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Attn: D.C.-Area Reasonistas: Come See Matt Welch Talk Pot Legalization at George Mason University's Fairfax Campus at 5:30 pm on 4/20!


It's easy being green

Reason Editor in Chief Matt Welch will be giving a talk today, April 20 (get it???) at George Mason University's Sub 1 Room B & C, from 5:30-6:30 PM, on why it's time to fly the white flag in the War on Marijuana. The event, sponsored by the GMU chapters of Students for Liberty and Students for Sensible Drug Policy, will be preceded by "free brownies in the JC on 4.20 from 1p-5p at kiosk H." One assumes that's code-language.

It's at GMU's Fairfax campus, which is located at 4400 University Drive. It's a safe bet that the conversation will migrate to a place that slakes thirst. Come on down!

To artificially stimulate your appetite, here again is ReasonTV's 3 reasons to Legalize It, already:


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  1. Brownies are the most dangerous way to take pot.

    Marijuana Side Effects

    Marijuana side effects come from smoking or consuming the drug and marijuana side effects influence the mind and body of the user. Marijuana side effects can be as seemingly innocent as an increased appetite to as life threatening as lung cancer. Increased likelihood for accidents is also one of the marijuana side effects. Studies show that 6 to 11 percent of fatal accidents are contributed to by marijuana side effects. Other external marijuana side effects include legal problems, work and financial problems and troubles at home.

    Marijuana is most often smoked but can be eaten or steeped in tea to drink. Most over-doses occur actually when the drug is eaten because it is easier to consume a large dose all at once. Marijuana side effects from an overdose include toxic psychosis including hallucinations, delusions and a loss of self-identification. When smoked, marijuana is rolled up into a cigarette called a joint or smoked in a pipe or water pipe called a bong. Marijuana has many street names like pot, hash, chronic and there are many paraphernalia available to smoke it.

    Over 11 million people smoked marijuana last month. Many may not have severe marijuana side effects from taking the drug but many people will. Marijuana side effects include physical problems like breathing difficulties and deteriorating physical abilities. Despite a popular belief, marijuana side effects speed up the heart, blood and breathing rate. The body is taxed more and this speeds up the aging process just like methamphetamines do. The marijuana side effects from this extra exertion on the body include a higher risk for lung cancer, heart attacks and strokes.

    Marijuana side effects also wreak havoc on the brain when the drug is used habitually. The natural chemical balance of the brain is disrupted affecting the pleasure centers and regulatory systems. The ability to learn, remember and adapt quickly to changes is impaired by marijuana use. Depression often occurs with marijuana usage, which feeds into the cycle of more drug use to treat the pain created by drug use. This cycle of addiction is very powerful and users soon find that they cannot stop using the drug even if they want to.

    Marijuana addiction is a progressive disease and marijuana side effects include withdrawal and obsessive thought with the drug when it is not made available. Addiction is identified as a compulsive, uncontrollable craving for the drug even with pending negative consequences. Often users will attempt to stop smoking marijuana for an important event such as a job interview or court hearing and find themselves using very close or just before the event. This act goes beyond a flexing of willpower. This describes being enveloped by a disease that has taken control and needs to be treated.

    1. In fairness to Juanita’s quoted post, I think you can OD on marijuana. Me and the girlfriend once ate a couple of brownies from a local dispensery and it was too much for both of us (casual weekend smokers). It was kind of like a bad acid trip without the pretty colors. A real high anxiety experience that just wouldn’t end. Luckily I had enough experience with marijuana to know that it was all in my head and I just rode it out. The the next day it was as if it never happened (unlike alcohol hangovers).

      I think it’s generally understood you can’t die from a marijuana overdose – but that doesn’t mean the experience will be pleasant.

      1. I had that experience once with special cookies and a meteor shower. It kind of sucks.

        1. Maybe that’ll teach you that SnackWell cookies may be lower in fat, but they’re still high in calories. If you eat the whole box, Warty, it goes straight to your huge ass. And then your bad trip kicks in.

