony murder.

    3. It’s already happened of course. When Tarika Wilson was killed by police, they also injured her child. Her one year old child lost his left hand and his mother in that raid.


      1. You just had to make my day even better, didn’t you? πŸ™

    4. In Lima Ohio, they killed the mother.

      She was poor, black and living with a drug dealer, ghetto trash to be honest. So it’s all good.

  26. Last summer, as my uncle was pointing out what a heartless bastard I was for not wanting free unlimited health care for everybody, I asked him whether he thought being in jail would be better for his grandsons than sitting on a couch smoking dope and watching Beverly Hillbillies re-runs.

    He couldn’t process the notion that I would be more concerned about real damage done to real people (here in three-dimensional reality) than I was about theoretical HOPE or CHANGE. At one point, I was perilously close to calling him a fucking dumbass.

    1. I had the same, uh, discussion, with my parents, God rest their souls.

    2. I’ve got an uncle just like that. Ends and means never meet in his world. What a fucker.

    3. I have the same situation with my in-laws.

    4. What a strange argument? I have no problem being in favor of both universal health care and complete decriminalization of all drugs and the outright legalization of marijuana. Most people I know on the left feel the same.

      1. It’s just the old “I can’t argue the point so I change the subject” fallacy. Most likely, P. Brook’s uncle “couldn’t process” what P. was concerned about, because uncle couldn’t believe that someone was dumb enough to be unable to be concerned about two things at once.

        But hey, as long as people are dying of easily treatable sickness rather than being shot by crooked cops, P. Brooks thinks that death is just fine.


        1. Since these sicknesses are so easy to treat, I assume you’re volunteering to step up and take care of it. Thanks!

    5. The logical arguments against prohibition are much harder for people to understand then “free healthcare for everyone”. All you have to say is “free healthcare for everyone” and they “understand” for better or worse. The actual reality of how prohibition does more harm than good is lost to people because it is not a slogan that is easy to sell. It is an abstract concept in a sense and it takes a bit of thought to realize that prohibition is causing the problems instead of actually solving them. They just think “drugs bad”. A lot of people do not like the fact that people use drugs and feel they somehow have the right to tell other people what they should do. It is rather odd that this is the case when many of them have or do use some sort of intoxicant or seek out other forms of taboo indulgence.


  27. That was horrible. It was like the opening scene of “Brazil” by Terry Gilliam. When the guy goes, “did you shoot my dog?”, the pain in his voice is so real. Its insane. The cops act like its a fire drill, while they kill dogs and herd a family around as sudden prisoners. They dont even know their miranda procedures, they go, “who’s got a card?”. They seem disappointed that he asked for a lawyer at the get go, as though there were some loophole they were hoping to nail him with. What a travesty. Once again, god bless you Balko for shining a light on this stuff. No one else does it. No one else even tries. Its a great public service, and I wouldnt be surprised if you are harassed as a result of your work. Keep on doing it man.

  28. Fucking hell! I hate cops! Hate them! They’re just stupid, redneck, assholes that couldn’t laid in a whorehouse full of blind whores hopped up on ecstasy and mexican flies!

    Evil bullshit like this goes down nearly every single day, yet anyone who dares to suggest that the government would put together an army to terrorize, jail, or just get rid of anyone who crosses them is waved away and called an ignorant yahoo or crazy conspiracy theorist.

    Get a clue, lazy dumb-asses! The government is not your friend and will take you down for simply using too much Kleenex or saying the wrong thing to the wrong person.

    Fuck all the government lovers! Fuck them upside down and strung up from a tree with barbed wire and duct tape Immoral, lazy, ignorant, lying, worthless, pieces of trampled up cow shit!

  29. Wonderful way to start the day…

    1. But not the best way …

      1. Yeah you’re right. Stabbing one of those cunt cops in the video and watching them bleed out would be the best way.

        1. lol this is relevant to my interests

  30. But goddamn you to the special democrat-built hell for American idiots you if you stop a car load of running bastards in a border town and ask if they’re American!

  31. So a little pot, which CANNOT kill you is endangering a child, but if they had 20 liters of hard liquor it would be cool? (Not that that should be illegal either) Shooting guns off in the vicinity of children isn’t endangering them?

    1. C’mon, you know all cops are the best shots in the world. They never miss and they never accidentally hit the wrong target. They’re the best, Jerry! The best!!

      1. Yeah, they are the best shots in the world. Thats why it took at least two shots to get one dog down. Yep. I totally want these guys protecting me.

  32. where did the video come from?

    1. I second that question, was it released voluntarily? Stolen? Released because a judge ordered it released?

      1. That’s right, it doesn’t matter what’s in the climate change e-mails video, we need to find out who leaked it!

  33. I have nothing that I can really add to this. You know how I feel.

    Fuck it.

    The callousness. Shooting a dog and letting it whimper (which I can’t get out of my head). After getting annoyed by noise, they shoot the dog three times in rapid succession, EXACTLY like a hungover-ed man angrily slaps at the snooze alarm, hoping to shut it up.

    Not knowing Miranda bothered me.

    Shooting and then leading this terrified child through a gauntlet of scary men dressed in black and holding guns and hearing a mother lie about how everything is “ok, everything is gonna be ok.”

    Hrm. Hrm.

    Fuckity fuck fuck balls. Cunt.

    I’d like to think that kids like that will forever be scarred by the police’s authority and will always give them shit. Sadly, I think they’ll be like abused dogs, always knowing never to cross the line. Goddamn it.

    1. I’d like to think that kids like that will forever be scarred by the police’s authority and will always give them shit.

      Or they’ll join the force so they can do it to other people.

      1. Or he’ll remember his beloved dogs and keep the rage inside for the rest of life until he joins a MILITIA, hopefully one with a spine.

        1. I’m thinking that, or he’ll grow up violent as fuck and crazy as hell because of what they did.

          I mean, the police were just ensuring they’d have work in the future. The kid will either grow up to be a real criminal, or an activist. Either way, they’ll be able to arrest him.

          Also, I love how they yell at him and his mom to go around his father. Yeah, let’s yell at this kid like he is a criminal after you shot and killed his dogs. Thats the best way to serve and protect. A+ Great job!

    2. Actually, police often use a Miranda warning card. That way they can later claim that they read them properly.

      1. This is true. If it’s messed up, the “criminal,” weither a serious one or not, can claim the Miranda rights were not read to him. There’s a reason they’re read.

  34. (Balko takes a surgical knife to my nuts) You won’t be needing THESE….

    Words fail to describe my feelings of outrage and utter hopelessness for our culture, but fuck these goose-stepping, wanna-be soldier boy cunts just the same.

    I wish nothing but pain and suffering on every single last person involved in supporting this completely failed clusterfuck we call the drug war.

  35. Raginghardonofvengeance

    “You’re looking for kudos for a prohibitionist cop? Here? Now? ‘Cuz he busted up peoples’ shit in a respectful way?”

    No-not really, I was just pointing out how acceptable behavior counts in how one carries out what an objective person might see as an unpleasant duty.

    Look-no one here likes the “war on (some) drugs”. Actually, it’s probably better for those of us who oppose it that the cops act like this, because their behavior it more likely to bring about greater public oppostion.

    I suppose what I was getting at was that even if he had to go arrest a murderer my grandfather would not have acted like the cops shown here. He just wouldn’t have considered that acceptable behavior (and I know for a fact that he had the infrequent gunfight).

    You go right ahead with the rage, though. My fault for trying to have a reasoned discussion on a thread that is certain to pull the emotional strings.

    1. Ok. Here is the non emotional response. Locking people up in a cage for concentrating the alcohol in a fermented beverage is evil. Even if you don’t kill their dog. Even if you say “yes sir” and “no sir” while you do it. It is slightly more evil if you kill their dog and yell at them too though.

  36. I wonder what Max Baucus would say, if he watched that?

    1. How about what Antonin Scalia would say?

      1. Part of the ‘new professionalism’.

      2. he’d say…”sure, stopping criminals is not always a picnic, but we can’t just stop trying to win the War On Drugs”.

  37. There are 100-150 of these raids every day in America, the vast, vast majority like this one, to serve a warrant for a consensual crime.

    Just to be a pedant ass, it’s no crime if the act was consenual.

    1. Just to be a pedant ass, it most certainly is.

    2. Ah, so two people sitting around consensually smoking a joint aren’t breaking the law?

      And a man and woman striking an agreement to engage in sex for money – consensually – are not breaking the law?

      Just because the people consent doesn’t mean it’s not illegal.

      1. You must be new around here.

        1. No, you simply missed my point.

  38. I watched the video. I’m mildly surprised that I can still get angry about this shit.

    To any cops: if you had any integrity, you would resign over the countless evils like this that you perpetrate every day. You are the enemy of all decent people. You are scum. You are evil. Fuck you.

  39. They should feel lucky this didn’t happen in my county.

    They look foreign to me.

    1. Maybe we could move Sheriff Joe to New Mexico and put him on Alien lookout duty around Area 51.

      1. Area 51’s in Nevada. Roswell’s in New Mexico.

        1. My bad.

        2. Maybe Sheriff Joe won’t figure that out.

      2. Area 51 is commonly understood to be Groom Lake in Nevada.

        Close encouters of the brown kind

        1. damn…refresh.


  40. Who was the dumb FUCK judge who signed the warrant?

    1. When I signed it, I specifically requested that the Team be nice.

    2. I also wanted to add that I specifically put “DO NOT SHOOT THE DOGS” across the top.

  41. Broken eggs are the price we pay for these delicious government omelettes.
    It’s good for you!

  42. Fuck. Just fuck.

  43. Couldn’t watch the whole video.


    1. Then just read the newspaper account. 8-(

  44. Actually, it’s probably better for those of us who oppose it that the cops acat like this, because their behavior it more likely to bring about greater public oppostion.


    Extreme, explicit, undeniable examples of official violence harden opposition (by showing it to be righteous) and harden support (by satisfying repressed desires and eliciting more dishonest justifications). No one is converted.

    Annoyance converts. Violence reinforces.

    1. Also, people actually have to know about this stuff to be pissed off about it. I highly doubt any news on TV would touch this type of story with a ten foot pole. The general person doesn’t know jack shit aside from what is socially accepted, propagated through friends, or seen on TV.

  45. Everytime I read one of these kinds of posts I wonder “Where’s the local Libertarian Party or other libertarian activist organization that should be picketing the police station, city hall, council meetings, and hiring lawyers to stop the shit?” Our response appears to be like 1950 Jim Crow tsk tsk in private but do nothing in public.

    1. too many would rather bitch and moan and endlessly debate and quibble online while they suck down another glass of some obscure vineyard’s latest screw-top vintage

    2. ITA…the LP itself, and other libertarian-oriented organizations don’t seem to be too on the ball with getting their voices heard.

      1. I emailed the video to my police loving friend and clicked the digg link in the top part of the comments.

    3. The only powerful person that seems to be doing anything to stop the War on Drugs is George Soros.
      Thats why I always vote left-wing even though I dont agree with them economically. At least they get stuff done. At least Obama has put a stop to federal agents arresting med. pot patients.

      1. You don’t read the news much, do you?

      2. They are still arresting medical pot peeps, it is just the more vocal idiotic ones.

  46. Cops like this are the reason why I believe in the death penalty.

  47. Cent sign-rage often converts as well.

  48. You can sense the cop’s raging boner as he stands over the man yelling, “Don’t move.” over and over.

    1. “”You can sense the cop’s raging boner””

      They live for that moment.

      I wonder how many of these guys thinks Michael Vicks was a bad man for his treatment of dogs?

      1. Dogs don’t really like Vap-o-Rub?

  49. what happens when one of these Gestapo SWAT mother fuckers accidentally shoots a kid? Do they charge the parents for his death?

    If one of those cretins (operating under the steroidal delusion he is John Wayne and/or Mario Andretti) runs off the road and snuffs it en route, they’ll charge the people on the warrant with first degree murder.

  50. Here is the message I sent the Columbia, MO police department.

    I just saw the video of your SWAT team shooting a dog. Your SWAT team is a bunch of fat cowards. They shot a dog that was in a cage! How much of a danger is a dog that is in a cage?

    How can the SWAT team members look themselves in the mirror, or ever even look a child in the face knowing that they shot a child’s pet in front of the child.

    What would happen if a person shot a police dog? The officers near by would shoot that person dead. The double standard is just too much. You have lost the support of the public. Your department is nothing but an occupying army.

    Citizens have a right to be secure in their homes. How can we be secure in our home if you ram the door in and shoot any pets you can find. I hope the voters restrict your funding so badly that you have to walk on patrol with only a slingshot for a weapon.

    1. Citizens can’t be secure in their homes with drug users around. Look at the violence coming across the border because of drug users.

      1. Drugs are smuggled across the border to bring them to an American market that will exist whether they are illegal or not.

        Since they are deemed by the government to be illegal this increases the cost. Providing lucrative jobs for criminals. Allowing these criminals to arm themselves to defend against threats both foriegn and domestic.

        Meaning in a very simple sense the law in and of itself moves American dollars to Mexico and South American countries, and in no way stems the flow or demand of drugs.


        This helps when combined with a look the other way when “illegal” immigrants poor across the border looking for jobs. Thus driving down the wage an hour that American workers need to live on and pay their bills with. This does nothing but create more and more poor Americans who gladly turn to drugs and illegal activity to not only deal with the depression of not being able to provide for your family but to pay bills.

        The laws on this are crap. The police state and lock them in gulags mentality is crap. It is about as unAmerican as you get yet these yokels show up every parade waving their little flags around till the show is over then toss them on the ground for an illegal worker to pick up the next day.

        America is a fascist state and nothing short of public executions from the top down will change it.

        I myself am not quite ready to be the lone martyr standing in front of the American tanks like the plucky Chinese guy did.

        Because I know our tanks wouldn’t stop.


        1. This.

        2. ^Seconded

  51. I’m always mildly annoyed I can’t see the video at work, but for some reason, it doesn’t disturb me today.

    1. Incidentally, can someone post a straight link to the video? I know some people that need to see this.

      1. The video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v…..r_embedded

    2. You have to see it. Everyone should see it.

      1. I can’t watch it. I mean, I have the technical capability, but I know I just don’t want to. I know it will disturb me too much and I won’t be able to get it out of my head for too long.

        After reading Radley’s article and the responses here, I know this.

        1. This is like the video in “The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers”. No one is the same after watching it. Except in a very different way.

  52. I like the 9 whole second between knocking on the door and announcing themselves before knocking the door in. Good thing no one was close enough to try and actually, you know, answer it, they probably would have been shot too.

    1. 9 seconds? Try 4.

  53. I don’t know what I would do if put in this situation. The only things I can think of are lie on the floor and start crying or start shooting.

    1. My choices would pretty much be limited to the second. Once they shoot one of the dogs, the wife goes berserk and it’s full rodeo from there.

      1. I’m patient. If the cops shot my dog, I would wait at least six months to a year and then blow up the cop station. Fill a pick up with explosives, point the truck at the front door, use a board to depress the gas peddel completely, step out and drop her into drive.

  54. This is all okay though, because this is a democracy and 50% + 1 of people want drugs to be illegal.


    1. Shut up and go buy your mandated health insurance.

  55. This is infuriating. It’s for things like this that I won’t support either of the 2 major parties. Seriously, who in their right minds thinks these raids are a good idea?

