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Judge Andrew Napolitano explains to a skeptical Fox News interlocutor why marijuana should be legalized:

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  1. Judge Napalitano rocks.

    1. And he has great hair.

      1. He’s a werewolf, you realize.

        1. Personally, I think he’s a grown-up Eddie Munster. But he’s still pretty cool.

          1. I appreciate your time.

        2. He’s a werewolf, you realize.

          And? I would vote for Dracula, Frankenstein and Booberry at this point.

          1. Yeah? A little old lady got mutilated late last night.

            1. How has no one declared this post the winner of the intertoob yet?

            2. I got the scoop from Lou on WJM news.

          2. Frankenberry!

          3. Count Chocula for prez 2012!

        3. I’d like to meet his tailor.

          1. Stay away from him. He’ll tear your lungs out, Jim.

  2. *waiting*

  3. I find it hilarious that the interviewer compares Pot to firearms.

    Really? As dangerous as a loaded weapon?

    I find a child possessing the means to light marijuana far more dangerous and likely to cause harm than the marijuana itself.

    1. I was wondering, up-thread, what kind of arguments the LEO establishment would make. I know we all see through this, but does the common california voter see how fucking stupid this line of reasoning is? A loaded .357 will blow you down dead. Some good skunk bud will blow you down on the couch and make you want to listen to Pink Floyd.

    2. Mandatory bottle-locks for booze! It’s for the childrens!

    3. Hilarious? I’d be more inclined to say sad, but what more can we expect from Fox? I wish critical thinking was taught more in public school so that the stupid conservatives wouldn’t follow Fox so blindly and take everything they say as fact, when really they speak about zero facts.

  4. Friday Pot Link.

    Lemme guess, we don’t see one of these next week because you forgot.

      1. Admit it Matt. You’ll be out getting munchies, right?

  5. When I’m president it will take a lot of self-control for me to not murder a Supreme Court Justice just so I can nominate Judge Napolitano for SCOTUS on my first day in office.

    1. This, though I’d probably nominate him for Attorney General.

    2. Just run on a fremen style platform. You reserve the right to challenge anyone, anytime, to a knife fight.

      Make sure you learn knife fighting before the campaign.

      1. May thy blade chip and shatter!

      2. Or just pardon all drug offenders and tax evaders that are currently in prison, and that are currently being prosecuted. That is my plan for when I magically become president.

  6. i found it amusing that it was Shep Smith’s show with a guest host. Shep seems to be a huge pothead. He’s the only glassy-eyed fox newser.

    1. yea I wanted to see shepherd do the interview it would have been interesting to see what he would have said since he is a pretty moderate guy

  7. Does McCain still want a federal ban on medical marijuana?

    He needs to outcrazy Hayworth somewhere.

    1. McCain’s position is particularly ironic since his own wife was busted for abusing prescription drugs–yet she served no time for her crimes! Why can’t McCain exhibit similar compassion towards regular citizens who might have a drug problem? Or even those who want to indulge recreationally?

      1. yet she served no time for her crimes

        Duh, it was all her evil pill pushing doctors fault. And he’s been dealt with. Move along.

  8. So this interviewer was arguing that if pot is legalized kids will shoot each other with guns?


    Here’s an idea: if your kids kill each other because they are playing with your guns, it is sad, but it isn’t my problem. And your failure to properly educate your children about firearm safety is also not my problem.

    1. No, he’s arguing that if kids get ahold of weed, terrible tragedies will result. JUST LIKE GUNS!!!!!!!! What a tard.

      1. You sir, are the one using CAPS and !!!!!!!

  9. Thousands signed petition to get legalization on ballot”

    If you won $690,000, would you tell your family you won “thousands.” A bit misleading.

    1. If you won $690,000, would you tell your family you won “thousands.”

      If I told them anything at all, yes.

      1. “I won $5 on a scratch-off!”

        1. “…and I spent it.”

    2. Perhaps, but I would argue that it’s a matter of functional space rather than willful omission in order to obfuscate the facts.

      Not everything is a FOX news conspiracy. Though that anchor is a douche bag of epic proportions.

      1. Marijuana can’t be nearly as bad as whatever that anchor takes to make him okay with how the hair & makeup people get him to look like an animated cadaver.

        1. LOL

          You see? One can actually spot a douche bag simply by sight.

      2. Functional space? “half a million” is only two more syllables than “thousands”.

      3. Not a conspiracy, just utter bullshit.

    3. I agree with you…if that’s what he said. But he said, “Hundreds of thousands”…and I think the number is about 470 thousand.

