More Scenes From the Class War


Alert commenter JW hips us to this Washington Post account of protests in Montgomery County, Maryland, which–like the rest of the country–is broke.

Union leaders representing government workers led a rally on the roof of the parking lot behind the [County] council's office building, while parent and teacher groups gathered on the council's front steps. More than 400 government employees clanging blue and yellow cowbells chanted, "We've had enough!" […]

[C]ouncil member Valerie Ervin (D-Silver Spring), a former labor organizer, joined three council colleagues at the rooftop rally and led employees in chants of "No Justice, No Peace!"

"Look around you and see who's had your back," Ervin said.


What's got these champions of the little guy up in arms? This:

Council member Phil Andrews (D-Gaithersburg-Rockville) proposed legislation that would end controversial retirement benefits known as "phantom" cost-of-living increases.

Under an agreement last year, the county makes contributions to the pensions of general government workers, firefighters and police based on raises they did not receive. Ending that unusual practice would save $7.2 million in the next fiscal year and more than $200 million over 40 years, Andrews said.