    An old fraternity brother of mine is a swat lieutenant and this makes me want to punch him in the face on general principles.

  56. Atrocious. At least there’s video. All cops should have to wear body or head-mounted cameras at all times when on the job, and that video should be made available to the public–no questions asked–within a day.

    1. But if it shows things like this, and people STILL support it, what’s the point?

      I’m just beaten down at this point. If this doesn’t convince people why this kind of thing is wrong, I don’t know what will.

      1. I agree,

        As long as it happens to other people, the general population will not care.

        1. “””As long as it happens to other people, the general population will not care.”””


          But as long as people think it’s ok to treat those they don’t like anyway they want, we will have the problem. It’s a combination of the two.

        2. “As long as it happens to other people that they can somehow dehumanize, the general population will not care.”

          People seem to have some sort of empathy, but it is generally reserved for the people that bat for the same team. I.E Christianity which basically amounts to “love thy neighbor as long as they are Christian or convertable” (not all obviously, don’t get butt hurt please). It is some sort of primal system of survival I think. Hard wired. Bind with your tribe and fuck the other guys before they fuck us.

    2. You’ve never heard of the TV show Cops? It’s this video and hundreds like it, but with better production values and a crappy theme song. America likes its paramilitary entertainment. Stamping your foot and whining like a toddler won’t change anything. In fact it’s rather amusing from a sociological perspective. Radley pulls the strings and the puppets dance and bitch and say “Fuck you,” like that will have any meaningful effect whatsoever.

      1. “”America likes its paramilitary entertainment””

        Yes it does.

      2. Hey, I whine and stomp my foot in a completely different way from a toddler.

      3. That theme song sure did its job though!

        You are damn right that America likes it paramilitary gang bangs thats for sure. We have a extraordinary lust for conducting foreign military operations. We also only like movies where shit blows up as long as there isn’t any fluffy bullshit like sex and love.

    3. That is a good idea…It would help us understand the cop’s point of view and also see the bullshit they do. It would help us understand why Rodney needed to get the shit beat out of him and also understnd why shooting a corgi dog is just plain cruel.

      Never happen though…makes too much sense.

  57. Stupid punk cops. Its PUNK cops like that, that makes me rejoice every time some stupid cop gets clipped in the line of duty!!


    1. STFU, anon bot moron.

    2. OK, who switched AnonBot to “Evil”?

      1. My bad, I was trying for “cyber sex” and the dials aren’t properly labeled.

  58. If these cops can go home to their families convinced they did a good thing, then I’m convinced they can’t possibly be human. And the fact that every other cop in Columbia (and most around the country) would justify this? No. Every time I talk about things like this people either justify it, or say things like “But you’re only talking about bad cops! There are so few bad ones and so many good ones!”. No. This is the kind of thing that convinces me that the “good cop” is nothing but a myth.

  59. If these cops can go home to their families convinced they did a good thing, then I’m convinced they can’t possibly be human. And the fact that every other cop in Columbia (and most around the country) would justify this? No. Every time I talk about things like this people either justify it, or say things like “But you’re only talking about bad cops! There are so few bad ones and so many good ones!”. No. This is the kind of thing that convinces me that the “good cop” is nothing but a myth.

    1. Sorry for the double post. Not sure why that happened.

    2. No, there are a ton of bad ones. Every large department, and many small ones. But not every single person who puts on a badge is like that, and frankly, the whole thing is messed up from the top on down. The change needs to start with the voting populous, but it won’t.

    3. Most people are essentially morally vacant and would do anything for employment/money. If they previously opposed whatever they now want to do, they merely rationalize it.

      Cops are merely representative of the larger whole. That’s why the larger whole accepts their behavior.

  60. jeez-what has gotten into anon-bot? Yesterday he is down with the Times square terrorist and today he is “rejoicing” over dead cops? Someone run the virus protection program on him.

    1. cop-killing is anon-bot’s favorite libertarian cause

  61. Awful, just chilling. We need real civilian review boards in every jurisdiction. They should be like juries, composed of randomly drawn citizens. There should be a government paid “prosecutor” or “citizen’s omsbudsman” and a “defender” for the cops and the civilian review board should decide the cases and be able to order administrative punishments and/or referral to the local DA for prosecution if warranted. These guys work for us, this needs to be emphasized.

    1. Or we could just stop militarizing police forces and prosecuting people for consensual “crimes,” that might work too.

    2. Awful, just chilling. We need real civilian review boards in every jurisdiction.

      I’m sure the GOP will get right on that.

  62. The drug war is insane, but I think the reason the police went with this kind of raid is because they knew that Witworth was at best a criminally reckless individual.


    1. So because the guy had a DUI accident they needed to bust up in riot gear with maching guns shooting dogs in front of this wife and kids? Get bent man. That’s tyrannical overkill.

      1. He’s a troll, bro. Let it go.

        1. Like MNG isn’t?

    2. Huh? Were they afraid he’d crash his pickup truck into them?

      This is bad, even for you. Unless you’re just a parody of you. Then it’s not a bad parody. Or something. I think I just confused myself.

      1. I’m just saying the police when evaluating the situation probably understood that Whitworth was not exactly a law-abiding citizen. They probably also knew he had a dangerous dog.

        I’m not trying to excuse what does appear to be a case of overkill, but a little balance is needed. Drug raids are dangerous by their very nature, and the police are not the ones who decided that drugs should be illegal.

        1. Who the fuck is “exactly a law abiding citizen”?

        2. What dangerous dog is this then?

        3. “Drug raids are dangerous by their very nature”

          So is Russian Roulette, which is why both activities should be illegal.

      2. It’s funny, Dan T. is such a reliable apologist for every manner of government power that it’s hard to tell whether this is a parody or not. I mean, I’m sure the voters of Missouri support this, so that makes it just fine!

        1. Just trying to provide a little balance to the “all cops need to die” hysteria.

          1. No, no you’re not.

            Fuck off.

          2. Perhaps you need to balance the all cops need to die hysteria hysteria.

            Almost no one here promotes the notion that all cops need to die. Most of us believe they need to change their behavior and unfuck their paranoia that everyone is a threat.

            1. No shit they think everyone’s a threat. I had to call a cop last week because there appeared to be people casing my ghetto neighborhood. I followed them and when the cops showed up I waved them down saying that I was the one who called. The first word out of the cracker pigs mouth was, “TAKE YOUR HAND OUT OF YOUR POCKET”. He then told me the casers were just religius people (right, because religius folk look in people’s window and write shit down). I told him I believed he was mistaken. He just gave me an annoyed look and drove away.

              1. You should surreptitiously record that shit, fer evidence.

    3. You don’t think that the response is assymetric? And since these same paramilitary tactics are used every day across the country, I doubt very much that a drunk driving incident from two years ago had much to do with the police department’s tactics. I mean, what the fuck?

      1. I’m just saying that the police no doubt did a background check on the guy and found that he’s the type of person that has no problem putting the lives of others in danger. At that point, they kind of have to assume he’s going to be armed if they think he’s a drug dealer and thus they use the elements of surprise and quick strike.

        They did have a warrant, you know.

        1. They no doubt did. Just like they did a background check on the mayor in PG Country last year.

          Jesus Dan, are you really that stupid?

          1. Is that a rhetorical question?

          2. Come on, John. You really don’t think the cops research the people they have been asked to serve warrants on?

            1. No, they don’t. Not as far as I can see. Radley’s posted about raids on houses where the person they were looking for hadn’t lived there for years. Or were in jail. Cases where the cops said “we didn’t know there were kids in there!”. Raiding the wrong side of a duplex. I could go on.

            2. Wait…who is it that asks cops to serve warrants on suspected drug dealers?

              1. Come on, Dan. Think hard!

          3. Well, he is that stupid, but Prince George’s county is essentially policed by the Stasi. Seriuosly, I remember reading an article in Playboy in 1992 (maybe Brian Sorgatz can give you the exact edition) about how Prince George’s county cops were out of control. So it’s not exactly new.

        2. I have not watched the video, I have no stomach for that sort of stuff, but I feel the need to respond to Dan on this.

          Here is a much simpler and safer solution to this sort of thing. Instead of doing a no knock raid on a suspected drug dealer’s house, simply wait and arrest him at work or at the supermarket, and then enter his home when there is no danger to the cops. Do your search, make an arrest if there are drugs found, etc.

          I agree with somebody who posted earlier that we need a citizen review board to review every use of a swat team, and every no-knock raid.

        3. I would just like to go on record as saying: Dan T. – you’re a fucking moron. You need to STFU now, because all that stupd shit spilling out of your festering cakehole is really starting to stink up the place.

  63. What if you saw a group was planning to do a Hutaree on these cops?

  64. I agree whole-heartedly that the child was in much greater danger with the execution of the dog than with marjiuana in the home. That being said, and I hate to say this because I know most of you won’t agree, but Mr. Whitworth is the one who is ultimately to blame. None of this would have happened if he wasn’t breaking the law. Marijuana, in case you didn’t know, IS illegal, so it caused the danger. He knew it, so he put himself and his families safety at risk by not following the law. We can disagree with how CPD handled it all we want, but let’s put the blame where it belongs: Jonathan Whitworth.

    1. Fuck you. You disgusting cunt.

    2. Oh Juanita, I could kiss you!

    3. so I guess you also think Guliani is to blame for 9/11 because he was helping spread too much freedom?

    4. Die in a fire, sweetheart.

      1. Please do not feed the grief troll.

    5. I’ve been lurking here for years, and Juanita has always been the best troll here. I am completely convinced that she is really on our side, capturing brilliantly the absolute worst responses from the public who can’t be bothered with the details.

      In this case, she copied and pasted verbatim the comment of one of the respondents over at the Columbia Daily Tribune article.


      PS: No way could I watch that video.

      1. ok Juanita pwned me

    6. Where is the violation of property or rights?

      Where is the corpus delecti?

      You are brainwashed…

    7. “so he put himself and his families safety at risk by not following the law”

      So you’re saying he was a bigamist?

    8. The law is not always right. Even if it were right for his actions to be considered criminal, the action by the police was far beyond what could be justified as necessary force.

      Why don’t we just let cops shoot jaywalkers? It’s illegal too. Well obviously we can’t let cops shoot unarmed, non-dangerous people; how about they just shoot the person’s dog if they happen to be walking it? That sound reasonable?

      Well, whatever, bow down to those who claim to have authority over you all you want. Some of us recognize that we are more than capable of autonomy outside the control of others and see actions like these – and the “crimes” that supposedly warranted them – as a threat to us and all other thinking people.

  65. DISGUSTING. Then of course my cognitive dissonance set in (I teach criminal procedure to law students, I’ll show this video next semester so they can feel like I feel). Of course, I’m so in the weeds on this stuff that I’m asking myself: “What was the info the police had before going into the home?” “There HAS TO BE some kind of justification.” Of course there’s not, but I’m so disgusted I’m trying to find some other way to understand this. I’m a rational thinker and I’m trying to not believe my own eyes.

    GRRRR. If this were my house my wife and I would be dead, because people kicking in a door will be met with Glock and Smith & Wesson and we’d never know they were police given that the “knock and announce” rule is a dead letter.

    1. No way. I mean really? Are the ivory halls of academia really so ignorant of the fucking monumental amount of inhumanity that goes on everyday under the guise of “due process”?

      No offense, but I call bullshit. You can’t be that stupid. And if you are, it is no wonder we get stupid cocksuckers like Scalia calling themselves “scholars”.

      1. +10 on naive points…this is normal american police work.

        This happens everyday all over the country. The unusual thing is that this was captured on video AND the police weren’t able to erase the video as they would normally do. For every time this gets put on youtube it is rational to expect that this has happened 100 times without being put on youtube.

      2. According to his linked email address (which may or may not be real) he’s this guy – http://law.psu.edu/faculty/visiting_faculty/mcneal

        Methinks he needs to read more Radley Balko.

      3. Whoa, which part of my comment makes me ignorant or stupid?

        I was disgusted by the video. So disgusted that in my mind I was trying to find a way to explain it away, while admitting that there is no justification. Moreover, I was so disgusted that I want to make sure that my students are exposed to this.

        So what bullshit are you calling?

        1. There is no “bullshit”. It is just that you are surprised or think “they had to have a reason”. Both of those are admirable thoughts. But sadly, divergent from reality. Nope. This was not a special situation. This was a typical search warrant execution. This is just what they do.

        2. Agreed. WTF are you 3 going on about?

          1. I’m sure he is a nice guy…I didn’t call him ignorant or bullshit…just naive to think “there has got to be some justification” sure he is aware of reality it seems, but to actually be teaching a lot of lawyers and express surprise is naive.

            This stuff has nothing to do with my day to day…no drugs, no lawyers. Just common sense and a general interest in the law enforcement methods used in our country with some historical perspective is enough to know that our cops/lawyers and judges are very corrupt and like to destroy lives for self serving reasons. The prosecutors get off on it, the judges get off on it, of course the roided up police do…the same judges and lawyers enjoy using their racket to get extra money out of the taxpayers through numerous scams.

        3. It’s troubling that you thought there “HAS TO BE some kind of justification.” These police actions aren’t the means to the end. These actions are the whole point.

          1. But I should say that I’m happy you’re going to be showing this to your students. Of course, I think this should be required viewing for everyone. The problem, though, is that it won’t really end up changing a thing. These tactics and this culture are too entrenched.

        4. fuckin lawyers love the drug war …jobs program for dickheads all around.

          1. I’ll just ask that you guys read what I wrote. The quoted thoughts were describing what was going on in my head as I tried to find a way to justify the unjustifiable. I followed those thoughts with the statement “of course there’s [no justification].” So I’ve arrived at the same conclusion as most other commenters, yet the remarkable thing to me was that I’m a rational person who was still trying to find a way to not believe his own eyes.

            To have that thought process met with the pile on seemed a bit over the top to me. I know I could win bigger points with a remark like “Fucking pig fuckers should die.” But that wasn’t my thought process, and arguing that anything short of that is ignorant, naive, bullshit or stupid seems over the top.

            1. I understood what you were saying from the get go. Ignore the pile on. People are just pissed off and probably not reading all that carefully

          2. I’ll just ask that you guys read what I wrote. The quoted thoughts were describing what was going on in my head as I tried to find a way to justify the unjustifiable. I followed those thoughts with the statement “of course there’s [no justification].” So I’ve arrived at the same conclusion as most other commenters, yet the remarkable thing to me was that I’m a rational person who was still trying to find a way to not believe his own eyes.

            To have that thought process met with the pile on seemed a bit over the top to me. I know I could win bigger points with a remark like “Fucking pig fuckers should die.” But that wasn’t my thought process, and arguing that anything short of that is ignorant, naive, bullshit or stupid seems over the top.

            1. I understood what you were saying from the get-go. But you have to understand that you are interacting with some very furious people on this thread. Sometimes fury can cause the mind to focus. Other times, it can cloud an otherwise rational mind.

              1. great minds think alike

          3. I’m a lawyer. Despise the drug war. Just to let you know.

        5. First, let me apologize for equivocating between ignorant and stupid. Let me ameliorate this buy saying that you are both ignorant and stupid.