          1. If they’re lower in fat, they’re higher in sugar, which means they’re even worse for you. There is no free lunch, not even cupcakes.

            By the way, you’re missing an outstanding new crazy troll on the destruction thread. You have to decide what bird you want to be if you come over, though. Birds don’t have any stress.

            1. You are teh awesome!

            1. “The animals spend most of their time relaxing and sleeping. Only humans spend their time engaging in violence and enjoying violent entertainment.”

              Holy. Fucking. Shit.

              This guy better come around again, because I want to play with him.

              Oh, and only a fat mother fucker like you would know the sugar/fat breakdown in fatass people cookies. Fatass.

              1. Only humans are fat. Animals aren’t fat because they don’t eat cookies, not even low-fat ones.

                1. The only animal I know who eats low-fat cookies is Justin Bieber. But you’re his #1 fan, so you’d already know that.

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            2. Wading through the threaded comments is tough!

              1. The only animal I know who eats low-fat cookies is Justin Bieber.

                Wait. How much do you know about Justin Bieber’s habits? And why is this so?

                1. is?

                  1. I work with a lot of nurses and colleagues with children that are fans, heard the name and learned a bit via osmosis, you!

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                2. It’s these little traps that I set for you that tell me so much. Why are you so fascinated with Bieber?

                  1. I’m not. I’m much more fascinated by the belching vagina breath sycophant Harvey Levin. But that’s beside the point, master deflector. We’re talking about you.

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      2. Sure, in large doses it can scare. The trick is to learn how to steer the trip and take control. That takes experience. Another trick is to confront the fear, confront the boogie man of paranoia. After you do that once, or even in gradual steps, it’ll never happen again.

        Remember the mantra: Nobody knows your stoned unless you tell them. You’ll *feel* like you’re out of control because it’s what you’re taught weed does by society. Do something complicated to prove to youself you can do stuff as good or better. Talk with others. Talk to a stranger. If you’re feeling ballsy, talk to a cop. I did and he couldn’t tell. Learn to be smart about it. Even if you feel afraid in the beginning, the reward of confonting all those fears is somethign that sticks with you. You’ll find even “sober” that you’re more personable. When fear starts, remember what you’ve learned.

        1. Not all marijuana anxiety is due to fear of being caught. I’ve been very anxious without any fear the cops were going to bust down my door. As a matter of fact, that is about the only emotion it produces in me, which is why I stopped using it.

  2. Plaigerism at it’s finest!!!


    1. Why do you think they call it dope?

  3. that dude makes a LOT of sense to me man!


  4. Is Matt going to voice an apology to our soldiers for the “Collateral Murder” slander that was broadcast here?
    Go view the whole video for yourself, then attempt to believe Welch and Balko:

    1. I did not know Reason posted a link the “Collateral Murders” video, but I did see it elsewhere.

      Your link, Suki, does provide some context that I was not aware of. Thanks.

  5. Why can’t I have this? This herb that makes me feel love for fellow man. Why can’t I have this? This herb that makes me the best person I can be. This herb that guides me. This Herb that protects me. Who are you, mister government man, to tell me which medicine I augment your consciousness with? Who are you to tell me how I can think, which places of the mind I am forbidden to explore? The restriction of drugs is a restriction of the fundamental freedom to explore one’s mind and body. Before there is the word there is the thought. To restrict thought is to restrict that which the word requires. Don’t you think when the framers protected speech they intended to protect it’s prerequisites?

    I own my property, of which my body and mind are a part of. I get to decide what I do with it and unless I directly affect another person with my actions I should be left alone. In such an instance I would request I be judged on my actions and not what was in my body at the time. These are simple rules, but they can work if you allow them to. It allows maximum personal freedom alongside maximum personal responsibility. This is not hippie shit. This is a real workable alternative that could end the drug war.

  6. Just thought I would let you all know that I am still a gutless shit too afraid to defend Obama on a forum that is not full of sycophants.

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