  10. Under Fed Law pot is illegal. When the Feds take over health care, will Medical MJ be declared illegal?

    1. One could imagine that it could be a back door for repealing the illegality of medical MJ, or at least amending the law which says that it has no medical purposes, therefore making it legal to use medicinally.

      That is unless Republitards come in and make it illegal under ObamaCare and use it to their advantage to further their own big government agenda.

      1. Wait, you think Republicans are for Big Government?

        1. All politicians are for Bigger Government.

  11. Judge Nappy rulez! How come people don’t see the link between Alcohol prohibition and drug prohibition. It’s not like they haven’t been around forever. People used to have friggin’ Ether parties! Like that’s any better than the Mary Jane…

    1. Ah, devil ether. It makes you behave like the village drunkard in some early Irish novel. Total loss of all basic motor skills. Blurred vision, no balance, numb tongue. The mind recoils in horror, unable to communicate with the spinal column. Which is interesting because you can actually watch yourself behaving in this terrible way, but you can’t control it. You approach the turnstiles and know that when you get there, you have to give the man two dollars or he won’t let you inside. But when you get there, everything goes wrong. Some angry rotarian shoves you and you think “What’s happening here? What’s going on?” And you hear yourself mumbling…
      Dogs fucked the Pope… no fault of mine.

      1. Personally, I think it’s the spontaneous projectile vomiting that’s the real problem. But Hunter was probably OK with that part if it could be turned in the right direction at the right time.

      2. When I first read that, the first thing that came to mind was, “Where can I get some?”

  12. and argue that whatever income is brought in will be spent dealing with more marijuana-related crimes.

    Wait a minute. All marijuana use is a crime that we spend money on (billions a year to be exact). How is it that the number of crimes will rise, and the money spent on it, with legal marijuana use?

    Good try there asswipe.

    1. Potheads commit crimes, or havent you heard? 1 toke and you’re out raping and murdering to your hearts delight. And they have to steal to get their fix. What rock have you been under?!

      I LOVES me some white women.

      1. I LOVES me some white women.

        1. I love white women too. But I’m white so I guess it’s not that big a deal?

      2. Which assumes the “everyone will start using” myth that conservatards like t pull out of the bag when talking legalization.

        I actually had a conservatard try and argue that we can’t allow legalization because it would stifle thought in individuals to resist the libertarded socialists (Read: pot smokers will inevitably vote for Democrats).

        If so, my counterargument is that everyone should be high so that we might avoid voting for republinuts.

  13. Legalize it. And don’t criticize it.

    1. I love your stand-up

  14. The Judge Owned this guys ass big time!

  15. The guy argues that legalization is going to hinge on whether people can be convinced that smoking and driving won’t increase? Hmmm. I don’t think that holds too much water, although I agree with the judge that the proposal probably won’t pass. Or maybe it will, I don’t know.

    Sac Bee has a new weblog called “Weed Wars” and there was something about how Cannabis Planet is sponsoring a car in the NASCAR sanctioned races in Roseville, California. Sorta interesting.


      But, it didn’t happen. It wouldn’t have worked out well anyhows. You just can win a race at 45 mph.

  16. I love when they trot out the drunk driving argument. Have you ever noticed that whenever someone makes that argument there is this implicit belief that this isn’t happening anyway? What I mean is, they pretend that “no one” really smokes marijuana now, but if its legalized then “everyone” will smoke it and cause all these problems. It’s just silly. Massive amounts of Marijuana are smoked every single day in this country. It’s time to stop locking people up for it.

    His argument actually was that it might be hard to catch stoned drivers so we should just keep locking people up for smoking pot. By that logic, its obviously hard to stop people from doing drugs, so we might as well legalize them all and make life easier on the Police.

    1. I like to tell people “remember when America had a drug problem, so we declared a war on drugs, and now you can’t buy drugs anymore?” The dutch smoke less pot than Americans.

      1. My sister is currently studying abroad outside of Amsterdam. She said basically the only kids who smoke are the Americans, and that even they cut back after a month or so there. Just not that big a deal anymore:-)

  17. “”I love when they trot out the drunk driving argument. “”

    They are making a pro-prohibition argument and they don’t know it.

    I wouldn’t be surpised if the feds do back down in the not too distant future. They can step out of prosecuting and let our new health overlords do the enforcement.

  18. I live in CA. There is usually at least one ballot initiative that is compelling enough to me, personally, to actually make me go and vote.