          You assert that you teach a class on criminal procedure. I assume that a large part of the class is on the exclusionary rule. If so, then part of the class must cover the plethora of exemptions and exceptions to the exclusionary rule. So many in fact, that render the rule useless.

          And take the 4th amendment. What is the point of teaching it other than to point out the plethora of scecarion where it doesn’t apply. Oh well, I guess that gives you something to do to earn your tenure.

          But, given that, you must know that there is a difference between what you teach and the real world. And if you are really this ignorant of what goes on in the real world, then I can only assume that such ignorance is willful. And that quantum of willful ignorance makes you stupid.

          1. Don’t be a dick. Most people don’t live on libertarian discussion forums. His response is very good, as is the fact that he plans to expose more law students to this sort of thing.

            1. GSM strikes me as a good guy…Zeb strikes me as a much smarter person.

    2. Let me guess, you went to a top `10 law school, worked as a clerk for a federal appeals court and then started teaching? And thus have absolutely no idea how the law is actually practiced or how law enforcement actually works.

      Not that you are alone or particularly sinful for this. We have several Supreme Court Justices who think that “law enforcement professionalism” will keep them from abusing the discretion given to them.

      1. Why the hell is are you guys giving GSM grief over his post?

        His eyes were opened and he plans on opening the eyes of his students. It may very well be that his preconceptions have been shaken to the core and that he needs to reexamine his beliefs. That’s more than could be said for 99.99% of the population.

        People willing to challenge their own belief system should be applauded, not condemned.

        1. It’s just a little disturbing that someone who teaches this subject and pays attention to what’s going on is surprised by this.

          1. I mean, isn’t this, the paramilitirization of local police forces, one of the dominant trends in policing over the last few decades? This is the trend’s only possible outcome. It shouldn’t be a surprise.

            1. *paramilitarization


              1. So fucking what? You’ve been omniscient your whole life?

                I often wonder why more people aren’t libertarians. It can’t be because of too many self-righteous dickheads too willing to score cheap and easy points excoriating potential converts over their past transgressions. No, it couldn’t be that. That sounds too much like a religion.

                1. Dude, chill down. I think I was pretty polite. As you’ll notice if you read our whole exchange, I misunderstood his first post.

                2. Some libertarians are into outreach, others are into outrage.

                3. I suspect that good pragmatic Libertarian candidates are what the Tea Party guys *really* want, and just haven’t quite been able to vocalize yet.

                  Too bad Libertarian Party candidates have been essentially unelectable.

            2. No suprise here. I do believe there are substantial Corporate interests behind that trend. There’s a lot of money to be made in all that gear, and anything that gets LEOs funded like the DoD is just allright by them. Also, the majority of voters in the last decades were from the World War II generation, who tended to take what the Government told them as Gospel. They were ripe suckers for the Zero Tolerance, Tough on Crime politicians. This was Win-Win for those Politicians, the oldsters got to feel like we were putting out the Commies in Stars-n-Bars Glory, while the Corporations made millions on Tasers and Body Armor, and on to the jails themselves.

              Also, the LEOs themselves are part of the profit-making. From what I can make of local news, if not for a War on Drugs grant and property seizure, two officers would not have a paycheck. Nobody wants to see his buddy get laid off. Add the monies raised for “services”, and even a light Parole can be a year of “suprise bonus taxes”…

          2. Nobody- Read the post. I wasn’t surprised. I follow this stuff everyday, just like many of you. I assign excerpts from “Three Felonies A Day” to my classes. I show videos of abusive police interrogations. None of this stuff surprises me, what surprised me was that DESPITE what I was seeing I was still trying to find a way to explain it.

            1. Ok, fair enough. I’m glad to admit that I misunderstood your first post. Anyway, I hope you’re able to use your position to enlighten as many people as possible. Good luck!

              1. Thanks man.

                1. Me too. I’m sorry. And thanks for showing this video to your students.

            2. And I totally agree with the surprise and outrage DESPITE knowing that this goes down. I read Balko everyday. I remember reading about this case back in February. I’ve watched ‘The Wire’ four times. I was pissed off all day yesterday because of the tazering of the kid who ran around the outfield and Philly. But this? This video? Fuck.

              1. That little fuck deserved to be tazed.

          3. Nobody- Read the post. I wasn’t surprised. I follow this stuff everyday, just like many of you. I assign excerpts from “Three Felonies A Day” to my classes. I show videos of abusive police interrogations. None of this stuff surprises me, what surprised me was that DESPITE what I was seeing I was still trying to find a way to explain it.

            1. And I have no idea why my fucking posts keep double posting.

              1. And I have no idea why my fucking posts keep double posting.

                Welcome to Reason!

            2. If you assign excerps from “Three Felonies A Day, I take back the ignorant and stupid remark.

              1. Ha! Thanks.

                So, note to self, next time I post a comment in Reason I’ll need to separate myself from the typical lawprof or things will go something like they just did.

                1. Nah. Only in this context. If we were bitching about some boring antitrust shit, this wouldn’t have happened.

        2. I tell you why, because he isn’t just any regular guy. He is a person with a great deal of responsibility about what happens with the law.

          Where do fucktards like Mary Beth Buchanan and Jenifer Yois Hernandez-Vega come from? Law school that’s where. So maybe, just maybe, if these law school professors could inculcate a little bit of humanity with that “legal reasoning” maybe things would be a little better.

          1. Yes, that must be it. Law school turned these people into power-mad shit-stains. It couldn’t be that power-mad shit-stains are attracted to the law so that they can get their rocks off dominating the little guy safe and cozy within their positions of authority.

            And you have the fucking temerity to call him stupid?

            1. Absofuckinglutely. And since you used the probablistic “could” without giving me any hint that the likelyhood that your probability is greater than mine, I am calling you stupid too. Neener neener.

            2. Law school turned these people into power-mad shit-stains.

              No. Wrong. Certain people are power-mad shit-stains before they go to law school. They go to law school to learn the system, and then they take the education and learn how to do something about their hunger for power. Law school does not convert an otherwise rational person into a “power-mad shit stain.”

              Just like any other course of education, it is what you make of it.

        3. Word, no need to bash someone for admitting that you’ve opened their eyes.

    3. I call BS too. No one who teaches crim pro can be this ignorant. The case book alone is probably full of cases just like this (just a guess, I never took crim pro).

    4. Are you at Penn State? Man, I love the state College area.

    5. There is no justification for this. SWAT needs to be done away with entirely, frankly, or reserved for extreme events (hostage situations, shootouts, etc.), and NEVER see the light of day otherwise. Laws need to be repealed, done away with or amended, depending on the law.

      But the sad part is, the general population is the one who fostered this nightmare into being, all in the hopes of gaining some elusive notion of a safety that doesn’t really exist.

  66. This must be some of that new professionalism that stupid cocksucker Scalia was talking about.

  67. BTW, you guys sure are in love with the scary word “paramilitary” as if a police force can be anything but.


      1. New keyboard, please.

    2. Andy Grifitth wasn’t all that paramilitary. Barney was. You know, you can sum in all up in the Andy Griffith Show. Andy is a “peace officer.” Barney is a “law enforcement officer.”

      1. What about Roscoe P. Coltrain?

        1. Wile E. Coyote.


  68. This video makes me sick, and each one of those cops is a disgusting human being who deserves a long slow death. I hope they die of stomach cancer

    1. http://www.njlawman.com/Feature Pieces/Suicide.htm

      They are not all like that.

      And from the statistical models would seem being a self righteous asshole who callously kills peoples pets to stop the demon weed takes its toll on their pychi.

      Viral. May it infect the world.

  69. I’m just saying that the police no doubt did a background check on the guy

    Haha, Good one, Dan.

    Go chugalug a bottle of bleach.

  70. This kind of stuff happensto urban families all of the time. What’s the big deal? Where’s the outrage? People get upset that they shot a dog and don’t give a damn when they shoot unarmed Black men “by mistake.” Get over it.

    1. Wrong site and wrong group of people, dumbass. Give a gander to some of the archives and see if your idea holds up.

    2. Who are you talking to? Radley posts about this kind of thing happening to urban families regularly. It just so happens that this event was videotaped.

    3. I’m going to assume this is just out of ignorance. Just google “Radley Balko and Corey Maye” and walk away.

      1. Hell, Balko says he’s moving to Nashville so he can devote MORE TIME to Cory Maye. So, lurk moar, Realist.

  71. The temptation is to get pissed, get depressed. I’m going to get active. I’m downloading this to a jump drive and taking it to a Missouri State Senator that is a member at our church. He’s got very strong libertarian leanings and, I am certain will be revolted at what he sees. It’s time to rein in this madness.

    Go do something.

    1. I want to badly, I just don’t even know where to begin. In some ways this video broke my spirit. I’m a different man than I was before I pressed play.

    2. Applause!!

    3. ever seen a gay guy married to a woman to pass as straight?

      same thing as a politician in church.

      1. Same thing for almost everyone in the damn church really.

  72. What the hell. I swear to God Almighty I’d be suing the shizenballs off of these douchenozzles. Using this video, I have to imagine there’s someone who’d take the case for endangering children, animal cruelty, and property destruction. For pot! Aa plant that grow in the freaking ground! How can naturally occuring plant be illegal? It’s not cooked in a lab, you can find it all over! These faggot cops have no excuse.

  73. I’m so in the weeds on this stuff that I’m asking myself: “What was the info the police had before going into the home?” “There HAS TO BE some kind of justification.”

    There is a simple explanation; policemen, as a species, are cowards. They would rather burn the house down with women and children inside than expose themselves to a potential danger.

    Dominance and submission; baboons with guns.

    1. Cops are anything but cowards. This kind of police work is very dangerous, unlike sitting at a keyboard and playing Monday morning QB.

      1. Since police work isn’t even in the top 10 most dangerous jobs, I shudder to think what you’d allow mine workers and the like to do.

      2. When I was growing up and people got into a fist fight, cowards were the ones that would draw a gun because they were scared to fight.

        Cowards will shoot an innocent person out of false fears for their own safety.

        Ok, I won’t call cops cowards, but if the shoe fits…

        1. I’m just saying that if you are a coward you are not going to chose a line of work that involves daily confrontations with angry and potentially violent people.

          You guys will argue against even the most obvious points. Damn.

          1. but they get to do it with guns. A handgun in a civilian situation is like an M1 Abrahms tank on the battlefield, it is an equalizer.

          2. “”You guys will argue against even the most obvious points. Damn.””

            The point isn’t who accepts the job, it’s how they conduct themselves on the job.

          3. They shot a dog in a cage. That pretty much sums up ‘pussy boy coward’ to me.

            I guess shooting the family cat would be worse, but not by much

      3. Cops are indeed fucking cowards. That is why they arrest so many pothead.

        1. I can tell you first hand that they are cowards. I was in a situation where an armed man was seen walking around the neighborhood. Esentially, the cop gave the guy a five minute headstart before traying to locate him.

          Fucking pussy coward.

      4. Um, *this* kind of police work was killing a caged dog and then threatening an unarmed man in front of his family…over a bag of pot.

        Dangerous? That is dangerous? No, that is something else: stupid. Wrong. Wasteful. Scary.

        But dangerous? No. Not to the cops, anyway.

        1. Look, you do not know this guy’s wrap sheet or drug history. the copy didn’t know there was only a bag of pot in the house. for all they knew it could have been more, and for all you know the guy could have been a well known dealer, and just made a big sale. your after-the-fact assumptions provide one more reason why we need to teach logic, and basic reasoning in high school.

          1. that is the stupidest thing i’ve read today. i would fucking hope that the dickweeds kinda had an idea what they were doing before they kick in some one’s door, guns a blazing.you ignorant dipshit.

          2. Bullshit, warrants shouldn’t be made without a goddamn good idea of what goes on and what’s in the the house. Otherwise they could just get a warrant for any house they want to go into, based on the assumption that they’re might be something illegal going on.

          3. “For all they knew?” For all they knew?!

            *That* is the grounds you use to justify this policy? Seriously?

            Hey, the cops don’t know if this guy is a gun-waving psychotic, so….DELTA FUCKING FORCE TIME! /fist bumps among warriors

            Hey, let me clue you in: the cops are not supposed to assume such things. Innocent until proven guilty. Due process. A lot of blah blah blah in the face of the cop’s ignorance as to this fellow, eh?

            So in your preferred realm, the police can imagine that guys living with their kid and corgi who are being investigated is properly treated as some sort of local Pablo Escobar. Firing automatic weapons in houses where children are sleeping is okay. No knock midnight raids are sound policy.

            “You don’t know…”

            Yeah, I don’t know. BUT NEITHER DO THE COPS! Therefore, I demand that the cops–who don’t know either–act with some fucking restraint, not default to a hyper-violence mode appropriate for a battlefield. This is a suburb. In America. Where boring people live and nothing happens.

            Jesus christ, folks, are people in this nation really as dumb as this guy? I dont’ want this stuff going down in Baghdad, let alone here.

      5. True, it’s a job only for the brave, kicking in the doors of nonviolent offenders, guns blazing. It’s like being a back alley rapist. Shit, you never when a broad will have mace or a taser, or worse, a gun. Takes some real balls to try that rather than just sticking to dinner and a movie to get some.

    2. Kind of like they did at columbine. Stood outside behind their cars waiting for the swat team while all those children died.

      1. and then the SWAT team waited outside until the shooting stopped

  74. I don’t get quiet when shit blows up in my face. It worries me, because I imagine my Mother Bear would come out raging, and I’d get blown away as I held my 3 yo and 18 mo in my arms.

    We’d all be dead.

  75. Here is an e-mail I received in response to my e-mail to the police department that conducted the raid.

    “Your citizen feedback e-mail was forwarded to me. Our Internal Affairs Unit is conducting an investigation into the incident that you wrote us about. While the video was released upon request, since the defendant’s criminal case is complete, the internal investigation is not complete. Once it is, the department will issue a Media Release explaining the incident, the investigation, and the findings. The complete information that is issued in a media release is often too lengthy to be included in every news article or story, and so sometimes those articles or stories don’t provide readers or viewers the context or content they are interested in. Because of that, I encourage citizens to go to the City’s website at gocolumbiamo.com and read the entire press release(s) there, as they are always posted to the website.

    “Just so you know, the dog was not in a cage.


    1. Wow, I’m surprised they responded so quickly. They must be getting some serious shit today.

    2. As we all know, there’s nothing more dangerous than an uncaged corgi.

      1. You see that one episode of Ace of Cakes? Those little things are fierce. Cerberus itself cowers at the mere mention of the breed name.

        I’ve no doubt that had the officers not put the menace down, the dog would have brutally torn its way through them and then in its bloodlust would have killed the family and most of the neighbors as well.

        1. You see that one episode of Ace of Cakes?

          Get a hobby, bro.

          1. Watching Ace of Cakes is my hobby.

            1. We weep for you.

      2. Well, have a look at this picture of Queen Elizabeth II:

        Look around the queen: 4 corgis, 2, maybe 3 security guys. More corgis than security.

        Who needs security when you have corgis protecting you?

    3. Ah, well, the dog was not in a cage. Well then all this outrage was over nothing. Back to work, citizens!

  76. As someone who has been through a similar experience this was the initial climax. Now the nightmare of dealing with the courts begins.

