Tax Tips from Charlie Rangel


And no, the tips don't include "cheat on 'em." The New York Daily News reports that constituents living in the district of Democratic Congressman Charlie Rangel were a little surprised to receive a mailing with tax advice from the notorious tax cheat:

"Hopefully, the information in this guide can help put money back into your pockets," Rangel says in the glossy, full-color mailbox-stuffer.

Or take it from their pockets.

"This mailing was prepared, published and mailed at taxpayer expense," it says….

Residents of his district, which covers Harlem and part of the upper West Side, know chutzpah when they see it.

"Well, I think if anyone is going to tell you how to pay—or not pay—taxes, he's your guy," chuckled retiree Ed Hanft, 85. "It's too much of a reminder to his constituents as to what he did. He shouldn't talk about taxes at all."

Reno Brown, 89, agreed. "I'd never take tax advice from that guy," Brown told the Daily News.
"It's probably not the best time to put something like that out," observed Keisha Jones, 40.

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