    Legalizing Marijuana is one of those compelling issues. I am voting for it. I hope it passes just to see the conniptions the feds go through as they try to maintain control over our lives.

    1. Thank you for doing your part. I mean that sincerely.

    2. If you guys pass this I’m moving to CA, and I’m sure many others will. The wonders it’ll do for your economy.

  19. “I hope it passes just to see the conniptions the feds go through as they try to maintain control over our lives.”

    Countless obvious reasons to vote yes aside, that point alone will be worth the price of admission.

  20. so any of you californians know how long you have to be a resident to vote on state ballot initiatives? I’m planning a move from florida, the toughest pot law state in the country and I would love to be part of voting history

    1. Hi Jeremy, you have to be a resident of California for only 15 days before the election, the same requirement to get your voters card. I live here, and I have a MM card.

  21. Pot and misuse of firearms? I think there is a bigger issue with alcohol and firearms. Dumb Fox anchor makes me cringe to even be moderate.

  22. I loved the comment about the relation between legalizing weed and increased stoned driving. California medical marijuana dispensaries have parking lots, and you can smoke in most of them. Nuff said, most of this country is ignorant as to how lax it is in this state.
    I’ve lived in la, and santa cruz, and weed is kinda intertwined in our culture.
    I hope less people do smoke weed if it is legalized, lower the fucking price.

  23. Marijuana illegality a system meant to strip political undesirables of their ability to get involved in politics.

    That’s why NIXXon went against his own panel of advisors back in 72 (or so) who suggested that pot ought to be legalized.

    In addition continued prohibition insures full emplyment for cops, lawyers, judges and prison guards.

    So what the people think doesn’t matter.

    Its what the masters need to keep the people in line, that’s really all that matters.

  24. does he even understand the tax cannabis initiative? If so then he wouldn’t vote on it. I’m not voting on it. Legal Pot…yes! taxed pot and monopolies no!

  25. at least some one else thinks that it is about time…remember all the stuff everyone had to deal with back when the prohibition came it is pretty much the same thing with something that god put on earth…its a natural way to fell better… i vote yes, legalize

  26. Huh, I didn’t realize FOX offered the dumbest of their workforce the chance to conduct important interviews. Comparing pot use to the discharge of a firearm? What kind of dumbass brings up that sort of analogy. Surely not one qualified to be making or influencing any important decisions. Marijuana is illegal because of lies by greedy Americans, and for no other reason. Its time to wake the hell up America

  27. This Fox News guy needs to toke up just once. He will then side with the judge

  28. if i was baked, and i tried to drive a car, i wouldn’t be able to start it..

  29. I just burned one while watching that video. Every time Judge Napolitano made a valid point i had to take a toke and by the time the video was over i was all out of weed. It needs to be legal now! The time is way overdue.

  30. People who drive around stoned are a lot better at it than people who drive around drunk. Get high on pot and you can still drive safely because you do not get double vision or “the spins” reaction times do slow but not as bad as alcohol and for that matter does this dumb ass reporter not realize is that there are people driving around high on pot all the time? You just don’t hear about it because they are involved in a lot less accidents than the fucking drunks!

  31. Everyone that speaks out on tv for the legalization of marijuana sucks. I don’t get it, why can’t anyone be good at debating? Why do people just totally suck at advocating their position? And why are you just so in love with it can’t you see that they are horrible at it?

  32. the argument he made about firearms doesn’t make any sense. Alcohol is a legal drug which is regularly left around the house. So why is he not worried about that as well?

    1. I’ve never heard of any kids blowing their brains out with a loaded bong. I don’t think anyone ever robbed a liquor store with a bag of weed. Your absolutely right the people who argue for legalization on TV seem to have no debating skills whatsoever. Makes me wonder if there best retorts wind up on the cutting room floor! The networks have an agenda and do not have any legal obligation to deliver fair and unbiased reporting. This is why all the smart people get there news from the internet. It is up to us to support net neutrality!

  33. if folks smoke pot and drive they’ll go 25. More folks would stay alive! and the liberal politicians could get all that tax money and take away the right to own firearms from licensed pot smokers. The wonders never cease!

  34. It would seem that republicans, who are usually supportive of less government oversight, would argue that government shouldn’t be telling them what to put into their own bodies. But nothing politicians do makes much sense. If mj is ever legalized on the federal level it will probably be an addition to a bill that fucks the people in some other way. Politicians rely on the ignorance of the majority of the people to pass (or not pass) ledgislation. Although I would be much more of an Obama fan if he had tacked on mj legalization in the latest stimulus. At least there would have been some money changing hands that way.

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