    To those commenting on Miranda, it does not matter and is insignificant, I agree the cop is a retard, but the Miranda warning is a ruse, this is better…

    “Where rights secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no rule-making or legislation which would abrogate them.”
    U.S. Supreme Court in Miranda v. Arizona 380 U.S. 436 (1966)

    Love reading the comments…

    1. Correction, was the climax then the nightmare of the courts began and is over…

    2. “”””Where rights secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no rule-making or legislation which would abrogate them.”””

      That’s the funniest thing I’ve read all week.

      1. funny in that the gunvernment pays no attention to it….

        1. Exactly.

    3. “Where rights secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no rule-making or legislation which would abrogate them.”

      That’s some funny shit. But then make-believe often is.


  78. GSM sees a horrible misuse of the law and is passing the knowledge of that injustice along to his students. Seriously, isn’t that exactly what we would want? The future debt slaveslawyers of America seeing the injustice and violence of the drug war and SWAT teams? Don’t we mock Scalia’s “new professionalism” nonsense? GSM is doing exactly what we want.

    1. Agreed. So let me say again appologize for getting in his face. Showing this to students is exactly what I would like to see.

      Oh, and JW, get bent.

      1. Whatever. Not my fault it took you 3 or 4 tries to understand what he was saying.

        1. Although I think we can put this behind us, I’ll note that you also misunderstood what he said in exactly the same way we did.

          “His eyes were opened and he plans on opening the eyes of his students. It may very well be that his preconceptions have been shaken to the core and that he needs to reexamine his beliefs. That’s more than could be said for 99.99% of the population.”

          In fact, his eyes weren’t opened. He knew what’s been going on. It’s just that his first post didn’t necessarily make that completely clear.

          But anyway, whatever.

          1. Except that I didn’t give him shit over my supposition.

            Look, the guy shows up here, states his outrage, states his intentions and some of the people here acted like dicks towards him because he wasn’t sufficiently chaste. Off-base IMO.

            ‘Nuff said. It’s, as you note, behind us.

  79. I agree! Maybe he can help arrange to have Balko give a talk at his university.

  80. ATTN: everyone outraged by this video.
    If you want to help get this video seen by others, please go to this digg page and “digg” it. We need to get this dugg to the front page.

    1. Absolutely. All you assholes venting your rage need to do this one thing today. DIGG THIS $HIT to high heavens. All commenters and LURKERs. Remember when you gave Reason $2.50 because the paper mag was good for holding dried weed? Well Now you can use your keyboard and mouse and DIGG THIS to 1000, and it should go viral. Make it your mission

      1. I thought the $2.50 was to keep Lobster Girl alive.

  81. Fuck the police.

  82. Again I say nothing will change until everyone starts calling in anon tips and giving the militant fucks the addresses and politicians and judges homes and those of their family members. Give them so many tips they can’t begin to verify them (as though they would anyway). Hell give them other cops and family members of cops homes to raid as well.

    This will not stop until lots of people with the power to do something are directly affected in their homes. Want a law changed that affects only civilians, get a few politicians family members and pets killed by police raids. I got no problem with a few of their eggs being cracked for that to happen. They are all innocent right so they shouldn’t have anything to hide or fear. Well except being shot as they wake up in at 3am trying to defend themselves, there is that little thing.

    1. Deliberately calling in false tips in order to have politicians and their families endangered and humiliated? What a wonderful idea! ?

      The use of evil means is OK as long as it’s in the name of fighting crime and corruption . . . anyway, the victims are bad people and it’s OK to treat them like this. ?

      1. If you accept the use of no-knock paramilitary raids on false evidence, then why are you objecting to the drug raids in the first place?

        1. You are totally overlooking the outcome as the deciding factor. Bottom line is they do not give a shit about you, your family or pets and are more than willing to kick in your door on a tip. In the end who would you want to die yourself or the family member of the judge that thought it was just fine to raid your home on a crack heads tip? In the end all that matters is things changing. Nothing will change until they suffer the same damages the rest of America does under their very own military state mentality and disregard for actual investigations before figuring out after the fact they are wrong. Then when they are they walk and YOU are still DEAD. Me I prefer them or theirs to die, but hey thats just me.

      2. Which is more evil, Max? Encouraging the minions of the state to expend their energy against each other? Or just going out and shooting cops, et al., in the head?

        Given the state and its actors have demonstrated, repeatedly, the willingness to use evil means against innocents, redirecting the evil against the willingly complicit is a moral good. If the cops are kicking in the doors of state reps and judges, they aren’t out doing it to people who did nothing to deserve it. It’s harm reduction versus harm prevention: I can’t get prevention yet, so I’ll take reduction now.

      3. honestly I kinda like the idea. some of these evil fucks deserve to die, and if you can do it by getting their own goon squads to raid their houses by accident then that just makes it funnier.

  83. Where is the ACLU on this kind of stuff? Many years ago I was an ACLU supporter, I even had a weekly deduction from my paycheck that was sent to the ACLU. I stopped that after it became apparent that 2 (as in 2A) was not in their vocabulary, but this (no knock raids, killing dogs and people indiscriminately, etc) seems to be the kind of stuff they would be up in arms about.

    1. “I even had a weekly deduction from my paycheck that was sent to the ACLU”


  84. My letter to the Columbia PD:

    “I am saddened, sickened and furious to the point of tears after seeing video of your SWAT raid on a family last February.
    Your department and your cowardly officers make me embarrassed to call myself an American.
    I hope those bastards who conducted and approved of that raid are held to account. I also hope that someday, they will be able to become human beings, but I sincerely doubt they will.
    What despicable creatures. What cowards. What low-lifes.”

  85. The cops in Somerville, MA need to watch this video.

    They didn’t even tase Cheesy Beef Burrito man.

    They gotta get with the program. Maybe they can break into Cheesy’s house later and shoot his dogs.

    1. “You are dismissed I don’t recognize your authority.”


  86. The video is horrific, but it will not change my view of the war on drugs. If only I had some video of my sister in the days and weeks prior to her death at the age of 24, a hardcore drug addict who began her addictions with marijuana at age 15.

    1. Yes, because God knows, SWAT raids for minuscule amounts of pot resulting in terrified families and dead dogs would have saved your junkie sister.

      1. FTW.

        Hey, Chris R, sorry about your sister. Watching a loved one go slowly that way is one of life’s worse experiences. But your argument is no differnt from me saying, “I have lumbago. My suffering is justification for no-knock raids.”

    2. sorry for your loss Chris – I am sure it was horrible to watch. But you can’t put this off on pot. And what do you think the effect of this raid, and the thousands of others like it do to the children who witness them?

    3. “The wages of sin is death”

      1. Rotate your tires up your ass, Juanita. That’s note even the entire verse. Way to cherry-pick. I got a half verse for you:

        “ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven”

        See how that works?

        1. Matthew 5:20, BTW.

    4. you are right, Chris. drugs are horrible, and people that do them are fricken stupid. having worked in drug rehab for a number of years i’ve seen the impact of drugs on so many people. any parent that would sit and smoke pot, or do other drugs in front of the kids, or have drugs in the home is non fit to be a parent.

      1. What about a parent who drinks in front of the kids? What if they have Vicodin in the home?

      2. How bout parents who drink a glass of wine at dinner or have a liquor cabinet?

        Also you should know that harm reduction centers that lead people gradually to rehab are way more effective at lowering drug use than the traditional abstinence rehabs which are a waste of money and pretty much a revolving door.

        1. The Cult of Bill Wilson will get you for that… πŸ™‚

    5. The troll is strong in this one.

    6. Hey Chris, I have an uncle who died of lung cancer, he was a chain smoker, he made his choice just like your sister. So by your reasoning, we should have a war on tobacco too.
      And BTW, had harm reduction services been available, like what they offer in Vancouver or in Europe, she might still be alive.
      Also pot is as much of a gateway drug as alcohol or even Tylenol. Lets ban those too.

    7. Rot in hell, troll. I’m going to dig up your sister’s corpse and fuck it in the ear.

      1. I was going to respond to Chris, but this says everything that needs to be said

    8. It shouldn’t change your views about drugs, but the tactics that are justifiable in the name of preventing that harm are another question altogether.

  87. This is awful. But claiming this is the inevitable result of anti-drug laws is like saying the Branch Davidian fiasco is the inevitable result of laws against bomb hoarding and pedophilia.

    One of the problems with such a stance is that it takes the police off the hook for this atrocity. “It’s not their fault. It’s the drug laws.”

    1. bomb hoarding and pedophilia.

      You’re the problem, fuckhead. YOU. ARE. THE. PROBLEM.
      Because you have no clue about what happened at Waco, and why, and yet you spread your verbal shit thinking you do.
      Fuck you. I’d punch you right in the fucking mouth if you were here.

  88. “This will not stop until lots of people with the power to do something are directly affected in their homes. ”

    No, it won’t stop until people start shooting back. The government is out of our hands.

    I suppose the good news is that everything is going to hell anyways… I give it no more than a few years.

    1. “I suppose the good news is that everything is going to hell anyways… I give it no more than a few years.”

      Fuck you, pole shifter (or just “shifter”)

    2. Shooting back, while the option of choice, will only beget more violent action by the police. They will, in their own assessment, have shown why such force is necessary, and will respond “appropriately” by using even more force.

      1. We have the advantage of numbers, if not violent tendencies and armaments.

  89. Target the judges (peacefully, and with appropriate political process) that endorse these warrants and this shit would stop yesterday.

  90. the internal investigation is not complete. Once it is, the department will issue a Media Release explaining the incident,

    and announcing the citations and promotions for the brave officers involved.

  91. So, the 8th graders at Reason are mystified that one cannot use narcotics, keep dangerous animals and have children in your home?

    Look, all you wookie suiters at Reason, time to stop living in your mom’s basement, throw your bong away and get down to the library to read a book. You cannot maintain a common nuisance, you cannot deal drugs, you cannot possess drugs, you cannot subject your children to such a lifestyle. Unlike the D&D fantasy world that you have constructed in your mom’s basement, there will be consequences to such a lifestyle.

    1. Dangerous animals? A corgi?

      Narcotics? How many painkillers do you have in your house? Ever had surgery? You have narcotics in your house. Do you drink alcohol? How can you say that it’s any less damaging (if not more) than marijuana?

      Fuck you sideways brutha. The cops were WAY WAY WAY out of line with this raid and no bullshit moral justification can excuse their behavior. THEY SHOT TO DEATH A FUCKING CORGI. Those things are about as violent as a hamster.

      Piss off you thug.

      1. Prescription drugs are not illegal if they have been prescribed to you. The point here is that marijuana is illegal. You can argue about alcohol being no better about then marijuana all day long, but the fact remains, buying, selling, and being in possession of pot is illegal. If you don’t like the law, then work to change it. If you choose to break the law then you will suffer the consequences.

        1. El Tejon stated that this guy essentially is responsible for the SWAT team breaking in to his house, endangering his family and shooting his pets because he had “narcotics and dangerous animals”.

          Illegal or not, “narcotics and dangerous animals” are not a reason to have such overwhelming force in this situation.

          If you aren’t troubled by the over use of force in this situation, I feel bad for you.

        2. So, if you were in Nazi Germany and some Jews needed help in escaping, you’d turn them over because the law is the law? And you’d support the punishment of those who taught slaves to read? Really?

          1. If you don’t like the law, then work to change it. If you choose to break the law then you will suffer the consequences.

            Besides, no one likes jews or blacks

        3. So if you speed, they can shoot your dog. Or hell execute you. Because if you break the law you will suffer the consequences.

        4. How about if they were to take you down in the street and impound (or outright seize) your car every time you forgot a turn signal, or committed any of the commonly estimated six technical violations the average driver makes every mile?

      2. Painkillers are legal if prescribed. Alcohol is legal.

        The hillbilly here was not arrested for legal painkillers or alcohol.

        How were the cops out of line? Again, all I hear is adolescent whining, as if I were reading Reason magazine whose readership does have a whole bunch of dope to hide.

        Note that the banjo in the video does not complain about his family being at risk. He only cries about his animals being destroyed. Great father material I can see why he reproduced, what woman wouldn’t find that attractive.

        If you have never heard an animal or a human being being shot then it is time to leave mom’s basement. Maybe join the Service and see how the world operates.

        The cops are allowed to serve warrants subject to court approval and if conducted constitutionally. Cops are allowed to shoot threats including animals and people.

        Warrants are served like this all the time as this is how they are done. What specifically did the cops do wrong that has you kids so spun up?

        1. The world’s most vicious Corgi is not a threat, especially to a guy dressed in body armor

        2. The world’s most vicious Corgi is not a threat, especially to a guy dressed in body armor

        3. I hope one day they break down your door and shoot your pets because they have a warrant. Or better yet, because they misread the warrant and got the wrong house.

          1. Hey, leave his poor pets out of it. Isn’t it enough that they break down his door and taser him in his balls over the course of several hours until a taser malfunction ignites his testicles, slowly burning him to death while the police high five each other and record the video for their snuff porn collections?

        4. It should be pointed out that people who don’t commit the crime also suffer the consequences. Look up Mayor Cheye Calvo for a good – and well documented – example.

          While your absolutist viewpoint would be somewhat justifiable (though still morally reprehensible) if people who suffered such raids were always guilty, it immediately becomes invalidated the first time the equation fails to balance.

          Crime = consequence; crime = consequence; no crime = …consequence. The system fails. Either what happened in this case and Calvo’s were both right, or neither were. You might argue that the raid on Calvo was a mistake and brush it aside, but that’s the whole point of restraining authority: mistakes can and will be made.

          Humans are fallible; while we might be okay with giving people enough rope with which to hang themselves, we should exercise restraint when they use that rope to hang others.

          I’m assuming, of course, that you would see what happened to Calvo as being obviously wrong and shouldn’t have occurred; there really was no justification for it, as well as innocent people shouldn’t suffer the consequences you would ascribe to the guilty. If you do think it was justified and, well, “right”, then go fuck yourself.

    2. You can’t do those things because the cops might bust down your door and shoot your dog? That’s what you mean, right?

    3. STFU El Tejon, you subpar troll hag shitbag.

    4. I will laugh like hell if one of your neighbors throws a dime bag into your shrubs and calls the police to report the suspicious activity at your home…

  92. As a *general* defender of the police against crazy charges of dangerous scumbags (talkin’ ’bout you Johnnie Burress) this kind of thing puts me in a really difficult position. We need the cops, 90%+ are great people and great professionals, but they are their own worst enemies sometimes.

    As to the weed thing I’m now a “yes” on every legalization ballot measure. I get a bit tired of advocates saying that it’s “harmless medicine” while I’ve seen literally hundreds turn into zombies from chronic use. And it’s *not* good for younger kids. However clearly if you’re an adult you should be free to make yourself zombified, and occasional use is pretty benign.

    This tips the scale for me. Legalize it!

    1. Why is it that the 90% that are great people don’t do anything about these kind of abuses, Jay? Why do these things happen every day if the vast majority of cops are such good people? Care to explain the disconnect?

    2. “We need the cops, 90%+ are great people…”

      Sigh. No, they are just people. And they are headed down a dark path with this stuff. We need to help them understand we do not want them to act like Delta Force.

      And we need to fire those cops that do want to act like Delta Force.

