Wisconsin DA Threatens to Prosecute Public School Teachers for Following the Law


Seems that Wisconsin has a new law called the Healthy Youth Act, which instructs public school teachers to teach age-appropriate sex education, including the use of contraception. (Insert libertarian dogma about how we wouldn't be having these debates if not for the existence of public schools here.)

Whatever you may think of that law, it is the law. But Wisconsin District Attorney Scott Southworth recently sent a letter to public school teachers in his county telling them to break the law . . . or he'll prosecute them.

From Southworth's letter:

To encourage children to have sex in any way, shape or form is egregious. It's one thing to instruct students about human biology, human physiology and reproduction. It's quite another to cross that line and start teaching students on how to engage in sex for pleasure….

It's akin to saying we need to teach kids how to make mixed drinks because some kids are going to illegally drink alcohol….

[The Healthy Youth Act] promotes the sexualization—and sexual assault—of our children.

Actually, it's probably more akin to telling students that if are going to drink, you should have a designated driver. Or to drink where you plan to sleep.