    3. “I’ve seen literally hundreds turn into zombies from chronic use.”

      Bull. Fucking. Shit.

    4. then why don’t the so-called good cops step up and call this shit out????

  93. No, it won’t stop until people start shooting back.

    That really didn’t help Cory Maye.

    1. Nor Ryan Frederick.

  94. you hear a shot, then a dog wailing. That was not a bark, that was a dog in pain. I have not had lunch, and don’t know if I can eat now. I am sick.
    I signed up for digg, just so I could digg this.

    1. The dog could ate the evidence

      1. God I could kiss you. Right on the mouth.

  95. This scares the crap out of me. Have we fallen so far as a society that this is acceptable.

  96. Who shot this video?

    1. I would think police

  97. Who shot this video?

    1. I would think police

      1. The police shot the video? I thought they only shot dogs.

    2. The real criminals.

  98. “”Have we fallen so far as a society that this is acceptable.””

    Yes, but it happened long ago.

  99. We need the cops, 90%+ are great people and great professionals.
    I used to think this way. but where are the “90+” speaking out against this shit?

    1. http://www.villagevoice.com/20…..precinct/1

      Start here. And for ones like this, who do risk their careers, maybe even lives, SUPPORT them.

      The ‘I hate all cops’ mentality is why those who would speak out against corruption lay low; it’s their livelihoods on the line. When they do step forward, then dammit, come to their support so that it shows good cops that they won’t just be hung out to dry.

      1. For every Serpico, there is an entire police force looking to kill him.

  100. Police, and the judges who sign the warrants, are certainly out of control here. Decriminalizing pot would help, but not solve the problem. Don’t forget that there is a near war going on just over the Mexican border that is driven by US drug demand. Our domestic pot production and Canadian imports could cut out the profit margin of the Mexican cartels, but there’s still meth, cocaine, and heroin. Those are not going to be decriminalized. Raids like the one in MO will still happen because the problem is demand, not supply.

    On a related note, I wonder if the perpetual professional nannies would demand that joints be taken out doors or banned because of the dangers of 2nd had smoke?

    1. Mike Huckabee probably wouldn’t have a problem with cops pulling people out of their cars because children are aboard.

    2. Don’t forget that there is a near war going on just over the Mexican border that is driven by US drug demand laws.


    3. “Those are not going to be decriminalized.”

      Sure, but can we just fix the pot issue now instead of coming up with a way to solve the drug war?

    4. “there is a near war going on just over the Mexican border that is driven by US drug demand”

      Incorrect. There is a war going on because the Fed has declared war on these drugs. If it were not for the WoD, driving the prices of drugs up, there wouldn’t be any violence. You can’t control demand (education and advertising influence, but don’t control). You can control supply. If you limit the supply to less than the demand, the price rises. The resulting high price (on this drug, and meth, and coke, etc) is what makes it worth a cartel’s time to break the law. And so on. Econ 101. Hasn’t really changed since I took it in high school.


  101. I like to consider myself a reasonable guy. I’m a white collar professional and mild mannered. But if jackbooted thugs broke into my house, killed my dog and terrified my wife and small kids, I would become a one-man army of vengence.

    I would get names and ruin as many of those cops as I could. Websites, litgation – whatever I coudl think of. I would personally humiliate and harrass those cops for the rest of my life. I know that sounds like lame lame internet tough guy speech, but that shiat cannot stand. I would make it my life’s work.

    I also sign up with Digg solely so I could promote this vid.

    1. Find out where they drink, video tape them driving home drunk. Get several of them on tape, send it to the local news.

      1. that might work.

  102. i like the part when one of the assholes says ‘i have the right to know your name’. uh…no you don’t, Shitler. they should actually teach them what the rights that they have to recite means. fucking cops.

    1. Get real. How many fucking cards do you these stupid cops have to carry in order to make you happy.

      1. hey, if we just shoot ’em all dead, then we won’t be needin’ to read anything! high five!

  103. Yep. These guys are courageous heroes, putting their lives on the line embodying bravery and integrity in its purest form.

    Why, oh why would anyone speak ill of them? Why would anyone think these guys are cowardly scumbags not that different from typical street gang members and lowlife parasites?

  104. Was their last name Buttle?

  105. Imagine if the family happened to be black (let alone if the evil Bushitler was still president)? It would have been front page international news and two weeks (months?) of nonstop reporting on every news station. Fat Albert (Sharpton) would lead candle-lit peace vigils, alternating with displays of righteous anger from da community (who all happened to be flown in from Brooklyn).

    Well, if it’s unacceptable for one race to be treated that way, it’s unacceptable for all races. Why isn’t the video at least on Fox News? Let’s question the police commissioner, DA and mayor of the town. Let’s dig under the surface and see what the hell is really going on.

    1. You’re an idiot. This happens disproportionately to minorities.

    2. Why not on Faux News? Because the conservative right has turned the police and military in to Quasimodo-religious institutions which “protect our way of life.”

  106. I also would’ve been killed in a raid like this. Even “Knock and Announce” isn’t enough anymore, because that’s a favorite tactic of armed burglars around here. If the intruder doesn’t knock and announce, or toss a badge or warrant into the room I’m guarding when asked, so that I can be sure the intruder is LEA rather than a burglar, then someone’s getting a #00 buckshot breakfast, cop or not. And if it was a moron cop, I would expect to be shot down myself as an unwitting cop-killer.

  107. I’m sure their mothers are proud.

  108. It took the Russians 4 generations to end the police state they lived in (partially anyway).

    We have a long way to go.

  109. For what it’s worth, here’s what I think was going on: this guy would not pay protection money to the cops. Naturally, they had to take revenge. So a lot of people need to be investigated, indicted and prosecuted, except the criminal justice system there is probably just as corrupted as the police and politicians. Can the state step in and handle this? (Forget about the feds, who are too busy breaking down doors of “militias.”)

    1. You’re an idiot.

  110. Look, smoking pot, or doing other drugs is illegal. If you are engaging in these behaviors then you invite the state into your life like this. You are asking for trouble, and if you have kids, yeah, you are at risk of losing them. What sort of irresponsible parent would put partying before the well being of their own children? What sort of mother or father would do this? If you want pot to be legal, then change the law. Till then, you either abide by the law or suffer the consequences.

    1. good to know authoritarians still have a voice.

    2. Karaoke dawg. You need to make the song your own or you’re never gonna becomen the idol.

    3. You tell ’em Toby. Cheye Calvo’s dogs deserved it, too, right?


      (You’re probably a troll, but it’s gotten too difficult to tell the difference anymore.

      1. All police officers need to be raped and then burned at a stake.

        1. I say burn them first, then rape them while they’re still on the stake.

        2. rape them with a burning stake

    4. Freeing slaves was considered illegal. Slaves were chattel and stealing them was considered to be stealing private property.

      If you don’t like slavery, than fight the system, but if you free slaves you’re going to face the consequences simply because it’s illegal.

      That’s your argument. You sick fuck.

      Here’s a better argument: illegal doesn’t mean shit. If you’re harming someone…that’s legit. (That rhymed! Even a sycophantic troll like you should be placated by its lilting qualities!)

      Put partying before their children? Jesus christ. D-. Ever have a beer while watching the Cubs game with the kids? Wow, ever had two? How close were you to beating your son with the piano leg? We should lock you up for being so inconsiderate. After all, it IS for the children.

      1. He came really close. His son is a fucking tool.

    5. If you want pot to be legal, then change the law. Till then, you either abide by the law or suffer the consequences.

      I agree with this, and I do want to change the law. The problem is that it is unreasonable, and incredibly stupid to do a home invasion over pot. The cops knew this guy had children. The reckless stupidity of entering that home with children present ought to be criminal. This makes the cops into terrorists. I can’t believe this country will stand for this sort of behavior much longer.

      My advice to you cops out there is this: look in the mirror, you know this shit is wrong. Clean up your act, or the people will clean it up for you.

      A rational approach would be to simply arrest the guy while he is out of his home (at work, at the store, etc), and then go and search his house. There is almost never a justifiable reason to do a no-knock raid.

  111. They were just following their orders…and so were germans at auschwitz. Every last person who thinks the cops were justified should be lined up and neutered or spayed.

  112. Those cops must feel so tough taking down a vicious animal like a corgi. If I was that cop’s mom, I would beat the crap out of him and then shoot HIS dog to show him how we DON’T do things. Oh yeah, I would also beat his father senseless on GP.

  113. I might shoot the dog if I were in the SWAT team’s shoes there. The real question is whether it’s reasonable to enforce a “narcotics” search warrant for a little baggie of pot using 4-6 armed SWAT team members…

    Since we’re lacking a -lot- of back story here (and may -never- hear the police officer’s side of things) no one can -really- judge if what happened was reasonable. If the dude had a prior history of weapons offenses, for instance, you’d better believe I’d send in a large team in body armor.

    1. This is nonsensical, to me.

      Yeah, he could be a threat. Put a car a block away from his home. Wait for him to return home. Give him a call. Explain the situation and that he is to be arrested. He is to step outside the door and surrender to the officer. If he refuses and holes up locked-and-loaded, perhaps then an instance to SWAT up is presented.

      Why not at least try to be cordial? It would be more efficient, anyway.

      1. You’re assuming this guy is a good guy. This is not necessarily true. Giving people advance warning gives them notice; and a certain portion of the population will use this opportunity to either a) run away, b) hide their shit, or c) dig in for a stand-off. The element of surprise is important, and you’re totally disregarding that. You’re -only- looking at this from a civil rights point of view, and totally neglecting the requirements of the police to -do their jobs-.

        What I saw of the police work was not over the top. They weren’t abusive to the guy, the shooting of the dog was at least plausibly reasonable, etc.

        Without more information, we don’t know whether the decision to send in a SWAT team was reasonable. To me that’s really the only issue in doubt.

        1. If the actions of a police force would obviously violate the civil liberties of someone who is innocent, and there is any reasonable doubt as to whether or not the person or group they are targeting poses a risk equitable to the force they will exercise, then it’s fairly safe to assume that what they are doing is wrong.

          Even if a judge signs off on a warrant; even if they don’t violate any actual laws; even if they do everything “technically” correct; there is still something wrong here.

      2. You’re assuming this guy is a good guy. This is not necessarily true. Giving people advance warning gives them notice; and a certain portion of the population will use this opportunity to either a) run away, b) hide their shit, or c) dig in for a stand-off. The element of surprise is important, and you’re totally disregarding that. You’re -only- looking at this from a civil rights point of view, and totally neglecting the requirements of the police to -do their jobs-.

        What I saw of the police work was not over the top. They weren’t abusive to the guy, the shooting of the dog was at least plausibly reasonable, etc.

        Without more information, we don’t know whether the decision to send in a SWAT team was reasonable. To me that’s really the only issue in doubt.

        1. The laws are written to ensure that everyone, including you, break one law or another on a regular basis.

          I hope you enjoy your next state-sponsore home invasion.

          1. I’m not saying this was definitely a reasonable response. I’m saying there’s insufficient information available to judge it.

        2. If he wants to hole-in…wait him out. Until there are hostages/people in danger…let the situation burn itself out.

          I used to think that we should have bombed Japan in WWII. It saved lives, I thought.

          My mind was changed by a friend’s argument. Germany had been defeated, Japan was out of oil and was crippled. Let’s just blockade Japan. If they launch offensives we shoot them down with our concentrated naval forces, no longer spread out by island hopping/the Philippines etc. They will run out of resources. We won’t. They will then surrender or we can at length decide we should invade and save hundreds of thousands of lives.

          Just wait it out. If it means saving someone’s, anyone’s life…do it. Why make something more violent?

          I also realized the bombings were a show of force to the Soviets. “Look what we can do if you fuck with us” was our message.

  114. that is soooooo sad and makes me irate. ill be sure to post this !

  115. On a side note. You know what I would call Maurice Clemmons?…

    A underachiever.

  116. This video should be viewed by the parents of these “officers”. Let them see their progeny in action. Mom and Dad should be real proud of these thugs, I’m sure the thugs are proud of themselves.

  117. Good thing the family wasn’t hiding any Jews in the attic.

  118. Someone should kill those swine bastards.

  119. There are 343 comments on this thread, and only 60 Diggs. Please do your part on getting this out there.

  120. This makes my blood boil! Do I think it’s right a grown parent smokes weed with his kid? Hell no! Do I think what the cops did here is even remotely close to a justifiable action? Hell no! I recommend everyone send the department an email and let them know, in a rational way, how they feel. http://www.gocolumbiamo.com/dept-directors.php

  121. These police should be fired and charged with child endangerment themselves

    Nothing makes my blood boil like seeing families senselessly abused in their own homes like this

  122. On the dogs… they killed the pit bull and left the corgi alone… it runs by at ~2:15 and a cop yells, “Coming at you” (really), but no gunshot.

    1. No, they injured the corgi.

      1. I didn’t see it in the video, but they did say something about it being injured, so I think you’re right.

  123. Did I miss anything?

  124. Did I miss anything?

  125. land of the free….yeah right.

    the real criminals were wearing black.

  126. My message to the idiots at Columbia PD:

    I was pleased to see the video of your officers breaking down a door to deliver a search warrant this last February. I am delighted that the officers were able to test their considerable marksmanship skills on the family pets while arresting a father for a misdemeanor drug offense. I believe it is time that the citizens of this nation learn that humiliation, pain and death are the just rewards of any who defy the State! Submission will be learned through the screams of frightened children, the whimper of dieing pets and the groveling prostrate forms of men and women with assault rifles pressed against their heads. This is a wonderful chance to demonstrate the truism that “Power flows from the barrel of a gun”! The police have huge, glistening and powerful guns indeed, and I am eager to see more demonstrations of their vigor against the impotent and wretched defilers of State will.

  127. My message to the idiots at Columbia PD:

    I was pleased to see the video of your officers breaking down a door to deliver a search warrant this last February. I am delighted that the officers were able to test their considerable marksmanship skills on the family pets while arresting a father for a misdemeanor drug offense. I believe it is time that the citizens of this nation learn that humiliation, pain and death are the just rewards of any who defy the State! Submission will be learned through the screams of frightened children, the whimper of dieing pets and the groveling prostrate forms of men and women with assault rifles pressed against their heads. This is a wonderful chance to demonstrate the truism that “Power flows from the barrel of a gun”! The police have huge, glistening and powerful guns indeed, and I am eager to see more demonstrations of their vigor against the impotent and wretched defilers of State will.

  128. There were about 8 cops there, probably for 1-2 hours total plus paperwork, prepwork, etc… Why not just put 2 cops to wait until the fellow got out of the house, call for backup, and then arrest him? The same number of hours, same cost, better result.

    1. Because SWAT teams, weapons and sado-masochist fantasy black bondage attire all have to have costs justified somehow…and we wouldn’t want to miss out on all that Federal funding for GWOT kewl stuff, would we?

      Ergo…cops in bondage fantasy gear with big, glistening erect techno phallus weapons will be used any and everywhere possible.

      Note: I am all for using machine guns where needed…but I have seen little to convince me that most jurisdictions need Heckler & Koch submachine guns or M113 APC’s with a .50 cal ma deuce, fer fucks sake!

  129. This video proves that the guys in black have no self control, and they are trigger happy animals. They could not defend themselves from a dog without using leathel force? 4-7 Shots? Really? These guys should be fired. I hope this video gets big and these guys get screwed over.

  130. Sorry about posting twice. :/

    I sent that on their email form. I half wonder if they will even get the sarc?

  131. This is the new World order. All police forces are training in a military raid and seize mentality. The people are uprising and cannot be trusted anymore according to the “establishment”. Shoot first and justify or lie later.
    The judges will stand behind the enforcement agency’s because they are on the same side.
    Do not be fooled the new law is here and it’s not going away.

  132. Dear God….

    All because the guy had a little pot.

  133. This is insane. 8 cops in riot gear with automatic weapons shooting house pets infront of children. These cops must have dicks the size of a two dimes stacked ontop of each other. The mind set it takes to ‘save someone from pot by B&E with gun fire infront of kids.. ‘ I don’t think they’ll get the point.

    They won’t get screwed. They’ll get vacation (read: Administrative leave with pay) And they’ll feel like they’re wonderful people. My step father was a horrible horrible human being. He was a cop too. People wonder why I don’t trust people who wander around acting like the end all be all of authority. So stupid.

  134. Here’s an easy fix…don’t use drugs or have them in your home. It’s against the law…problem solved.
    Ta da!

    1. Unless of course, you’re like that mayor in Maryland where this same thing happened because a package was delivered to the wrong address.

    2. Another Dave heard from. Let us know when you’re ready to add anything of value to the discussion.

    3. Here’s an easy fix. Legalize an regulate all drugs. Stop children from obtaining them, take away profit from the drug cartels and gangs, gain revenue from new taxes, cut down on over doses, cut down on the spread of disease through needle use, make room in the prisons for VIOLENT CRIMINALS, actually start helping people kick addictions instead of throwing them in a prison where they end up becoming violent and worse than before they were sent there, and stop tearing families apart for nonviolent drug use, it does more damage than the drugs themselves.

    4. Here’s an easy fix. Legalize an regulate all drugs. Stop children from obtaining them, take away profit from the drug cartels and gangs, gain revenue from new taxes, cut down on over doses, cut down on the spread of disease through needle use, make room in the prisons for VIOLENT CRIMINALS, actually start helping people kick addictions instead of throwing them in a prison where they end up becoming violent and worse than before they were sent there, and stop tearing families apart for nonviolent drug use, it does more damage than the drugs themselves.

  135. Many moons ago I thought I wanted to be a cop. Got in the academy but something didn’t feel right so I quit. Thank GOD I did because I have zero respect for most cops today. They have become little more than government sanctioned gangs with an “us” versus “them” mentality (‘them being anyone who is not a memeber of their gang) The days of the good old neighborhood flat foot have long since passed. What we have now are either the bullys in school or the ones picked on seeking revenge. Departments had better start rethinking their terror tactics and poor treatment of those they’re supposed to protect. The masses can only be pushed so far before they fight back.

  136. Power corrupts. The police display this at every opportunity. POS.

  137. 42 U.S.C. 1983 wants an expensive word with these officers.

  138. Wow. But just think how much safer the neighborhood is now. And the state can now shuffle the child through multiple foster homes, mom can go on welfare, and Dad can can get “rehabilitated”.

    1. and the dangerous dog is dead

  139. 42 U.S.C. 1983 wants an expensive word with these officers.

    Expensive for whom?

    Do you think—in the end—that the officers will pay? Or will the local taxpayers pick up the tab?

    And either way, do you think that any jobs will be lost? Or at least careers derailed? Any hope that these guys or the next ones down the pipe will t have reason to think twice the next time? Or will they just do a better job of losing the video evidence?

    I’m grasping for hope here. Just throw me a bone.

  140. ….Honestly? a swat team busted in a door and shot two harmless dogs in front of children? even though shit like this happens all the time in this horrid country, I feel horrified in a deep, inward way.

  141. Just who the hell do they think they are a simple pot bust and they storm in and kill the family dog. If you lived in the west you would not have committed any crime at all the US in east is a military state. Change the law today so they don’t do that to regular people.!!!!!

  142. Chalk up another one for the bullies in blue..this sort of action should not go unpunished, with or without the sanction of the courts

  143. Chalk up another one for the bullies in blue..this sort of action should not go unpunished, with or without the sanction of the courts

  144. Chalk up another one for the bullies in blue..this sort of action should not go unpunished, with or without the sanction of the courts

  145. This is unacceptable.

    This video makes me feel unsafe.

  146. Thsi reminds me of the suicide jumpers on our local bridge here in Tampa. Most cops would probably like to just let people jump and notify the coast guard to pick up the body. But—they can’t do that! The same goes for cops on a drug raid, they can’t just ignore the intell, so they do their job as their procedures are set up. If no cops had ever been shot/killed doing drug raids, then we wouldn’t have these stupid ridiculous violent raids. I feel bad for all involved. The cops had (to me) bad intell and the residents are probably sorry they ever smoked that joint. Welcome to Utopia–ain’t as good as it sounds on paper!!

  147. Just to be clear, was a warrant issued for this no-knock raid for a drug search? Did they at least accuse him of being a dealer or was this no-knock issued just because word got back that this guy had a nickel bag?

  148. Just to be clear, was a warrant issued for this no-knock raid for a drug search? Did they at least accuse him of being a dealer or was this no-knock issued just because word got back that this guy had a nickel bag?

  149. Sorry… They were breaking the law…. and they got raided. Too Bad, So Sad… the dogs were shot to keep the officers from getting hurt.

    I have no pity for them.

    1. That’s right. Those dogs deserved to die for their masters nickel bag.

      The officer who gunned down the corgi


      definitely deserves a medal for courageously facing down that 15 lb dog with stubby 4 inch legs.


      1. Jesus Christ!, the picture of that vicious dog scared the crap out of me! I almost shot my computer screen. You should warn people before you link to such monstrosities.

    2. Then you’re a fucking idiot.


    3. Can I have your address?

      You see, I want to buy some pot, courier it to you, and anonymously notify your local police you’ll be receiving a large drug shipment.

      You see, something sort of like that happened to Cheye Calvo, mayor of Berwyn Heights, MD. The cops weren’t tipped off by anybody, but rather they were investigating a drug ring that mailed packages to random people so that they could be intercepted en route. One of those packages was sent to an unsuspecting Mr. Calvo. The police raided, killed his dogs, and held him and his family captive for hours. He was innocent.

      It’s not any more outrageous because he’s a politician, but it goes to show that those who suffer the consequences don’t always bring it upon themselves and his case is perhaps the most widely known.

      Do you always assume that every defendant in a criminal trial is guilty simply because the state claims he is? Police and prosecutors don’t make mistakes…naw, not ever.

      Just because they (and by extension yourself and people who share your point of view) got it right this time doesn’t make it justifiable. Nor is the “crime” of which he is guilty call for such actions, neither in his specific case or in general.

  150. Outrageous! Those cops should be ashamed of themselves forever.

  151. How did the *COPS* justify this?

    Just what was the point of this raid?

    It makes no sense.

    Did someone make up some story about him?

    Anyone know what the backstory is on this raid?

  152. Wow Patrick. I hope cops raid your house and shoot your dogs you pathetic lowlife.

  153. I don’t know what is sicker, the fact these fuckers shot big, mean Corgi and a secure animal or the fact the PD website features one of these assholes being nice to a little girl.

  154. So I have some background in psychology and have to say IMO if there was any trauma to the children, it was having armored gun bearing strangers storming into the house and murdering in cold blood the family pets and assailing their father. I’m positive this was much more traumatic than the little bit of cannabis their father was smoking. I challenge anyone who reads this to show how a parent smoking cannabis (most likely the child was unaware of) is worse for the child than what the cops did. Let us not forget the likelihood that the cops had social services take the child from the home as well.
    To serve and protect. It seems the only thing the swine are serving and protecting is themselves. They seem to pose a much greater threat to society than the cannabis they feel so threatened by.

  155. So let’s assume that something like this happens to one of the readers here — whether we posses or not — then what are our rights in a situation? Any links or definitive FAQs?

    1. you have no rights.

      they say lay down you lay down or maybe get shot.

      if innocent and you resist you are now resisting arrest.

      if guilty of something then your were “also” resisting arrest which gives them the right to use whatever force they deem needed to control the situation up and to killing you.

      Still feel like you live in the land of the free and home of the brave?

      Keep eating the propaganda.

  156. If someone shoots one of my dogs, I don’t care who they are, they had better have another bullet ready for me or they will die.

    /have two harmless guys: a Nova Scotia duck-retrieving toller and a pug

    1. You can be sure of one thing in a situation like that… the cops have more bullets.

  157. Patrick – They shot a corgy in self-defense? What a bunch of useless pussies. Good thing the three year old didn’t put up a fight!

    I find your lack of empathy disturbing. When they make being named “Patrick” a criminal offense I wonder if I should be amused when they shoot your poodle… Maybe they should just execute you on the spot without a trial since your guilt is obvious… Oh, that’s right…guilt is assigned in court in America…not on blogs…by people named “Patrick”…right Pat?

  158. HYPOTHETICALLY: If anyone, cop or otherwise, came into my house and shot my dog as these did, I guarantee significant harm and mayhem would fall upon each and every one of these, up to and including the judge who signed the warrant. I am slow to get pissed off, but once I’m there, I don’t stop until I’m done. Hypothetically, of course. Stupid bastards.

  159. Wow that is bullshit there was no reason to shoot the dog 7 times. The dog didnt do anything to the cops. This is where cops think they have a right to do anything that they please, and correct me if im wrong but by the cops doing that was child endangerment. But what I cant get over is them shooting the dog like they did. You can see clearly that the dog did not do a thing to them. That is SO WRONG

  160. So I guess we’ll be seeing this on TV on “Cops” pretty soon? No? They only show “pretty” busts there? Hmmm, maybe they should make some exceptions for this kind of shit.

    1. There’s nothing pretty about that TV show. Watching those piece of shit cops on their best behavior is disgusting too. I lost my ability to watch that vile show a long while ago.


  162. these cops are f pathetic

  163. Patrick at 4:18.
    You are a real credit to the example law abiding Germans set in 1948. Their efforts at setting a precedent were not in vain.Same mentality, same morality, same sociopathy. Be proud.

  164. The cops were more than likely acting on bad information they got from an informant. While I don’t condone shooting the family pit bull that did not act aggressively, the occupant had ample time to acknowledge the cop at the door.

    1. Ample time to acknowledge the cop at the door?! It was THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!! The cop gave the guy about a minute to answer the door before he busted right in. They guy was probably just realizing that it wasn’t a dream and that there actually was someone at the door. I don’t know about you, but it takes me more than 5 seconds to wake up and be coherent enough to get out of bed and answer the door. This is total bullshit and shooting a dog that was obviously not a threat is inexcusable. Even if the dog was being aggressive, they are wearing RIOT GEAR! No dog is gonna get through that shit and to go to such an extreme with no effort to avoid it is absolutely ridiculous.

      1. A minute? It was about 10s, which is surprisingly long for this sort of thing.

        Also, you’re responding to a troll or someone in a mental institution (or both), so let’s just poing and laugh.

  165. I’ve had the pleasure of having my home raided on a narcotics charge .. twice. It’s very intense and the officers behave the same way. Strangely enough, I’ve also had the pleasure of working with LAPD and those that put themselves in danger EVERY DAY doing these raids. Just as easily, that man could have been armed, and the dog could have taken off fingers. Both possibilities happen frequently, and in a perfect world, officers would know exactly how dangerous the situation is before the fact.

    Help me decide which is more naive; Expecting a 100% accurate and kosher means of drug enforcement, or knowingly breaking the law and expecting no consequences?

    p.s., I own the most adorable corgi. This video essentially ruined my day.

    1. They shouldn’t be doing these raids *every day*. These kind of raids are dangerous to all involved and should only happen in extreme circumstances where other options are impossible.

      But most of the situations I’ve learned about could be solved in less dangerous ways… like arresting the suspect when he/she exits the house. Bursting in with guns drawn when the charges are for non-violent crimes is *way* out of proportion, even psychotic.

      1. Joe has it right. SWAT is supposed to be last resort, not first.

    2. Pretty easy solution.. don’t do it..”raids” are about as smart as high speed chases.. and frequently have the same outcome.. someone innocent ends up DEAD.. dog or human.. this is unnecessary to do in front of CHILDREN.. in fact it could be called CHILD ABUSE.. it is a bunch of hyped up GOONS who probably went out for a few beers after tormenting this family.. laughed about shooting the dogs.. then drove home drunk..

  166. Try that shit on my house…lol

    1. I’m with ya brother, I think it would be a bad day for them to try this shit with me, I have what you call a Jesus door, when you come through it with agression you will meet Jesus, enough said dont you think?

  167. I do have to say this is fake. No police is actually going to let you do this. They klhad the knowledge of the video so they would take it as evidence and stuff. People are stupid to beleive this video is true. Maybe some of this is true but I doubt that the video was. Now that I have said my part.

    1. Are you trolling or just stupid? Feel free to ask the Columbia police department whether the video is authentic, their contact information is here on the thread.

      1. I think she’s just stupid, a “life support system for a pussy” if you will.



  169. Pure murder of an innocent animal. Listen to the poor thing cry for help after being shot when it wasn’t even barking. Then, to shut it up, they shoot it again. These so called “police officers” should be in prison with the criminals. They are no different.

  170. Columbia Police Dept.
    Police Front Desk 573-874-7652
    Internal Affairs Supervisors: 573-874-7606 and 573-441-5477


  171. Fucking pigs. That dog did what any dog would do: bark. Hell, I jog every day and dogs bark at me. I’m not gonna take a gun with me and shoot them. Fuckers didn’t even say sorry. I hope more of those pigs get killed while on duty.

    1. Now come on lawrence be nice (sarcasim)
      I am with you , its time these thugs get there asses handed to them, pussy’s are what they are……..

  172. This isn’t police work, this is government sponsored terrorism.

  173. All I can say is its time WE THE PEOPLE stand up and make them fear us like they ought to, this is getting to be bullshit, terrorizing a family for a little weed, come the hell on now Meth I can understand that shit is Evil and destroys homes and lives but nobody ever died or wanted to kill someone when they were stoned, shit all they want to do is watch a movie in the easy chair and eat some chips, its all about control and if WE dont start making someone accountable for this shit then were the same as them, COWARDS………..

  174. Every one of those police officers should have been shot dead on the spot and had their head cut off with a dulll tree branch saw.

  175. Play stupid games
    Win stupid prizes

  176. SHOT THE DOGS?? why not the kids.. after all they are the evil spawn of this monster who dares to have an illegal substance in his home.. This absolutely disgusted me.. each of the nut case wanna be murders in cop suits should be fired on the spot.. and well .. have the food taken off their families table…didn’t they KNOW there were dogs there?? I heard them barking before they went in.. didn’t they KNOW there were children in the house.. and still fired bullets in a small hallway.. It would have served them right if one or more of them had been taken down by “friendly fire”.. would not have bothered me one iota…the less of them.. the better.

  177. Truly disgusting cops. Unfortunately shooting dogs is one of the first things they are told to do for their own safety. Circumstances don’t come into play.

    1. what ass hole wants this job.. shooting dogs in front of children.. ?only a Ted Bundy type would agree to do this..

    2. what ass hole wants this job.. shooting dogs in front of children.. ?only a Ted Bundy type would agree to do this..

    3. what ass hole wants this job.. shooting dogs in front of children.. ?only a Ted Bundy type would agree to do this..

  178. How can you libertarians defend a guy who swears so much?

  179. Truly disgusting. I am literally nauseated after watching that…

  180. That guy should be legally allowed to execute the dogs of every one of those police officers.

    1. In front of their wives/girlfriends and children in the middle of the night.

  181. Hmmm. Tell me again who’s “endangering kids”?

  182. I hope whoever shot the dog is burning in hell

  183. I would also like to know what warranted this raid…what triggered it? If you could update with any information on that, it would be appreciated.

  184. Yup, that’s my state. Shit like this puts all that scary militia talk about killing fat fucks in tactical gear in perspective. I’d be hard pressed not to open fire on someone after they shot my dog, regardless of their profession.

    Who want’s to bet nothing happens?

  185. Those government oppression agents can not recite the rights they are suppose to protect without their card? I can recite them word for word, and I am in 11th grader. America is dying.

  186. * Training Supervisor: 573-874-7422
    * Internal Affairs Supervisors:
    * 573-874-7606
    * 573-441-5477

  187. What a bunch of fucking pigs. And I mean that with all do respect to law enforcement as a whole, but these dudes are a bunch of fucking pigs. They shot his dog!!

  188. Perhaps I am being Naive, but opening fire on these fuckbags would only cause them go Wyatt Earp on the place, possibly killing your children. Would be more effective to get an attorney friend to give you copy of the police report to obtain the officer’s names. Then find the local drug kingpins and pass the information on.

    Or, simply get a nice crossbow or high weight compound. Word has it, they’ll punch a broad head through the normal police armor. Go out for some pig hunting. The drug king is best, especially since it’ll be hard to tie back to you.

  189. Hey now what do you see it looks like Nazi Germany!
    An absolute travesty… these pigs are gutless and don’t understand how to use the power that has been granted to them.

  190. That was one of the hardest things to watch. That was completely unnecessary. That child is going to be scarred for life, and will probably never trust the police again because of this.

    As much as I respect those in law enforcement, I do not believe for an instant that this was the appropriate way to handle this situation.

    If only Penn and Teller had this footage for their BullShit episode on the War and Drugs.


  191. I would also like to know what warranted this raid…what triggered it? If you could update with any information on that, it would be appreciated.

  192. They shot the dog? And they SUCK at such close range that they CANNOT KILL it with one shot and let it scream in pain?

    I don’t care what triggered this warrant, the use of force was EXCESSIVE beyond BELIEF. Give me a break.

  193. When I was younger and my son was nursing (yep, no bottle), the cops came to our rented mobile home in Fayetteville Arkansas. They “knocked” with billy sticks (almost broke the door and left dents). When my husband opened the door, they came in with loaded guns in his face, shoved him to the ground and more came in all the way to me nursing my 2 month old son in bed. After looking at ID, they apologized. They thought “someone else lived here”. No drugs, no guns, just a young hard working married couple with a new baby. Who endangered that baby? Wasn’t us.

  194. I have an idea. Let’s use this video and “out” these cops, everything, their names, their addresses, their family members. If they’re going to act like stormtroopers, lets haunt like a bunch hunted ex-nazis.

  195. i am ok with cops entering an unknown situation taking precautions to keep themselves from getting killed

    1. we’ll remember that when they bust down your door and start shooting, because you know they’ve never hit the wrong house or over-reacted before

  196. We are living in a fuckin police state!

  197. spoken like someone that has obviously not lived in a true police state, hyperbole is freakin awesome

  198. To say this video is horrifying is a gross understatement. I am sickened beyond words. That’s how you get treated for a stinking bag of weed? The “Gestapo” are alive and well in Missouri. It is time for the people to revolt and take back control of their government. This is simply cruel and inhuman behavior.

  199. https://reason.com/blog/2010/05…..n-missouri
    you have to wonder if they feel like they are doing some good. but most likely they are just brainwashed into this police state, working for the military industrial complex. total assholes.

  200. POS SWAT! Over-use of force and poor pre-engagement intelligence. US forces in Afghanistan and Iraq have more strict rules of engagement. Very sloppy. Could have done much better with less than lethal weapons. Could have tazed the dogs and easily subdued them if they were worried about them big mean dogs! (Sarcasm clearly)

  201. POS SWAT! Over-use of force and poor pre-engagement intelligence. US forces in Afghanistan and Iraq have more strict rules of engagement. Very sloppy. Could have done much better with less than lethal weapons. Could have tazed the dogs and easily subdued them if they were worried about them big mean dogs! (Sarcasm clearly)

  202. POS SWAT! Over-use of force and poor pre-engagement intelligence. US forces in Afghanistan and Iraq have more strict rules of engagement. Very sloppy. Could have done much better with less than lethal weapons. Could have tazed the dogs and easily subdued them if they were worried about them big mean dogs! (Sarcasm clearly)

  203. I found this 3 hours ago, and I am still mad as hell, Im really sick of this country, if only I could explain to everyone I know, why this Country Sucks, in one word. http://www.globalresearch.ca/i…..icleId=885

    I want to move to Canada.

  204. We approve of strict rules of engagement…

  205. the sound that poor guy makes when he realizes what they’ve done has me in tears. absolutely horrifying. wow.

    1. The sound the dog makes as it’s dying in pain is heartbreaking. As for the child not trusting the police, fuck em. Respect and trust is earned, not given.

  206. Anyone want to help these people? Maybe start a foundation or fund for people who are hurt by our stupid drug policies? Are these cops even human?

    1. A guy already did that. His name is Marc Emery, a Canadian gentleman from BC, and was raided in Canada at the request of the DEA because he was giving money for legal funds for situations just this. He was selling mj seeds to fuel his donation engine.

  207. Sorry but, after seeing this I’m sure glad I live in Canada. Our national media would be all over this, like a fat kid on candy, and every one of those cops would be in court and, hopefully, jail.

  208. The war on drugs is really a “WAR ON THE PEOPLE “. This ugly war is not benefiting anyone but the bad guys. End the war and solve the problem by taking the money revenue stream away.
    Legalize and start to control marijuana. It’s not harmful in any way at all and can increase not continue to decrease our national debt. The American Medical Association in 1979 declared Marijuana not harmful. Since then Scientist and doctors have firmly and irrefutably shown how cannabis can fight cancer, increases brain cell growth and improve the quality of life for everyone. Why carry on this war on the American people? The “War on the American People “must end to allow the damage that prohibition has caused to the United States to be repaired. 40+ years of social, economic and political damage will take a while to reverse but the American People demand it NOW.

    Watch Judge Jim Gray and get his informed opinion

    1. You are so right.. So Right!

  209. What Brent said, I agree with. I usually defend the police, but this was hideous.

    Wasted a good dog. Traumatized children and their parents. Broke in a door because yeah right you’re going to answer the door immediately when someone is standing outside yelling ‘police’. Anyone could yell ‘police’.

    All for some marijuana. Give me a break.

  210. I’d like to shoot those mother fuckers. They can act tough behind those badges, bet they wont take em off. Bunch of High School drop outs.

  211. I’d like to shoot those mother fuckers. They can act tough behind those badges, bet they wont take em off. Bunch of High School drop outs.

  212. I’d like to shoot those MF. They can act tough behind those badges, bet they wont take em off. Bunch of High School drop outs.

    1. You have to graduate high school. They just wish they could play solider. Its awesome how we treat our own….

  213. These scumbags deserve the worst kind of suffering imaginable. You know all those cops had massive hard-ons when they broke into the place. They were probably looking forward to shooting something the whole ride there. Like a bunch of sociopathic kids in a candy store.

    1. You nailed it. Those fucking pigs sicken me. They deserve to be put in jail with general population and let them have their way with them.

  214. Welcome to the New World Order

  215. F–K YOU STUPID COPS!!!..

    This MORONS just traumatized a CHILD for life & KILL the family DOG for some illegal herb (natural medicine) that SHOULD BE LEGAL!…


  216. Wow, just wow…when are we the people going to stand up to the government which has grown to strong for it’s own good ?.

    This kinda thing takes place over and over. Scenario: Person pisses off cop, cop realizes he has a small penis, cop then proceeds to taser or shoot. fuck this shit

  217. I cannot think of these people as real police officers. This is so far too much that it’s unreal. After what they did, they act like they think they’re great stuff and what they are is indescribably evil and slimy.

  218. I live in a neighborhood with 500K + homes. We had one neighbor (divorced, ex husband bought & paid for house)that made her house a real drug den. I didn’t care if they did drugs in their own house but they brought in a nasty low class criminal element that threatened the neighborhood for a decade. We put up with all sorts of crap for a decade until they finally raided her house. She pointed her gun at a police officer and they shot her dead.
    It’s hard to find any sympathy in our neighborhood for this lady. Everyone was just so sick of the incredible problems that come with drug use.
    Maybe we should legalize drugs to reduce the profits and hopefully keep the criminal element out; or maybe we should just lop the heads off of casual users and really scare people away from drugs. I don’t know but obviously this lenient middle road doesn’t work.
    I’m not going to condemn the police though. Don’t do drugs, don’t sell drugs, and the police won’t raid your house.

    1. You are a credit to your ancestors in Germany during the late 1930s.

    2. In response to your last sentence I direct you to the case of Mayor Cheye Calvo. Google it if you’re interested, shouldn’t be hard to find…

  219. Please tell me this guy is suing the police and that those cops are being charged with crime(s) and losing their jobs.
    Lets at least get the identities of these cops and post them all over the internet.
    Keep this story updated.

  220. The reason they fired shots is on the premise that in the government, money is given based on how much a department spends so guess what, if the more rounds they fire off, the more they are given next year. SCHWEET! I know this comment really doesn’t pertain to the story, but you are arguing with the government and if the government sees that this is hurting their pocket books, then this will continue to happen. IN THE END, THINK ABOUT A LAW AND HOW THE GOVERNMENT BENEFITS FINANCIALLY AND YOU WILL THEN UNDERSTAND WHY THINGS OPERATE THE WAY THAT THEY DO!

  221. Taxation is extortion. Intimidation and force is used to ensure that you pay. This type of behavior is exactly how you should expect an organization financed in such a way, to behave. It is empirical and testable.

    This video was very sad. It’s important to understand that the source of all of this corruption and abuse of “legalized” force, is our delusion towards the necessity of the concept of taxation. Taxation is extortion, don’t kid yourself.


  222. Please post names and address of officers involved. I want this shit on cnn tomorrow. Ever wonder why you have to see this online and your news never reports it?

    1. Yeah, please post their names so we can throw them a large party. I would love to shake their hands. Make sure they get a rasie too. F criminals.

  223. Hell yeah, kick ass SWAT! You did a very good job. I liked it alot. If these trash-for-people didnt have drugs then there would be no need to have their door knocked in.

  224. W T F???
    I’m Moving to Iran.
    At least there I expect to get shafted.

  225. police state america

    people need to educate themselves, corporations and government are taking over our lives


  226. It would be a shame if all these cops burned to death in front of their loved ones.

  227. Why would you shoot the family dog? You bastards are sick. I sincerely hope this guy sues your dept so bad you wont be able to afford doughnuts. It was just a little pot.. c’mon.

  228. Now there’s video, which you can watch below. It’s horrifying, but I’d urge you to watch it…

    Because you’re an opportunistic exhibitionist masquerading as a purveyor of the things we just have to know about evil cops. Congratulations on your winningest page-view post ever.

  229. One of those officers got the kill he’s been waiting for.

  230. I already sent this to CNN



  231. Just to clarify…


    its in the constitution.

    at least here in Canada, we still have our rights.

    1. You’re positively dreaming if you think Canada is in any way any better.

      Read up on Bruce Montague.

      You have no rights in Canada. You are a subject not a citizen. there’s a huge difference.

      Read the first sentence of your charter of rights:

      The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.

      That’s not a guarantee of Rights, that’s a guarantee that you won’t have any when they decide it is to be so. They’re only privileges anyway. Canada guarantees nothing but welfare.

  232. If someone came in my house and shot my dog, there is a pretty good chance I would shoot back if I had a firearm nearby. In fact, I wouldn’t mind if these cops get killed on the streets for pulling this crap. Or maybe I’ll show up at their house and shoot their dogs. This is why people hate police.

  233. I can’t wait until your kid gets shot by a drug pushing doper, the police know who it is but won’t respond because of your ridiculous remarks about how cops are the bad guys. Bunch of liberal anti-government people. Anyway, your welcome for us military/military “wanna-be” cops risking our lives so you can say crap like this!

  234. wat bullshit, the police are worse then criminals, if this is how they act.

  235. @WOW: Your judgement is false, because in case of “drug pushing doper shooting at a kid” the problem is this person’s twisted mind, not its profession. Besides, have you seen “coffie pushing doper shooting at kids”? No, because coffie is legal, so there is no underground and crime attached to this certain drug.

    So your equal sign between violence and liberalism is not right. In fact it’s just the opposite: the dog on a chain barks, because there is a chain, not because the chain is too short. Same thing with people and freedom/dignity limited by their owners (the state).

  236. i’m from a 3rd world country and haven’t seen anything like that here!

  237. Pigs!

    Fucking jack booted thugs that are simply fucking pigs.

  238. @wow i hope that you take the place of the dog. i hope you have this happen to you with your kids watching. maybe then you will realize how horrible of a thing this is to do for a little bit of weed?!??!?!?! why the hell would you cops be wasting time for something minor when you piece of shits could be out trying to catch murderers, rapists, pedophiles, and BIG drug dealers. every cop in this video is a disgrace and deserves to have shit beaten out of them over and over again.

  239. i say someone should go to every one of those officers house and shoot all their pets and see how they like it. I consider people like that worse scum than a thief.

  240. These thugs need their asses kicked

  241. In all but a few exceptions warrants are supposed to be served during the day time. It is supposed to take special approval of a judge above and beyond your basic search warrant to be cleared for a night time raid. I believe the lawful hours are between 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM. So my question is,”Was it after 9:00 and if it was what was the urgency that justified a night time raid?”. SWAT knows before they raid a house if there are dogs in the home and what breeds they are. If they are certain breeds like pits or rotties and the likes it is department policy to shoot them. Even if they don’t pose a threat. Cops love to kill your animals right in front of you. (Stereotype but true) In their eyes you’re just another low life degenerate perpetrator of crime. You are “The Bad Guy” after all. That is all it takes to clear their conscious of any feelings of guilt or remorse. You had it coming to you. They take certain sadistic joy when they get to say “If you loved your dogs so much then maybe you should of thought about that before you broke the law”. “Then I wouldn’t have to come here and shoot them.” You might be amazed at just how many cops join the force with the anticipation of being able to shoot someone. Dogs will suffice until they get their chance I guess.

    1. You are so right.. They knew before they went in there that there was a pet and they should’ve been prepared for just that with a tranquilizer gun or something other than killing that pet.. I love my animals and would sue the crap out of someone if they shot my dog.. cops or no cops.. that wasn’t right no matter what that guy had done..

  242. If the man who owned the home in this video wasn’t in possession of illegal substances then this would not have happened. This is what happens when you break the law. Don’t do it and you don’t have these problems.

  243. It annoys me when people think they know hot to do a police officers job. They risk their lives on a daily basis, and this is the thanks. Obviously they had a reason to be in there.
    Why didn’t they open the door for the Police Officers? Were they to busy smoking pot and getting their kids high? I don’t know, and none of you know either.
    Yes, shooting the dog is extreme, and they should have had another non-lethal way of dealing with it, but it was there only defense against a dog that was going to attack them.
    The point is, don’t break the law. If these people didn’t break the law, then none of this would have happened.

    1. Your a fucking idiot. The cops barely waited for them to answer the door. Do you expect them to run to the door and let the cops in? Sure they cops ‘risk’ their lives from time to time but it they seem to spend the majority of their time giving us bullshit traffic tickets and limiting our freedom.

      Just because they had pot doesnt mean their getting their kid high. Do families that have alcohol in their house always get their kids drunk? Your logic fails miserably.

      Just go ahead and abide by all the laws that the government sets out for you. They know best don’t they?

  244. I’m a South African who endured rough house police tactics during the apartheid era. But this would have been considered excessive even by those standards.

    Slowly but surely America seems to be turning into that police state we’ve seen in countless sci-fi movies. Rather you than me…

  245. Don’t break the law. He knew it’s illegal, now he can deal with the consequences. The pet was killed for officer safety, as dogs often try to defend the owner in a chaos situation

    1. They had no reason to shoot that dog.. they could’ve contained him humanely.. The dog was just protecting his family. there was no reason for that!

    2. Paul, I hope your balls will be bitten of by a dog, you heartless bastard.

  246. WOW – That was fucked up! Paul is a dumb ass for say such a stupid thing! The way that handled was if my 9yo came up with the plan for the raid! I would want to become a vigilante if it were me.

  247. Fuck you paul

  248. More p*ssy ass cops. NONE of them are big and bad without their guns. Had no need to kill their dog. And yea jeff – FUCK Paul. He’s probably a p*ssy cop too.

  249. Quite frankly, I believe the child endangerment charge is legitimate. Police have the right to stop any threat including dogs they perceive. If you don’t want this to happen to you don’t violate the rules set in place period. Great work SWAT team.


  250. If anyone deserves the death penalty, it’s these guys. There’s a need to control crime? No. There’s a need to control enforcement. Something NEEDS to be done or this will just continue to happen. It’s like we’re living in a 3rd world country when it comes to law enforcement.

  251. Horrifying. I would be SO ashamed of myself if I were on that crew.



  254. fuck tha police

  255. pigs at their best!

  256. Good… The police scared the kid into hating cops the rest of his life

  257. I can’t believe that they busted in on that family and shot there dog. I would be so devistated if something like that would happen to my family. Because, to me my animals are my family too.. that’s sad that they felt they had to do that when the dog was just probably protecting the family.. what he was supposed to do.. they could’ve gotten them to contain the dog before they came in. I’m very ashamed at the way that took place..

  258. You know who never gets drug tested? Cops. Not pre-hire, not post-incident, not random, not ever. You look at cops during a protest action, or some other “pressure” situation, half of them are high as kites on speed and steroids. If drug testing of cops is ever even mentioned, their unions go apeshit. They have ACCESS to illegal drus, and they USE illegal drugs. START DRUG TESTING COPS!!

    1. I was walking my beautiful Blue Merle Sheltie and a cop car pulled up next to me (we were walking past the 7/11) just to question me about my dog (an animal lover); he was curious and very nice. He had pulled into the 7/11 that is right next to my house and we chatted for a while. We had some great conversations about the miracle plant. I told him about me being a cancer survivor and that I use cannabis to stay alive and he told me that many of his co-workers use it to calm them down after a shift; many cops suffer from PTSD and use it for that purpose; but it’s not publicized but they do use it and this cop actually felt that all drugs should be taxed and regulated. He wasn’t against his partners using it at all; if it helps them he’s all for it. He commended me for using it as well and congratulated me on 5 years. He was one cool cop out of many.

  259. Devastating abuse of police power! These cops are obviously power tripping faggots who should be charged for inhumane treatment of animals and child endangerment!!!Uggg-h-h! This makes me sick to watch! Hope the bastards were pleased with the meager 3 grams of pot they found. Hell, alcoholic parents are more unfit than someone smoking a joint a day. Legalize and can the creep swat team motherf-ers like these piece of sh**ts are who have no consideration for life!

  260. This is disgusting. I fucking HATE cops

  261. Fucking nazi bastards. That is what that was. If they wanted to take him down – for a joint – why not wait for him to leave the house. Why even bother for a joint. This is just pure violence – shoting in front of child. taking the father down in front of his kid. All over a joint! All while dressed in military gear. Were all screwed now

  262. Jack booted thugs!

  263. If that was my child being done like that…I’d kick that cops ass til his fucking heart stop beating! Shes juust a child and he attacked her as if she was a man. Bullshit!!!

  264. Arm thyself. They are coming.

  265. I just found this posted to a friends facebook page. This happens way more than any of you realize. A police officer came into my back yard looking for a supposed thief. He had to break a padlocked gate to get in my back yard where he encountered my prize Rottweiler. He then shot him, put him back in the house and took two hours to contact me the home owner. They treated me like I had done something wrong, never supplied me with so much as a card or a case number. In trying to file a grievance, with the department, there is no trace of them ever being at my house that day. Not even a record of the 911 call that put those officers in my neighborhood, and not a single attorney that would discuss it with me. My only consolation, my daughter was at school and my dog survived but he’s not the same. It changed every aspect of our lives.

    1. I am so sorry you had to go through that; let me guess; they wouldn’t even pay the vet bill? This form of law enforcement is outrageous and similar to the Nazi forces; they must be trained that way; kill anyone inside their own home for fighting back or resisting? They crash open a door in the middle of the night when people are sleeping and dreaming and then kill those who awake scared to death? Not even acceptable. I hope the DEA gets eliminated.

  266. What the hell is this? What the hell did the dog do to them? All it was doing was barking because they freaking entered on their property! There was absolutely no reason to kill an innocent creature just for alarming everyone that someone was in the house. That is not acceptable! Police always talk about animal cruelty! Don’t they realize that that right there that they had committed was animal cruelty? Pigs.

    1. Kay? I used to do veterianary work, and I can tell you we used to fly down the roads when we got calls on hit by car dogs, or especially calls on pitbulls, because the cops will shoot them first and then really not give two shits if they were good animals or not. Right now, as i type this we have a beautiful purebred german shepard that was found by the police in a ditch, nearly dead, and their solution?? They intended to shoot her. She is now a much loved member of our home. I too had cops rush my place, I had NO reefer at the time so was totally astonished…and I had a white shepard and a little red chowchow..and I had my chow in my arms since she was afraid of steps, and trying to get her and my shepard into the basement because they said if I didnt, they would be shot. Register to vote, join MPP.org and you will know who to vote for, and against and we have strength in numbers. You have to write your congressmen, your senate people, and had that been me? a sheeet load of lawyers, of the ACLU, go to the TV stations…Normyl….they will help, but we have to speak up, and voting, is one way to stop the madness.

  267. Well I can certainly tell that the SWAT teams put those children in clear and Present danger over just a little bit of weed? what the hell? Are they stupid? I have no idea what it takes to be a DEA agent; but evidently it just takes brainwashing and brute behavior. Killing a family dog in front of the children; doesn’t even surprise me.

  268. What goes around will come around, this is a disgrace, and to hear the sounds of the poor dogs in pain in their own home, being slaughtered in front of a child! This HAS to stop, register to vote and get these laws changed!! that is the only way to end this!! Meantime, find a lawyer, get this to the news media, get this to any organization you can, I have a couple I have planned to send this too already..I know now we will NEVER visit that police state. This is an outrage. SHAME on our government…and those we elected who PROMISED to change the laws, and now sit fat doing nothing.

  269. they could su the swat team for first of all killing their dog. what happened to the right for privitcy.

  270. Remember Waco and Ruby Ridge. It isn’t going to stop unless we as citizens make it stop. We have to get so angry that we have got to make people aware of this stuff that is going on. We need to email everyone make posters and pass them out and do what ever it takes to inform people what is happening.

  271. This is fucking disgusting…. Police honestly need to rethink their values and who and what is really doing more harm… the drugs, like marijuana which cause minimal harm to their users, or the police them selves? ehw. this makes me sick… and enough for a misdemeanor? you’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

  272. You fucking cops are assholes im normally a nice guy but this is just beyond fucked up. i think all the swat present should be charged with child endagermen and cruelty to animals plus multiple other charges fines and they need to lose there jobs and ability to own or carry a gun of any sort this is the type of shit that makes people not like or want to use the justice system. take it how you want to take this but you fucking cops would had come in on me and shot my dogs it would had been a bad day for all of us cause i would had found your bitch asses and shot your fucking as you fucking pricks. i mean who the fuck do you think you are does it make you feal like a man to kill mans bestfriend its a dog they dont have fucking hands they cant shoot you why cant they use a tazor they are wearing all that protective gear and they have to shoot a fucking dog. you are a fucking pussy for doing that cause you know the mother fucker that did it was scared if you are going to be scared like that you dont need to be on swat but i guess it makes you feal like a tough guy huh your a real badass now you fucking dog killer and infront of the little boy. fucking loser. ill tell you right now if you were anywhere near me you fucking pig i would cut your fucking hands off and stick them up your ass while i cut your fucking balls off and shoved them down your throught, seeing that you have to shoot a dog you oviously dont have balls. please excuse my derogatory comments and thretening remarks but this is sickening. i mean i really pissed me off. COPS ARE THE MOST CROCKED ORGANIZATION IN THE USA. FUCKING FREE BULLSHIT WHE HAVE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS AND THEY ACT LIKE THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO VIOLATE THOSE RIGHTS FROM WHAT I LEARNED ABOUT OUR CONSTITUTION AND COMUNISSUM AND TERROISUM.WE DONT HAVE RIGHTS ANYMORE OTHER THAN THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT AND THE RIGHT TO AN ATTORNY. THE US GOVERNMENT IS TURNING INTO A COMMUNIST ORGANIZATION THAT TERROISES THE UNITED STATES CITZIONS, SO DOESNT THAT MAKE THEM AS BAD IF NOT WORSE THAN OSAMA BINLADIN I MEAN AT LEAST OSAMA WASNT TRAINED AND VOWLED UNDER OATH TO PROTECT AND SERVE US, WE THE PEOPLE—-WELL THE PEOPLE I KNOW SAY FUCK THE POLICE CAUSE SHIT LIKE THIS.. AND ANARCHY FOR THE WIN IF THEY CAN CAUSE MISTIFF LIKE THAT AND GET AWAY WITH IT WHY CANT I GOT INTO THERE HOUSE AND SHOOT AROUND THERE FOR A LITTLE BIT I WOULDNT SHOOT THE DOG THOUGH I WOULD AIM FOR THE PIG.


  273. Informative article!!! I liked this, but I think everybody should have a look over this article?Thanks

  274. I was disturbed from just watching the video. I cant imagine the mental damage that was done to that poor kid, having cops bust in the house late at night and shooting his dogs. FAR more damage than having his parents smoke a little pot. Hell its a lot better for the kid if the parents smoke pot rather than drink alcohol. But of course the fucking government knows whats best for us.

    I think I would go on a rampage and hunt down and shoot the fucking pig that shot my dog if that had happened to me.

  275. I hope the cops that shot the dog will get cancer and die a very, very long and painfull death!

    Those fucking bastards!!!

  276. Question;

    If the parents were the ones with the joint, what did the pet do to deseve to be shot?
    If someone came into my house and shot my dog I know for a fact I’d grab a knife and shank em, guns or no guns you do NOT get away with murdering a pet.

  277. If there is any justice in this world all those cunt cops will drown in a sea of aids

  278. Why did they raid the family? It is nice to share the video.

  279. Help Stop Unconstitutional Suspicionless Searches..Like us on Facebook – http://on.fb.me/f1QTUd

  280. All Of My Hate

  281. This is unbelievably fucked up. It shows the deterioration of protection that the constitution provides the citizens of America. It shows the brutality and unnecessary force used by police officers to subdue a very cooperative suspect. More over it shows the stupidity of drug laws that punish innocent citizens for crimes that harm no one at all. This video rightfully disgraces police everywhere. Videos like this are the only power that citizens have over the all-powerful authority of the government. Great job on posting it you are doing a service to your country

  282. I cannot think of these people as real police officers. This is so far too much that it’s unreal. After what they did, they act like they think they’re great stuff and what they are is indescribably evil and slimy.

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  284. Yeah, and cops wonder why they get shot at.

  285. Awesome work, I see nothing wrong.

  286. simple. Don’t break the law, don’t worry about police kicking your door down.

  287. Wow!!! This is some dangerous work.

  288. standard routine as i can say… but it is not so excellent, dogs have rights too, to live. the kid is for sure, traumatized for what happened, hope there is, a psychological intervention for that kid..

    p.s. i pity the kid, but not the suspected father…

  289. those police should be charged with felony animal cruelty – and child endangerment for traumatizing the kid. i cannot believe they killed the dogs! horrible abuse from police – and for what?! some weed in the house?!

    i care about my dogs like my kids and i will protect them both. this breaks my heart.

  290. This is sickening. It’s pretty obvious that they should know there is a child and pets in the residence. And to fire off rounds as soon as you enter the house is absurred. It disgusts me that the law enforcement that is suppose to protect us would put a child in danger like that. Not to mention kill a dog that did nothing but bark to warn his owners that someone was there. That poor family, especially the child. I’m sure he will be haunted by that forever. Good job to our government for making another child not trust in the people that are suppose to be there to protect him. and killing a dog simply because it’s a pitbull. RIDICULOUS!!!!

    1. I couldn’t even watch the whole thing. Hearing the guy go off when he realized what happened brought me to tears.

  291. I hope do done properly the latter would not explosive criminal the cops because they did wrong they can still charged.

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  294. You bleeding assoles, why do you have to shoot a man’s dog, dressed in protective gear as you are? May God visit upon you and yours much vengeance! Damn you dumbasses to hell!

  295. My God.I’ve spent the last half hour hysterically crying after reading this.You poor family-I UNDERSTAND ALL TOO WELL.This same thing happened to us in July’10.Thank God,our dogs weren’t shot though(the sound of that man crying for his dog…goddamn them).But I sat handcuffed,watching a group of cops dressed in riot gear and face masks,fingers on the triggers of their assault rifles-surround my 15 yr old daughter and force her to show them that what she had in her shorts pocket was an extra tampon.I had cops screaming obscenities in my ear,telling me I would “never see my f**king kids again”.In front of my 7yr old,they did this.Why?We smoke pot,we use marijuana for legitimate medical reasons.So MO family,you’re not alone.And with new technology coming along every day to record these actions-these assholes are starting to be held accountable for their sins.I’ll pray for you guys,and all like us.

  296. I had no idea that these raids were happening, that seems like an invasion of people’s rights. I cannot believe they were charged, the cops were lucky they weren’t sued!

  297. I had no idea these raids were happening. Seems like to me there should have been a law suit against this police department.

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